Monday, December 5, 2016

Snowden claims two-tiered justice system

""...Petraeus pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge in 2015 for the mishandling of classified information. 
“And he shared this information not with the public for their benefit, but with his biographer and lover for personal benefit — conversations that had information, detailed information, about military special-access programs, that’s classified above top secret, conversations with the president and so on,” he added.
“He never spent a single day in jail, despite the type of classified information he exposed,” Snowden said.
Snowden has sought asylum in Moscow, as he faces felony charges in America for espionage."


bagoh20 said...

What Petraeus leaked to his girlfriend never got exposed to our enemies, and he never thought it would. Snowden did just the opposite on both counts. The danger that our enemies get the information is precisely and solely the reason it's illegal. Is that really too nuanced to get?

bagoh20 said...

If I get your credit card information and I only tell my German Shepard, it's a lot different than offering it up on Craig's list.

deborah said...

How did Patraeus not know it wasn't a honey trap?

john said...

If I could give away all your secrets for a good fuck, what would be in it for you?

Well, nothing.

Even if I promised not to expose your secrets, you still get nothing. Except the knowledge I can't be trusted.

But maybe that's what we want in a Secretary of State. Maybe Obama passed that bit of experienced-based wisdom on to Trump.

Trooper York said...

There is a two tiered system.

I mean Jim Norton leaked on his girlfriend and he got off with just a warning.

deborah said...

I know, right?