Friday, December 9, 2016


Rich Little may have had the voices down, but David Frye had the looks down. Check it out:


Sixty Grit said...

Thanks for posting that - I had forgotten about that guy.

I have never been able to do impressions, but I could mimic other's impressions - I used to do David Frye's Kirk Douglas, Rich Little's Duke Wayne and Hans and Franz' Arnold. But then again, everyone can imitate Arnold.

"Gif me ya close, ya bootz und yer moderzykle!"

"Und a phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range."

"Just what you see, pal!"

edutcher said...

David Frye specialized in politicians in a very political time. He could be a scream.

Never cared for Rich Little. He had a mean, partisan streak that eventually did him in.

XRay said...

Very off topic here... but. a salient point:

"Mr. Trump’s private persona is different from the caustic tone he would sometimes employ on the campaign trail, people who have met with him since the election said. They added he doesn’t carry old feuds into his meetings.

A meeting in the second week of the transition with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, for example, was far from the heated exchanges involving the pair during their primary battle, people familiar with the meeting said."

The former rivals sat for more than an hour, briefly reminiscing about the primary race and focusing mostly on what is coming next. Mr. Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., joined them for much of the discussion.

We'll see, I guess.

By the way,, is more than worth anyone's click. A very stable, interesting, and enlightening host.

ndspinelli said...

What Sixty said. My parents loved David Frye and we would all laugh together watching him on the Ed Sullivan Show.

chickelit said...

His Brando, towards the end, is the best. He gets applause for just the look -- even before he opens his mouth.

chickelit said...

Fast-forwarding to the present....I hear that Alec Baldwin does a good impression of Trump...does he?

The problem with Baldwin doing Trump is that we knew a priori that Baldwin's politics were anti-Trump.

Did we know David Frye's politics, beyond surmising? I think not. See, that's the problem. Modern American actors should not be partisans -- yet they are. Didn't John Wilkes Booth demonstrate the downside?

deborah said...

I think Baldwin's Trump stinks. Too overwrought, too easy. I like Amy Pohler and McKinnon's Hillary. I used to think no one could top Phil Hartman's Bill Clinton, but Daryl Hannah's is sublime.

ndspinelli said...

chick, I agree. But, it is even more important for comedians to not be political or be cowered by PC. Seinfeld bravely speaks on this subject and is castigated by the left.