Tuesday, December 13, 2016

I'm with him.

Kanye explains why he met with Trump

New York Post By Bob Fredericks December 13, 2016 

Screwball rapper Kanye West — just weeks after being released from a hospital for a mental breakdown — met with Donald Trump on Tuesdayand later suggested he was delaying his own quixotic presidential run until the president-elect serves eight years.
“#2024,” tweeted West, who had earlier claimed he would run for the White House in 2020.
“I feel it is important to have a direct line of communication with our future President if we truly want change,” he wrote in a series of four tweets, his first since Oct. 21.
“These issues included bullying, supporting teachers, modernizing curriculums, and violence in Chicago,” he said, referring to his adopted hometown.

(You are getting a class in master trolling by the God Emperor of the Cherry Blossom Throne. First he cancels the press conference where the media was waiting to savage him on the phony Russian hacks and who he rents his hotel rooms to so they can fill up their fake news TV shows and newspapers. He said screw that I am going to hang with my peeps Kanye.  The pompous gasbags in the media are losing it. They can't believe it. Regular people  are laughing their ass off.

I think he should take Kanye under his wing. Why should the Democrats be the only party with people with mental problems. I would set up Kanye to run for Senator from California next time around.

Next up Snookie and Jwow are coming by to model some bikini's.)


Trooper York said...

Snookie is on the new Celebrity Apprentice with Kyle Richards and Boy George.

ricpic said...

Kanye West is a Russian! Or a Russian agent!! Or something!!! It's all a plot to make America RUSSIA! RUSSIA!!!

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

I still can't believe Kanye got away with tapping his multi-million insurance policy over cancelling all those shows.

Chip Ahoy said...

I'm a bit bummed out right now.

I bought a waffle maker. Researched at length then finally popped for it. It was delivered via USPS, arrived Friday but I never got it. For some reason the mailman gives my packages to the office instead of putting them into a larger locbox and putting the key for the lockbox in my regular mailbox. I don't know why.

Because I'm special! And they love me. That's why.

But the office did not receive that package. (They did receive a ton of of other packages.)

I take the cardboard boxes directly down to the dumpster. I never ever leave them in the room with the trash chute. Never. It's a thing. If the box doesn't fit into the chute then they go directly downstairs outside to the dumpster. But other people do leave their boxes upstairs in the trash room (one on each floor) to be picked up by workers here. I don't. Resolutely. It's a self-imposed rule.

Never ever ever ever ever. Not once.

So I showed the office my laptop with the Amazon page saying the package was put in the mailbox. So they can talk to the mailman and see if someone else has the key.

Then I took out my regular trash. There's an Amazon mailing box larger than one needed for a waffle maker.

I looked at the label. It was torn off, but with my apartment number still showing.

That means 1) the USPS guy put the key in the wrong mailbox, and the person who received the key to the lockbox decided the waffle maker makes a fine gift for his or her self. It means the mailman made a mistake and someone on my floor chose not to correct it.

Or, it means USPS left the box at my door and somebody stole it.

So I ordered another one.

And the price went up $7.00. Goddamnit.

And now I view everyone who lives on my floor with a jaundiced eye.

Doubly so for impugning me by leaving my cardboard trash for a worker to pick up. Bastards.

And they're ALL implicated, not just the ones living beyond me along the hallway. Because it could have been someone in front oe along the hallways who was taking out their own trash who saw the box sitting there and stole it. Most likely someone beyond me.

Further, I was home all day Friday. If it was delivered and set down outside my door then the USPS guy didn't knock loud enough for me to even hear it because they don't care to wait for a response. I'm quite cross about people right now, and man's blithe inhumanity to man. Now I regard everyone with a jaundiced eye. *glares menacingly*

Don't worry. Be happy. I'll be over myself soon enough. Life is good. But people have a shit streak that just flat doesn't quit.

A Democrat voter. No doubt. They're the ones hellbent on keeping their filthy grasping mitts in everyone else's pockets. They're the ones with incurable resentments.

I'm watching Portlandia right now. It seems to be a pair of comedians who put on wigs and costumes and act out various liberal personalities in various scenarios with a variety of walk on actors made up like hippie communal what's-yours-is-mine, SJW types. Man, do they ever have the characterizations down pat. The writers and performers know the type very well. It's exceedingly irritating. That's where all the humor is --how dopy people are when taking their liberal horseshit obsessions to life-ruining psychologic extremes. I'm always at the edge of shutting it off. They're the type who would steal my box, make it a gift to themsleves and justify it obliquely then chide me for wasting cardboard and for leaving trash with my suite number showing even though they're the ones who did it.

edutcher said...

Hey, listen, the early running to '20 says the Demos want Biden or Bernie.

Kanye could be the first straight (if weird with lousy taste in women) black President.

ricpic said...

Kanye would understand the appeal of chicken and waffles. I don't.

edutcher said...

For those interested, Rick Perry is the choice for Energy Sec.

Since he wanted to eliminate the department in '12, I'll bet this sends cold shivers through the Lefty ranks.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Chip, if you never got the first waffle maker generally they will send you another (even if stolen).

edutcher said...

Chip Ahoy said...

The writers and performers know the type very well. It's exceedingly irritating. That's where all the humor is --how dopy people are when taking their liberal horseshit obsessions to life-ruining psychologic extremes.

Consider this quote off a Lefty website telling us Trump's cabinet is the most deplorable in more than a century.

"Donald Trump's cabinet so far consists of four billionaires, three generals and a handful of picks who are philosophically opposed to the agencies they are positioned to take over."

I know they're thick, but this guy can't conceive how Trump might want to dry up some of them?

ricpic said...

I'll bet the great Sixty has cut down a mighty oak and fashioned it into every imaginable shape as I fadoodle here.

I could have writ The Great Sixty but I don't want him to succumb to vainglory.

Sixty Grit said...

Thank you, Senor Ricpic - my ego is just barely in check as is. As I tell anyone who will listen, my modesty is my best quality, right next to my humbleness.

As it turns out, argh!, I did drag a giant piece of white oak off the pile and fashion it into a different kind of object this evening. I was inspired by a piece I finished earlier today, which in turn, was inspired by a bowl carved in the living rock that I saw on Stanford campus decades ago. I always like to toss out the phrase "living rock", mainly because we are talking about rocks, and if they ever were alive, it's been a while.

Anyway, there were indians in the olden days who would gather acorns and grind them into paste in the live oak forests in the coastal range of CA. The rocks in that area make great mortars. I won't be a pest an go on about it, but they were very nice stone bowls that were used season after season, and if you haven't read Oak: The Frame of Civilization by William Bryant Logan, you really should. The author describes how bountiful the oaks are - for a few days a tribe could camp in an oak grove, gather acorns, process them, and the results would be nutritious food enough to last for months.

So I keep working on products that echo that very primal, yet functional design. I also gather acorns, primarily to propagate white oak trees. Must replenish the forest as I can.

Trooper York said...

We want Kanye to run as a Republican ed.

The future belongs to celebrity candidates. He can be groomed to be a very acceptable Presidential candidate. First Senator from California. Then President.

What? That's crazy. Not so much. If I were Trump I would start grooming people to carry forward his legacy as a Populist. People like Tom Brady, Kanye and of course Ivanka and Donnie will be set up to be the future of a populist movement.

It is all there right in front of him.

Trooper York said...

What a rapper can't be President?

Why not? Who do you want? Another lawyer? Some ivy league twat who never worked a day in his life?

Kanye is fucked up. I get it. But no more than some of our past Presidents. He has a less scandalous sex life than Bill Clinton or JFK or Thomas Jefferson. His mental health is far better than Woodrow Wilson or Franklin Pierce. His business acumen far out paces Harry Truman or Abe Lincoln. His taste in woman is on par with Andrew Jackson or JFK or Billy boy Clinton.

He fits right in. Just sayn'

Sixty Grit said...

He should start as an Asst. Secretary somewhere.

Methadras said...

Is Kanye secretly feeling out Trump to run against him in 2020? He said he was going to run in 2020.

edutcher said...

Trooper York said...

We want Kanye to run as a Republican ed.

I'm agreeing with you, dude.

Remember I said, "Kanye could be the first straight (if weird with lousy taste in women) black President".

The Demos don't want straight black guys.

edutcher said...

Stephen Miller, Sessions' brainy assistant, will be Sr Advisor to The Donald.

This is one of the brain trust that made things work all year.

The more I see, the more I like.

Sixty Grit said...

That is a somewhat pompitous selection.

Trooper York said...

Kayne wants to run with Trump.

He is actually quite popular with a lot of black entertainers and athletes that he has run into over the years.

Look at his lifestyle. Rich. Hot chicks. Private planes. Everything gilt in gold.

He be pimpin' yo!

Rabel said...

Last week I opened my front door and found a small box had been delivered. I wasn't expecting anything and didn't have my reading glasses on but could see my street address (in fairly large lettering) handwritten in red on the label. Everything else was very small printed text which I couldn't read without the glasses. It wasn't an Amazon or UPS box but looked like a private shipment.

I go back in the house and open the box, and inside, folded up in a fetal position was -- a little elf in a little red elf suit. I'm not making this up. Not a real live elf, by the way, just one of those cheap little cloth dolls people put on their mantel at Christmas. I have one already but he's dressed in green.

What the fuck is this, I thought. So I got my glasses and first checked the return address to see who had sent it. It was from a hotel in China. What the fuck, I thought again, using my limited internal vocabulary. I worked in China before, many years ago, but not in the province shown on the sender's address.

Then I looked at the delivery address and saw that the label was damaged and my street address had been written over that. Then I flipped the box over and found an identical, but undamaged label on the other side. Mystery solved. Probably a promotional gift they send to former guests. It had my street number but another street name. That street was a couple of blocks over. The street names weren't similar and I have no idea how whoever delivered it decided to put my street name on the package.

Not being a Coloradan or one of Chip's neighbors I put the elf back in the box, put it in the car, and next time I got out I drove over to the correct address and put the package on their front porch.

This would be a better story if I could properly reprise the moment that I opened the box only to find an elf inside and then to find that it came all the way from China. It was weird.

I dearly hope that he wasn't actually a real elf who would have come alive on Christmas morning. Probably not.

Mumpsimus said...

Don Surber's comment (via Instapundit) on the Kanye story: "President Trump wins another news cycle."