Thursday, December 8, 2016

Gene Simmons tells celebrities to shut up

Simmons opens his pie hole to tell celebrities freaking out over Trump Victory to shut their pie holes. "He's the new president, that's the end of the story."

Story and source pic from Legal Insurrection, here.

Actually, I just liked the picture, and that's all.


AllenS said...

Why did I know that an enormous tongue would show up?

AprilApple said...

"You're a powerful and attractive young man."

LOL - going full Hunger Games/Idiocracy early.

I'm sorry but celebrity culture is hilarious.

ricpic said...

Gene Simmons: You like my tongue? It's on sale. My hair? On sale. My liver spots? Ditto. Price? Let's talk.

Leland said...

That makes 2 now, with Mark Wahlberg making the same statement earlier. It is really good advice, someone ought to write a book about it.

AprilApple said...

Trump supporters or GOP supporters in Hollywood know they must keep their mouths shut.
So they do.

leftwing celebs are part of the cool club. Though - their brand is entirely mockable. I say we mock them into silence. Give them a taste of their own medicine.

edutcher said...

No, let them scream. The more they do, the people will remember.

AprilApple said...

hey - obsessed no-life ed - do you ever give any money for the upkeep up this blog?


edutcher said...

Hey, idiot, do you ever have a clue what's going on or do you just mouth off whatever pops into your head?

On other issues, Andy Puzder nominated for Labor Sec.

Another favorite on Cavuto and no friend of unions.

AprilApple said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AprilApple said...

No loser ed - Do you ever contribute to this blog?

Yes or no.

edutcher said...

I wasn't aware it was any of your business.

Because it isn't.

The only reason I can't pick you apart by highlighting your "opinions" is you're so afraid of criticism, you hold Lem hostage by threatening to withdraw your money. That's extortion, sweetie. You're as bad as all those Lefties and Democrats you say you hate.

So who'd you vote for? Bet it was the Beast.

AprilApple said...

I'll make it my business as long as you keep responding to me and posting "No" posts - asshole. BTW- we can all go to Drudge without your help.

plus - my hunch is that you are a cheap bastard.

edutcher said...

You really need to get over yourself because there isn't that much there. I was responding to the original post, not you.

And, in case you've forgotten we still have Free Speech in this country (a lot like Little Barry, aren't you?), I have a right to say, "No", any fucking time and for any fucking reason and to any fucking person I want (my apologies to all the ladies out there), so clear the gin bottles away from the monitor and go back to Insta or TOP where they have commenters more to your taste. I will say, "No", any time I feel the situation requires it.

And I cite Drudge, or anyone else, to justify or document what I say. Facts, you know; something with which you appear to be unacquainted.

Now you can sign off with your customary profanity-laden screed.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...
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Eric the Fruit Bat said...

I'm presently listening to a lecture series called "Your Deceptive Mind." It's about cognitive biases, among other things. Apparently, they've got imaging studies that show that certain parts of the brain that control evaluative thinking shut down in the presence of a charismatic person.

Whatever else might be said about successful entertainers, I guess they've got charisma.

edutcher said...


This explains how some otherwise discerning people turn into robots in the presence of a Jack Kennedy or Barry Ozero.

Or Hitler or Fidel.

john said...

Remember the last scene in "Blazing Saddles", where the movie fight in the street spills over into the next soundstage, then into downtown Burbank, then back into a movie theater. That was so funny.

I don't know why I just thought of that.

Sixty Grit said...

I just thought of another movie scene - in Ain't in it For My Health, Levon Helm tells why you put a ring in a hog's nose "They will root out a fence post, they can tip your house over rootin', they will root a hole as big as this table here" pointing at his kitchen table. "So you put a ring through their nose and it stops 'em from rootin'."

I was just at the vet and the rotund woman at the desk had a ring through her nose. Right through the septum. Looked like two silver boogers hangin' out of her nostrils. I didn't repeat Levon's story. It was a close thing.

Chip Ahoy said...

I just now had my mind blown.

I tried out "Penny Dreadful" on Netflix.

The blurb says: "The classic tales of Dracula, Frankenstein, Dorian Gray and more woven together in this horror series set on the dark streets of Victorian London"

It started off poorly. Lots of gratuitous creepy crap. Sound goes from whispering to loud bangs. Victor Frankenstein is a 27 year old (thereabout) hipster sort. Obnoxious overly-enthused about all of the sciences. His is an unsympathetic character .

He goes home from a party, a gathering of intellectual types. Everyone is either advantaged or poor. Then at home he picks up a bulbous lamp and slides open a door revealing another locked door. He goes inside his hidden room.

His stitched up monster is in there except he looks like a normal human only an inch or so taller than himself.

Gray-skinned and laying backward in a rectangular bin that is copper-covered and hooked up electrically. Out of shape. The monster obviously didn't work out. Do you even work out, Bro? The camera scans the doctor and includes the side of the monster. He's set in ice!

Nice touch.

You see the monster head to foot. And here's the mind-blowing thing, they do a full Monty. His dick right there on My t.v. How rude.


I never saw that on t.v.

Poor Frankenstein monster. The actor must expose himself. For ART!

And he's the poorly endowed.

How embarrassing.

Lights go off. The doctor turns around. The copper ice bin is empty.

Now who didn't see that coming? Huh? Nobody, that's who.

The doctor sees the monster standing there and he walks up to him and lets the monster examine his face. It's a touching scene of actual touching. The monster's a mess.

Turns out, the monster is a quick read. From there the story develops along the lines of Bat Boy. I'm at the scene where the doctor takes the monster outside and he fits in rather well. He interacts with boys. He charms a lady on the dock.

I thought that was interesting because there is no warning to expect frontal nudity.

Also Dorian Gray is like Casanova. He with a photographer taking pictures of a woman. The camera goes BANG! each time. He tells the model, "lose the bodice" She does. She coughs. There's a bit of blood. Gray asks, "Dysentery?" She nods yes. He gets up and approaches her. He bangs her hard standing up. All you see is his back and his butt. It's x-rated material right there. Then the camera goes BANG! BANG! BANG!

The scene of psychic is well done. She's been invited to lead a seance. The seance group dallies with the occult, but now this is the real thing. The actress channels various voices male and female and very old and very young. She produces all kind of shocking vocalized drama and noises. She swears shockingly. She speaks of horrible psychological truths. She scares the heck out of the group and dismays them with her unseemly language. She tears the place apart. People leave.

Well, we'll not be asking her back again.

But she spoke about something from antiquity having to do with Gods of Egypt. I a female goddess marries another particular god then that's it for mankind.

There are other allusions to evil in ancient Egypt that are really cool for fiction. All that is well done so far. They scanned the hieroglyphs on a corps, as embossed tattoos, too quickly to read. All book of the dead stuff all over the guy's body, too quickly to make out which spell it is, and it included cartouches that were scanned in a blur and partially so it isn't possible to stop and read them. But it is possible to make out that they're actual hieroglyphs and that they really are very well done.

So I'm hoping that develops to something good.

ricpic said...

OT - Obama just told the troops it'll be A-Okay to disobey the orders of the new C in C. Really.

ndspinelli said...

I admire Hollywood people willing to be openly conservative. But, I don't begrudge the ones that keep their mouths shut. They got to make a living.

bagoh20 said...

I'm seriously looking into buying a robot at work. I've looked at them before, but it just didn't make economic sense due to their limitations. Now they have gotten much better and cheaper - lots of competition. Sure they improve productivity, never get sick or tired, claim workers comp, or steal stuff, but what really sold me was that the salesman told me they never claim sexual harassment, and you can program to do almost any motion over and over. You just show them where to put their little hands and where to move them one time and they never forget what you like. Excellent salesman.

edutcher said...

Anybody notice Trump has yet to appoint one czar?

bagoh20 said...

I kind of like Gene, but he's one of those very lucky people who made it big doing something they are really not very good at, but made up for it with marketing, like Microsoft. The entertainment business has a lot of those.

ampersand said...

I'm seriously looking into buying a robot at work.

Do they come in black,white or brown? California probably checks.

bagoh20 said...

I'm getting a transgender bender. California Approved.

Amartel said...

They call him Dr. Love and he wants to rock and roll all night and party ev er y day.
With Beth. Those are quality pop songs. Pop tunes are popular for a reason and he capitalized on it so good for him.
I don't mind celebrities talking but they ought not to be all stunned and amazed if I don't like what they're saying and redirect my entertainment dollars accordingly. Most of them are just spouting the corporate company line on globalist policies to fleece the middle class and they don't have the basic common sense or knowledge of how to build a business (as opposed to fall into one) to know any better. Basically, they're corporate front men and women masquerading as free-thinking do-gooders, and they know better. Very few of these people actually walk their talk (they avoid taxes, have huge homes that suck up tons of energy and water, travel frequently, and have tons of babies all over the place). Even if they don't know intellectually that their causes are unjust and hypocritical, they must know it in their hearts. There are a few celebs that I like regardless of their politics because I like their product - they're really good at their jobs. Most celebs aren't all that entertaining to me, much less good at their jobs, though so I ignore their nonsense.

Guildofcannonballs said...

How about let's Eddie an April fight?

So sexy.