Saturday, November 5, 2016

Walter Durante, Glenn Thrush

Several news items yesterday morning said "Politico Reporter Gets Caught AGAIN Sending a Story to a Clinton Staffer for Approval" without mentioning the name of the reporter and I wondered why they didn't name the reporter in their title to shame them. I must look to see who it is.

The news item said that Glenn Thrush was "caught again" at passing his report to Democrat party officials for approval before publishing, and I was disappointed because they meant another instance of him doing so was discovered in the Wikileaks, and not another brand new instance. The article at the Daily Caller recalled a couple previous instances. Thrush and Politico defend his actions by saying he was merely checking and giving the opportunity to respond, and their subject hadn't returned Thrush's phone calls or emails, but the defense falls flat because in that instance then reporters say in their article, "the party was contacted but did not return calls," and that same courtesy of pre-approving a post is not extended to Republicans. And he did admit he's a hack.

The source pic is from the Daily Caller article. When I saw the photo I thought, "Man, this guy really does look like a prick. An actual prick. I intended to do something with that and I needed another source pic for that. By looking for one I noticed a show in Las Vegas called "Puppetry of the Penis" where these two guys play with their dicks onstage, stretching them and smashing them to make odd things out of them like the Eiffel Tower, the Loch Ness monster, and a hamburger. Who doesn't want to see that?

And all those dicks put me off the idea.

I also thought that the name Thrush reminded me of a certain fungus disease that affects people with advanced diabetes and AIDS and others with weakened immune systems. Maybe I could do something with that, but the subject does not lend itself to humor on a fine family blog such as this one.

Then comments to the article at Daily Caller compare Glenn Thrush's style of journalism with Walter Durante. But I do not agree, the scale of offense is way out of line. Plus Durante received a Pulitzer still displayed at NYT. Durante was covering for the Holomodor, Stalin's pogrom of starving out a Ukraine population while Thrush is being Hillary's little bitch. Same sort of thing, but it's a matter of scale. I cannot get overworked about Thrush. Commenters go on to discuss how obscene it is that Thrush is still employed, and that proves how corrupt Politico is at its core.

And one commenter said something that caught me off guard that for some reason I found insanely funny. It doesn't seem that funny rewriting it now, but placed within such a dreadfully serious thread, its juxtaposition had me laughing so my whole body shook and I completely lost it laughing uncontrollably. Three times. It just kills me that people are this funny in the middle of stroke-serious discussion.

* A: Thrush's name and staff photo resemble that HORRID affliction associated with HIV infection...

* B: Are you saying his manhole has been violated by a Hillary look-a-like with a diseased strap-on?

* A: Yes. You understand my carefully crafted, cryptic prose...PERFECTLY!

That kills me. All over again. Carefully crafted cryptic prose. That kills me. While there is nothing at all funny about the subject at hand.

Anyway. This will not interest you, but so what, here goes. I am getting very good at this layers vs frames thing in Photoshop. Frames are needed to make a gif. I never did understand this, but now I do. I have seen the light. I did this transition between color Thrush to b/w Durante with only three layers; the original color source pic of Glenn Thrush, a second source pic converted to black/white and adjusted to match the source pic of Durante, and the head of Durante, reversed and re-sized and tugged here and there and feathered to fit over the head of Thrush, but then converted to twenty frames. I leaned how to do this last week. Get a load of me. I'm still learning fantastically useful new things in Photoshop. It amazes me. Even if it doesn't amaze you.


edutcher said...


And we know all about THRUSH.

Why anyone would take Politico seriously is beyond me.

Sixty Grit said...

They were thinking of Jimmy Durante - he had a million of 'em!

ricpic said...

Duranty looks like a leaner meaner Thrush.

"Goodnight Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are."

Even as a kid that phrase got to me. Maybe it was his delivery but maybe there's something more to it. Another unsolved mystery.

Chip Ahoy said...

No brag, jesht fact.