Sunday, October 9, 2016

smoke saliva bubbles

Source pic headlining Drudge presently with very crude words. How rude!

But I was reminded of a young man that I knew at age nineteen.

I had just started working at the FRB in a department that through a series of jobs I would circle back to supervise at age twenty-four. But back at the very beginning I was new and he arrived a few months later. During idle moments while waiting for the work rush he would blow tiny bubbles out of his mouth formed from his saliva. The closest I can describe him is at that same age he was the most like Obama than anyone else that I've known.

Now, this is a tremendous life skill to possess. It fascinated me. I asked him how he does that, how does he form his saliva bubbles. His answer was a blowoff shrug. He didn't actually know. I didn't let him get away with that. I interrogated him obnoxiously. He did patiently try to explain to me a little better but he was still giving me blowoff answers. "Come on! Tell me how you make the bubbles." I insisted. And he could not escape my nagging.

"I get them from under my tongue." That was the best I could get out of him. And he really thought about it too. The fact was he didn't have the vocabulary to tell me he allows a pool of saliva to form then bends his tongue with the the tip of his tongue down the back of his lower teeth and that squeezes out a bubble that he brings to the top by flattening his tongue downward and then blows it through his wet lips. He can do this surprisingly rapidly so that more than one bubble is floating around at one time. He smoked cigarettes and that strengthened the saliva bubbles. He graciously added that he likes to do it outside around people waiting for the light to change to cross the street and make people look around for the source of the tiny bubbles blowing around. Then he giggled. The thought of punking people with tiny spit bubbles was funny.

When he did this as he smoked a cigarette then amazingly the bubbles would fill with smoke so that he blew out tiny saliva smoke bomb bubbles that popped releasing the tiny container of smoke. Poof, poof, poof. Incredible!

I spent days trying to copy him and finally learned his technique. But I'm not good at it. My saliva bubbles are too weak. I can feel them in there but they pop before I can blow them out. You have to have gooey saliva for all that to work. Some conditions they work better. I think his smoking habit added to his saliva bubble skill.

So then, that's what I think of Drudge's tongue-in-cheek Ryan. That Drudge sure does come up with the weirdest photographs. (Actually, I mostly wanted to see how well the Photoshop clone tool would work to make Ryan's mouth bulge disappear.)

Try making a saliva bubble, you have all the information I had. You could blow your children's minds with your awesome abilities. Go on. Try it, I said.


edutcher said...

The usual suspects are trying to build a movement to bail on Trump, but it appears it's all blowing up in their faces.

That, and the revelations coming out of the Podesta emails, ought to create a real mess.

Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch.

AllenS said...

If anyone is left wondering about the appeal of Trump to the common people, just watch these GOP chickenshit motherfuckers.

AprilApple said...

What's he supposed to say? "I grab me some pussy all da time." ?

Vetting. Look into it.

edutcher said...

It's funny someone has been whining the propaganda of the Bush family for 8 months about how he'll throw it to the Beast and that's exactly what they do.

The Bush family wants him destroyed, so they hand a gift to the Demos.

Too bad it's all backfiring on them.

AprilApple said...

If Trump stays in, it proves he wants to lose to Hillary. Thus keeping his promise to his fellow pervert golfing buddy - Bill the rapist.

edutcher said...

No, it means he intends to win, but it's fascinating the rumor started by Roe still dominates the gullible. Nice to see our Bluebird of Happiness still sides with the Ozark Mafia.

Politico (!) ran a poll and most people want him to stay. Only the NeverTrump betrayers want him out.

Pence/Ryan, the choice of the NeverTrumpers? Get a clue, Ryan was booed off the stage yesterday. This is blowing up in their faces.

Remember when some NeverTrumper posted that nude pic of Melania and Trump warned the One True Ted?

Well, we're about to see it all over again. The Bushes did this because Willie is a brother from another mother. They and the Ozark Mafia are about to find out what a mother really is.

AprilApple said...

Sound and fury signifying nothing.

Trump down 3 in Florida.

Trump down 12 in PA.

Drop out, fraud.

edutcher said...

According to whom?

Do I really need to ram Ned Silver's memo to Monmouth down the NeverTrumpers' throats again?

Google Consumer Surveys

Trump 42 (+7)
Clinton 35

North Carolina
Trump 42 (+11)
Clinton 31

Clinton 37 (Tie)
Trump 37

There are all kinds of polls.

And the only fraud is the one who says they hate Hillary but does everything possible to support her.

Chip Ahoy said...

I dreamt I was having lunch with Mum in a small bright bistro. A young short black woman was sitting a few tables away. I was explaining to Mum why Hillary is unacceptable and how the Democrat party is corrupted. This is not her sort of thing at all. Her political values are incredibly superficial. So the whole thing relied on explaining first principles and then those relied on sub first principles. The whole thing got farther and farther away from the immediacy of selecting the right candidate. Halfway into the discussion I turn and notice the black woman had joined our table, "Hello there," I said, and she glared at me menacingly. All that I said about her party of loyalty, her present choice offended her gravely. And now I was talking to two women not just my mum who doesn't know much, and the black woman with deep loyalty to Democrat party, my challenge made much more difficult. "Look, I don't know from where you get your information and I don't care, the fact is I know a lot more than you two do and I'm talking and you can listen and learn but I am beyond listening to any Democrat on anything at all. So listen and learn a few important things or piss off and go vote for your sick party and your criminal whore. For now, I am teacher without ears to listen and you two are students." Now, my mum respects that because she knows and she marvels, and says so, at how much more that I know, a lot more, than she does, and that comes from playing along with television Jeopardy! show and by solving crosswords that stump my dad, and getting a degree without their assistance, but the black woman does not. I awoke thinking, "Goddamnit now this shit has invaded my dreams."

The dream before that was better. But I did get to see my mum again in the second, have lunch with her, and that was very pleasant and nice and warm. I like that. A lot. I miss her.

AprilApple said...

Consumer survey sounds like an on-line poll. Unscientific wishful thinking and therefore bogus.

AprilApple said...

You had lunch with your mom in a dream. That's really amazing, Chip.

I don't often remember my dreams. I remember yours though.

That one dream you detailed about the coming Orwellian PC reality - where everyone was gathered to be offended as entertainment. You were having a premonition about the future on that one.

AprilApple said...

More polls out: Trump losing in Ohio, Wisconsin.

If he botches tonight, he needs to bow out gracefully. Or say hello to Hillary, as she takes it with under 50% of the vote.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

If anyone is left wondering about the appeal of Trump to the common people, just watch these GOP chickenshit motherfuckers.

I called them scaredy cats, but your description is way better.

ricpic said...

Nothing clarifies the mind like a hanging.

If I were Trump, which I'm not, so he's probably not going to do this, but if I were I would use tonight to ignore Hillary's sniper fire as much as possible and instead talk directly to the great audience at home about its hanging: that the continued hand over fist importation of Mestizos and Muslims will mean the end of the audience's way of life. It was The Wall that got Trump here. The Wall and the pledge to halt Muslim immigration sans vetting. The response was visceral because Americans know. Despite all the screeching about racism and bigotry by the Schmendricks, Americans know that the twin invasions spell DOOM for OUR WAY OF LIFE. They know. But they've lost focus. Trump's job is to remind them.

Amartel said...

Dance of the Sudden Bluestockings and Selective Prudes.
Playing exclusively on every channel and all over the internet.
It's not compelling but they really are going all in. Tubby little bodies straining under the heavy load of hypocrisy, double chins all aquiver, eyes wide shut.
Will we buy into their bullshit just this one more time?
Good luck to Trump tonight.

edutcher said...

As opposed to all the "scientific" lies?

Once more, from the top:

Here are the scientific polls they use to make the NeverTrumpers happy

Nate Sliver


Subject: Change the Narrative Friday, September 16, 2016
Key Notes:

Birtherism – “Backfiring”

Trump Unfavorables – “Climbing”

Minority Voices – “support Hillary”

Imply Racism (White Vote = Trump) – “Whites rally/cleave/etc. Trump”


: Attached screens will move 80% of targets into the 30-50 age range. Use included statistical model to re-skew for publication.

The location-call screens will favor south Tallahassee, east and north Gainesville, Central Tampa, north and west Jacksonville, west and south Orlando, and much of Dade / Broward counties. Space Coast regions and similar must be carefully screened for demographic.

This should be obvious. We are looking at a heavy minority foundation with a college-white salt. Favored are liberal arts degrees and, especially, sociology. See attached call-files.

We prefer polling areas of high unemployment for minority response. More are available to take calls during working hours and far, far fewer of them support Republican candidates.

It is imperative to create a morale boosting narrative in the liberal demographics. Our last published polling note gave liberals a “week before panic.” We must deliver on a turn-around in polls or risk collapse of enthusiasm. The data from our call / email sieve as well as legitimate polling indicates a level of despondency equivalent, roughly, to the Michael Dukakis candidacy. This is due to (a) Trump’s successful presidential-narrative surge and (b) a massive lack of enthusiasm on the part of minority and millennial voters who are beginning to view Obama as a failed president and Hillary Clinton as a ‘lying harpy.’ (word association testing focus groups). In order to rally the male-liberal base we will need to produce “resurgent” Florida polling. The conventional wisdom is that Florida will be the fulcrum state for the election and if it is seen as lost to Trump then we will have domino defections throughout the other swing-states. Presently, our internal analysis shows the Democratic Firewall in extreme jeopardy. This week the news cycle MUST show Hillary regaining the lead in Florida.

Continued below

edutcher said...

Continued from above.



Almost none. The voter-registrations in Florida are balanced but we need to have at least D+3 to have a credible story. We also need to greatly oversample women. This shouldn’t be hard to manage as they are more likely to answer the phone and chat. Liberal self-reporters are tanking (around 12% in real numbers). We are going to have it at around 30% which we can probably get away with.


Weaknesses abound. The first is that the birther message is penetrating: 73% of Americans are willing to say they don’t know where Obama was born. This was previously locked out via media shaming. Trump is immune so his followers are immune. The Florida geography is also working against us. Hillary has 53+ Field Offices and they’re empty of volunteers. This lack of enthusiasm is showing up in the voting responses and it’s killing us. The “cell phones” rationale will only hold out for so long.


PPP is burned. There have been too many leaks. Monmouth is less well known and less disparaged by conservatives. This is a good chance for you to build your brand both with naïve liberals and with some conservative moderates. The general reputation of Monmouth as a party-school will work against you here but we think that will be easy to gloss over with the chaos of the messaging. We also have a chance to build a White People Are Racist narrative. We’ve got some good story coming out of The Upshot with the headline that “Whites” are keeping Trump alive in Florida. If we can double down on that in the cross-tabs we can strongly insinuate that Whites (who code as racists in the media) like Trump (who codes as racist) and get an Ouroboros-Pattern established for undecideds. Finally, while we have been forced by intense public scrutiny to accurately report a Trump Surge, we think there is an opportunity here for demoralization by reporting a “counter surge” or “Trump Collapse” that will reduce momentum as the Trump narrative has shifted to talking about the polls.


People are leaking a lot

. If you don’t want Enten’s gang all over you, we suggest you lock it the fuck down

. There are a lot of people poking around the edges that are on to things and a bunch of stuff out on the Internet that is more hit-than-miss. PPP’s extremely unwise decision not to disavow the leaks on Twitter has costs us a great deal of credibility and voters are a
lot more educated about cross-tabs and skewing and we may not have as easy a time of it as we did in 2012. Finally, we know you consider Quinnipiac a “rival school.” Put that aside and stand down your hackers and arson-units. This is a team effort. If we lose this election we’re all fucked. Ensure loyalty in your staff by whatever means necessary. Keep appearances up. DO NOT SCREW THIS UP.

edutcher said...

Americans will stand by a fighter, especially if they think he is the underdog.

The triumvirate of Cooper, Raddatz, and Frumpty will make Trump the underdog.

McCain and a few others have shown they have no guts, so the Demos may make some Senate gains. Better to get rid of the squishes, so it's a win-win. If "more polls coming out" means from the last couple of days, I can tell you they're lying about OH and probably WI.

Once more, Ryan was booed off the stage yesterday.

Trump signs outnumber Frumpty about 5 to 1 out here and bumper stickers about 3 to 1, and I'm seeing more every day.

The Bluebird of Happiness shows whose side she's really on, but I'm glad to see E standing tall. Everything I linked applied double now. This is the Uni-Party's last shot at destroying him and he's not having and neither is the American people. Even Politico's poll says people are with him.

As Admiral Yamamoto once observed, they have awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve.

Give 'em Hell.

edutcher said...

To emphasize my point, business conference attendees in Bakersfield (we're talkin' CA) say the Rs should stand by Trump and fight.

AprilApple said...

None of this is news, old man. It is delusion, of the highest order.

edutcher said...

And it's all yours.

ndspinelli said...

I see the increasingly fat Althouse is going all in w/ Hillary. I think Trump needs to cold cock Hillary on stage tonight. If you're going to lose, might as well go down swinging..literally. Or maybe he should grab her dick...err pussy.

AllenS said...

I've been wondering. Right before BJ Clinton decided to take his cigar, and insert it into Monica Lewinsky, what type of language was he using. Remember, BJ was POTUS, not a regular citizen. Trump needs to remind voters of this fact.

ndspinelli said...

No, Trump needs to hammer the bitch on her Wall St speeches, free trade, open borders, deplorables, etc. Ailes needs to send hecklers to all Hillary and Bill rallies yelling "rapist." Others need to do the dirty work. He needs to get to work on the issues.

ndspinelli said...

Or, he needs to cold cock her. I know she can't take a punch.

ndspinelli said...

I'll be flipping back and forth from the football and baseball games. If Trump is showing any smarts, I'll focus on the debate. If he's doing OK, he'll get 2nd priority on flipping. If he's pissing on his leg, he'll be last. I think many regular folk will have the same strategy.

edutcher said...

Nice point, Allen. Or what the Beast said when she found out.

BTW, a medley of her greatest hits

ndspinelli said...

I see the increasingly fat Althouse is going all in w/ Hillary

Already happened.

PS I think Farage's advice is going to be on parade tonight, but, if Cooper and Raddatz are really dumb enough to lead off with something about the "horror" and let Frumpty talk first, you may get your wish on the other, as well.

AprilApple said...

ND - If he pisses on his leg, this whole thing is over.

edutcher said...

You mean like the One True Ted or Little Marco?

He hasn't backed down since this started.

That's what she hates.

ndspinelli said...

ed, He should attack walk up and punch the homo and the anorexic[Cooper and Raddatz] as well. Let's go Wrestlemania tonight. Have Pence there and go all tag team.

ndspinelli said...

Has anyone consider the hot mic debacle loss of w/f voters might be offset by an increase in black/male voters. Ailes should turn the words into a rap. Remember the movie Bulworth? Trump should answer all questions tonight in a rap and grab his crotch a lot. Talk about pussy, ho's, etc. Let's really shake this motherfucker up!! Straight Outta Manhattan.

edutcher said...

You may have a point there, although, from guys I know who have been around women when they dish the dirt regarding sex, the language is a lot rougher.

I mean, we all know feminists make a fetish of talking like that.

XRay said...

Heh... spinelli your 5:22 is actually a brilliant idea. Put all those hypocritical assholes on the spot.

ndspinelli said...

X-Ray, I was only half joking.

Chip Ahoy said...

The media is concentrating on him using the word pussy. I think, I don't listen to MSM dopes anymore. Rather, by what I'm reading I gather none are mentioning the truth behind what he told Billy Bush (talk about inbreeding of Washington and media, never heard of the guy before this. Now, what would make Billy Bush anymore employable than Chelsie Clinton? And these two mongs are taking the place of people of earnest people who've studied.) That as celebrity, as a wealthy and known wealthy society pages celebrity, women throw themselves at you. Even Kissinger mentioned this in his book The White House Years, that power is like a magnet to women. Yes, even his short corpulent dumpy waddling ass. Women threw themselves at Kissinger. Gorgeous women offered themselves to Kissinger, their bodies the only thing worthy of offer. And further proof of the truth is Trump's three hot wives. It sounded like (it read like, actually) Trump was conversationally speaking a universal and timeless truth.

Who hasn't heard the joke with two punchlines, one "so that men can carry them like a six pack" and the other, "carry them like a bowling ball" ? Huh? There isn't a male on Earth who hasn't heard that one, meaning we all talk like that.

How rude! I denounce all males. Because everyone of us has laughed at that joke at least once.

This cannot be the worst that they've got. Dems have a month to spring something much worse than this. They must. Brace yourself for worse. Because they're absolutely ridiculous and making themselves worse everyday. Be of good cheer. At this point the nation is aching for change. Reversal, actually. The resting giant is awakened and stirred. The only people still loyal to either party are compete dopes.

Want to hear something bad? I'm a bad person for this. It breaks the rules of my training. I'm talking shit all over the place, on links that I'm taken to, on YouTube and such, often not even addressing the issue at hand, just remarking on Clinton's criminality and her corruption and the depravity of her party, often non sequitur, and all of the comments that get responses, some rather long, show up in Google + on my toolbar. I tap the little bell icon and with eyes allowed out of focus, go click, click, clickity, click, click and erase them all to clear them, because I don't give a flat fuck what anybody replies. I consider them all too stupid to read. La la la la la la worked up bitches. Suffer your anxiety. I learned this from Star Trek, "Shields UP!" *protective arm motion flies up* Vooop.

Sixty Grit said...

Oo oo - I know a joke! I do! My brother and I tell it to each other, just because there is not another human on earth who could withstand such humor.

No, not that one, the funny one!