Thursday, October 13, 2016

our American propagandist news services

So called news. Collectively they're quite stupid, actually. And they are beholden as servants to unworthy masters that are themselves ridiculously insanely mean and stupid, so bad a situation that their leaders don't even bother to change their passwords after being hacked! So stupid they imagine they can get off the content of the incredibly damaging leaked emails, and their reaction to them, and onto the supposed foreign hackers, deflecting the obscenity of allowing themselves to be hacked. Repeatedly. By children!

I woke up this morning and turned on the television. The local news was covering new allegations against Trump. A claque of women piling on about Trump indiscretions having come all at once from nowhere, poof, out of thin air. *click* over to CNN with a panel covering new allegations against Trump delivered by a claque of women piling on. *click* Over to CNBC talking about the same thing. *click* Over to a financial channel talking about the same thing. *click* Over to MSNBC talking about the same thing, *click* Over to PBS talking about the same thing. *click* On to FOX displaying a video of Trump out of his corner in the ring in full boxing mode and swinging. I literally roared laughing. And I could not stop. Man, that felt good to belly laugh.

They're insane. Thousands of incredibly damaging emails and every single news source is talking about unknown women suddenly crawled out of the woodwork as if by irrepressible inducement, while a bonfire flares and overtakes them from behind, completely sacrificing their very last shred of credibility with this insane attempt at scraping the barrel so deeply they all tumble into it, and all at once, and Trump rises even higher above the whole lot.

Now, say the worst happens and these dopes actually do succeed with their immediate project of dragging their worn out carcass of their thoroughly corrupted hag across the finish line? What happened to the tea party types? Do they imagine they disappeared long ago?  Isn't the very presence of Trump all the evidence they need that their fronting gig is up? With each cycle opposition returns more fierce than the previous cycle. Can't they read the handwriting on the wall at their very own Belshazzar's feast, as they drink from the gold goblets of the temple? Allow me, it reads:

Dollars, dollars, national debt, your enemies.

And it means:

Your days are numbered.
You've been weighed and measured and found wanting.
Your nation is halved and it is given to your opposition.

Sooner or later, their cooked goose is well done. By their own participation in corruption they are creating a Civil War and they're so isolated and insulated and aloof and so ambitious that they cannot even perceive it. They honestly cannot see their part in creating a straight up rebellion as it presents itself in stages. Opposition keeps getting stronger, even to the destruction of a political party, and they imagine they're going to survive it all while they're already dead to half of the nation. Only half the nation gives them their two cents.

Notice the email hack situation is so bad that Obama must now start a war elsewhere. After dallying all over the Middle East taking shots all over the place, shrinking in stature, abetting criminally evil enemy nations and reducing the prestige of his own nation given him for safekeeping, for whatever that's worth, the little yard troll finally allows his hamstrung military to shoot back. We don't question the timing. We know the timing. We've seen the tail wag the dog before. Here, let me photoshop that. Obama needs a distraction, and he needs one NOW!

All these deadly serious matters to cover and discuss and our news services devote the whole day to their pablum spoon-fed them by their corrupted political party. They are infants in highchairs wearing bibs being fed with tiny spoons from little jars of pureed carrots and peas whipped up fresh.

They cannot feel the waters of the Rubicon splashing at their hips. And they wouldn't know which issues are important if they were smacked across the face with them like a board flung by hurricane Matthew.

Trump's irate followers are already expecting such desperate measures and are flatly not having any of it. Not one bit. Clinton's camp is reduced to online trolling of the weakest most vacuous type.


At this late point, it will be no good for news services, national and local, in winning the presidency for their chosen candidate when the cost is their own credibility, for having chosen, and everything else is lost.


edutcher said...

Well put.


And I do like that, "Can't they read the handwriting on the wall at their very own Belshazzar's feast, as they drink from the gold goblets of the temple?".

That is poetry.


chickelit said...

I like the wag the dog art!

rhhardin said...

Women like it.

ndspinelli said...

Sharyl Atkisson calls it The Truman Show media. A great metaphor.

AprilApple said...

It is the Truman Show Media.

I like that.

MamaM said...

Women like it.

Some do, some don't.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

We have Clinton supporters denying all allegations against Bill and Hillary and buying all allegations against Trump.

The alternative is true for Trump supporters.

I assume as an alpha male egotist, Trump in his past made lots of passes on lots of women. But he does not seem as pathological as Bill Clinton. But let's assume they are similar. What bothers me about Hillary is the blatant hypocrisy of her behavior over the decades and how the press give her mostly a pass. She is literally above the law. Trump if he won would be dogged by the press from day one. Hillary will get a pass.

God help us.

bagoh20 said...

The problem with using Bill's antics to counter Trump's is that it shows hypocrisy on the part of supporters on both sides, so while it may seem to mitigate the power of the charges, it doesn't change any minds about the election at hand. It may in some people make them think, yea, we don't want that thing in a President, but we can't do anything about Bill now. We can only refuse to have it again. When you say it's alright because Bill did it, you are still saying it's alright, and a lot of people do not want to have to defend that. It's just fucking embarrassing, and you who forced Trump on us as the candidate knew he was this guy, and some even liked it.

ricpic said...

Other than telling us how deplorable Trump is what substance is there in the Clinton campaign? Remember the accusation that Trump wasn't providing substance? Well, there is NO substance offered by Her Heinous. Why? Because she dare not admit that her "dream" is a borderless world. That kind of substance.

Amartel said...

The consistent theme is the double standard of the mainstream media.

One standard for Republicans: Allegations immediately framed as true facts. Allegations withheld and then publicized shortly before election. Allegations dredged up from prior decades. Allegations from people who never complained at the time.

One standard for Democrats: What allegations? What Democrat? Squirrel with its top off!

The mainstream media picked both candidates and drive the narrative for both. They are non-credible, politically-motivated, agenda-driven reporters of fact. They are evil.

BTW, Drudge is reporting that Obama did, in fact and contrary to his lie that he learned about it on the news, know about Clinton's server and, in fact, exchanged emails from her. He claimed executive privilege.
This will go unreported.

Amartel said...

Obama will do the same thing the Clintons did after his term is up and make millions off influencing US foreign policy. A Trump presidency would put a serious crimp in this plan.

chickelit said...

ricpic wrote: "Her Heinous"

Excellent riff!

Unknown said...

I read:

Your days are numbered.
You've been weighed and measured and found wanting.
Your nation is halved and it is given to your opposition.

and thought: GOP

MamaM said...

One of the cool things about the writing hand of God, is the way many of the words attributed to him tend to cover a broad spectrum.

The GOP, the DNC, and millions of unknowns everywhere all qualify for at least the first two lines, with nations being halved and given to the opposition since ever since nation building became a goal.