Saturday, October 15, 2016

moon and sun

And glaucoma. I used a feature on the lightning strike finder for the first time with an ever so slight bump of a learning curve. Through haste and frenetic bumbling, the camera is out of focus but I did not know that because it was dark. Eh. Live and learn then. But it does allow another way to produce a time lapse.

Before I was using an app on my cellphone. Google locked my cellphone, apparently for 72 hours, because Google's protection thinks it might have been stolen. Long story. Now, there is a very steep and high and incredibly aggravating learning curve. Imagine having Samsung and Sprint and Google all three deeply involved and interfering heavily in your phone service and NONE of their online technicians know the first thing about their product or their service or their interference. Not a single one. Turns out the answers and solutions are found on YouTube and well over a million people suffered the same fate. It's all quite incredible.

I feel rage rising again. Best get to the moon.


Eric the Fruit Bat said...

When my dog was dying, for months and months we spent a lot of time outside, at night, looking at the stars, looking at the moon, just the two of us.

ricpic said...

There was a spectacular harvest moon here last night. Orange. Like a....GREAT PUMPKIN, Charlie Brown!