Tuesday, October 11, 2016



edutcher said...

Special prosecutor.

And the fake smile goes on and off like a bad light bulb.

edutcher said...

Two headlines in the Washington Times (no friend of The Donald) caught my eye.

Clinton’s vow to push Supreme Court left galvanizes conservatives wary of Trump
Hillary Clinton's promise to use Supreme Court nominations to push a left-wing agenda did more than anything Donald Trump said during the debate to win back his supporters, conservative leaders said Wednesday.

Hillary Clinton ended up helping Donald Trump repair some of the damage from his lewd comments about women this weekend when she ran hard left on the Supreme Court — reinforcing the one overriding reason conservative Republicans have for voting for their flawed presidential nominee.


Paul Ryan is spineless

I just wonder if they're preparing to admit The Donald is doing better than they'd like to admit.

Just a hunch.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Great job Chip.

Sydney said...

My neighbor just put up her Hillary yard sign. Makes me sick to heart every time I see it.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Sydney, put up a sign calling Hillary a dirty criminal who should go to jail.

edutcher said...

Go get a Trump sign.

lemondog said...

re: H sign: Have your dog pee on it......oops.....soooo sorry.....bad dog!!.... **snickering while covertly handing bad doggie a treat**.....

edutcher said...

Just so the Bluebird of Happiness doesn't rattle anybody's confidence, a couple of news flashes:

That NBC poll that gave the Beast an 11 point lead sampled more Demos than Rs in a ridiculously small (500) sample and, to surprise no one, CNN's poll had 60% Demos in its sample.

But be of good cheer. Not only does the RNC stand behind The Donald (I told you things don't look the way some might have it seem), but Trump has now landed the coveted Pussy Galore endorsement.

Plenty O'Toole hardest hit.