Saturday, October 1, 2016

Clown Attacks prompts closure of Ohio Schools

New York Post by Joshua Rett Miller September 30, 2016

A man dressed as a clown attacked a woman on the front porch of her Ohio home early Friday — before making a veiled threat to attack local schools, police said.
Kim Youngblood, 45, of Reading, told police the terrifying encounter unfolded when she was smoking a cigarette outside her home at South Terrace Apartments around 2:30 a.m., and the suspect grabbed her by the throat. The man — wearing a white clown mask, red wig and striped outfit — told the frightened victim: “I should just kill you now.”
The creep then said that “some students and teachers would wish they were never born at the Jr. and Sr. High School today,” according to a police report.
Youngblood told police she then heard loud beeping, possibly an alarm from a neighbor’s open window, which she thinks startled the masked man.
“He squeezed her harder for a second then pushed her away and fled the area,” the police report reads.

Several officers were dispatched to the area after Youngblood’s call, but no arrests had been made as of early Friday, according to a dispatcher at the Reading Police Department. Youngblood was not seriously injured, but went to a local hospital for observation.
The incident prompted Reading Community City Schools to close its entire four-school district for the day, including Reading Middle High School and Reading High School.
“We take all threats to the safety of our students seriously,” district officials wrote on Facebook. “We were especially concerned with the number of students who walk to school in the early morning hours and made the decision to close school. The district is working closely with the Reading Police on this matter.”
A homecoming parade and football game at Reading High School on Friday night will be held as scheduled, as well as the homecoming dance Saturday night, district officials said, with extra security at all events and throughout the community.
Mount Notre Dame High School, which shares a parking lot with Reading High School, was also closed Friday. No threat was made against the school, but its proximity to Reading High School led to the decision.
“The safety of our students is paramount, so we decided to make the decision to close,” the school’s director of communication, Chris Gramke, told The Post.
The incident is the latest report of clowns terrorizing people, with Halloween still a month away. USA Today reports that police are investigating reports in more than 10 states, from Colorado to Georgia.
(This is obviously total bullshit. It reminds me of so many other panic stories that gets overblown from one place to another as people jump on the bandwagon. Remember the satanic rituals at the day care stories. A bunch of people went to jail for that and were later totally exonerated. A bet a bunch of clowns will put in the pokey before the panic ends.
That's just goes to show you how fucked up America is today. Bozo goes to jail for being a clown and that clown Hillary skates on all of her crimes. It's clownism I tell you. Clownism.)


edutcher said...

I still don't get this.

Even a little.

Sounds like the whole country finally discovered the old Dr Demento song, "Kinko The Kid-Loving Clown"

windbag said...

Clowns have always creeped me out. If one came onto my property and threatened me, the sheriff would be coming by to pick up what little remained of him. These pranks people pull these day, scaring people by jumping out and running after them, are dangerous. If someone in a hockey mask jumps out at me, he'd better be prepared for lethal combat, because I'm going to strike back hard.

Despite my aversion to clowns, for some reason, this guy doesn't creep me out.