Wednesday, October 12, 2016

"Clinton Camp Discussed Deleting Emails Despite Knowing It Was Against the Law"


Leland said...

Most prosecutors would see this as something of a slam dunk.

AprilApple said...

We should be beating her. Easily.

AllenS said...

She should be in jail.

AprilApple said...

The FBI was compromised by Obama's DOJ. The corruption goes all the way to the top.

edutcher said...

Boy, that unsecured server is really coming back to bite them, innit?

And, no, the G-,men were not compromised by the DOJ; they were compromised by a director who was owned by the Ozark Mafia Global Slush Fund.

PS Nobody with a brain would think beating the entire Lefty establishment would be easy (another Cruzzer myth for the gulible).

Pissy should have been beaten easily 4 years ago, by that yardstick.

To that end, a good James Pinkerton piece off Breitbart detailing the similarities between this year and '80 (he was on the scene) and some of the ways Reagan and Trump are the same.

For the fainthearts, some points about polls from the same piece (RTWT BTW):

For a while, this strategy of ripping up Reagan appeared to be working. Gallup records that in early August, Carter was ahead of Reagan by sixteen points, 45:29. For purposes of comparison, we can note that on August 9 of this year, according to the RealClearPolitics polling average, Clinton was ten points ahead of Trump.

Yet back in 1980, for all the reasons noted, the country wanted change. And so by mid-August, Reagan had pulled to within a single point of Carter, and the two candidates stayed neck-and-neck all through September.

So if we might skip ahead 36 years, that’s almost exactly where we are today: According to the RealClearPolitics average, as of October 10, Clinton is 4.5 points ahead of Trump in the four-way race. So we might recall: Clinton is almost exactly where Carter was at this time, 36 years ago.

PPS Someone was whining about how Trump complimented the Beast's health in the debate (they got it wrong, of course).

Here's The Donald today reminding people in the 114 degree venue the odds of Frumpty staying on her feet under such conditions.

Patrick said...

The difference, or I should maybe say *a* difference between Trump and Reagan is that Reagan spent decades learning and advocating for conservative principles and policy, and was out working for years before getting elected. He didn't decide to run on a whim based solely on his status as a celebrity.

edutcher said...

Trump has been approached to run for decades (which I think he knows).

He decided to run now based on the state of the country. No whim.

And Reagan had spent most of his life in Hollyweird as a New Deal Democrat. His epiphany toward Conservatism only started during Goldwater's run - a dozen years before he first considered the Oval Office

NeverTrumpers are as bad as the Lefties.

Titus said...

Someone needs to grab her by the pussy.



AprilApple said...

If you replace Carter and Reagan with Hillary and Trump - Trump would be winning.
Trump is not winning. He's losing.

1980 poll. Carter started sliding down and hit a bump at the convention, then after the first debate, where Reagan demolished him, Reagan never looked back. There is NO comparison to this election.

Reagan was articulate, gracious, disciplined, artful, entertaining, charming, charismatic, down to earth and I'm pretty sure he never bragged about grabbing pussy. Reagan understood how to sell his beliefs because he embodied them. It was all real.

Trump is fake. He's an inarticulate buffoon - a spoiled New York liberal playboy with no debate skills and zero discipline. He can spew insults. That's about it. Now Trump is asking his cultists to vote for Democrats down ticket. Wow - what a shock.

Trump needed to be spanked more as a kid.

edutcher said...

No, the Bluebird of Happiness wants only to believe what she wants.

And that from a Lefty blog. Something from somebody who was actually there doesn't mean a thing to her because it tells the truth.

Reagan cheated on Wyman and Hollywood knew it and I wouldn't count on Reagan not sharing a little pussy humor when he was in the Army. After all, he made a couple of pictures with Errol Flynn.

As for "an inarticulate buffoon - a spoiled New York liberal playboy with no debate skills and zero discipline", that's not what we saw the last 2 debates. He did what he wanted to do and was master of the night. And he has "understood how to sell his beliefs because he embodies them. He, too, is all real." He's been a master marketer all his life. He's been disciplined enough to build a multi-billion dollar fortune in one of the toughest real estate venues in the world, and people who've worked with him and the ladies he's known have indeed found him "articulate, gracious, disciplined, artful, entertaining, charming, charismatic, and down to earth".

He has been praised by his competitors and employees for his honesty and integrity. Something the Mambo Kings have yet to accomplish. Trump is the outsider Reagan was, and I know because I followed the campaign and gladly voted for Reagan in '80. The Bluebird was in junior high trying to pass Home Ec.

Reagan was getting killed until the last couple of weeks, but our own little sellout wants so badly to believe the FUD she spreads, it's pathological.

PS Titus, you're on your own.

AprilApple said...

Behold: there is a reason we call you Baghdad ed. Delusion.

bagoh20 said...

"Pissy should have been beaten easily 4 years ago, by that yardstick."

First Black President running for his second term. Popular, articulate, handsome, healthy, and young. No deleted emails, No scandals exposed yet that weaken his base, In the middle of a weak but defendable recovery. Clinton has none of the advantages and a lot of negatives, and historically the incumbent party should lose this cycle.

This should be the easiest election for a Republican in my lifetime. Instead, it's the otherway around. Everybody that knows Trump has some kind of "dirt" on him that they can share. He has not lead a life protecting himself from being damaged like this. Stuff that only matters in politics.

bagoh20 said...

Most of us know we could never hold up to the scrutiny of running for President and escape our history of honesty and openness. Some of us should just laugh in the mirror if we ever think we could, but someone didn't.

edutcher said...

bag, there were so many indicators regarding the bad economy and the mood of the country, a great many people thought he would go down. And there were plenty of scandals - remember Fast & Furious?

and the science fiction that every black in the country got up off his ciouch and voted for him is just that.

If he weren't in such trouble, they wouldn't have needed all the vote fraud.

PS I'd watch that "we". nd and you is less than a wee.

Fact is, Trump has roused a nation by daring to move the Overton Window and he's done so with rhetoric that is genuine.

But what can we expect from someone who refers to a blog approved by Time (they wouldn't have an agenda, now would they?) to justify her nonsense?

bagoh20 said...

"bag, there were so many indicators regarding the bad economy and the mood of the country,"

That was wishful thinking on the right that I fell for too, but the fact was that although the recovery was weak, low information voters (most voters) knew it was better than it was when he took over - how could it be worse? They saw improvement from a recession he had nothing to do with, so they weren't gonna punish him and elect a rich guy who they assumed was the kind of guy who caused it. Perception is everything.

AprilApple said...

We already know this, it's baked in. The media treat R's and D's differently which is also why you must select the most qualified, articulate, and squeaky clean person possible. Plus a fighter. Someone who can rise above it like Reagan did. Of course the media are worse now. I get why some people like Trump - he was a different sort of fighter. Trump's swagger and bulldozer insults never appealed to me, but the base loved it and thought it would carry over to sway swing voters and independents. Trump's base support is all he's gonna get. It's not enough. I hope I'm wrong because Hillary is a nightmare that will never end.

Democrats are allowed to be crooked liars and creepy slimy crooks. no problem. The mob blushes.

bagoh20 said...

I think Trump can still pull this one out with a smart targeted performance in the next debate. He needs to hammer these revelations out of wikileaks, and remind us again how little she has done to solve problems and how many she has made worse. Her record is the most damning thing he can put out there, and his past mistakes are much less important to the main question voters are asking: "who will improve things?" For most people who think that through, Trump would be more likely the answer.

edutcher said...

I'm not talking about election night, I mean in the months leading up.

As I say, if he was that much a shoo-in, why all the vote fraud?

AprilApple said...

smart targeted performance

LOL! oh you were serious.

Methadras said...

Tra-lalala-olololololololo!!! This entire thing is a giant troll. From congress to the DOJ to the media to the WH. It's all a giant fuck you to the American public. Look at what they've done and their fuck you to everyone because of it. They do not care, they are untouchable. They squirm a little, but they know their target audiences well enough that this is a giant whatever. Told you.

bagoh20 said...

"As I say, if he was that much a shoo-in, why all the vote fraud?"

They just can't help it. It's what they do. I bet for many who do it, it's the only time they get off the couch all year.

bagoh20 said...

FBI, DOJ roiled by Comey, Lynch decision to let Clinton slide by on emails, says insider

Without all the distractions Trump produces this story alone would sink Hillary. It absolutely must be laid down hard and angry at the next debate. Imagine if it was Fiorino doing it straight and serious from a woman prosecuting Hillary in front of the whole nation. Then she does the dab at the end.

You go girl!

Rhythm and Balls said...

To the Clintons, it's all just about what they can get away with.

edutcher said...

bag, you're blowing smoke.

Those "distractions" are the standard Lefty smear campaign. Little Marco, the One True Ted, Jeb!, Rand.

We'd still be having these "distractions". I know that means nothing to a NeverTrumper, but facts are facts.