Tuesday, September 6, 2016

why does my wifi keep switching to Xfinity wifi?

My modem/router is right there. A few of the YouTube videos suggested here play poorly. At this late date, with this expensive equipment and costly service, why am I still having ridiculous delays with simple and short videos? There is no excuse. It's been decades! And now all this switching back and forth. What's going on?

I'll ask the internet and not bother with Comcast's answers.

[why wifi keep switching to xfinity?]

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I knew it. Bastards. I don't want to read all that. Actually, the xfinity hotspot is better than my own unit. Less delays on the videos and so forth. Theirs is more powerful than mine. Then this.

Whaaaaaaat? Am I reading this right? I'm actually not reading, but do I gather this right? xfinity is using MY unit for THEIR purposes. I live in an apartment. These people live on their phones. They're randomly switching to MY unit and draining its ability for MY videos. *Marvin the Martin voice* "Well then, that makes me very angry, very angry indeed."

Well then. We'll just disable that thing, won't we?

Either shut off mine and use yours, or shut off this switcheroo ability. Since yours in more powerful and reliable anyway. It won't matter to me one way or the other. And we'll put an end to this commie plot. I don't mind sharing. But I do mind being taken advantage of sneakily.

It's easy: http://www.adweek.com/agencyspy/firstbank-hails-millennials-the-sharing-of-pants/101996

Bite it, Xfinity.


Orrey G.Rantor said...

Yeah, Comcast did this awhile back to offer wifi services to their customers in more places, by using their branded modems/routers as wifi hotspots at customer's homes/businesses. You log into it via your comcast account info. I don't remember if comcast requires your main account info for it but it is a security risk if so. In theory there is enough bandwidth on the local neighborhood node that it won't interfere with your service but... if you're using their unit for your wifi, there is only so much bandwidth available.

There is at least one person in my neighborhood offering this with or without their knowledge. I should try it some time for laughs.

Anyway, if you are going to have your comcast internet for longer than a year, go buy your own cable modem and return theirs. They started charging $7/month to lease them here 3 years ago. A decent cable modem is $60-100. About the same for a router with wifi.

Leland said...

Agree with above comment and I purchased my own modem several years ago. It saved me money and bandwidth.