Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Warning: Don't ask 'How Was Burning Man?'


Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Substitute "Trump Rally" for "Burning Man" and that could be a few people I know from here. : )

Chip Ahoy said...

I loaned my Truck to Jiva to take to Burning Man. So at least my truck went once.

And Jiva said he drove in O gear and not D gear. I thought O was for overdrive, when you're sailing on the highway, the gear past D. I had been driving in D all along. Jiva said no, you're supposed to drive in O. And I'm all, "Whaaaaat? You don't know about cars, Jiva. At least I know that much." He insisted it is I who is mistaken. O is the way to go. So I asked my younger brother and he said, "Yup. You're supposed to drive it in O.


I hope to see Trump smash through the criminal enterprise with its iron grip on every American institution in existence the way we saw him smash through establishment GOP. What a thrill that will be. What righteous justice will prevail then. And when you think through, it does take an outrageous personality to pull off such an audacious feat. The unworthy powers that be, so confident in their over control can stand being shocked and taken down a few pegs. They deserve to feel long lasting resentment. I love seeing entitled people denied. It's a beautiful thing to behold. A commenter here mentioned the movie about Dangerfield on the golf course. Like that except 100X better. Hillary and all her wealthy friends milked like cows, all denied and left miserable. What a glorious day that will be.

Lord, please hear my prayer. Work your wonders for us to behold. Please.

It felt great tonight getting out shopping again. What a simple pleasure that seems like a task. I encountered a whole bunch of nice people. Talkative people eager to engage.

I went back for milk. Milkity milk milk. I love it more than I should.

Oh! I gained 4 lbs. \o/

I'm now 138.

They had only one carton of my new favorite type, so I bought 5 half gallons of similar types. I mentioned this to a man who strode up next to me. I mentioned my discovery of the vast difference and how that discovery came about by the delivery substituting. He was buying soy milk. And he's excited about his own recent changes. Elimination of all animal products, fresh vegetable and fruit and grains. He told me how that's making him feel great.

Chip Ahoy said...

What do you mean it's over 4,096 characters? And what's so special about 4,096 anyway?

Now, by physical description he is about 4 inches shorter than I. Younger by decades. If you are female you would describe him as swarthy dreamboat. With large dark penetrating eyes. He stepped up very close. Uncomfortably close. Unusually interested in talking to me. Violating my personal space. And he would not stop talking about his new diet. And about him now working out and starting to feel more healthy. Cleaning out his system.

I broke eye contact and he broke off conversation having finished the details of his new vegan diet.

On the opposite side at vegetables I ended up in propinquity to a very beautiful woman. She was going through apples one-by-one. I wanted pecans right at her knees. Now, this is a bit awkward and has the appearance of me stalking her. I told her I bought one of the bags with smallish apples. They're all rather unattractive. I expected to toss them all out but they turned out to be the most delicious apples I've tasted in decades. She said sweetly, "And that''s all that counts, isn't it?"

"Well, that and not having worms."

The lines are closed except for one. The rest is all self-check out. I'm waiting, I'm waiting, I'm waiting, but not becoming impatient. I'm liking being outside amongst people. An elderly woman with lines all over her face and carrying a deplorable handbag came up silently behind me. She had only a hand basket. "Would you like to go in front of me?" She became embarrassed and did not know how to act. I read her mind. She was thinking, "This, from a white guy!" It had her totally confused. She accepted, rang things up quickly, turned back to me and beamed a silent gracious thank you and went on her way.

Other small episodes too. All that in a rather fast dash through the place. The people at large appear impervious to politics. I tend to forget that is how the world really is at its heart. It's only we (and all of my acquaintances, actually) who entertain this obsession.

It was fun.

Amartel said...

Even in a very temporary community that is explicitly about "love" and "tolerance" this happens. Someone has to define the terms to fit their meaning and exclude/punish those who don't measure up. Intolerant and not loving but done for "the right reasons" so it's accepted and excused, and will later become law.