Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Red Storm Rising.....why does Hillary and the Mainstream Media want a war with Russia?

I was recently reading an interesting blog by an interesting guy named Fred Reed and he had this to say about Hillary wanting to start a war with Russia:

Hillary, Trump, and War with Russia: The Goddamdest Stupid Idea I Have Ever Heard, and I Have Lived in Washington


edutcher said...

The only reason she says it is to make people think she's another Maggie Thatcher.

I knew Maggie Thatcher, I worked with Maggie Thatcher, Maggie Thatcher was a friend of mine, she's no Maggie Thatcher.

The only way you could possibly win against Russia is nuke Moscow on Day 1 and raise all the old Republics and ethnic minorities against them. You'd also better be prepared for lots of snow.

You have about 4 months to get to Moscow before things get slick - people talk about cold Russian vinter, but nobody mentions soggy Russian Spring and Fall when it rains like monsoon and country becomes swamp for couple of months.

Methadras said...

It's all about the optics to make The bitter cackling harpy look tough to disparage her current image of looking like an enfeebled diseased crone that's in an old lady suit.

edutcher said...

Well, they've got their work cut out.

The motorcade now includes an EMT wagon

ricpic said...

I've been retreating from Moscow my whole life!

Well no, actually I haven't, but it sounded so great when that sentence popped into my head that I decided to share. :^/

Why is Putin the enemy du jour? Maybe because he's the only world leader who ISN'T part of the NWO cabal.

ricpic said...

I hope Hillary has learned from Hitler's mistake and will not hold off the invasion until late June but start in mid-May, which should give her brave UN troops plenty of time to reach Moscow before winter sets in. Of course if she starts from the Polish border she won't need all that time. But will those pesky Poles agree to let her mass her brave UN troops on Poland's eastern border? This Commander In Chief stuff is hard!

edutcher said...

Um, it doesn't work that way.

You go when the ground firms up. Operation Blue, the offensive that aimed to take the Caucasus, started the same date as Barbarossa, June 22. Citadel, the Kursk operation started July 1.

In early October '41, the rains started and turned the ground to 2 feet deep mud until the freeze came in December. Same thing happens in April - with the thaw comes the rains. Hitler's generals were right - you have about 4 months to get to Moscow (in them thar days, almost all the roads in W=European Russia went through Moscow) and you haven't got time for detours.

rcocean said...

Yeah, there seem to be two rules in warfare:

1) Don't invade Russia - unless you're a Mongol Horde.

2) Don't start a land war in Asia - unless you live there.

rcocean said...

Actually, Hitler might have won against Stalin if:

1) He'd made peace with UK before he invaded -or
2) Had been able to launch Barbarossa in July 1940 - or
3) Known he has a war winning weapon in Nerve Gas & used it in 1942 -or
4) Convinced Turkey to attack Baku in Summer 1941.

edutcher said...

All he had to do was maintain the fantasy he was liberating all the oppressed minorities until he'd actually won. That would have kept a lot of people on his side.

The other things were no side trips to Minsk or Kiev. Go straight for Moscow and don't stop to smell the roses*, and get the Nips to attack Siberia - even if he had to engineer a coup that overthrew Tojo and installed Yamashita (head of the Army Air Corps at the time).

* Another point is that he probably couldn't take the whole of European Russia in one summer. Take Moscow one year and finish off the Caucasus the next.

Chip Ahoy said...

I liked all the authors epithets, wildly creative, unfortunately marred by by neo-con. I suppose we're supposed to know what the author intends while it remains hopelessly fungible and meant to ring some unspecified tone some sour sounding sounding bell, anything negative will do. All definitions are negative ranging from

* former liberal espousing conservative principles.
* conservative who advocates promulgation of democratic ideals forcefully
* American who gauge greatness by power.
* Militarists who propound unlimited global involvement
* Politicians who go looking for fights
* Jews
* Global policemen
* the first variant of American conservatism of the last century
* Admirers of TR, FDR and Reagan (Jesus Christ!)
* Holders of George Orwell as idol
* moderate political conservatism espoused by former liberals
* Onetime Democrats converted to Republicans over foreign policy
* Nice people who became unreasonably hawkish
* Spreaders of Democracy by force when necessary or not.
* Jewish hawks who switched to Republicans

Shall I stop now? Why? There's quite a lot more.

* someone who became conservative as reaction to social freedom of 60's and 70's
* Old fashioned people who do not like change
* People who are not ashamed to project unrivaled US power
* People who believe the US dangers to grow due to reluctance to interfere
* People who support Israel unwaveringly
* Mostly a group of Jewish intellectuals
* A term for Republicans contrived by Democrats

It just keeps going and going.

* A term developed in 70's and 80's for advocates of use of government power to advance conservative policies domestically and in foreign affairs.
* A person reluctant to accept changes and new ideas.
* Straussian-influenced march towards disastrous wars
* People who present themselves as conservative while favoring big government
* RINO backers
* People who supported Iraq invasion
* People who reaction to liberal and leftist thought, advocating individualism, traditional moral standards, anti-Communist foreign policy, etc.
* A blend of liberal democracy and hawkish foreign policy.
* Idealistic hawkishness.
* Unblinking realism in military matters and his skepticism toward democracy
* Admirers of Alexis de Tocqueville
* Conservatives more attentive to cultural matters

We see overlap and contradictions all over the place.

There's more.


But there's a lot more. I'm only just started. Don't you find this interesting?


*winces, slinks off, looks back, winces again, shuts up*

(It means whatever you want it to mean)


Chip Ahoy said...

Let's talk about something happy instead.

I mentioned this fellow before. He's difficult of understanding. He nurses a few serious character flaws. He is wealthy. And smart. Affable when in public. Sour all other times. Lonely. Self-isolated. People use him. He feels it.

He is impossible to buy a gift for. He already has everything that he likes. He distrusts gifts and feels they must be at least reciprocated precisely.

That is the pattern.

I said this is happy, didn't I?

I thought about this for at least two years. Possibly three. A very long time. The gift has all the potential to be disastrous. Binge drinking is one of the problems faced.

[This item is relevant. At a party of some 10 people who I mostly do not know I asked over dinner how those floating tube instruments can gauge the level of beer fermentation. There is nothing that senses the beer. It just floats like a floating thermometer. And the level it floats measures fermentation. I cannot see how that works. A younger man there pipped up and answered. He described how it measures the weight of the water. When more CO2 is produced then the instrument sinks (I think), it changes due to the water having more air. It measures the presumed effect of fermentation, not the actual fermentation. Apparently there can be only one cause for the change]

So, this friend of a friend has an interest in making beer.

The gift of beer making class where you end up with 4 cases of ale that you make. Using their equipment and materials, no muss, no fuss for you. Just learn and take home your own crafted ale. From pure ingredients, no extracts, the real deal.

(I would copy Newcastle, the only ale that I ever liked)

The classes can be shared with friends. I visualized the guy doing this himself, he's a secretive sort, or sharing it with one of those people already interested. They could have a good time.

But instead, right off, he automatically decided to share it with me. And I had no interest at all. I don't drink beer. I have a 6-pack in the refrigerator to have on hand for other people and that's been handy several times already. But I cannot drink it.

You see, I know my limit quite well indeed, but I keep getting drunk before I reach it.

So, no beer for me. Gives me a headache. other complaints, I won't go on.

But then once he offered I became intensely interested just to see how this is pulled off. I'm really tickled to participate now. My heart is filled with glee. Just to see how this happens. Just to see what he comes up with, in beer, the label, the name, the tops, all that. It just sounds like great fun.

And he's said repeatedly, "This really IS the perfect gift."

How's that for you, eh? *examines nails, turns hand backwards, examines the same nails* Huh? How about that? I thought of the perfect thing. I made a crank happy.

And it's rather expensive besides. It could have been a colossal mistake. Quite a gamble.

And this happens tomorrow. I'll try to take photos. I don't know how this goes. Maybe we have lunch right there. I don't know anything. I've been waiting for this since mid July and tomorrow is the day.

I'm going to beer school!

edutcher said...

Another point to keep in mind is, as the Beast has happily gone along with Pissy's decimation of the Armed Forces, what does she intend to use for an army?

I know you get more bang for the buck these days (assuming you have the spare parts, etc.), but you'd need at least 100 divisions and, if you wanted to be sure, more like Al Wedemeyer's 215, if you wanted to win.

Trooper York said...

The logistics of a war just don't work.

It is madness. Bill Kristol/Jonah Goldberg/Gerorge Will madness.