Thursday, September 8, 2016

Politico: Cruz slams Obama for 'internet giveaway'

"Today our country faces a threat to the internet as we know it. In 22 short days, if Congress fails to act, the Obama administration intends to give away the internet to an international body akin to the United Nations," Cruz said in a speech on the Senate floor Thursday. "I rise today to discuss the significant, irreparable damage this proposed internet giveaway could wreak not only on our nation but on free speech across the world."
Cruz is pledging to make the issue his primary focus this month. He's already launched a website warning about the dangers of the administration's strategy, complete with a countdown clock against a black background. And he's scheduled a hearing of the Senate Judiciary oversight subcommittee he chairs next week to “investigate the possible dangers” of the plan.

Meanwhile, Senate Commerce Committee Chairman John Thune (R-S.D.) said Wednesday that language to delay the transition could be included in the continuing resolution to fund the government past this month. And House Republicans are considering their options in the coming appropriations bill, a GOP aide confirmed this week.


edutcher said...

The One True Ted is looking a little shaky in TX these days, so he needs a high-profile issue like this to get him some good face time.

PS Somebody please make this Surber piece its own post.

Adamsunderground said...

All that's needed is a "We came; we saw; he died--[cackle]".

Chip Ahoy said...


What? It always worked before. Why so tardy with the dick slapping contest? Republicans have been worthless so far. All conservative voters have to show for their efforts and concerns is the satisfaction of, "Nothing ever gets done" and nothing close to their will being done on Earth as it is in their minds.

But I'm thinking about something else right now. Something closer to home.

A large part of the attraction of the beer school was having the guy make their own labels. I interrogated this several ways to make sure, then again when the idea struck to engage it, then again when signing on. That's a lot of label discussion to walk away with a misunderstanding. The bottle thing changed too. First only large bottles were offered. I preferred normal size bottles. That way there'd be 48 bottles total, real cases, but they offered only larger bottles and I accepted the terms anyway. Come to find out the regular size bottles ARE offered, so I added that to the deal afterwards when the guest inquired. I did not want the guest paying anything. I wanted everything covered. You can see this. So I barged in like the guy fighting over the dinner check, no, no, no, I got this. I got this. And I'm dealing with a controlling type.

Usually I go, fine then rich person, pay it. But not this time.

And now the label thing is referred to an online supplier. I don't know which business card the guest was handed. I don't know which online company is referred. But the ones that I looked at are unacceptably high. And this label design thing really is right up my alley.

My bailiwick.

My wheelhouse.

My cup of tea.

As it were. And don't like the idea of him paying anything. But I was really interested in seeing what he comes up with. So, conflict of interests right there. And a bad one too. It's distressing.

So I designed a Coors-like Colorado-centric label with his name and a trite -descriptor as they do and offered my suggestion of allowing me to buy regular labels and print them all right here.

What a bummer. I really wanted to avoid intruding because it would still be fun seeing what he does.

Wow. I thought the sunset tonight would be nothing to write about since there isn't a cloud in the sky, but the colors and gradation from deep blue to otherworldly deep dark peach is simply mesmerizing.

Going, going, going, going, gone.

Political pissing contests have nothing on this nightly cosmic display, I must say. And the stars come out right behind it. Either that or a satellite. Bravo, Nature. Bravo. I must stand up and cheer. I'm stunned again speechless.


pffft. you don't have to yell.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

The government and especially the Democrats do not want the internet to be as it is now. They have no control over what we can say and what we can hear.

Their little fascist hearts would dearly love to censor, censor and delete (literally) the people who are talking about things that they do not want us to know. Hillary's health. The corruption in the government. Collusion between the Justice Dept, the FBI, the White House to cover up and exonerate the crimes of not just the Clintons but all other depts of government.

They do NOT want us to be able to freely communicate with each other. They DO wish to make it a crime, as it is in other countries, to be sarcastic (Korea) or to offend others with our terrible awful micro not to mention macro aggression.

These are probably the last days of freedom of speech. Enjoy it while we can you fucking peons. (I can say this rudeness now, but soon will have to watch it....Big Brother will be watching us all and I don't want to go to jail)

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Saving Harambe