Friday, September 9, 2016

Artificial Intelligence judged too artificial

"The first international beauty contest judged by “machines” was supposed to use objective factors such as facial symmetry and wrinkles to identify the most attractive contestants. After Beauty.AI launched this year, roughly 6,000 people from more than 100 countries submitted photos in the hopes that artificial intelligence, supported by complex algorithms, would determine that their faces most closely resembled “human beauty”."
But when the results came in, the creators were dismayed to see that there was a glaring factor linking the winners: the robots did not like people with dark skin.

Out of 44 winners, nearly all were white, a handful were Asian, and only one had dark skin. That’s despite the fact that, although the majority of contestants were white, many people of color submitted photos, including large groups from India and Africa.

The ensuing controversy has sparked renewed debates about the ways in which algorithms can perpetuate biases, yielding unintended and often offensive results.


Trooper York said...

So now we have to program affirmative action into our machines?

We have to program the refrigerator to reject mayonnaise unless we also have eggplant in the crisper.

This world is sick and getting sicker.

ricpic said...

I thought techies were all down for diversity and multi-culti? I guess liver lips and kinky hair are too much to overcome when programming for beauty appreciation.

Screw it, who cares.

Sixty Grit said...

My refrigerator is white.

Methadras said...

Robots hate darkies too. Shocker.

ampersand said...

Better a machine than a panel of SJWs. Look what they picked for Miss Missouri. Either they picked her because she is an out lesbian or Missouri has the ugliest women on the planet.

Methadras said...

If she's the prettiest that Misery can produce, then it's a good thing I'll never have to go there again.