Friday, August 19, 2016

Watch out for that's a killer.

Elliot Carlin: I think I'm overcoming my agoraphobia. 
Dr. Robert 'Bob' Hartley: I didn't even know you had a fear of open places. 
Elliot Carlin: Open places? 
Dr. Robert 'Bob' Hartley: Agoraphobia is a fear of open places. 
Elliot Carlin: I thought it was a fear of agricultural products. 
Dr. Robert 'Bob' Hartley: Sorry. 
Elliot Carlin: Well, anyway, wheat doesn't scare me anymore. I'm still a little skittish around barley. 
Dr. Robert 'Bob' Hartley: Yeah, barley's murder compared to wheat. 


edutcher said...

Jack Riley, if you saw TV in the late 60s, you saw him.

ricpic said...

I've never even seen barley up close and personal.