Thursday, August 18, 2016


Here's the thing that kills me. I'm no kind of meteorologist or whatever, and I've never had much interest in weather. At all. A schoolmate's dad was on t.v. explaining weather and even he was uninteresting. And growing up inside a few military airbases, and weather being crucial to training, covered in CAP, I never much cared. I always preferred weather to be a surprise. Stupid, I know, but I didn't much care for technical things.

They just rattle off a bunch of numbers.

But this weather here just blows my mind. And I mean it. Because it ia so clearly observed. The picture is actually framed. All there is to think about is the show right there before you. I'm mesmerized, and it's not just me, others have sat out there too, how you can see the localized rain. Like in a western movie. I haven't seen it anywhere else. Or noticed. Within the frame the rain races around like a lunatic. Like someone up there with a gigantic watering can and we are its garden. And they're very careless about randomly emptying their sprinkling pail on us. The rest of the sky cannot do that, only one area is heavy enough to drop some of its water and the area flings around like a dripping mop. I'm fascinated by the moving localized rain in the narrow blue strip under the clouds. And it's barely raining. People stuck in the rain are not suffering.  I still have to go out there and water the plants.

Honestly, sometimes it's better than television or movies, or videos.

It's very short. I heard thunder and tried to get lightning. I think for that there needs to be a lot of positive and negative and this looks more homogenous, so no lightning.

We photographer types learn to live with disappointment.

Speaking of technical: [Look down there, now that there are so many, I'm getting the hang of this labels thing, or tags or whatever. When I type wea...t...h...e...r, then the thing makes suggestions as I type. There are so many now I can pick one best fits, or close, and that stops the spread of wildfire labels.]

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edutcher said...

There are storms and then there are storms.

To see a really intense one is always exhilarating.