Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Donald's got a new game

Back there in the past Trump did have a new game in 1989. I did not know about this.

I'm spending a lot of time at YouTube by way of escape. Nevertheless quite a lot of political material is suggested for viewing. One such is "the real Donald Trump," a collection of clips from nearly thirty years ago where Trump is recorded on various shows, familiar to viewers in their younger forms, expressing a disinterest in politics while holding open the possibility of running for president, however remote, because even then he was already sickened by seeing the economic prospects of the U.S. diminish to the advantage of other nations due to American policies. This video is slathered with annotations, turned off to make the thing watchable, thirty minutes long, just one and a half minute in the younger version of Trump is interviewing with Matt Lauer, I think, when the success of his board game is mentioned in passing.


Did he just now say board game? A distant and faded and unimportant and long dismissed memory is jostled. A board game is vaguely recalled. It must be something like Monopoly, I'm imagining.

You can buy one! If you are into that sort of thing. Presently there are about 75 search results on eBay, two different versions, or at least two different covers, along with a game called Republocrats, another called Waffling Willy, and another called The Apprentice, and yet another called Stratego, finally a card set called Hwatu, or Go Stop, or Gostop or Hwatoo Godori, ranging in price from $11.00 to $250.00.

The picture on the other Trump game version looks like this.

The video features Phil Hartman in various guises. Comments on YouTube are worthless restatements of preexisting prejudices to both "the Real Trump" video and to this board game commercial and that's all we'll be having for the next three months. Apparently everyone is expert on Trump, no new information can possibly inform them, while supposing their ossified solid views can well inform everyone else.


edutcher said...

I remember that.

Board games are still around, but they seem to be more for hardcore gamers.

As for Trump expertise. What I know of the man is what I've learned more this year than all the time he was a power on the Jersey Shore. Never went to the casinos and now that they've faded, probably never will.

bagoh20 said...

" no new information can possibly inform them,"

It's not the info, it's what you do with it. Being informed that a trap lies ahead is not gonna save the guy who insists on walking into it anyway. It's pretty much what caused the great recession, and most other disasters. Stubborn faith against all facts. People on all sides of all issues seem infected with the malady these days. Position first, then line up the facts to fit all the way to mess with the inevitable blaming of someone else for not following you, as if having more company would make it better.