Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Bogus SJW concerns about bullshit tweets are being used to try to get Blake Shelton off "The Voice."

Blake’s racist tweets force ‘The Voice’ to do damage control

 New York Post Page Six
NBC’s “The Voice” is straining over a scandal involving Blake Shelton’s alleged racist, homophobic and just-plain-creepy tweets.
After social-media mavens managed to dig up the offending messages — which were posted between 2010 and 2011, before Shelton became a household name — we’re told that publicists for the NBC talent show called at least one major media outlet and threatened to cut off access to the show’s stars, and tapings, if it continued to cover the kerfuffle.

Sure enough, while links to stories about the fan backlash and his family’s reaction can still be found on a certain entertainment news site, by Tuesday they led to blank pages.
The Twitter uproar began Saturday when Shelton’s tweets — which went under the radar when they were posted, since Shelton had yet to join hit “The Voice” and was still a niche, country musician — were re-posted online.
In the cache of messages were offensive remarks including, “wish the [bleep]head in the next room would either shut up or learn some English so I would at least know what he’s planning to bomb,” and, “standing in line at a coffee shop in LA talking with the man in front of me. He orders a skinny caramel latte. I couldn’t tell he was gay!!!”
In another, Shelton said he was “flying home to sleep with two young blonde and black haired bitches,” and bizarrely, when referring to then-16-year-old actress Dakota Fanning, he wrote “Soo . . . I just figured out a great excuse for my sick fantasy about Dakota Fanning. I thought she was Amanda Seyfried.”
Said a Page Six source, “His people think this will blow over, but as the scandal unfolded reps for ‘The Voice’ called at least one site and asked them not to run [coverage] in exchange for continued access to the show,” which might include perks like interview opportunities with stars Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine, as well as tickets to tapings.
Reps for “The Voice” didn’t get back to us, and a rep for Shelton declined to comment. New York Post Page Six

(This is the political correctness machine that is Hollywood. This is the type of thing tbat the networks kowtow to while skells like Kayne spew the worst kind of anti white diatribes every freakin day. Personally I don't care about "The Voice" but I think it is instructive to see how it works these days. I guess Blake Shelton makes enough money for them that they are not going to Paula Dean him for these innocuous comments. What a load of crap.)


Leland said...

Related, I heard about the outrage of Ellen D posting a tweet with her riding Usain Bolt "like a mule". I saw the pic, and I would say; there was a time I would see the humor. I certainly didn't see anything warranting outrage, or even inner rage. It was just a visualization of a thought that simply did nothing to nobody. If anything, I might have thought Ellen had decided to swing back to being a heterosexual.

Alas, Ellen has made bank giving the SJW's a voice. So I have no problem with the backlash. Perhaps if it happened enough; these people would quit telling the rest of us that the SJW's deserve to be heard and their ideas acted upon. They deserve no more attention than anyone else, and their ideas are simply wack. Indeed, if there was a fascist movement in the form of Nazism; look no further than your nearest SJW, whose methods are similar to those Goebbels used to legitimize the assault on Poland. That's the only reason to come to Ellen's, or even Blake's, defense. The more the SJW's get there way with this level of rage; the more dangerous they truly become.

Trooper York said...

Here's the thing. The SJW's want to control speech. Every time. They will gin up the outrage. So when the Megyn Kelly's and the Joe Scarbouroughs and the Mika Fuckfaces get hysterical every time Trump says something you have to laugh. To the SJW's and the Media everything is racist. So nothing is racist. Now they are turning on their own. Ellen is finding out what happens when you get on the wrong side of the racial grievance machine.

Pass the popcorn please.

Amartel said...

I don't know who this is but his comments are pretty generic for these times we live in, especially for the entertainment industry and especially for entertainment industry social media. Someone should "inspect" the "social media mavens"* past histories. I bet they reek of designer imposter perfume and vicious cruelty.

*Maven: "A person who knows a lot about a particular subject." I suggest more accurate alternative descriptions would be "scold," "fascist," "word police," "assive [sic] aggressive noncontributing waste of skin."

Trooper York said...

Maven is Yiddish Slang for a know it all. That is what they are implying.

Blake Shelton plays the Country Bumpkin White Guy on the Voice. To represent Middle America and White People. The television audience skews to Country Music Fans. White. Rural. Older. That is why he is on the show and why they are not throwing him under the bus. Yet.

ricpic said...

Waiter, can I have a truffle on my kerfuffle?

Methadras said...

The left proves constantly that they are the enemy of free thought and free speech. Any speech they cannot control, they want to shut down. Anything they do not agree with, they want to manipulate. These people cannot be trusted, they cannot be reasoned with.

I'm here in the queens own country and free speech here is pretty alive and well believe it or not. The shit I've heard? lulz.

EMD said...

"Two blonde-haired and one blacked haired bitches."

Did Blake Shelton own any dogs at this time?