Sunday, July 17, 2016

Surprising New Evidence Shows Bias in Police Use of Force but Not in Shootings

NYT:  A new study confirms that black men and women are treated differently in the hands of law enforcement. They are more likely to be touched, handcuffed, pushed to the ground or pepper-sprayed by a police officer, even after accounting for how, where and when they encounter the police.

But when it comes to the most lethal form of force — police shootings — the study finds no racial bias.

“It is the most surprising result of my career,” said Roland G. Fryer Jr., the author of the study and a professor of economics at Harvard. The study examined more than 1,000 shootings in 10 major police departments, in Texas, Florida and California.

The result contradicts the image of police shootings that many Americans hold after the killings (some captured on video) of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo.; Tamir Rice in Cleveland; Walter Scott in South Carolina; Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, La.; and Philando Castile in Minnesota. (read more)


edutcher said...

Diversity Hire of the US hardest hit.

bagoh20 said...

Impressive that he accepted and reported the data and the conclusions it led to. It should not be impressive or surprising that a researcher would live by the data, but today the default in science and journalism is bias. Good for him for resting his and doing things right. He'll probably lose some friends over it.

Methadras said...

I think he's committed career suicide, but a real scientist pursues the truth consequences be damned. The left will shriek and they will claim confirmation bias in that blacks are basically profiled during stops and during force engagements. What I didn't see is that blacks resist arrest a lot, they run, they fight back, which leads to escalation, which leads to this conclusion I believe, but I didn't see it at all anywhere or I didn't look hard enough.