Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Gilbert Gottfried, autism

Autism is a cause near to Gilbert Gottfried's heart. I don't know the whole story behind that. It might be so simple as his parrot role helping a boy. And his involvement might be more longstanding than that. I've seen this act before, Owen Suskind whispers into Gottfried's ear what he wants Gottfried to say but loud enough for Gottfried's microphone to pick up so everyone hears. The act as an act is not impressive. The thing is, Owen was lost. Completely. Owen was so turned inward his only access was by Disney. Originally the act was presented as "man overcomes stuttering though Aladdin parrot character" voiced by Gottfried. When I watched this video I went, "eh."

This video goes further in showing why the stage act is special. On Twitter I read some women say this made them cry. With Jon Stewart at the beginning hosting the show my impulse was okay fine then well just FORGET IT and flounce right along but resisted that impulse and went skip, Jonskip, Jonskip, Jonskip, no Jon, watch all the way through to near the end where it goes Jonoff.

My Jon dodge reactions are gamer sharp.

But you might not have that neurosis. When you know the whole story, how as a boy grown to a man Owen still cannot look anyone in the eyes and converse then this act can be seen as a feat.


ndspinelli said...

One Gilbert Gottfried post was more than ample.

ricpic said...

Gilbert Gottfried is the ultimate you either love him or you hate him guy.

He was in his element as a regular guest on the Howard Stern Show back in the 90's and IMO his schtick worked well in that milieu. Yes, milieu. Eat it you "I don't go to art museums they're for sissies" chiclets.

ndspinelli said...

I like the word, "milieu." I took French in high school and college. I don't like the French but have no problems w/ their language.