Sunday, July 17, 2016

Citizens Untied

The real reason behind the Left's undoing Citizens United

I read the link yesterday and then I saw that April linked it at TOP.  I never made the connection between Citizen's United and Rodham. Now I understand why she has prioritized undoing that SCOTUS decision.


ndspinelli said...
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AprilApple said...

I lifted the link off of Insty.

Read the whole thing. Of course CNN spins the big lie for her.

AprilApple said...

with the corrupt Clintons, it's lie all the way down. Lies used to cover other lies about the even bigger lie.

Citizens United is not about corporations and money - It's about Free Speech and the revenge leftists feel they are entitled to if you dare speak out against them.

Lem said...

This is really scary because the stage politically is set to accomplish this... when you look at all the "safe space" and political correctness in the schools... it wont take much for people to get on board banning speech right now.

Complicating matters, Citizens United goes over the head of the average low information voter, who, for the most part couldn't tell you, much less defend anything on the constitution.

This freak election is that important. Did I mention Scalia is dead?

Lem said...

BTW, that is not to say Trump wouldn't love to ban speech critical of him... The big difference (it's huge) being that Trump wouldn't get away with it, while Hillary would.

If you want to know what would Hillary get way with, just look back at the nearly eight years of Obama and what he has gotten away with.

I believe is possible she would even be more aggressive.

Amartel said...

Yeah it was all about suppressing free speech about the Red Queen all along. How dare the pawns talk back!!

Chip Ahoy said...

I believe that all citizens should be released from bondage and that's why I support

edutcher said...

Constitutional amendments are hard to get through.

She'd have to make sure Anthony Kennedy wants to expand his legacy.

Term limits for Congress and the Federal bench.

chickelit said...

I believe that all citizens should be released from bondage and that's why I support

You're teasing me, Chip. The title was deliberate.