Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Denver, April 20, 2016

The door is open and that is allowing the sounds of two airplanes and a helicopter circling overhead. You can tell by the sounds the two airplanes are different and not serious airplanes. They sound like lawnmowers. The helicopter is not military, it does not slap your eardrums, does not sound like an attack as it chops through the sky. This is a serious day, because of those planes, but not so serious as the Democratic convention was, that was non stop air traffic directly overhead. Attention is focused on Civic Park nearby. The day is cloudy and mild. Let's look.

Can you imagine the frustration of flying while pulling a sign? Like riding a bicycle while pulling a wagon full of cement bags. For advertisement. You need to smoke a few bowls just to have the patience for it and that breaks the rules of flying. It takes a special type of pilot. The type more interested in making a little money than they are in going places fast. 

I took a few shots of people but they're all ordinary. Nothing at all interesting, just regular people. No pirates, non ninjas, no hippies, no bikers, no hipsters, no fashionistas, no militants, no protestors, no costumes, no loud music, no gunshots. No riots, no gang fights, no bloodshed. No bruising. No alcohol nor any pot that I notice. It is an uninteresting gathering save for it not being illegal. It is a celebration for something that shouldn't even need be celebrated like a celebration for the right to eat bologna sandwiches and the right to drink Pepsi cola, the right to breath and the right to poo. 

Here are a few leaving.

Just regular blokes. 


Methadras said...

Thanks that fly in the air? SORCERY!!!

ndspinelli said...

There is a lot of military aircraft along the San Diego coast. Today, a Navy helicopter flew incredibly low over Mission Beach. You could see the face of a soldier. He was waving from the side door. Kinda creepy.

Methadras said...

Spinelli, I didn't know you were in SD. Let's grab a beer and talk shit about Troop. or something.