Tuesday, June 24, 2014

WND: 'Two years of Lerner’s communications disappeared just 10 days (or fewer) after Congress had made its first inquiry into the IRS targeting...'

WND: IRS chief scorched as 'liar'


Unknown said...

Nobody believes their lies. The MSM won't touch the story because they would look like idiots attempting to cover. So - they stay away.

good apparatchiks.

Unknown said...

No corruption. No no.
Happy coincidences.

Shouting Thomas said...

A brazen gambit by the Obama admin and the IRS.

Something very basic in the tradition of U.S. government is being broken.

Unknown said...

The petty bureaucrat is no match for Trey Gowdy.

If Trey were a democrat and that lying weasel were an R - this would be all over the news.

Calypso Facto said...

Don't fret for this poor (I mean rich), abused (I mean abusing), bureaucrat (I mean Party operative), because Rep. Ron Kind (D-WI) is here to apologize to him and denounce those mean Republicans and their "witch hunt".

Lem said...

The Veterans Administration people in trouble today, with two sets of books must be kicking themselves looking at this, wondering, why did we keep the evidence?

Lem said...

Melt Hard Drive R Us...

A growth industry... depending on the definition of 'industry'.

Shouting Thomas said...

Oh, it's all still there.

The best they can do is to scatter it.

Everything must still exist on the recipient end.

Where is the loyal, patriotic Democrat who is so outraged by this treasonous usurpation of power that he is moved to do his duty and inform?

edutcher said...

I agree with Shout.

It's there and the fact they did what they did can still get them jail time.

Obstruction of justice, perjury, and all.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

I went to WalMart, yesterday, and there was this display table, first thing you see when you go in the main entrance.

It was piled high with loaves of Italian-style bread as big around as a football, not quite twice as long.

One dollar a loaf, and I'm not making this up.

Absolutely amazing.

Who knows? Maybe today, sometime during my travels, I'll see a poster on a telephone pole telling me that the circus is in town.

Unknown said...

Nothing is going to happen as long as Holder fronts the DOJ.
X media cover + criminal activity = the new norm.

Lem said...

Where is the loyal, patriotic Democrat who is so outraged by this treasonous usurpation of power that he is moved to do his duty and inform?

I believe, I'm not sure if its true or not... it's the narrative I've read, that things started to fall apart when Howard Baker asked the famous question... what did the president know and when did he know it?

Somebody has to come forward, and nobody will come forward unless there is enough wind pushing him/her.

Shouting Thomas said...

The IRS is the enforcement wing of Obamacare, correct?

Mark Steyn was apparently correct in saying:

Government health care changes the relationship between the citizen and the state, and, in fact, I think it's an assault on citizenship.

Lem said...

The level of frustration on the part of those congressmen, questioning the IRS commissioner, coupled with the apparent arrogant obliviousness of the commissioner, has to translate beyond those of us paying attention, to the people who do not, the low information voter.

What went on last night at that hearing is something even the low information voter can get their pretty little head around.

Even I could understand it ;-)

Lem said...

btw I was hesitant to use a derogatory? like low information voter... but now I see it has it's own Wikipedia page.

Icepick said...

The critical lesson from the Watergate Scandal (tm) was this: Burn the tapes!

A lesson well learned by this Chicago President.

Aridog said...

Now that we've been treated to the audacious assertion that a hard drive failure caused only selected folders to be lost...e.g., I suspect HDD sector failures and find the idea that it selected just the outgoing emails from Mz Lerner to other agency people. I fully expect that sooner than later we will be advised, oh yay, whoopee, some of Lerners emails to outside agencies have been recovered...Ta Da!! Of course they will all be innocuous and mostly irrelevant....and still a very incomplete record. See! Lerner did not do bad things! Really! Believe us! You must!

That said, if any emails were not wiped out by this HDD failure, then there is a forensic report somewhere detailing what was recovered and what could not be...that is de rigueur procedure.

As I've said previously, though I was but a lowly GS graded "executive" in DoD, nowhere near as influential as senior SES Mz Lerner, I backed up every email I ever wrote or received from 1995 forward...and I still have them to this day. Reason...records of any transactional nature are permanent records under the federal system .... and more importantly, a contemporaneous record I might need in my own defense push come to shove.

Turns out the latter was true and necessary to relive a fiduciary claim by US Bank that was caused solely by improper procedures (illegal) by the financial offices I dealt with....who asserted records never existed...bingo!... I proved that not only did they exist, but they were duly "Obligated" and had to be "erased" by others, not me. DoD paid US Bank.

Thinking back on that matter, it does seem a similar issue on a much smaller scale. Point being: government dudes do this crap all the time and only lose if called on it with proof of their malfeasance.

ndspinelli said...

This Trey Congressman is the one Boehner picked to lead the Benghazi investigation. He comported himself pretty well last night. I flipped between the hearing and the Brewer game. What is fortuitous is someone got to Trey and told him to do something w/ his fucking hair. He had a James Trafficante look previously.

Koskinen is a hardcore Dem operative, just like Lerner. He has contributed over 100k to politicians going back to the 80's. ALL DEMS!!

ndspinelli said...

Koskinen testified he learned about the destroyed emails[lets no call them lost] in April 2014. Now, I read people for a living. He then testified he could not remember the person who told him and the day other then it was sometime in April. His body language and voice SCREEEEAMED LIE!

edutcher said...

Most hard drives do not crash out of a clear blue sky.

They get cranky and the signs are there for tech support (and I don't doubt tech support does PM).

So, there's no way this "just happened".

Shouting Thomas said...

Where is the loyal, patriotic Democrat who is so outraged by this treasonous usurpation of power that he is moved to do his duty and inform?

The same place as all those moderate Moslems.

Aridog said...

Edutcher re: Shouting Thomas....

Where is the loyal, patriotic Democrat who is so outraged by this treasonous usurpation of power that he is moved to do his duty and inform?

Inform who? When and how? Seriously. I "get" the message, but not the point.

DC is a horrid place...you can lose your job for the least resistance ... but doing so is necessary to at least try to insure that honest governance will continue. Many civil servants have done what is necessary, but to no avail.

Edutcher is right, but we will never know to what extent.

In short: First liar has no chance of winning the debate.

Icepick said...

Wasn't Trey Gowdy one of The Freebirds?

Chip Ahoy said...

At least six other computers connected with this investigation also lost their hard drives.


Contract with data back up company Sonasoft (works with Microsoft) cancelled weeks after investigation.

Infowars (refers to longer Breitbart piece.


Subpoena Sonasoft. They're unlikely to have erased, lost, destroyed data. (Even my entire old site that I no longer pay for, now inactive, is still viewable on the internet. In full, except for my hieroglyphic phrase finder that I put a lot of work into does not work as such because that is a different contracted company, although the phrases within it are still present and visible through search engines. ) <--supportive parenthetical clause.

Chip Ahoy said...

Also, the commissioner is pulling the obnoxious tactic of dumping useless information, while playing out time for combing information to destroy it. So he can say, "We gave you 25,000 emails" and "It takes months even years to go through them." Yes so you can dump thousands of innocuous documents and destroy evidence of damaging correspondence.

They are protecting the White House
They are protecting Democrat senators, one of whom sits on the investigating panel.
They are protecting themselves, their right to lord lawlessly over all of us, and their ability to determine who gets heard and who is made to shut up, thus their ability to affect elections. And this is why Obama's entire second term will be viewed as invalid. Because his agencies seriously fucked with the election, and his media, corrupted to his party, protected them.

Why just this morning I had the misfortune to waking up to MSNBC's Morning Joe where the Joe guy was pointing out this story is buried deep within NY's top newspapers, while the retarded blond woman overspoke him in a distracting way pointing to the paper Joe was holding up for view. The two voices speaking together over each other, so the point is disrupted. while another bald-headed dude was having none of it, trying to convince the panel there is nothing worthwhile there, interrupting everyone who chimed in with a point to make but can never quite get to, so the entire discussion is "Let her finish, let him finish, let her finish, let him finish. let her finish, let her finish, let her finish, let her finish, let him finish, he's not finished, I didn't say he's Finnish, who's Finnish? let him say he's Finnish. Who has fin fish? I said, "let him finnish." I'm not finished. That's not a finch. I'm not Finnish. And that's why they're completely fucked in the head.

Joe Schmoe said...

Nothing is going to happen as long as Holder fronts the DOJ.

The next time a GOP attorney general feels the need to go overboard against their own party just to be a good example and show that no one is above the law, I've got two fucking words for him or her: Eric Holder.

Rabel said...

My favorite part was when Jordan asked him how was he informed of the Lerner hard drive "crash":

Jordan: "Did someone tell you in person? Did they send you an email?"

Koskinen: "I don't know. I do not get emails on these subjects so I'm sure it was someone in person."

I always enjoy watching a true professional practicing their craft.

Koskinen has a BA in physics from Duke so there's bound to be a connection between the missing/not missing emails and that cat in the box.

Rabel said...

Schrödinger's emails. That's the ticket.

Calypso Facto said...

Schrödinger's emails.

That's perfect.

I'm Full of Soup said...

Rabel- the only reason I know what you are talking about is I watch The Big Bang Theory TV show.

Amartel said...

Remember when this was going to be the most transparent administration ever, you guys?

But it's true! This administration is transparently deceitful all the time. You can count on it. Every. Time. And they count on the fact that it all goes un- or under-reported. (See, e.g., every other SCANDAL involving this administration.)

Amartel said...

The White House claims to be stunned and amazed, surprised and outraged about the sudden influx of children across our southern border.

Which is why the DHS was advertising for childcare for approximately 65,000 (later increased to 90,000) "unaccompanied alien children" in January.


Amartel said...

Barry's Guide to Scandal Spinning
Is the scandal being reported in the MSM?
-Openly make jokes about right-wing Fox News bias during presser and how Rush Limbaugh is in charge of the Republican Party
-Have compliant apparatchik make absurd accusation of racism, sexism, and/or homophobia
-Continue business as usual
A. Reported as a “joke” (baggers having agita about rights and all that)?
-Have BO make a light-hearted yet slightly exasperated reference in speech
-Misrepresent concerns and add to list of strawmen
-Continue business as usual
B. Reported as a “concern” (some folks in the base are affected and writing letters)?
-Have BO assure the concerned that their concerns are concerning and have been noted and that all possible measure are being taken and/or a commission has been appointed and/or studies are being conducted with all possible haste and that some doddering senile fool (Biden) has been charged with the responsibility of “getting to the bottom” of it (but not really)
-Continue business as usual
C. Reported as an “outrage” (more than 75% of the base/media unclear how to justify)?
-Blame Bush
-Blame Tea Party
-Blame Republicans
-Blame “society” (everyone does it)
-Blame United States of America
-Start burning strawmen and evidence immediately
-Continue business as usual
D. Televised congressional hearings
-all of the above
-put someone on leave
-Continue business as usual

Aridog said...

Great comment Amartel...here's a recent example of Dear Leader's poor manners ...he so special you know. Those sanitation shields are only for commoners.

Amartel said...

Sneeze guards are for the little people.

Aridog said...

I wonder if the clueless one notices that everyone who has their hands on the food prep side of that glass is wearing gloves? And that he is not? Would he wonder about the "why" of that.

Aridog said...

I think my new nickname for Obama is "Captain Oblivious" like the guy in the travel ads.

I noticed a distinct difference in how Obama kept close and manually assisted the lovely Mrs. Bergdahl compared to how he walked on far ahead of a cane dependent Professor Gates, leaving the police officer under criticism to help Prof Gates down the steps,which he did, to the "beer summit" table.

This photo of him reaching over, and leaning over (unaware that the food service folks have hats or hair coverings on), the sneeze barrier could be a metaphor for his way of going through the world.

I really do not believe he can help himself.

Amartel said...

Yah, his shit don't stink. It would be a privilege if he horked up a gob into the chili vat. They could bronze it and turn it over to the Smithsonian. Ingrates.

Amartel said...

EPA emails subpoenaed by House Oversight Committee also unexpectedly unavailable for production due to computer crash. It's the fault of Bush, the Republicans, the Tea Party, America etc. for not setting aside funding for better computers. Also, the Gollum who was grilled is a paid flack-catcher. His job is to fall on his sword, take the beating that should be visited on the king but can't be because you can't touch royalty. At least Hillary showed up for her hearing. Albeit late.

Aridog said...

I won't wear out anyone by another detailed recitation of why I know all of these clowns are lying about data loss. They are. Period. I have been there, done that, including recovery work. Just a bit of my droning on...:)

V-e-r-y unusual (realm of impossible) to just lose saved messages, presumably in folders, for just outside agencies. HDD disk sectors usually don't form around "folders."


And I suspect they are gong to get away with it. No one inside who really knows what is going on, with current information, will risk their jobs to squeal.

One item is worth noting....the investigators have a fair idea of which agencies Lerner et al ad nauseum communicated with by email...so subpoena those agencies' records of any incoming and outgoing Lerner et al emails...it is really a v-e-r-y simple query script, even done for you on MS Outlook, the PC and server elements, which most all agencies use.

I can do it right here on my PC for any Outlook files that were saved at all ever. Enter name and one click .... Presto. It's called "live search" and has been an Outlook feature since the advent of XP OS.

Further, with a piece of free software called "Search Everything" I can enter a word and find it in any and every kind of document I have ever used since 1995, on all of my drives (two are pure back up dating as far as to 1995) when I first went up on Windows OS and including software items not done in Microsoft formats...it searches files of all kinds. Don't even need to "click" once other than to open the feature.

I've used the pronoun "I" way too many times in this comment...but the idea is that anyone of you all out there can do the same thing without a massive amount of knowledge. I do not have massive knowledge. Just working applications knowledge. That alone demonstrates the arrogance of guys like Koskinen. SES ignorance presumes we are all ignorant.

Recall I've said previously that most of the SES or higher folks I knew in the federal environment can barely operate in Outlook....let alone know how to archive important related files in Adobe Acrobat PDF "folios" separate and away from Outlook itself. That is why you have subordinate job titles like thi sone:

Assistant Deputy Principle Acting Assistant for the Deputy assistant Director for Stupid Stuff.

Redundancy uber alles!

Ja Vol!

Aridog said...

I am so pleased that the interest in all this so so intense. Really.

I don't blame y'all, really, it is boring.