Monday, January 27, 2014

“The best scenario is a baby in nine months”

"A woman is on course to become the first in the world to give birth from a transplanted womb, after doctors successfully introduced an embryo into her body."
The embryo was transferred last week, months after the unidentified woman, who has a genetic condition that means she was born without a womb, became one of nine to receive pioneering transplants last year.

The transplanted womb was donated by the woman’s mother, so a baby would also be the first born to a woman using the same womb from which she emerged herself.

The egg from which the embryo was grown was the woman’s own.

“When I read about it I cried for many hours,” said Sandra Boine, a 26-year-old Norwegian sales assistant with the condition.

She believes a hospital in her home country may eventually be willing to perform a similar operation.

“It means a lot because I’ve now got a chance to make a child on my own. There’s hope for us now.” She said that her mother and sister had each offered to donate their womb to her, if the Swedish procedure proved successful. 
Eight of the recipients suffer from MRKH syndrome, a congenital disorder which affects one in 5,000 women and prevents the womb from developing.
In the comments Really?Really!Really said ...
Are you kidding. This has already been done. A no-nothing from Chicago's womb of corruption has been transplanted into the corrupted womb of DC…


Trooper York said...

Why can't she just take the baby from that poor lady in Texas that they want to kill?

Eric the Fruit Bat said...
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Eric the Fruit Bat said...

Is this some sort of faddish parlour game?

Connect everything reported by the media, no matter what, somehow, to Barack Obama?

Like appending "in bed" to the fortune found inside a Chinese fortune cookie?

I see.

Well, in that case, the crab-bitten and chlorine-bleached remains of Kevin Bacon laughs with cruel neutrality at we puny humans from his watery grave at the bottom of William Shatner's swimming pool.

deborah said...

I guess they're not worrying about the anti-rejection medicine affecting the fetus. Or does she not need it if her mom was close match?

KCFleming said...

"Connect everything Barack Obama?"

Just the bad shit, Eric.

Lem said...

I talk more about Crack on this blog than I do Barack.

I that comment? you know...

edutcher said...

Love the comment, although the phrase is Know Nothing.

As to the womb, absolutely incredible.

Lydia said...

so a baby would also be the first born to a woman using the same womb from which she emerged herself

Just so weird.

Transplant was done in Sweden. Weren't they the first ones to do a sex-change procedure?