Sunday, January 26, 2014

peace doves

The scene could be written by ZAZ where natural law is played for irony. Where are the doves expected to go, back to their own cote? Looking for a current vid of this I notice releases where the birds hangs on the window sill unwilling to fly off into danger. The kids grow up to be cynics. 


Eric the Fruit Bat said...

I'm going to assume the doves go to Heaven so it's all good.

Revenant said...

Something I never realized, until a year or two ago, is that "dove" is just another name for "pigeon". They're the same thing. It had never really occurred to me.

This makes a lot of the dove symbolism I encountered as a child seem surreal, in retrospect. For example, the baptism of Jesus suddenly seems inappropriately humorous when you think of it ending with a pigeon landing on him.

ken in tx said...

The proper name for the common city pigeon is "Rock Dove". On the menu, it's called "Squab".

rhhardin said...

The pope should release falcons of peace.

Tough love.

Amartel said...

Symbolic Good Intentions v. Cycle of Life.
Advantage: Cycle of Life.