Sunday, December 1, 2013

"Who Is Watching the Watch Lists?"

"GOVERNMENTS wade into treacherous waters when they compile lists of people who might cause their countries harm."
“If you’ve done the paperwork correctly, then you can effectively enter someone onto the watch list,” said Anya Bernstein, an associate professor at the SUNY Buffalo Law School and author of “The Hidden Costs of Terrorist Watch Lists,” published by the Buffalo Law Review in May. “There’s no indication that agencies undertake any kind of regular retrospective review to assess how good they are at predicting the conduct they’re targeting.”
For people who have landed on these lists, the terrorist designation has been difficult to challenge legally — although that may be about to change. On Monday, a lawsuit brought by a traveler seeking removal of her name from the no-fly list, or at least due process to challenge that list, is going to trial in Federal District Court in San Francisco, after almost eight years of legal wrangling.
Read more at the NY Times and San Francisco Gate.


Unknown said...

The true terrorists are people who don't vote democrat or who show up on Fox News to complain about the ACA.

edutcher said...

Apparently, they're more concerned about Americans than terrorists.

virgil xenophon said...

Of course, you two, the likes of AQ and the Mullahs in Iran are but transitory minor political inconveniences. The right, OTOH, is THE ENEMY..