Friday, December 30, 2016

They have already started worshiping the God Emperor of the Cherry Blossom Throne as a God......

The Chinese New Year is almost upon us. It is the year of the Rooster and the Chinese already know how they want to fashion their pagan idols. It is in the guise of the God Emperor of the Cherry Blossom Throne as a Rooster!

Per the New York Post : "A massive rooster inspired by the cocky president-elect was erected this week in a Chinese shopping center.
A woman takes a selfie near the sculpture.Reuters
The 23-foot-tall bird depicts Donald Trump in a fowl mood, as he gesticulates wildly in a square in the northern city of Taiyuan.
The sculpture’s designer told the South China Morning Post that he was inspired by Trump’s familiar ‘do and jerky hand movements.
The egg-shaped body and golden coif deliver the message of “getting rich,” according to Phototimes, a social media news outlet run by Tencent. The egg is a symbol of fertility and prosperity in China.

Trump will take office Jan. 20 — only eight days before the Chinese Year of the Rooster starts.
Sensing an opportunity to cash in, enterprising folks have begun to offer replicas on e-commerce site Taobao for as much as 50,000 yuan — about $7,000.
Wei Wei, who peddles inflatable decorations, said he started to offer the Trump figure online after seeing photos of it in the media."


Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Troop needs to go on pilgrimage!

edutcher said...

No, he's just stating reality.

The whole world breathes a sigh of relief as a real American replaces the male miss.

Rhythm and Balls said...

A new Kentucky Fried Chicken mascot?

This is getting a little out of hand.

chickelit said...

The Chinese build all sorts of strange and wonderful things, like a full scale replica of the Titanic. The keel was laid this month. I'm looking forward to updates as the work progresses.

Lem said...

The Chinese advertise cigarettes to the very young.

AprilApple said...

The Connan O Brien chicken.