Saturday, March 13, 2021

Two, two posts in one!

 First up, let's play another exciting round of Who's That TV Show:

Bonus points for the back story on that episode.

Next up, Wild Kingdom, and there is nothing mutual about it.

Last night I heard something making noise under the sink. I checked, and what do you know - a mouse was in the mouse trap. What I find interesting is that is the first time I have caught a mouse all winter, and yesterday it was 80 degrees here - perhaps he came inside to escape the heat!

I took the little fellow out back and turned him loose. Time will tell whether or not he returns.

My cats were sunning themselves, they can't be bothered with chasing food on the hoof - food just shows up in their food bowls like magic. No fuss, no muss, just food.

Yesterday was my dog's 13th birthday - dogs know nothing of such things, but I gave her an extra dog biscuit for being such a good dog for so long. We went for a walk and went running last night. 

Yeah, I have posted this one a number of times but I like the Salt Flats and the strings on the guitar are wiggly:

From the comments:

Great video mister.. I didn't know you could play spaghetti so magnificently

  • And there you have it!

I just checked the local news site and saw this:

That's quite a temperature swing from yesterday. Now it is showing -94. Heat wave!


MamaM said...

She looks like a cross between Mattel's Anxious Barbie and Worried Midge!

To drive ND into another Spinelli spin, here's my clue:

...I want to believe you. I-I do. I mean, I know this world needs help. That's why some of my generation are...kind of crazy and rebels, you know. We wonder if we're gonna be alive when we're thirty.

Sixty Grit said...

Just checked - she was 21 years old when that episode was first broadcast. She was born three years before me and one more clue for Spins is mashed potatoes piled on a plate.

Dad Bones said...

I took the little fellow out back and turned him loose.

I've never heard of doing that but there are a lot of things I've never heard of. I have seen a couple of the little guys turn into real warriors when they knew their time was up. One of them turned into Mighty Mouse and leaped at the cat that would ultimately kill him. Your little POW must have that spirit if he's willing to break into a house where two large cats live. I think he'll be back some day.

Sixty Grit said...

The trap allows one to release the mouse in a way that endangers neither the mouse nor the trap operator. It was pitch dark out there when I turnt him loose and I kind of had to feel around for how to open the hatch, I guess it worked, because by the time I could hold the trap up to the sky to see if the guy was gone, well, he was gone. Couldn't even tell which way he ran off. My dog then got in on the act, barking at something in the vicinity, but once again, I have no idea if it was the mouse or a wombat or something else. We were out by the back fence line and I have read that you have to take a mouse much further away to keep him from coming right back. I really don't want to drive, so I just walk out back, sing the theme song from Born Free, and there you go.

I keep trying to seal the edges around the interior of the cabinet, but there must be a gap there somewhere. My watch cats need more incentive to respond to intruding Mus musculus. Both cats are too well fed to bestir themselves at such an insignificant meal.

ndspinelli said...

She looks like Terri Garr? If so, she has MS. Always liked Terri Garr.

Love hearing the dog stories. Lots of dogs on the beach in San Diego. The most chihuahuas per capita.

Sixty Grit said...

You got it, Nick. A very young Teri Garr, from 1968.

Chihuahuas are interesting. Most of them are poorly trained or not trained at all. They can become dogs but that requires humans who know what they are doing. My concern is always that I might step on them. The dogs, that is...

Some Seppo said...

I've always been fond of Teri Garr, at least of the impression she gave of herself in her performances and appearances on Johnny, and later Dave before Dave went insane.

Here she is with Johnny and an obviously rehearsed bit about her blouse.

She's just so darned cute and sweet when on stage.

As a kid I saw the premiere episode (as well as the rerun many times) with Teri on Star Trek and that may have been the first time I saw her on screen. It was certainly my first memory of her and she made quite an impression. The Internet tells me (LOL!) that the Assignment Earth episode aired on March 29, 1968, just a few days shy of my ninth birthday.

Assignment Earth was supposed to introduce us the Gary Seven and Teri's character in order to further Roddenberry's plan to corner the market in TV Sci-Fi shows. No pilot was ever ordered by the Network.

We have had visitors to our kitchen veggie garden that have been live trapped and set free a couple of miles away. The Cumberland River and wild green space buffer is right behind my local Lowe's loading dock so I just drive up, put the trap on the grass verge and let them go. We got the neighbor's cat once also, and that was the only critter set free nearby.

I kill the chipmunks, the little bastards.

Sixty Grit said...

She comes across as very human, very funny and very humble on those talk shows. Once you learn to fake that you have it made, right? She sure is cute, and there is something in the way she moves, etc.

I grew purple sweet potatoes last year and nothing bothered them. Depending on how this year goes I might plant some again. The raised bed is ready and waiting.

I haven't seen any chipmunks around here - we have squirrels by the dozens, but I don't think I have encountered a chipmunk since the last time I was in Yosemite. I always thought they were cute as a button. Kind of like the Teri Garr of the rodent family.

Sixty Grit said...

Oh, and you are correct, SS, and you will receive a home version of the game and your bonus points will be included in that package. Thanks for playing!

Some Seppo said...

Unless a year's supply of Rice A Roni is included I'll pass on the prize.

The chipmunks take one bite out of a tomato them move on to the next one. I don't mind sharing a few with the wildlife but not every single one. They also dig holes under the foundation, walkways, etc. Very destructive not only to plants.

Trooper York said...

I knew it was the Terri Garr episode of Star Trek with Gary Seven.

As was noted it was a back door pilot.

That is why I have always associated back door with Terri Garr.

Just sayn"

Trooper York said...

She was very appealing in that episode but I think she reached her peak in "Young Frankenstein."

Sixty Grit said...

"Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: Wow. What Knockers!
Inga: Why thank you, Doctor."

I know, right?

Sixty Grit said...

Aw heck - I should have scrolled up the page a bit - I see you already had her knockers covered. As you were...

MamaM said...

Chipmunks are brazen. MrBill, our elderly and mostly gentle cat, caught seven of them last summer and we didn't stop him from the hunt. You'd think they'd learn, but no. They're welcome to live outside the fence where the fallen bird seed is plentiful if not more so than in the yard--but they had the run of the yard for years and didn't seem inclined to give it up. Lots of stars for tenacity. While I can't kill them outright, I've no problem letting them realize natural consequences.

Mice, however, enter our domain at their own peril, with traps set in the ceiling, a cat on the floor, and no second chances given. MrM has slowly but surely been finding their major entry points (gaps left when the deck was added) that allowed them the run of the basement ceiling and this year the number of mice with access has dropped significantly.

MamaM said...

Of Mice and Hooters

Munks and Nockers

MamaM said...

Or maybe in keeping with the birthday mention (May more good days and years be yours, Bou)

Old Men and Dog Days