Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Just because


Some Seppo said...

When I first saw the Uptown Funk video I was impressed by the editing as well as the dancing by all of those white people. Now I'm surprised all of them haven't been canceled yet for dancing to a POC's hit song.

Instead of waiting for a Cuomo post I'll show you here:

This video is from the same lady who analyzed Ballsy-Ford's body language during the Kavanaugh hearings, this time regarding Cuomo and thick, Italian sausage eating.

MamaM said...

Regarding the Sausage Exchange
It was the finger wiggle at the .50 mark that caught my attention and made me smile the first time through, before watching the analyzed vid at the above link, which confirms the nature of the exchange that took place and the willingness of the reporter to enter into the game.

While I was starting down that path with my March 2 comment that "The woman with the hot dog looks like she is having a good time playing along and enjoying some of the attention coming her way. Not to the point of becoming a waitress sandwich, but willing to grab a little gusto for a laugh," I missed the deliberation behind the trade-off and completely missed the responses of his tablemates.

The "Cuomo! It doesn't actually matter which Cuomo." intro was fun too.