Wednesday, March 17, 2021

I endeavor to remain on good terms with the crows in my yard

 I recently saw an Aston Martin DB Mark III sedan for sale and that reminded me of the DB Mark I convertible that was featured in Hitchcock's "The Birds". Then that got me to thinking about an interesting trick that Ol' Hitch played on the audience. 

I saw that movie in the theater when it was released, I remember the promotional campaign with the slogan "The Birds is Coming!" and eventually it did arrive in my small town and I paid my thirty five cents and got some popcorn and sat myself down and watched it. Little did I suspect that years later I would vacation in the little town of Bodega Bay and visit the school house and marvel at the movie magic that Alfred wrought to bring that incomprehensible story to the screen. I use that word, but perhaps unexplained would work too - starts with a seagull then involves all the birds in the whole area. That is the stuff of nightmares, but I still like birds, figure if I treat them well perhaps they won't turn on me for no particular reason.

A while ago, last week or maybe it was three years ago, who can tell these days, I saw a clip that amazed me. Hitchcock was a tricky sumbitch and until it was pointed out to me I never noticed it. It being the magic front door:

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ampersand said...

In the Movie "North by Northwest" keep an eye out for the scene in the cop car after the Chicago Art auction. The cop does a hard u-turn and Cary Grant has to elbow the actor next to him to lean with the turn.