Thursday, March 18, 2021

Another thing I noticed


I have probably posted Take Five ten times here, but it is good. Tonight I noticed that Joe Morello starts playing this tune using a traditional grip. Then he flips the sticks around and used the big ends to play his solo a bit louder. Then I noticed his glasses - turns out he only had partial vision. Who knew? What an amazing drummer.

How about a drum solo in 7/4 using only sticks, no drums. Once again, I am amazed.


Jess said...

I had a drummer point out the 5/4 time signature. After that, I listened to the song in an entirely different way.

Dad Bones said...

Cool dancing video, which gave me the idea that if they used a couple dancing horses the drum sticks would also resemble hoofbeats.

Sixty Grit said...

I still can't count 5/4, I count one, two, three, one, two, and that is close enough. I used to listen to Indian music (dot, not feather - feather is always on the one) and they use things like 13 beat or 17 beat measures - I would listen to the explanation of how to count it then move along to a waltz or something.

As for 7/4 and dancing horses - hmm, one 7 legged horse or perhaps a 4 legged horse with his 3 legged pal. Nah, that's just wrong. Maybe a spider who lost a leg in the war or something. Or maybe I better get some lunch onboard before I start writing some silly stuff.