Friday, March 19, 2021

A change in the weather

 It is 41 degrees here now. The forecast says the temperature will drop to 32 overnight. Cold, is what I am saying. Yet I had to mow the lawn this afternoon. It could not be put off any longer. So I charged up the battery on the riding mower, gassed it up and set about mowing. I was reflecting on the many times in the past that I have mowed this particular lawn, usually in the summer. In the heat. 

Today it was windy and cold. By the time I was through mowing I was concerned about getting frostbite. That's incongruous with lawn mowing. Lawn mowing is associated with heat stroke and sunburn. 

Anyway, that was today's adventure.

Me arriving at the job site.


ndspinelli said...

When I had a large lawn to mow I always used a push mower. All my neighbors had riding mowers. I know they thought I was a bozo. It took a couple hours to mow. My bride and I often split the job. Good exercise. Circa 2010, we both had surgery. So, we hired a lawn company, planning on it just being that one season of recuperation. Well, we never mowed again. We now live in a townhouse complex in the Gopher state and they mow our lawn.
Our son bought a house w/ a huge lawn. He has a rider. He mowed our lawn when he was young and hated it, often saying I was a cheap bastard for not buying a rider. It wasn't about the money. But, I'm not sure what it was about.

Dad Bones said...

nd: Maybe it's just a reluctance to give in to modern conveniences when those who came before us had it harder. I remember my grandpa pushing an old reel mower with no motor around his yard and he was old, decrepit and didn't walk too well in the first place.

Sixty: I won't have to worry about my lawn for another month or so but I did have to get out my snow blower last week to move 5" of wet snow too heavy to scoop and so slushy it would jam up the blower if I wasn't careful.

Sixty Grit said...

I am a cheap bastard, and proud of it. But for me it is a matter of time - three hours of pushing a mower versus one hour of riding. I would rather spend my working time making things rather than mowing. But that's just me.

I have been mowing lawns since 1957 and I am kind of over it, but for now, I will continue the effort.

We had a frost last night. I am over winter, too.

MamaM said...

It wasn't about the money. But, I'm not sure what it was about.

How about...Feeeeeeeliiiings Ohhhh woaaaa woahhhh woah feeeeelings...

Or maybe thoughts? The kind that accompany feelings, lead them or trail along behind?

Lawn mowing at the M house is one of those responsibilities that comes with a sense of order and accomplishment once the task's been accomplished, along with the sensory pluses of smell and a visible difference while underway and afterwards.

We've both learned with push mowers. I bought my first autoharp with money earned mowing my dad's office lawn with a chartreuse Lawn Boy that smoked, was hard to start, and had to be carted there in our old El Camino. Graduated to a self-propelled model after that, still bright green, that we used at our first home. then to a dark green MTD rider from Monkey Wards that the Msons used at our second home, and MrM now uses a bright orange rider that starts every time and turns on a dime. I remember our chain of lawnmowers more clearly (and more fondness?) than the cars we've owned.

Frostbite IS incongruous with lawn mowing. By the time the frost falls in the north country, grass cutting is done, with leaf sucking about to begin. We are currently still in the process of deciding whether its safe to take the plow blades off the truck, with a few small patches of snow left in the shady areas. According to the light and bird songs, spring is on the way! I've yet to see my first snake of the season, still too cold at night, but the possums are out and rolling. And the sap was running strong last week, according to my niece who collected 30 gallons to boil down into maple syrup.

Amartel said...

How about ...
Light the corners of my life
Misty water color memmmmr'ies
Of how sweaty we were
Pushing lawn mowers
'Neath the unforgiving sun
Acres uphill neverending
Misery for sure"

My Dad got a riding mower after I moved out.

Amartel said...

Thanks for posting that version of Thunderstruck. Awesome.