Sunday, February 21, 2021

Sky pictures

 After the ice storm:

Also cats:

Doctor John.


Amartel said...

Beautiful fresh, clean sky there. You can actually see the front moving on.
I do love photos of your cats, with special fondness for the grey tabby. Somehow that's the sort of cat that keeps landing at my place, time and time and time again.
The first lived to 19 years and the second to 17 years. Both were solid grey tabbies who came to me around the age of six. The current occupant is a young (3?) grey ragamuffin (it's a breed; solid build, medium length hair and friendly and playful) with four white paws and a white tuxedo. He's a good buddy. Greets me at the door. When not harassing me or (more frequently) napping, he's staring out the window like your two. He and the neighbor cat have staring contests and taunt the neighbor dogs.

Sixty Grit said...

They are wonderful cats, whatever they are called. I have had several of them and were I not so dagnabbed old I would consider getting another. The staring contests is a funny thing, and taunting dogs - when my cat, Topolino, was about 2 I got a new dog. A puppy. The dog was being a dog, of course, then what do you know - Topo lefts 4 parallel scratches across his nose. He never messed with any of the cats for the rest of his days.

Some Seppo said...

I'm free of the formerly iced-in Nashville. One snafu, on Feb 11 we had a new windshield installed on the tow vehicle. Little did I know the brittle windshield washer hose cracked during installation. I found out 20 hours before departure and the installer came back to fix it one hour before departure.

Needless to say we were 1.5 hours late leaving. My biggest fear was when rolling off my ice-free driveway onto the iced over street that the camper would push the truck into the across the street mailbox. Didn't happen.

The 6.2 liter Yukon tows the loaded camper nicely but I ended up cranking down the anti-sway bar because the 18-wheelers were really pushing us around when passing. Driving the intersate at the trailer tire speed limit of 65 mph is a lot like flying... hours of boredom separated by moments of sheer terror.

Sixty Grit said...

Good job, SS, and thanks for the update. Also, thanks for sending some warm weather my way - it is warm enough that I am going to take my dog for a walk. Not Florida warm, but a darned sight warmer than ice storm weather.

Safe journeys, and keep us in the loop. Talk to Trooper if you would like to post here - we could all stand to see pictures of beaches and the life of Florida Man.

Some Seppo said...

You're welcome for the warm weather. We are in St Augustine, FL at Anastasia State Park. No swimming at the beach even if you're a card carrying Canadian. Swimming is allowed when lifeguards are present, and they don't arrive until Memorial Day or so.

I had my wife get notebook and pen to keep on her at all times so that when we think of a necessary we can write it down at that time. I told her if I catch her without it she has to drop and give fifty.

Sixty Grit said...

St. Augs is my favorite beach on the east coast of Florida. Many fond memories from there, including swimming, which I did in the summer. Summer good. Warmth good.

Be sure to tour the town - if I am not mistaken there is some remarkable architecture there. Also, old town, and, at least when I was there nearly 30 years ago, where there was an old school hand rolled cigar store. Sometimes I get a notion to smoke a cigar, but then I remember how much I like breathing. Talk about old school!

Some Seppo said...

We were here in St Augustine January of 2019 and also last September. We have friends in Palm Coast, about 30 minutes south of here. Toured the fort, the Lightner Museum, the pirate museum, and took the tram tour. Very cool town.

Lots of rip currents off the State Park and some rocks and old jetties so the state has restricted swimming here.

We're off to Boca Raton this morning. Last night was our first night hooked up to "city" water and it seems I need to do some more learning about water heater operation. I hope I didn't burn it up because a Winterizing valve was closed. An electric hot pot came in handy at the time but the bath house has hot showers.

Sixty Grit said...

Ah, Boca. I used to go there when I was visiting customers in Lauderdale. Had a friend who lived there, then he moved to Ft. Myers. What I remember about the Gulf Coast is how long it takes to get down to places like Marco Island - seems like it took days, but I guess it didn't.