Saturday, September 7, 2019

Fresh vegtibells

Bill Hader imitates Lorne Michaels

Debra Messing

What a bummer.

I really liked that show Will and Grace and now these two dummkopfs ruined it. Messing and Eric McCormack.

And I like them in the other things that do.

And I liked Charmed, now that's affected too.

Today I tuned into a movie with a bunch of good movie stars with 4.5 stars review on Amazon Prime. The Rainmaker. Then right off Matt Damon is featured and I kept thinking about how he was such a sac de la douche during the teacher's protest in Wisconsin and saying on camera that teachers should be paid a million dollars a year. An actor with zero sense of what's financially possible because he's an actor grossly overpaid beyond anything sensible. And because his mother is a teacher. Having the opinion is one thing, but he was such an aggressive butt hole about it.

And that ruined the whole movie.

I'd rather watch something with an unknown actor. I don't want to know their names. I strongly prefer not to know their politics. Because they are always fiercely aggressively ridiculous. A bit overacted.

I think I just discovered how to get on their nerves badly as they get on mine. Play the director.

"Turn it down a notch, Bitch, you're overacting again."

I sensed Trump would respond.

human mouth coin purse

Merkel is making a big mistake

Poor dear is aging considerably right before our eyes.
She's pushing for EU-China investment deal. 

Her country has a lot of problems. Energy for example. Their insistence on switching radically to renewables has already put an extreme burden on their country. For another, as you know, their immigration policy is insane.

They have the same problems with China that we do but they are willing to deal with them but not harshly as Trump. They sell China a lot of automobiles. Demand in China for German automobiles is greater than demand in the U.S. so it makes sense to look there for business but they give away too much for short term advantage. 

It's all eating her up, and it shows.

Billiards on a ship

Friday, September 6, 2019

Vegetarian protestors crash Argentinian rodeo

Gauchos ride in with bullwhips and rout them. Quickly. Easily. And it only takes a few riders. So few, so fast it's shown three times from different angles in the video.

The music plays.

Watched twice but I don't see any whips. I'll take their word for it.

Because the protestors run so quickly from so few riders. 

Mouse brain neural connections

Researchers have created the most detailed map of the mouse brain to date, capturing the projections and connections of over 1,000 neurons (and counting). via Reddit

via Gfycat


hadouken 🤜🏻 from r/funny
Top comment over there: The graphics in these games are getting so good. 

Collect petunia seeds

Weather or not

We made it through the hurricane unscathed. Where I live is far enough inland that all we got was a bit of rain.

This is sunset the evening before the storm hit:

This is Dorian's gray sunrise yesterday:

Here is what the worst of the storm looked like:

This is my dog keeping an eye on things:

My cat was unperturbed by the storm:

He is a cat, after all.

A friend who lives near the coast sent me a picture of conditions there when the hurricane hit:

They are now without power but there is no flooding in their area this year, unlike last year after Florence.

Radar picture yesterday morning:

Radar picture earlier this morning:

And just a little while ago:

Dorian has left the area.

Yesterday during the height of the storm (it was raining!) I managed to finish a piece that reminded me of the wild surf:

It is made out of silver maple from a tree in my yard.

Also in my yard, leopard lilies which are about to set seed:

Today's sunrise:

Now we have blue skies and a balmy breeze.

Steve Harvey's Little Big Shots: Arianna

She has a very well developed vocab-inary.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Elvira busts through gate


Have you ever?

"Made your own pizza?"


"Have you ever made bread?"


There is a tall thin young black male stacking prepared food items in the refrigerator section. Shredded mozzarella is on sale two for the price of one. The young mans' hair is fuzzy, half brown and half black and he is gracious as a person can be. A young black male is conversing with an old white guy.

This is fairly lousy cheese. They mix corn starch to keep the shreds separated. Still, it works well for pizza for a gooey cheese effect that stretches and it can be jazzed up with stronger flavored better quality cheese.

     "Pizza is a lot easier than bread because you don't have to let it rise as a loaf of bread. It does that in the oven. And bread is very easy. Only a few ingredients. And it's fun because it's alive."

"I heard it's a lot better."

     "Because you can pile up the ingredients. Anything that you like. No holding back."

I get this all the time. Young people everywhere have never made bread. Never even thought about making their own pizza. It's a mental block. I understand them. Because everything comes prepared by experts and one grows up in this prearranged world assuming these things require expert experience to pull off.

It's a very real revelation to learn that isn't so. Rather, manufacturers took the simplest things and produced them for mass market. Dolled them all up to worse representations of the things Nana made; Ragu, lasagna, perogis, mustard, pretzels, bread, butter and catsup, won tons, even mozzarella. Our industry separated us from the sources of our food and we are born into this world of industrialized food-separation. It really is a revelation to go, "Wow. I can make my own pizza. And put on it all the crap that I want."

I'm like Johnny Appleseed over here. Shut up, because I am; encouraging young people to try something weird; turn the oven on high as it goes, make your dough, stretch it out, pile everything on it, shove the pizza in and poof ten minutes later you got a true garbage can pizza.

Joy to the world. You've conquered the system arrayed for your benefit, your convenience, your ignorance, your self-reliance, your own excellence.

"Hey, that old white guy gave me an idea. Let's try something."

The United Spot, Not My Pilot

Comments on YouTube are funny.

Long beans

They're a Chinese thing. I think. They're probably not the best-tasting bean. We'll see. The novelty is their length and obviously that means a long life.

I showed these a few days ago and there was nothing to them. They are just now starting to flower, and I doubted there would be enough time for them to grow to full length. I gave them a few poles but they're actually growing all over the place where they were not intended. The seeds were put along one edge of all the pots to various degrees of success.

That means that they're growing noticeably by inches every day. I bet we could sit out there and stare at them and observe them grow. This gives me the idea of setting up a tripod next year and doing just that. Set it up for a photo every ten minutes or so then run it as video. That would make watering out there a B-I-T-C-double connected bean poles.

This year's balcony garden is crazy. But I like it. It's very wabi-sabi. Takashi Amano would like it. Did I mention we were born on the exact same day? I outlived him. Obviously. I wonder what went wrong. No exaggeration, he was a towering inspiration across the whole globe. His death made everyone sad. If you don't believe me, just type his name in YouTube search. They're all maudlin fer'ner accents.

96,000,000 black balls on L.A. reservoir

Duckduckgo images [boba]

Put them on/in anything cold. [buy boba]

Amazon [boba]

Detective Anna

This is a television series available free through Amazon Prime. I haven't checked to see if it's on Netflix.

The story is a about a woman with ESP facilities as medium born to an upper-middle class family in a small town in Russia. She's a bit like Angela Lansbury in Murder She Wrote in that she sticks her nose in police investigations where her nose doesn't belong and the stories are not believable because she inserts herself into police work unrealistically, plus she is constantly conjuring ghosts and the hints that they give her help the police solve their cases while leaving open the possibility that following much convolutions that things just fell into place.

Anna is younger and more attractive than Lansbury. She's seen in breathtaking display of late 19th century garments of Russian design. The wardrobe department for this film had their workout. Whatever their sources for patterns and materials, it far exceeds what is available through cursory internet searches.

Her hats are particularly interesting. Her sable ushankas are much more fashionable than the customary type with ear flaps that tie up. Her other hats are similar to regular hats loaded with tackle box contents, and kits to tie fishing flies, with lace and ribbons and feathers and pleated bands over broad bands, Each hat is a little world to itself. A good deal of effort went into designing Anna's hats.

While her dresses appear all handmade. Some with bustles, lots of layers. The fashion on this show is one of the more interesting elements. The men wear pleated overcoats, their suits show a great deal of contrasting piping, silk upper collars and folded back arm cuffs, pleats in the back where modern coats have vents. Elements of furs and silk throughout. Most coats look like curtain material. Pants that don't fit.

Most of the men's hats are ridiculous. Most are a captain-style, a cloth band with a mushroom cap and a stiff brim, others look like a simple cloth band and cloth mushroom top. Most of the men's hats make their faces look ridiculous, a bit like Elmer Fudd, then when they remove their hat their faces leap out startlingly ordinary with either great hair or near baldness. In all cases the men look much better without their silly hat.

The staging is a bit overly simplified. The writing and signage too sparse. As if the whole town cannot read. Contrasted with Asian sets that have calligraphy slathered over every possible surface. There are no street signs. Very few business signs. Sparse street traffic. Workers are staged sweeping straw across the street with a besom. Horses but no horse poo. No horse troughs. The same horse carriages shown repeatedly as if the town has only two cabs but always one cab immediately available.  The town staging is a bit antiseptic. Surfaces are obviously fake.

The dramatic tension is between the psychic woman and the chief detective. They run hot and cold. The writing of their interpersonal dialogue has the woman seeing things between them entirely differently than the detective. It gets old.

The household always has abundant fruit. Always grapes pouring out of a bowl. Always apples and oranges. Always pastries everywhere. Always drinking out of fine crystal. Every bottle is interesting. Every decanter expensive. Every table covered with tablecloth. Even tables with scalloped edges have tablecloths that conform to the edges perfectly. Every nicknack expensive. Every chair an elaborate design. Almost every painting a bit stupid.

The stories are convoluted with extreme misdirection. The original author commingles his influences. We get traces of Sherlock Homes and Watson overlain with Miss Marple and The Sixth Sense.

The sound is in Russian with its own subtitles. When the characters speak English then they are dubbed louder in Russian. The subtitles are smaller than the Amazon subtitles. If you have Amazon subtitle turned on then they overlay the original subtitles that cannot be turned off. So you're stuck with the original smaller typeface. Best to go mute when the characters speak English because the soft English with the louder Russian and with the English subtitles are all too much at once.

Watching the show is a bit wearisome. Viewers are dedicated. Viewers must pay attention for all the misleading detail as the story develops. You cannot take your eyes off the screen or you'll miss the story. The ghost scenes are the best and those are all very brief.

Often the ghost doesn't say anything. They just point out something or give some slight hint, or the ghost is not concerned about bringing justice for their own murder. Sometimes they misdirect too. Most of these scenes are handled tremendously interestingly. The best bits are included in the introduction.

For example. Anna is holding a photograph similar to a class picture. Men standing in two rows. One of the men animates and steps aside and a bit forward to say something to Anna. It's a weirdly spooky scene that lasts only half a second. Short so that you cannot analyze it. But shown so many times that you do analyze it. How did they make this shot? The picture is displayed at a downward angle as if Anna is holding the photograph.

How are all the other men perfectly stable and the one man animated? It's clearly not all of them standing perfectly still. Nothing else moves. Fabric doesn't move. To make the shot, the actor is standing amid a large life-size cut out photograph of other actors. He is the only live actor in the shot. The extremely brief scene is fantastic.

Other ghosts just stand there and stare, while still other ghosts play mind games, another ghost nags and appears without being summoned, another ghost thinks he's asleep. Each ghost is its own unique character. The pattern of ghost behavior is never the same.

The era all this occurs is when men put their trust in science. The tension between scientific minded characters and spiritual characters is drawn out to detail. The people who put their trust in spiritualism so are open to being deceived while other characters, even spiritual deceivers, are adamant that nothing exists beyond science. So the spiritual deceivers do not believe Anna. While the scientific minded are closed to all reality that doesn't comport with demonstrable science.

It's a great show if you have the patience to sit there and read the whole thing and never drop your attention. It's not made easy with small typeface in white often against white background. I like the show, and recommend it, for its fashion and for it's great shots, but only if you are patient. Plus, some of the translation is cute. You'll see a good deal of neologism to force an English word for something in Russian that English does not accommodate. Sometimes it's funny.

I've read online the show is popular in Russia because it's one of the first series that shows Russian individuals taking care of themselves economically without any government involvement or support. The basic premise of succeeding on your own or failing on your own is blowing their minds. I don't know. Seems everything pre-revolution would show that.

Opioid announce by President Trump and press conference

This is a 40 minute video of President Trump awarding 1.8 billion dollars to fight opioid abuse. Trump mentions reforming the way kidney disease is treated and ending the HIV epidemic, reducing drug prices, and doing things that previous administrations did not do. The money will be (re)distributed to all 50 states through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

* 9 billion will have been awarded by the end of September
[That's a lot of money being collected and redistributed. Imagine what would have happened had that 9 billion been kept in the states for them to address the problem as they see fit.]
* Passed  CRIB Act that allows Medicaid to help mothers and their babies born dependent on opioids.
* Launched nationwide ad campaign that has already reached nearly 60% of young adults
* Prioritized stopping the influx of fentanyl from China.
* Mexico had record catch of fentanyl from China.
* Mexico has 26,000 troop on our border. [illegal immigration] is down 50% from last year. Democrats should be so helpful.
* Stepped up enforcement, seized 21,000+ kilograms of heroin and 8,000 kilograms of fentanyl.
* Dismantled 3,000 drug trafficking organizations
* First nationwide decline in drug overdose deaths in nearly 3 decades

Secretary Azar:
* $932 million to Substance Abuse andMental health Services Administration.
* Releasing first round of 900 million in grants from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
* CDC dramatically sped up reporting.
* Increased medication-assisted treatment 38%.

Okay, help a brother out.

They switch expressions for the percentage. We have 3 different types of expressions. (%, decimal, and zeros) Now I'm cross. Could these assholes please stick with one expression so we can check their f'k'n work? I suppose we're expected to be facile.

1,270,000 - 921,000 = 349,000

349,000 / 921,000 = .3789.

I think.

This would be easier if they'd quit switching things around all over the place, Mr. Asshole Mathematics. O-o-o-h, strings of 0s and % and decimal points all in one sentence. It's like switching between hieroglyphics and demotic within sentences. It can be done, yes, but why be so inconsistent?  It's mental.

* improved access to overdose-reversing drugs for first responders by improving waivers to help unlock treatment for people in need. Improved waivers for 21 states.

Assistant Secretary Giroir.
* Improved treatment for children born to dependent mothers.
* Some crap about holding your breath for 10 minutes = addiction to drugs.
* Deaths down 5%. Battle just started, keep giving us money.

Assistant Secretary McCance-Katz.
* I'm proud.

Director Redfield.
* 0

President Trump.
* Looking for a painkiller that's not addictive.

The Press doesn't have any questions about this opioid announcement. Rather, as usual, their questions are about everything other than the subject at hand. Trump had just given a presser about the hurricane that hit the Bahamas full force and crept to Florida greatly reduced with a northeast projection. So naturally, their questions begin there. How President Trump keeps his patience with these people is beyond my comprehension.

Q: Will you use department of Defense?
     T: Coast Guard.
Q: Size of military response?
     T: Big
Q: Clearing runways/
     T: Yes
Q: You showed us a map.
     T: Yes.
Q: The map included Alabama.
     T: Garbled response
Q: Alabama!
     T: They originally thought the projection included Alabama, you f'k'n idiot.
Q: The map looked like it had a sharpie.

I cannot listen to these people anymore. I have no real idea what they asked after this. I heard only White House press mumbling. They're worse than worthless. Listen to them yourselves if you care to.

Q: Wallmart ammo. Odessa and El Paso and Dayton, guns guns guns, what do you say about guns? Background checks, loopholes, would you support? Gun, gunny gun guns, NRA, Trump property in Ireland, Afghanistan, Afghanistan, Afghanistan, Afghanistan, China, China, China.
    T: Thank you and piss off little dopes.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Storm's a-brewin'

I don't follow the news real closely, but when a hurricane approaches the fact of that approach cannot be ignored. It is the topic of every conversation, all the local news sites get revved up, all the bottled water disappears from every store, the atmospheric pressure drops and the skies grow ominous. 

We started the day with a nice sunrise:

This morning's radar picture looked like this:

The outer rain bands are now starting to reach my area and obviously, since we are going to get some rain everything has to be cancelled. Schools are closed, banks are closed, it's getting real out there:

Dr. Peter Venkman: This city is headed for a disaster of biblical proportions.
Mayor: What do you mean, "biblical"?
Dr. Raymond Stantz: What he means is Old Testament, Mr. Mayor, real wrath-of-God type stuff. Fire and brimstone coming down from the sky! Rivers and seas boiling!
Dr. Egon Spengler: Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes...
Winston Zeddmore: The dead rising from the grave!
Dr. Peter Venkman: Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together - MASS HYSTERIA!
Mayor: Enough! I get the point! And what if you're wrong?

Turns out they are wrong 99% of the time, but hysteria, especially about weather, sells.

Here is a recent map which show the approximate time the storm is expected to hit:

So we are good.

President Austin

Several more videos on YouTube about this kid under different titles. Alabama football players help him, the Ellen show, giving a speech, television appearances and so forth 

Woman gets hit in the face with a golf club

A driver club. It's bad. Real bad.

I watch a lot of fail videos, the type where young people are trying to do something spectacular on a bike or a skateboard and such, and then fail so badly it hurts just seeing them crash. For every success video there are a dozen fails. Honestly, a shot goes up my spine just watching. Men getting racked by falling hard on a handrail, teenagers smashing into concrete block after a long jump with a failed flip, people nearly breaking their necks, but they're all trying to do something unusual. They know the risk and the cost and we see them pay it.

But then there are people just being really stupid. I must say boys are prone to this. Having been one myself. The thing is, boys are tying to discover physics. Boys honestly don't know why you cannot jump from a speeding vehicle. They think once you leave the vehicle it's the same as if the vehicle was parked. Boys think their legs can withstand the impact of jumping off the roof. We think about it and it seems reasonable. We don't know our own bodies and we have to learn what self-abuse is and that it really hurts.

Incidentally, a friend of mine fourteen years my senior skied off the top of my roof successfully. He calculated carefully. The snow was quite deep and it was nothing he hadn't already done a million times on black diamond slopes. He's the best skier I know. Still, it was awesome!

We want to get inside a tire and roll down a hill. We have to learn by doing to keep our arms and legs inside the tire. We have to learn to protect our tongue when jumping off the counter and to protect our elbows from smashing our funny bones ulnar nerves. We learn by our mistakes, our miscalculations, and lack of preparedness, our broken bones. We have to learn our limitations. And re-learn them. We are dare devils by birth.

But sometimes it appears that girls never grow up. They expect to be protected their entire lives. I see this in crowds such as Taste of Colorado. Sometimes, not always of course, but sometimes grown women behave in public like little girls. It's like a mental submission.

This is such an example. It's hard to watch. See, I'm trying to protect you here. Don't watch this:

Printed fabric production

In the exotic land of China.


Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Aerial view of Bahamas disaster

Spineless prickly pear cactus

I wanted to replicate the cactus garden that I planted at my parent's previous house. I saw them while walking to an aquarium shop on Santa Fe Drive from Hampden nearly to Mississippi. And when I look back at that I must think, man, I sure did walk a lot.

No wonder my shoes wore out all the time.

I followed the railroad tracks as you do striding rail to rail. But now that would be impossible. The whole thing is remade for light rail and the regular rail traffic along side is much heavier. It's all fenced in. I don't think it's possible to walk along anymore, certainly not easy without police intervention. I don't know. Maybe it is easy. I haven't tried since then and it's changed a lot.

There were cactus all over the place. Wild stuff. Growing very poorly in the ballast between RR ties. Constantly being rattled and shredded wherever it grew too tall. Very poor specimens. Different types. My mind was filled with wonder.

And, ew, son of a bee hive whenever they stuck. And that happened often, whenever they're touched. Not the large thorns, rather, the hair-like spikes all around them. Nearly impossible to pick out. And so many! They really don't like to be touched. Woe to the creature that bites them.

I returned with a box and a few garden tools and the heaviest gloves I could find and I still got stuck digging them out. Their roots were the most pathetic things that I ever saw on a plant. I was doubtful the transplant would work.

I replanted them in the front of the house. They grew very well once replanted and tended. And this from a high school boy who didn't know what he was doing. Within a few seasons I realized they would get a lot more sun in the back so I transplanted them. They took to their new digs immediately. Very responsive plants with just a tiny bit of care. The brick wall behind them radiated heat onto them. I gave them Miracle grow. That was it. And, man, did they ever grow. To my surprise they produced the loveliest pure yellow flowers that lasted a long time. Then at each spot where a flower grew, an incipient useless fruit or a new cactus grew. Each ear had multiple new bumps. The cactus garden was amazing. Immediate results.

If you're a dope about plants then I recommend cactus. It's nearly impossible to go wrong.

I looked under "Colorado cactus" and found photos of the same type that matched the kind that I found on the RR tracks, then with the name I found them on Amazon and on eBay.

But there are also quite a lot of other types too.

It took a very long time to decide on the spineless type. Come on. No spines. They must be kidding. What kind of cactus is that? When you're looking for cactus then you're you're looking for trouble. I just couldn't accept cactus without spines. That removes all the hazard. It was a mental block. Cactus must have spines. Or it's something else, something non-cactus. Spines are the defining thing about cactus.

The original ones did not produce fruit that you can eat although they did produce fruit-like bumps that were not ears. These spineless type have red fruit that you can eat and yellow flowers and spineless Mickey Mouse ears. They're like a beautiful cat that's been de-clawed. A beautiful dog de-fanged. A gelding, a capon, a thing that should be able to deliver pain but cannot. I'm still not certain that I like them. They're eunuchs. Maybe they'll, uh, grow on me.

They're a lot bigger than the original type that I found on the RR tracks.

The 3 that I bought through eBay ↑.

Their flowers.

Their fruit.

I haven't a clue what to do with this fruit. I've never eaten one, that I know of. I'm not even sure mine will grow them. They're full-sun loving things and mine will get only partial sun. 

Patio plants

A bee! 

That's the first one I've seen all year. 

My little garden is fabulous. Everyone says that. And I love it so. But it's actually doing poorly.

It's all from seeds. Every bit of it. 

Except for the bits that aren't.

Like caladiums and oxalis triangularis. Those two things are not actual seeds. But they do start from those little rhizome things. 

The seeds came from Rare Seeds, mostly. So everything is a bit odd. Because their catalog fascinates me. And the patio doesn't get nearly enough direct sun for a vegetable garden. 

The things that thrived best are chile peppers of various types. Everything else grows out of the pots sideways to reach over other pots for more light. The plants are climbing all over each other and they can never produce to their maximum. There is simply not enough direct sun.

And no insects. 

There are three high-producing Italian zucchini plants that each flower like crazy and grow sideways for sun, but no insects to pollinate the flowers so they all bloom continuously but no zucchinis. Same with cucumbers and melons. 

I'll get a few tiny tomatoes where it should be hundreds.
A few small cucumbers where it should be dozens.
A few beans where it should be thousands. 
Several peppers where it should be a million. 

Even so, there is so much foliage, vines and various flowers growing all over each other that it hardly matters. It's fun watching them grow. It's fun watching them try.

If I was really serious about this then I'd change apartment to one that gets more light. I have balcony-envy. I see which ones get sun most of the day.

Or buy an urban plot. And that means visiting it everyday.

That I don't do those things means that I'm not really serious. It's all just a game.

Emmy: Ronco pasta maker

Everyone knows that pasta is made with semolina. I wonder why cooks don't say in their cookbooks. Even Mario Batali instructs his readers to use white flour. As does Ron Popeil in his demonstration.

If you add, say, 20% semolina then your pasta will be 20% sturdier. Semolina is also good to add to pizza dough for the same reason.

Obviously your pasta cannot not be al dente unless you allow it to dry and harden. In Italy that's a rather involved process through incrementally diminishing humidity. Or else the pasta breaks. If you just let it dry out in Denver then the noodles shrink too quickly and break.

And if you don't let it dry out to 100% then it grows fuzzy mold when it's stored.

When you use all purpose flour and roll it out, when it's cooked then your noodles are amusingly bouncy. Boing, boing, boing, all over the place. It's fun.

But they are not bouncy when they're rolled and cut with machine that you clamp to a table. Amazon [pasta machine].

Ice cream swirly machine

Mmm, looks delicious.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Any other

Sometimes word combinations in ASL go together well as if made for each other, and other times they're weird.

[If I said that sentence in sign the two instances of "other" would be shown differently.]

Any other is such a word combination. They go together weirdly but well. They're nearly the same "thumb" thing reversed. [There's that word "other" again.]

A fist with the thumb sticking up is the sign for "10"

For the word "any" the thumb starts out pointing outward, the whole wrist forms a "c" in the air to end up with the thumb pointing the opposite direction inward.

Any. (They don't like it when I copy their vids)

Another woman does "any" more broadly, more dramatically. She starts with thumb upward as with "10" and pull it down her entire torso for the thumb to point inward.

The sign for "other" is the same thing except the thumb starts pointing upward with "10" and simply flicks outward. So at first sight you think "10" then quickly accept it as "other."

The same second woman does this "other" more dramatically too. She begins with the thumb pointing inward and broadly flips the thumb outward. There is an "other thing over there" aspect to it.

So the two put together, is the thumb starting pointing outward and broadly flipped inward, then flipped outward to its original position. It goes "thumb flip flip" and that means "any other."

The way I keep "any" straight from "other" is that "any" ends up pointing inward to your "knee." Get it?  Any = a knee. It's weird, but it works.

Airlines, emotional support horse

Of course the woman is Twiggy so it all balances out.

Fast swimmers

Answered here with the same clip.

But you have to listen to a retard who talks about everything else except how hippos swim so fast. And the guy pronounces the name "Fiona" as "Fioner" because he's a fer'ner. He's being amusing through the whole over-explanation.  The question is, "how do hippos swim fast" and the answer is the history of African hippos and the American space program.

Like all the gardening videos he talks way too much.

So I'll tell you the answer. They're not swimming fast, they're running underwater and their extreme density allows them to haul hippo-butt even on land and even though their shape is not streamlined.

Taste of Colorado

It's a three-day festival over the Labor Day weekend that blocks traffic at crucial intersections on Broadway crossing Colfax (15th) and 14th Street. That is, for traffic east and west and north and south at the heart of Denver's two major intersections, for busses and taxis, Uber and Lyft, and general cars and trucks it's a major pain in the B-U-Double cross streets.

For me it's just a few blocks away.

A short walk of those few blocks through a crowd presently is an ordeal.

The idea is precious in its conceptualization but complete fail in practice. The original idea was to have the state help top restaurants introduce themselves to Denver citizens by showing what they have on their menus. 

What happens instead is massive fair-food; roasted corn on the cob in several booths, roasted turkey legs in several places, Pepsi, water, beer in several places, tacos, cotton candy, bowls of sprinkles for children, berry-kabobs, freshly fried potato chips, tiny trays of crap all over the place. There is literally nothing appealing to eat. Everything grossly ridiculously overpriced. Careless zoned out crowd. 

People take their dates. Typically, a woman is being dragged around by a young man. The young man is somewhat situationally aware and the young woman is in a la-la-la trance; a reversion to childhood, while the children are having a blast. The children are more like adults on adventure and the women are like children being led by men. For the most part, but obviously not always. Typically, when paired and holding hands, it is the man who sees me, a man walking with two canes, and not the woman. In other cases it is women herding their children. 

In other cases it is children roaming free, and I must say, those people are the most interesting of all. There are quite a lot of awesome young children. Kids with very real style. Styled hair, stylish tattoos, styled clothing, stylish toys such as scooters, wagons and hoverboards. 

One boy with his parent had a tuft of blond hair on the top, shaved on the sides to show a snake tattoo on the side of neck from his chest to the side of his head. Another boy with styled short hair, large trainer type shoes/boots, tight leggings torn just so, flying around in circles on a hoverboard. 

Girls in flowing floor-length dresses and outrageously large chunky gold jewelry. 

Lots of black people dressed to the nines. Animal print shirts, novelty socks, everyone in brand new trainers. Everyone dressed up very nicely. Latinos and Latinas dressed up for a day out. 

The worst dressed are white people, carelessly, who apparently shop at Target. The men dress as boys who don't know about clothes and whose wives pick out rags for them at Walmart, and the women dress like they just flat don't care. 

Here's the weird thing. It's a racket. No money is exchanged inside, discounting the ATM machines to provide cash to buy tickets. No buyback of unused tickets. So you must guess how much you think you might spend and bite the extra tickets you buy. It's quite impossible to estimate exactly. 

I took my backpack and expected to stop at several booths and bring back at least $30 worth of food items. I estimated on the short side.

I did not predict all the available food; hotdogs, nachos, tacos, chips, fruit-kabobs, will be in paper trays and not in packages that close. I did not pack Tupperware or disposable containers. I saw exactly one place that sold food in containers that close. So I bought one. $15.00 for 3 bbq beef ribs. 

To be fair, they are very good ribs. And the vendors are all friendly and gorgeous. 

But the rice that came with it and the macaroni salad is pure crap. 

There is no place to sit. You must eat your fair-food standing up and walking. You must hold your drink as you are walking. Most people do this fairly well. Somewhat. They have a tendency to stop walking and just stand there in the middle of the street. 

I cannot cope with it.

Food booths dominate Broadway. Other booths are along the edges of Civic Center Park. The usual things that set up the standard tent roofs without sides. I saw names of Breckenridge and other resorts, vacation packages being sold. I saw people carrying packages of the type crafts that people vend at these fairs. I saw fair rides in the distance. 

See, the original idea was Colorado restaurants to show what they offer, but only very few of those are present, and those are the fast-food types, everything else is standard fair booths. Over and over and over and over and over and over and over. It's lost all of its original  imagination and it's dominated by the standard fair-like commercialism, places that are good at this sort of thing. There is no imagination whatsoever. There is absolutely nothing that is new. Nothing fresh. 

I resolved not to bother again. 

It's great these things happen so near where I live, so easy to avail, but it's lousy they devolve to standardization. For real food then, slip out of the Taste of Colorado and drop into any of the nearby restaurants for real food that's not going to kill you.

I'm so sick of those corn on the cob things. Yes, they're great roasted. Yes, they're interesting dusted with chile powder. But they're dipped into a non-butter oil. Everyone is walking around munching a corn on the cob as if that's the best thing they can get.

I stopped two Asian men walking together. "That turkey leg looks really good." It's a Renaissance Fair type of thing. It does look good. I've never eaten one of those things. They have a beautiful bbq bark. The man said, "Yeah, but it cost $15.00. It was $30.00 for these two.

I still had over half my tickets and all I wanted was to get out of there safely without having a heart attack. I'm serious here. I'm treading dangerously. I really do need to get home, but I'm not experiencing any of the pain that sent me to the doctor and put me in hospital so I'm glad about that. Just really tired and my muscles are failing. I need sleep immediately. So I scanned the line of people incoming, approaching the tent where their packages are checked and their bodies are scanned, and I looked in the line for a woman with the cutest kids. A short woman was with a gorgeous young girl. I approached her and handed her my unused tickets. "Here's $15.00+ worth of tickets." A perfect stranger. This is all wrong. She accepted them graciously without fully knowing what the tickets are all about. She'll figure it out. 

The cookies were free.

Also free were packages of vegetarian butter.

Also free were small boxes of energy bars. Young men who lift were carrying those around.

So it's a strange combination of free stuff and overly priced crap. 

This is where you'll see the most fat people in Colorado in one place at the same time.

Colorado is consistently rated #1 for the least percentage of overweight people. But that doesn't mean everyone is thin. Hardly. It means all the other states are even worse. Having said that, there are a lot of gorgeous people. It's that, once inside I must lean against something to take a photo and those opportunities in the crowd are rare. I must find something sturdy along the side of the crowd by the temporary fencing. Ultimately it's not worth the trouble because all of the food booths are pure crap. 

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Moose Bully

Dave Chappelle talks about a French actor who was attacked

Texas is the 4th hardest working state

This article at Texas Monthly has a lot of extra words. I skipped most of them to drop down to first, second and third.
Of course, Texas isn’t the hardest-working. That honor belongs to North Dakota, where the employment rate is high, the number of idle youth is low, and, if the movie Fargo is any indication, any attempt to circumvent an honest day’s living through a complicated extortion scheme is met with swift and grisly retribution. Coming in a close second was Alaska, where the always-bustling oil and fishing industries have greatly contributed to the state having the nation’s lowest unemployment rate and the highest average hours in a workweek; meanwhile, every commute presumably involves some sort of Jack London-esque adventure pitting man against nature. Texas was only narrowly beat out for third place by South Dakota, presumably because it takes entire swathes of laborers just to clean the nostrils on Mount Rushmore. That’s just a guess. Look, we didn’t bother digging too deeply into this. We’re only the fourth-hardest-working, right? Go ask North Dakota, why don’t you.
Maybe I should have read the rest because that's funny.

I'm interested in Colorado because the people I see around here work very hard. And what's insane about it is they appear to be cheerful about working.

Joking. It's not insane. It's brilliant. That people can choose their employment is brilliant. It's a tremendous advance for a society, for culture, for civilization. That people are happy doing what they do for income is brilliant. It's all What Color is Your Parachute all over the place. It's turning your fascination into a job, while conversely,  it's a job becoming your fascination.

The link within the article goes to WalletHub.

Colorado is 8th.

But that's below Hawaii at 6th. W-h-a-a-a-t?

It's too hot, too laid back, too amusing to be classified as more hardworking than Colorado. It's people in service industries, people in juice huts, restaurants and hotels, souvenir shops, surf instructors, tour guides, boat captains, fishermen, helicopter pilots, people on the beach who sell pot. That's what I saw anyway.  Come on!

Although I can see Nebraska and Wyoming beating Colorado. I've been to those places too and the people I saw really do work very hard at serious things.

Surprisingly, California is way down at 33. I always saw the people there as real hustlers. In the good sense. There's just so much going on all over the place, top to bottom. Everybody works hard. Even on weekends.  Incredibly brilliantly industrious people.

This list must be wrong.
To determine where Americans work the hardest, WalletHub compared the 50 states across 10 key indicators. They range from average workweek hours to share of workers with multiple jobs to annual volunteer hours per resident. Read on for the results, insight from a panel of experts and a full description of our methodology.
Oh? 10 key indicators. Well then, I'll look for recreation activities that amount to work. Recreation that takes a lot of energy or effort or work to support. Such as skiing and hang gliding. Two of my favorites, but also football and basketball and all the wild things like skate boarding and BMX. When you end up in Aspen during the music festival you'll be forced to notice people practicing their classical instruments on every street. In their hotel rooms with the windows open the sound of music fills the whole town.

Even fly fishing. Our little group of high school friends dropped in on a guy living in a caboose. Housing is quite expensive and Aspen workers are pushed to the outskirts. The guy sat at his table and made a dozen flies then drove down to the stream to catch his dinner. Although it's only fishing, and looks rather passive, that whole thing took a lot of time, energy, knowledge and effort. Work. Standing in the water and casting, concentrating on fish. Work. It doesn't seem like work but it is.

A hobby of restoring old vehicles is very real work.

When you measure work you must include all the hobbies and recreation people do to stay busy. It's real work. And a lot of that type of work is impossible to measure. My own mother did an insane amount of volunteer work. She was always thinking of things. Including mud wrestling in pudding. My sister has the photo album as proof. She purchased and delivered turkeys herself for Thanksgiving and for Christmas. She collected toys for Christmas on her own. She stayed insanely busy in ways that are not recorded.

Do they include these forms of very real work? Let's see.

There are links for 1) main findings 2) ask the experts and 3) methodology.

Methodology: 2 main factors; 1) direct work factors 2) indirect work factors.

1) Direct work factors -- total points 80

* average workweek hours: triple weight ~36.92 points.

* employment rate: full weight ~12.31 points.

* share of households where no adults work: full weight ~12.31

* share of workers leaving vacation time unused: half weight ~6.15 points

* share of engaged workers: half weight ~6.15 points
( the share of employees who are "involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace," defined by Gallup.)

Know where I see this to an extreme? Whole Foods and Trader Joes. The workers in both those places are awesome. Also the workers at Medical Clinic where I just started to go. Those people are always so busy and and cheerful. And you won't know that until you talk to them.

Know where it was the worst? The Federal Reserve Bank where I have most of my work experience. The people work very hard and very well but their heads are not really in it. It's not something one can actually love. It's not what can be described as a calling. Except for a few bank examiners, who write books about what they are doing, and those people are genuinely twisted. They are so sear-ee-us.

* idle youth (16-24), half weight ~6.15 points

2) Indirect work factors -- total points: 20

* average commute time: full weight ~5.00 points

* workers with multiple jobs -- full weight ~5.00

* annual volunteer hours per resident: full weight ~5.00

* average leisure time spent per day; full weight ~5.00

So then, no, they do not include work-like leisure activities and that leaves out quite a lot when you compare it with sitting around all day watching t.v.

Kate Bush, Rocket Man

This is the third and the last song that I'll post from Two Rooms album in which other artists recorded Elton John's songs.

I like how each artist chooses a song that best suits them, and that so many successful artists are inspired by Elton John. There is a wealth of Elton John music for musicians to be so inspired. I love how they each change the songs to suit them.

Speaking of ...

Tennessee man sued Popeye's for running out of its new chicken sandwich

Ew, that bread is gross. 

The difference between what is promised and what is provided is not the reason the man sued.

It looks like the bun had a flat.

The bread that does that, OMG, that's what it does in your stomach except worse. One time at ten years of age I saw my older brother prepare for a day-long absence from home, as his practice through the summer. This was outside of Tatchikowa outside of Tokyo, and we just got there. Imagine a boy running around the outskirts of Tokyo. He really was an adventurer.  He took several slices of Wonder bread and smashed them flat as a steam-rolled pancake and put them in his back pocket. And I was all, "Ew, gross. You're freaking me out." 

Popeye's didn't prepare sufficiently for their rollout. The customer obsessed about the sandwich and ran into quite a lot of trouble to get the sandwich independent of Popeye's. 
I can’t get happy.  I have this sandwich on my mind. I can’t think straight. It just consumes you. 
It’s totally deceptive. Who runs out of chicken? It’s a big fiasco. Someone has to stand up to big corporate. Everyone is captivated by these sandwiches. They’ve got everyone gassed up on them.
He's going to lose.

1)  Company's who underestimate response are the people who run out. That's who.
2)  No. It is not a big fiasco. It's just a sandwich
3)  Nobody has to stand up to big corporate
4) Not everyone is captivated by these sandwiches.
5) Not everyone is gassed up.

Popeye's is not responsible for the man's happiness. Popeye's is not responsible for what's on the man's mind. Not responsible for him not thinking straight. Not responsible for him being sandwich-consumed.

It was a big fiasco because the man blew a tire and damaged his car's rim. He blew a tire because his tires are crap. He damaged his car's rim because he drove around on a flat tire.

After he fixed his car he went on Craigslist where someone claimed his friends at Popeye's had some stashed in the freezer. The Craigslist guy told the guy suing Popeye's to meet him behind one of the Popeye's locations.

The man suing paid the Craigslist man $25.00 for a $5.00 sandwich. He gave him too much money for a sandwich. The Craigslist man never returned.

A Popeye's employee said that a man matching the description of the Craigslist man bought something and left out the front door.

The suing man was humiliated by his friends who laughed. Because the man's behavior is ridiculous. He filed suit for $5,000 and he's representing himself.

See? Self-representation in court proves he's ridiculously prone to bad decisions.

All those things together is how we can safely predict the man will lose his suit. He cannot separate all his problems associated with his own obsession with Popeye's simply running out. That day. Come on!


Come to think of it, Burger Fi next door is advertising their new chicken tenders quite heavily. Large signs all over the place. Online, and a large board at the entrance, and on the base of their their counter, and the top of their counter, and on their overhead menu. And on the walls. But they ran out the first day. Signs still up. And boy, was I disappointed. But I bought something else and went back a few days later and to my surprise they had them. And they really are rather good.

Wanna see 'em?
They belong in a chicken tender museum.

The good thing about them is you can buy extra, bring them home, refrigerate them, then re-heat them in the oven to original crispy greatness. 

Not in the microwave. In the regular oven. No puffy buns to be flattened.