Saturday, July 27, 2019


Dog watches rodeo on t.v.

Seen on Small Dead Animals.

Give us your best Bob Mueller impression

It's a Daily Caller thing. Everyone does the same impression.

Love the instantly pervasive lightly cold-hearted humor. Forevermore the name will be Robert Can You Repeat the Question Mueller. Acquired late in life.

Trump organizes a new deal with Guatemala

Boy, things sure do happen fast with this administration.

Guatemalan Interior Minister Enrique Degenhart and acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan signed a joint asylum agreement. Guatemala is now a safe third country, meaning any South American migrants intending to pass through Guatemala must accept Guatemala for asylum and not the United States.

He's winning all over the place. If our media weren't so hopeless they'd be lauding Trump's successes but they're so corrupted themselves his success read as defeats for themselves. That's why they're the enemy of the people. Pretty much everyone that I know still rely on them for information and they're each very poorly served.

This week alone:
1) The Mueller hearing was a total disaster for Democrats who now all look like perfect jerks.
2) Guatemala signed this 3rd party agreement
3) Supreme Court allows 2.5 billion transfer of DOD funds to build border wall. This is a huge win for Trump. Vote was 5:4 with the liberal judges voting treacherously. This overturned a lower court decision.
4) Democrat squad was humiliated
5) Fake News Media yells "racist" again.
6) House Speaker Pelosi diminished.
7) Democrats are now seen as Socialist party
8) France put on notice for taxing American technology companies. Trump insists if anyone taxes American companies it will be us and not them. Trump adds, he always said American wines are better than French wines.
9) Sweden put on notice over A$AP rapper.
10) U.S. trade representatives instructed to take action to stop rich countries from cheating the WTO system at the expense of the U.S.
11) Apple moved to China despite American tariffs intended to bring China to true free trade then asked Trump for waiver. Trump said, "Bite me. Make your McPro parts in the U.S. instead."

Don't watch this. He's reading. It's boring. He tells us what we already know.

Watch these instead.

Kevin Rose tosses a raccoon down the steps

To save his little dog, Toaster.

Rose is co-founder of Digg along with other internet sites, Revision3, Pownce and Milk.

I didn't think animals could throw things, but that monkey does fling the raccoon.

One time a guy told me dogs are amazed we can throw things. That's part of their fun in retrieving is being a part of us doing something so amazing to them. Come on, come on, come on, let me see you do that amazing throwing thing again. 

Friday, July 26, 2019

Boris and Natasha must die!

There were many problems on the Bullwinkle show. There was the problem of Rocky the Flying Squirrel's satyriasis. He banged anything that moved. He had affairs with every cartoon character in Toon Town. His bouts with Betty Boop were legendary. That is why she sounded so funny. It was because of all the rabid squirrel come she had swallowed. 

Then there was Bullwinkle's homosexuality. He had many beards through the years. I mean he went on a date with Natalie Wood for crying out loud. But then so did James Dean and he was a big old homo. Bullwinkle always had a young protege in his entourage that he was banging in his trailer between takes. Many a young actor in the early sixties passed through his clutches as they worked as his "assistant." Robert Redford. Sal Mineo.  Jack Klugman. Dennis Hopper. Even Jack Nicholson when he was down and out. They were a constant problem on the set with their drug use and wild sexual antics.

Mike Roe on TED

By way of performing as apprentice to a sheepherder family castrating young sheep, Mike Roe explains anagnorisis and peripeteia. It's classic Greek up in here!


The Great Flydini.

Steve Martin on Johnny Carson 1992

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Trump vs Sweden

On behalf of American musician A$AP.

Denim magnifying glass case

1) I have a magnifying glass that I use all the time. Every time I pick it up the thing must be cleaned. Apparently it's also a dust magnet.

2) Working on another project I spilled Gorilla glue onto a new pair of jeans. I tried soaking the area in fingernail polish remover a million times. Possibly twenty times. To no effect. The glue is in a noticeable spot. All the birds check me out, it's a thing with them, and the spot is right there. Where the checking out occurs.

So the pants have to go.

Size 30-34. Personal history is there's a good chance I'll be that size again so I'd much rather keep the pants but not with that spot on them. This is a sad tale of woe and terrible waste. I'd much rather keep the pants. They've been sitting around on the 2nd bathroom floor with the bottle of fingernail polish remover purchased just for this. Everything's a waste of cash, time and effort.

So I cut off the bottom leg and made a cover for the magnifying glass.

I sewed!

It took ten minutes to thread the needle with one of those needle threading things.

Finally I got the needle threaded by turning on my superpower vision and by using the magnifying glass, but mostly by using the magnifying glass. 

These pants were originally tan. I dyed them green. The dye is great but it works on natural fibers. The stitching is synthetic so the stitching sticks out in white. 

Ew, I hate that glue to pieces.

Finally no more stinking scum dust on my magnifying glass. 

It is summertime

High summer, in fact. We have had a couple of cool days after last week's heat wave, and that has been a welcome break. This morning I took my dog out for a long walk, we both needed it:

Here we are on the back straightaway - it was very nice out there walking in the shade. Even though we had torrential rains earlier this week the river is right back down to drought stage as the watershed is quite small - water pours down from the sky, clogs up and floods everything briefly, then drains away in no time at all. I didn't even take a picture of the river - it was just too sad looking.

I made a couple of colorful bowls this evening:

They are colorful. 

And while I was resting after today's walk I decided to watch some television. One sees the darnedest things on the ol' tv - today I learned that both Grandpa and Uncle Herman served together on the NYPD - who knew? I know Trooper knew that, and maybe he can explain where Marilyn was while this episode was being filmed, but who knows?

There's a holdup in the Bronx,
Brooklyn's broken out in fights...

Some things never change.

Boris and Natasha Must Die!

Boris and Natasha were estatic. They had finally fulfilled their destiny and won the approbation of their fearless leader. You see Natasha had managed to seduce a young New York Real estate mogul who had grown up on their cartoon and had a fetish for Eastern European floozies. Natasha met him one night hanging out at Studio 54 with Margaret Trudeau and Andy Warhol. The young pup was just feeling his oats. She let him feel something else. She took him home and they went around the world in eighty ways. All while Boris was in the closet. Not with his sexuality. But with his camera.

They did nothing with the photos until forty years later when that young horn dog was elected President. When they tried to get him to change his policies toward the Motherland he just laughed. "Get in line Nasty, there are hundreds of bimbos with photos."

The Fearless Leader was not amused.

(Jay Ward and Alex Anderson, Rocky and Bullwinkle, E True Hollywood Story)

Boris Johnson

Two things. But before those, the hair.

It was thicker last time I noticed. 

But still cut as if he did it himself with scissors in his own bathroom. He grabbed clumps and snipped. He's wealthy, so this is how he wants to look. He wants his hair to be a mop on top of his head. This is his choice for himself. 


[I was having lunch on the roof of a friends carport with a small group of other friends. Across the street a small red-haired woman entered her car and just sat inside it. I noticed she took out papers and read them. She had her checkbook. She balanced her checkbook. Her red hair was frizzled and ratted outward so that she looked like she stuck her finger into an electrical socket. 

Right then her two teenage boys ran up to the car from behind it, jumped onto the trunk then onto the roof and flew onto the hood then kept running ahead. Both of them did. Like this BANG BANG BANG, then BANG BANG BANG. Two animals leaping over the car.

I said, "The woman's hair is the perfect outward expression of her internal mental status. She is what she shows us." 

That put an end to the lunch. My friends cracked up so hard they couldn't continue. We were done. They knew the family. They knew the boys were driving her insane. They were nothing but trouble. And I mean nothing but trouble. She went out to her car for a moment of solitude and peace, and the boys would not leave her alone, and her hair expresses her near suicidal frustration.]

In the video below as Johnson is speaking he reaches into his hair and messes it up a few times as if scratching his head, but he's actually messing up his own hair. He draws attention to his hair, he draws energy from his hair. He uses hair-fiddling as physically expressed verbal pauses. He is not scratching his head. His hair is like Samson's hair was to him, Biblically speaking. 

Toby Young writes an awesome description of Boris Johnson for Quillette. Young met Johnson in school. He is thorough, the young Johnson to the present day Johnson, the virtuous Johnson with the profane Johnson, the statesman Johnson with the schmuck Johnson, the good, bad and ugly of Johnson. 

Young encountered Johnson at Oxford Union debating society. Johnson was disheveled, an oversized schoolboy with imposing physical stature, thick neck, broad forehead. Young imagined Johnson as Viking. 

Johnson spoke as if he were making a parody of theatrical, dramatic, self-serious British politics and the next moment seem to forget where he was. He asked the audience which side was he supposed to be on. Then proceeded before anyone could answer, in even more oratorical manner. Then within a few seconds suddenly realize the opposition has an equally compelling argument for the opposite views. So he flip-flopped for fifteen minutes giving the impression that he was some random person pulled from bed and dropped into debate room at Oxford Union without a good idea of what he was supposed to be talking about. 

Young knew how merciless the crowd was at Oxford Union toward those who came unprepared. But Johnson's chaotic approach had the opposite effect. The motion was deadly serious, "This House Would Reintroduce Capital Punishment" yet everything that Johnson said provoked laughter. Johnson was no ordinary undergraduate proposing a motion, rather, he was a Music Hall veteran performing a well-rehearsed comic routine. He came off as less the unprepared debater and more as someone sending up all the other speakers as well as the pomposity of the proceedings. Viewers sensed Johnson could have delivered a highly effective speech if he cared to but he was too clever and sophisticated and honest to enter into such absurd charade; to do what everyone else was doing. He was openly insincere and by being so, somehow he seemed more authentic than everyone else. 

Trump's House of Wings

I saw one copy on YouTube but it's slathered over by CNN propagandists taking out all the fun of it and smearing their own diaper poo. SNL over a decade ago.

Trump in!

Friendship tree


D.E.D, dead.

Emmanuel Macron gave President Trump a live oak as symbol of friendship. They made a big photo-op dealio out of planting the thing using a golden shovel.

Psst. Don't tell anyone. Whispers: It's a regular shovel spray-painted gold. Trump is like Midas he likes everything gold.

It was all show. 

The tree was immediately dug up and placed in quarantine as all live trees must. Whereupon by chance or perhaps by neglect or maybe even by lack of genuine friendship the tree perished. 

And let this be a lesson. 

Whenever passing off an oak tree to represent enduring friendship between nations, pick one with leaves on it. 

Or else you're actually saying, "Here, have some sticks of friendship." 

"I was never actually a gardener type." 

But that's the thing.  We gardener types learn by making mistakes. 

We're thinking, maybe it was the gold paint on the shovel.

Post-Mueller presser

Featuring House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Doug Collins, Intelligence Comittee Ranking Member Devin Nunes and Oversight Committee Ranking Member Jim Jordan.

They're feeling their oats.

All Too Familial

I'm heading back to Madison in the morning. My mother suffered a massive cerebral hemorrhage this afternoon and is hanging on by a thread. She's unconscious and the doctor's prognosis is grim. I'm in such shock that I barely remember biking home from work.

Here is something I wrote about her a few years ago:

My mother was born in small unincorporated township in Richland County, Wisconsin. Her ancestors were Anglo-Saxon peasant stock, farmers mostly, but some were property holders. There’s a famous [locally] geographical feature named after her mother's family north of Madison.

Born in 1937, she wasn't a depression child and yet wasn't a boomer.  She was a middle child and had older siblings: two sisters and a brother [added: she outlived them all]. I heard stories of siblings who died tragically: an older sister near her age who accidentally burned to death as child; two others died in infancy. For quite a time my mother was the youngest in a poor but relatively happy family. But something happened.

I never knew what my grandfather did for a living -- itinerant may best describe him. He was a talented gunsmith is all I knew. I met him once -- when I was about 8. He left or was kicked-out by my grandmother when my mother was young. The family then moved to the small town of Richland Center. She has memories of him meeting her after school and of him carrying her piggyback and giving her treats, and of her mother then taking away those treats.  A reconciliation was attempted around the time that my mother must have been 7 or 8 and two more siblings--twins (a boy and a girl) resulted, but the marriage ultimately failed.

My mom was raised by a single mother in the 1940's and 50's in the days before being a single mother was commonplace.  She babysat the younger twins while my grandmother worked nights in a restaurant, eventually working herself to any early death. My mother claimed that she raised herself, watched over occasionally by older siblings and by a neighbor woman, who was also either divorced or widowed. These women -- my grandmother and the neighbor, were key to developing her character. But the misfortunes of others played a role too. As an adolescent, she watched her eldest sister marry, have kids, and then descend into single motherhood by the fault of an abusive and alcoholic husband. She became determined to escape that cycle.

She was good-looking and met my father while still in high school. They dated for a year and then married a month after she graduated from high school. She had my brother and then me and raised us before returning to school when I was 8, getting an AA degree in dental assisting (just like Goldie Hawn in Cactus Flower my dad teased her). She eventually ditched the dental assisting.

She outlived my father who died in 1995. She was utterly miserable for a few years but then, five years later, met a wonderful man who became my stepfather.  He's been a wonderful companion for her and he's a millionaire (on paper) [added: I'll be seeing this wonderful man again tomorrow]. My wife says that my mom will now live forever.

Here she is front and center with some diving friends when she was 28 or so. The photo was taken by my dad.  That's me and my older brother looking on (was my head really that big?).  The photo was taken at Devil's Lake, WI circa 1964.

I'm eternally grateful to her for raising me. She made all those untold sacrifices that many women did in her era as a homemaker before the term became somehow pejorative. Of my parents, she alone was the one who encouraged me to go on to school after high school and she made sure that my father was on board too (he preferred that we boys learn a trade).  She had seen the lasting damages that wrong choices had on individuals and families and was determined not to pass these things on whether by nature or by nurture.

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Troop's favorite brunette

I watched some Perry Mason episodes from the 1950s. Season one episode 23 featured a woman referred to as "a good looking brunette", AKA Angie Dickenson.

A later episode included a Bufano sculpture in the frame:

That one is still extant out there somewhere, or at least it was last time I was there. 

While I was going through my old pictures the other day I found one I took back in the 1970s. This is the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.

Bufano did some friezes around the original version, who knows what's up there now.

White House press masochists assemble for their regular Chopper Smackdown

They ask perverse and irrelevant Democrat-designed questions and Trump smacks them down. It's a real pleasure to watch. Too bad we don't see their faces or hear their names but we can guess.

They're aggressive howling jackals. Judged by their uncouth public behavior. Utterly ridiculous by anyone's standards.

It's fun.

John Ratcliffe shoots Weissmann's and Mueller's dogs and ponies.

Ratcliffe dismantles Weissmann's and Mueller's interpretation of DOJ rules.

As you know the Democrats last dying breath of resistance is to put on a dog and pony show by dragging Mueller in front of Congress for extremely tightly scripted questioning. They do this while keeping America's southern border wide open to veritable invasion and while our country thrives under Trump leadership.

You might not know that Nancy Pelosi released Democrat "Mueller Blitz" designated talking points (pdf) to get her people on track. It is long and utterly ridiculous. Too ridiculous to waste time on. It's a document of serial lies. Debunking it would be a massive waste of effort better spent doing the dishes.

Mueller has a stolid scary face but that's it. Behind the no-nonsense military general visage is a marshmallow. He is not leader of the investigation. He did not choose his team. Rather, the team was already in place, already active, and they chose him. They're the same team of people who protected Hillary Clinton from Ben Ghazi investigation, the same team that organized the Russian collusion narrative against Trump, the same people who tacked together the FISA court inquiries to spy on Trump campaign, the same group that organized the resistance to aggressively protect FBI and DOJ by attacking Trump, the exact same people on the investigative team who selected Mueller as their leader, the same people leading this impeachment effort against the will of the people.

So having Mueller testify, is dangerous for them. He is following, not leading the group, and frankly, he doesn't know what he is talking about. He doesn't fully comprehend the distorted efforts of his bizarrely whacked team. Notice the real team leadership is sitting right next to him during questioning.

Ratcliffe tears Mueller a new butt hole and it is glorious to watch. Mueller sits there stunned like the dope that he is unable to answer. Ratcliffe shoots the dogs and ponies jumping and prancing around Congress today.

There are many more videos along these lines.

Empty Nest Challenge, Mouse Trap Roulette

Cute dog accepts photographic suggestions

Or does it?

SNL 1986, Penn and Teller

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Another tradition

Listening to serene music prior to retiring.

Live at the Fillmore West. I have been by it, never in it.

I used to commute an hour and forty five minutes each way...

...when I was working in the D.C. area. I listened to the classical station WETA during these long drives and their announcer Bill Cerri had a tradition of playing certain songs at certain times of the year. This was one of them, and I got to know it well:

But familiarity did not cause me to grow fond of it.

Another tradition was this song, which I did grow to like and it became a tradition in my family:

Sadly Mr. Serri had a stroke while on the air and later died. That is an unrepeatable tradition. 

R.I.P., Mr. Serri, listening to your show was a tradition for me and I learned a lot about classical music during those years.

White Castle sliders

I went to a White Castle in Englewood only once.

At that time, mumble-mumble-ifty years ago their little hamburgers began as a meatball. The meatball was smashed on the grill with a spatula to such thinness that it cooked in fifteen seconds. As sixteen-year-olds we could easily eat five.

The buns were steamed separately.

"Hey, do you want to go to Newcastle?"

     "I only have a couple of dollars."

"That's perfect."

10 crops to plant late July.

I like her.


Karma over there in India

Karma, karma, karma, karma, karma chameleon
You come and go, you come and go-oh-oh-oh.
Kicking you is easy so your colors will match your m-e-e-e-e-a-n-ess.
Red, black and blue, red, black and blu-ew-ew-ew.

Diving board, lake, boy, dog

Three second video.

Toxic masculinity

NAACP Convention, Pelosi's stuttered speech

You don't have to watch. A few seconds will do.

No sympathy.

Retire already. 

Monday, July 22, 2019



Because twice as much cowbell is almost enough:

We drove like bats out of hell, that was the way of our people:

The conversation:

This one keeps disappearing from the intertubes - watch it while you can.

Bad grammar notwithstanding

I can't find an ASL version of this song:

My search fu is not good on YouTube.

Rashida Tlaib bounced from 2016 Trump event

Want to have some fun?

This is a 10 second video of a crackpot being ejected from a political event screaming at people she disagrees with.

She actually went there to do this.

Good going, Michigan. This is who you hired to represent you.

Navy Seal climbs pole to fix an American flag barely attached

“After a 3.5 mile run and being smoked from the previous attempts, this was my fourth attempt at trying to get up and fix the flag. Literally had to visualize what I was doing wrong and what I had to do to correct my inefficiencies in order to improve for the next attempt.”
America! Fuck yeah.

More at Daily Wire.