Saturday, July 6, 2019

João Gilberto, descanse em paz.

It has been many a decade since I first heard this song on WMAL, radio 63, in D.C. But it certainly made an impression.

My brother always says that Stan Getz' sax playing sounds like "fa fa fa fa fa", and he might have a point there.

Bahia, the home state of Mr. Gilberto, has an interesting musical history. Even Paul Simon found it irresistible:

I like it too - it's like being in a cookin' drum line, the drum line we aspired to.

This evening's sunset. No earthquakes here today.

A Brief History Of Earthquakes In Los Angeles

A while back I blogged some excerpts from a wonderful book called The Discovery of San Francisco Bay:  The Portola Expedition of 1769-1770.  The book is a translation of the diary of Miguel Costanso who was a soldier/engineer along that historic expedition up the coast of Southern California.  I love the book's vivid description of the physical geography of Southern California, which must count as the first written description. Costanso wrote a description of the valley where we lived which I already blogged about here.

We been having more earthquakes than usual lately.  They have been medium-sized and located quite a distance from here.  Nevertheless, I decided to revisit the Portola Expedition because I recall how vividly he described the earthquakes in the L.A. basin as they passed through that summer in 1769. Turns out earthquakes occurred daily.  Here are his descriptions; the notes are partially from the book and partially mine.
Friday,  July 28 1769--From Santiago we went to another place of which the scouts gave us particulars. It was not far, in truth, since we arrived after an hour's march. It was a beautiful river, and carries great floods in the rainy season, as is apparent from its bed and the sand along its banks. This place has many groves of willows and very good soil, all of which can be irrigated for a great distance.
We pitched our camp on the left bank of the river. To the right there is a populous Indian village; the inhabitants received us with great kindness. Fifty-two of them came to our quarters, and their captain or cacique asked us by signs which we understood easily,  accompanied by by many entreaties, to remain there and live with them. [He said] that they would provide antelopes, hares, or seeds for our subsistence, that the lands which we saw were theirs, and that they would share them with us.
At this place we experienced a terrible earthquake, which was repeated four times during the day.  The first vibration or shock occurred at one o'clock in the afternoon, and was the most violent; the last took place at about half past four. One of the natives who, no doubt, held the office of priest among them, was at the time in the camp. Bewildered, no less than we, by the event, he began, with horrible cries and great manifestations of terror, to entreat the heavens, turning in all directions, and acting as though he would exorcise the elements. To this place we gave the name of Rio de los Tremblores. [17]
[17] "Earthquake River" The river became known as the Santa Ana river.  Their campsite was east of Anaheim, near present day Olive.
Sunday, July 30--We left Los Ojitos, [18] where there was another earthquake of no great violence, at half-past six in the morning.  We crossed the plain in a northerly direction, steadily approaching the mountains. We ascended some hills which were quite rugged and high; [19] afterwards we descended to a very extensive and pleasant valley where there was an abundance of water, part of it running in deep ditches, part of it standing so as to form marshes.  This valley must be nearly three leagues in width and very much more in length.  We pitched our camp near a ditch of running water, its banks covered with watercress and cumin.  We gave this place the name of Valle de San Miguel. [20]  It is, perhaps, about four leagues from Los Ojitos.  In the afternoon we felt another earthquake.
[18] "Little Springs" Present day La Brea Canyon, north of Fullerton.
[19] The Puente Hills, probably on the route now followed by Hacienda Boulevard.
[20] Now called the San Gabriel Valley. The camp was near the community of Bassett.
Monday, July 31---We left the camping place at seven o'clock in the morning, and crossing the ditch over which we had to lay a bridge on account of the depth, we traveled for two leagues to the west-northwest through fields of dry grass and thickets, which detained us for a long time as it was necessary to clear a path at every step. We crossed a very muddy stream and camped farther on in an open clear spot in the same valley, and close to a gap which was seen to the west. [21]  At half-past eight in the morning we experienced another violent earthquake.
[21] They camped north of the Whittier Narrows.
Tuesday, August 1---We rested today, and the scouts went out to explore the country.
At ten o'clock in the morning there was an earthquake, which was repeated with violence at one o'clock in the afternoon; and one hour afterwards we experienced another shock.  Some of the soldiers asked permission to go hunting mounted on their horses and others to go on foot, with the intention of killing some antelopes, as many of these animals had been seen.  They are a species of wild goat with horns somewhat larger than those of the goats. These soldiers, on their return, said that they had seen a river of fine water--from sixteen to seventeen yards wide--that rises near the gap of the valley to the south, and at the foot of a low hill that was in sight of our camp, and, at the most, half a league distant.
Wednesday, August 2--In the morning we broke camp, and travelling towards the west, we left the valley by an opening formed between low hills.  Later we entered quite an extensive canyon containing many poplars and alders, among which a bountiful river flowed from the north-northwest, and turning the point of a small steep hill it afterwards continued its course to the south. [22]
To the north-northeast one could see another watercourse or river bed that formed a wide ravine, but it was dry. [23] This watercourse joined that of the river, and give clear indications of heavy floods during the rainy season, as it had many branches of trees and debris on its sides. We halted at this place, which was named La Porciuncula. Here we felt three successive earthquakes during the afternoon and night.
[22] They were at the Los Angeles River, approximately where North Broadway bridges the river. The "small steep hill" is the southeastern portion of Elysian Park--about three-fourths of a mile east of Dodger Stadium.  Elysian Park as is looks today:

[23] Arroyo Seco

Juan Crespí, a Franciscan padre along on the trip, named the river El Río de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles de Porciúncula, which translates as The River of Our Lady Queen of the Angels of Porciuncula. This the origin of the name Los Angeles.  There's an interesting story behind that name which goes back to St. Francis of Assisi which you can read about here.
Thursday, August 3---We forded the Rio de la Porciúncula, which descends with great rapidity from the canyon through which it leaves the mountains and enters the plain.  We directed our course to the west-southwest over high level ground and, after a march of three leagues, we reached a watering-place, to which we gave the name of the Ojo de Agua de los Alisos. [24] This was a large spring situated in a marshy place where there stood some alder trees of very large girth; the marsh was covered with grass, fragrant plants, and watercress. Hence the water flowed through a deep ditch towards the southwest.  All the country that we saw on this day's march appeared to us most suitable for the production of all kinds of grain and fruit. On our way we met the entire population of an Indian village engaged in harvesting seeds on the plain.
In the afternoon there were other earthquakes; the frequency of them amazed us.  Someone was convinced that there were large volcanoes in the mountain range that lay in front of us extending towards the west.  We found sufficient indications of this on the way that lies between between the Rio de la Porciúncula and the Ojo de Agua de los Alisos, as the scouts saw, adjoining the mountains, some large swamps of a certain material like pitch which was bubbling up. [25]
[24] "Alder (Sycamore) Springs", approximately at La Cienega Park, on La Cienega Boulevard between Olympic Boulevard and Gregory Way.  The phrase ojo de agua (eye of water) was often used in naming springs: an eye in the ground, whence water flowed or seeped.

[25] The La Brea Tar Pits. "Brea" means tar in Spanish.  While there aren't any active volcanoes in L.A. there are other natural oil and gas seepages like Coal Oil Point just offshore.

Wooden statue of Melania goes up near her hometown.

In Slovenia.

The life-sized, wooden sculpture is dressed in the same color she wore during President Donald Trump's inauguration in January 2017

CBS Los Angeles anchors take shelter under desk


They cut off right at the good part.


Best American instant ramen

Trump helicopter presser

I love these. He's on his way out and the press is waiting for him. Each has a list of questions they'd like Trump to answer. Maybe they can put him on the spot. Maybe they can make themselves the news.

I saw a clip of this on Denver local news. They chose to highlight the census question about citizenship as if that was the single most important thing mentioned. Then they elaborated about that situation. And I thought, "You a-holes miss more than you convey. No wonder everyone that I know is so poorly informed." Such that it's impossible to repair.

Would you like to see something incredibly stupid? This is impossibly ignorant. It's front-paged on presently where commenters think that it's brilliant. A complete reversal of reality, by a British satirist who all take their news propaganda for received common wisdom. A one-time global empire reduced to an island nanny-state. It's no surprise at all they're this absurd.

But before that ...

Person rinses with mouthwash then spits it back and puts bottle back on the shelf.

K-Mart apparently.

Male, apparently.

Giving LGBT a bad name.

Stephen Levitt and Stephen Dubner, Freakonomics
Listerine, for instance, was invented in the nineteenth century as powerful surgical antiseptic. It was later sold, in distilled form, as both a floor cleaner and a cure for gonorrhea. But it wasn't a runaway success until the 1920s, when it was pitched as a solution for "chronic halitosis" — a then obscure medical term for bad breath. Listerine's new ads featured forlorn young women and men, eager for marriage but turned off by their mate's rotten breath. "Can I be happy with him in spite of that?" one maiden asked herself. Until that time, bad breath was not conventionally considered such a catastrophe. But Listerine changed that. As the advertising scholar James B. Twitchell writes, "Listerine did not make mouthwash as much as it made halitosis." In just seven years, the company's revenues rose from $115,000 to more than $8 million.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Adam Carolla on progressivism

July 4th, Washington D.C.

I've seen a lot of great Independence Day celebrations at a lot of great locations. Air Force bases particularly. Especially one year the Barksdale AFB was opened to civilian public who poured inside in droves to crawl all over the aircraft and equipment that was set up for them. The fireworks exploding over the tarmac in the distance.

Another one in Tachikawa in Tokyo was similarly impressively large and long.

Yet another one in Denver was quite good above the spot where Auraria Campus is now.

But all that was before they could spell U.S.A. in fireworks.

I've never seen anything so impressive as what happened in Washington D.C. today. From the angle shown below in a video with the Lincoln Memorial underneath it, sometimes with the statue of Lincoln darkened and other times lit up, making the statute part of the demonstration and with levels of fireworks, a lower level of sustained sparkling with fireworks occurring above changing from full red sky to full white sky to full blue sky over and over and over. Truly spectacular.

I've never heard a president deliver such a spell binding speech beautifully supporting the military services, and choreographed with flyovers of American air power. While still all quite understated.

Truly impressive. Very well done.

Singers when they were hot and now that they're not

Now that they're ... what is it ... resting on their laurels.

Whatever laurels are, they're resting on them.

This is enlightening. But depressing.

One time I heard Grace Slick say fifty-year-old rock singers should just stop it and I thought, "n-o-o-o-o-o-o, don't say that. So much great music would be forfeited.

But watch what happens when they don't stop.

I made the Debbie Harry comparison before. She was so hot. And now she's not.

I'll just be satisfied with the old recordings and turn my attention to new young singers. 

84-year-old on America's Got Talent

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Closing day A-Basin

Arapahoe Basin is considered a slope for Denver locals. It's not really part of the upscale Breckenridge slopes with condominiums all around them. They don't have that many lifts but they do have a serious black diamond run, Pallavicini. It's a 45° dealio, Emilio. It's actually three runs in one and they're all dangerous as H-E-Double ski poles.

They have only one clubhouse. The long house. That's where I saw the short woman with the grandest titons in the whole world emphasized by the bib on her tight-fitting ski-suit.

There are far fewer skiers from Texas and from Mexico. It's actually quite lovely in Spring.

But this is summer.

July 4th, for crying out loud.

You can go up there and just goof around. Kind of ski-hike along the rim and explore the place. Take off your shirt.  Have sausages on buns outside. A picnic. With snow.

Then come back home downtown to 90° weather. Then hail to cool off again.

A friend, Paul, sent this today. Like I'm supposed to be jealous.

What an able-bodied show off.

Before he took up snowboarding he used to ski. Being short himself he used those short skis that go "S-S-S-S-S-S" where I go "C".  For I was taught by an expert to be a power-skier in total control of my edges, and he was taught by a fairy to fly thought the trees.

So he's perfect for snowboarding.

See? There are lots of brown patches behind him. But he still has his shirt on. While the guy in the back in shorts and t-shirt. Others in short sleeves. Others in snowsuits. Odd combinations. They must be hot. Size 6 ski boots. What a pixie. Anyway.

This is Colorado for you. Several climates at once.

Right now I'm watching the most beautiful sunset. Each minute the picture is different as the sun sinks behind the row of mountains. The whole bank of clouds lights up then dims in layers.

The air is still and my flag is dry.

Fireworks are started all around.

Combined with lightening in the darker gray clouds. Lightning and fireworks together like Nature itself going, "Oh yeah?"

How did Betsy Ross make a 5-pointed star with one snip?

The original idea was to use a 6-pointed star.

This story comes from Betsy Ross on her deathbed that she told to her grandson, William J. Canby. The drawing they presented Miss Ross the stars had 6 sides. Ross said immediately that was wrong. They should be 5-pointed stars. The originators thought that would be too difficult. "Nothing easier" she said.

See, now that's just wrong. Plenty of things are easier. But she's making a point. For her a five-pointed star is easy.

She folded a piece of paper just so and with one snip of her scissors produced a perfect 5-pointed star and that blew everyone away.

Seamstresses are terribly clever.

The following comes from figures in motion dot com, who got its information from The Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia.

Thing that I learned today: There is a Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia.

July 4th

It's raining like H-E-Double cat-sticks and dog-sticks. With hail in between. The hail is occurring in cycles and pauses.

Oh, n-o-o-o-o-o-o. My flag is getting wet.

That's okay. In ten minutes it will stop and the sun will come as it was before this. And my flag will dry out in five minutes flat. That's how things go around here.

I planted a boat-load of seeds all over the place.

Some were from True Leaf Market for microgreens. If you let them go then they turn into real plants. The sunflowers that grew in peat pods were not the usual gigantic things. They were more like garden plants. So I put those seeds all around in several pots to fill them out.

And peas that grow outrageously.

And cucumbers that grow outrageous vines.

And more marigolds in yellow and orange. All over the place. Crammed in pots already filled with things.

We'll see how this works out. Some pots get good sun and other pots get mostly shade. Nothing is certain.

Washington Independence Day parade

You can skip all the subscription stuff at the beginning and not miss anything.

Boss Like Ross

That's the name of the sneaker released by Out of Line to monopolize on the controversy initiated by Nike from recalling their shoe with Betsy Ross's design of the American flag on the heel because some athlete whose name rhymes with Kaeperschnick associates the early flag with slavery.

The one-time athlete, apparently, has quite a lot to say about it if you care to read it again on the Daily Caller happy to report his nonsense all over again. But you're probably familiar with his position already. This move by Nike was for this reaction so don't give it to them. We know that because this could have been done quietly.

Here's what I don't see printed all over the place.

The whole world had slavery at that time and always did before that. The entire world history is filled with slavery.

Still does, actually, by other names and by different means, but abundance of cheap labor is always taken advantage of. Democrats are still doing this along with GOPe by their position of open border, meaning the free movement of labor. Cheap labor. Slave labor. Slavery was fact of life worldwide all through history everywhere.

As a youth I felt like a slave just by feeling forced into the work system I was in. I felt under-appreciated. Always pinched. Overworked. Underpaid. Forced to work. Forced w-a-a-a-a-y out of character.

Historically there were American indentured servants the equivalent of slaves. That was part of the system our country inherited from Britain. Children were sold to colonists for work that were the equivalent of slaves. Slave-labor certainly.

Betsy Ross was Quaker and that religious sect forbade the owning of slaves. If Nike has a bug up its butt about Betsy Ross in particular then that's the wrong bug to be allowed tearing away up there.

If only these people understood history more than superficially and if only these people could appreciate where our nation came from and how far it's come in so short a time then their troubled antagonized minds would be put at ease. But that's in their nature. Their purpose is clear. So is the response. And that's to give them no energy. Not as punishment, simply don't feed the monster.

Their shoes are crap. They're temporary shoes meant to last only a season. They're like ballerina shoes intended to be worn out quickly. They're made for everyone all at once for a season. Disposable shoes. And they're not actually inexpensive. Now compare their cost paid multiple times for high quality shoes made to fit you and that last you the rest of your life. That's what we're talking about. We're talking about silly-ass shoes.

You can draw whatever you like on these shoes. You can attach whatever patch that you like. We're talking about shoes with a tiny flag in the back of them and larger Nike emblem on the sides.

Fuck 'em.

For vexing us with their nonsense so grossly. Nike and Kaeperschnick join the others such as Elizabeth Warren, Alexandria Cortez, Bette Miller, Alyssa Milano, Joy Behar, Bill Maher, Kathy Griffin and others who've discovered the magic formula of outrageous antagonism that keep their names in circulation. The way to prevail against them is fail to give them the energy they feed on. Yet conservative sites keep feeding them. Apparently conservative sites like them because they keep covering them so much.  They are bread and butter. And that's the magic of their formula: constantly be outrageous as possible.

Here is Out of Line's shoe. It's disposable and ugly as hell. You could paint a white shoe better than this.

They'll stink up your feet good as any Nike shoe does. What the hell, buy a t-shirt with this historic flag on it. Buy striped pants with this blue field on the butt, buy sunglasses with this flag on them, or buy a boy's baseball cap with this design. If you want to dress silly there's a million things you can do. And people do. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Trump's census question about citizenship

In case you don't know what is going on, the Supreme Court issued a ridiculous statement saying the President is right to include the citizenship question on the upcoming census but the reason given wasn't good enough. Provide better reasoning and proceed.

That the entire U.S. government is against President Trump caused his Justice Department to blithely proceed without including the question, then went on Independence Day break. They just blew him off. Then Trump tweeted the census question still stands. That caused a judge to conference call government lawyers involved and get at a resolution.

Conclusion: Trump will win. But it will be a huge mess. Trump has the very clear support of citizens on this issue.

Confused? Ristvan helps on this page, control F [Lurking Lawyer here].

ricpic insisted

North Korean propaganda film exuberantly positive about future relations.

We now see the message that goes with the photography we saw being taken by all the propagandists that accompanied Kim's meeting with Trump at the DMZ. In the United States and elsewhere it was expected and reported that the usual message was produced, one of lauding the excellence of Kim and diminishment of Trump but that turned out to be 100% wrong. Instead the propaganda by North Korea is one of respect and admiration for Trump and positive expectation for both Koreas.

Ooooh, that's got to just kill the Washington establishment.

The video is so brutally propagandistic that it's hard to watch even though it is exuberantly positive. They completely overdo it. Way overboard. I made it halfway through before giving up. Maybe mute would be better.  Maybe you can do better. The point is, Trump in his way is achieving more than any previous United States president.

Kind of fun to see the photos by the photographers we saw there. We even see shots of the photographers then the photography they shot.

One thing is clear by the montage; the undeveloped beauty of North Korea is truly something to behold similar to Cuba. American naturalists that went to Cuba to study birds were astounded by the bounty that is available there because human economic development is stalled.  The same thing is true for North Korea. Naturalists become divided because they know the lack of development and the pathetic pay of Cuban experts with experience greater than themselves is due to horrible politics, the same thing that allows so many birds in raw nature that would be developed under a more humanistic political system so they end up seeing the positive within the absence of human economic development and appreciating that more than they appreciate good solid humanistic political system. They're genuinely torn because their own human condition is so great by comparison to Cuban experts while their own birds to study are lessened by development. They say all this in places like The Smithsonian magazine.


American news either neglected or misreported this entire episode. It's impossible for them to give Trump credit where it is due. Trump credit simply does not compute.  If you are being informed by American news then you're doing poorly. It's propaganda such as seen in North Korea except a little bit more subtle. But not by much.

Dogs are funny

Woman licks ice cream, puts it back

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

A Korean Nuclear Freeze?

The Morons at the New York Times might have come up with a good idea. They touted some leaked information that the God Emperor might have floated the idea of a nuclear freeze with the Little Rocket Man at their last play date. Which you know  is not such a bad idea.

I really doubt that the Slopes will be getting rid of their nukes. Why would they? It is their onlyeverage. They don't want to end up like Qaddafi and being shot dead after broken US promises. Actually the US Government specializes in breaking its word going back to the Indian wars. No one should put any faith in US promises.

You know who specializes in invading Korea? Not us. China. They have done it a lot more than we have and they are really the ones they have to worry about.  There is a baseline resentment about China in Korea, Vietnam and the rest of South East Asia that most people don'r realize exists. We can use that to our advantage.

What if there was a reunification of the two Korea's to build a new nuclear state that can stand as a counter weight to China? I know I know it would be terrible for a screwed up state to have nukes. You know like Pakistan or something. But if the nukes were put under the political control of the South that might work out just fine.

First off we can bring our boys home. Korea can stand on its own two feet with the South Korean economy and North Korean nukes.

Now Little Rocket Man is the problem. The real stumbling block. Along with his henchmen and his security apparatus. He would worry about what would happen to him after reunification. He needs some guaranties if he is to relinquish power.  Scott Adams had a good idea.

Make him King.

The American left is out of control

Patricia McCarthy at American Thinker says, "seriously" out of control and "Now it is dangerous."

The first paragraphs are review of the things we already know. Antifa protests anything without any serious platform and they are very violent. They show up in masks with weapons and attack anybody who disagrees with them.

They're defended by CNN. Andy Ngo was badly beaten and seriously injured in Portland and made to walk back through the mob to seek help.

The owner of the Red Hen writes an op-ed in WaPo defending herself and suggesting Trump supporters not venture out to eat.

Maxine Waters calls out her supporters to "get in their faces to harass Trump-supporters wherever you run into them.

Obama with Nobel Prize advocated brining a gun to a knife fight.

Hillary calls Trump supporters an irredeemable basket of deplorables and Biden called them dregs of society.

The Trump haters counted on the Mueller Report for vindication and that failing has caused their excusing violence to intensify.

They all melted down over Trump meeting Kim and crossing over border at the DMZ. Horrified at him being so bold.
The Left, though, is afraid it might work.  These people are already enraged by all his successes: the economy, energy independence, deregulation, getting Mexico to police its own border, getting China to the table, a soaring stock market, and record-low unemployment for blacks and Hispanics.  If he seduces little Kim into some kind of de-nuclearization deal, they will surely self-destruct.
And a bit more at the link. The article is reaffirmation of the things that we know and comments over there are dire.

As for myself I enjoy front row seat to global history in the making and that can be said of this entire era, but now it's come to an important flexing point in the ebb and flow of political insistence. I am not one to seek violence by any means other than voting and by that I seek maximum damage. For people more active than myself who like to put themselves in the center of things I have a suggestion with the benefit that it can make you quite a lot of money besides.

It requires two purchases and a bit of heavy duty glue.

Tucker Carlson, North Korea

Mostly North Korea. Interesting honest insights and reporting from the border. Also Trump and a few other people, a colonel who looks and speaks like Gore Vidal but says opposite things, a few others including Andy Ngo.

YouTube is great. You get the best of Fox without needing cable and without all of Fox's other nonsense.

Coleman Sweeney

Monday, July 1, 2019


...of jazz.

Bobby Timmons' octaves are impeccable.


It's being reported the worked up left is tossing milkshakes at conservative speakers to protest since talking to conservatives is useless.

I'm glad they decided to shut up.

Because listening to them is to get an earful of nonsense.

The idea came from Britain where protestors appear to be sticking with milkshakes. So far. While their American counterparts up their game to Portland cement. Here, look.


Maybe the idea isn't British after all. Maybe the American left is doing the same stupid shit they've always done. And no, their words do not work. They're too stupid for that.

Andy Ngo. For more information, his twitter.

Driving with Pakistani dad

Pakistani commenters on YouTube think this is hilarious. Click over if it doesn't make sense. 

Flap Monster Mash

This is Matthew Reinhart. You cannot tell by these tutorials but Reinhart makes the most amazing pop-up books ever. And I mean it. He learned by hooking up with Sabuda in New York then outpaced the master. Now his books are all outrageously complex. Here is his Amazon page, press "hardcover" button. You'll notice his books get more and more complex as they go. Sometimes they're so complex you worry about them folding back into a book, sometimes a little too complex so they don't work completely reliably as intended. After all, people in some other country are tasked to make them.

This would be a good idea as a page in a pop-up card for a child. I thought all the hinges for layers would be on top of each other so you can flip though more than three layers. Egyptian gods would be a good source for ideas on variations.

My brother wrote me an email after the last card that I sent him. He told me that he and his wife put all the cards that I sent to him and to her in a bag and took the cards with them to dinner with friends celebrating his birthday. At dinner they took out the cards and passed them around. He told me their friends were blown away. They couldn't believe someone whipped up all that crap. And that told me they are saving all these cards. And now they have two boys. I'll bet you ten dollars they're saving the cards sent to the boys too. 

Gimme your card. 

I'm saving it. 


Pilot lesson

I got an email notification from someone having marked 'favorite' to a photo about kombu expanding. It is a very old photo in a Flickr album on old servers no longer assessable. I have no idea how people find those photos. Maybe Google search. I don't know. It is an uninteresting photo of a piece of swollen seaweed. I clicked through other very old photos next to it and saw this.

Food industry machines


Sunday, June 30, 2019

Senior Citizen plays piano

Then something happens.

Greg Gutfeld 6/29/19

Trump speaks to servicemen at Osan Air Base

Osan AB is located in Pyeongtaek South Korea.

After the introductions it's an interesting speech. He really knows how to speak to service people.

Emmy tries Mi Goreng Instant Noodles

This type of ramen is different because it's not a soup and it comes with additional flavorings. It's designed to be used with something else like your own vegetables or some kind of protein, possibly an egg.

It's rated highly on Amazon and elsewhere in lists of favorites. Duckduckgo [best ramen noodles in the United States]

I really liked Umakacchan Variety pack and already finished all 10 packages. There didn't seem very much difference between flavors. So this new one is a whole different thing. I'm imagining I can make it a soup if I want to by using all the flavor ingredients at once or adding a few more. This time thirty packages come all at once. All the same thing, not a variety. I figure I can change the flavor myself if I want.

President Trump's astounding historic visit to North Korea

This is nothing less than President Donald Trump freeing the hostage Kim Jong-un of North Korea from the iron grip of China. Trump did this by defeating China in an economic war.

If you will recall, Trump started this by calling Kim, "Rocket Man" and by being blusterous about American power. And also by either observing or causing their test mountains to cave in killing their researchers. And by creating and maintaining incredibly difficult sanctions.

And through all that, beyond what all previous United States presidents were capable, Trump understood the hostage situation with China and saw the human being Kim behind all the bluster and understood the potential for this technical/economic void apart from its aggressive nuclear program and separated as hostage from China.

This brief visit is truly historic.

Trump and Kim met and shook hands over the concrete slab that forms the military demarcation line between North and South Korea. Speaking English, Kim said, "Good to see you again, I never expected to see you at this place."

President Trump crossed the demarcation line becoming the first sitting United States president to ever step into North Korea. Then he walked a few meters into North Korea with Kim. "Good progress, good progress" Trump said, as the two walked back to the South.

When asked later to recount their first words when they approached the North/South line, President Trump said that he asked Kim if he would like Trump to come across and Kim said he would be honored. Trump said it was his honor to do it. 

The two crossed into South Korea and spoke to media then greeted South Korean President Moon Jae-in who was smiling broadly and then they went into the Freedom House for bilateral discussions and talked for an hour.  While Moon Jae-in went into a separate room. President Trump's staff also left leaving the two alone. The initial reactions from Asian media were stunning.

Many more videos available: 

Ohio Nursing Home

Millie, 94-years-old goes down a Slip and Slide with the help of a nurse, therapist and another staff member as part of the Senior Health and Wellness Day event. Thirty of the facility's 98 residents participated. The youngest is 62.

That means 68 residents were bumming out.

So it's not just Millie although the video makes it look that way.


Oh man. Now I'm bummed out about those 68 residents who didn't join them. 

They're probably too old to have fun.

"Hey, Mr. Palmeter, do you want to go outside and do the Slip and Slide?"


"Do you want to go outside and do the Slip and Slide?"


"Do you want to go outside and do the Slip and Slide?"


"Do you want to go outside and do the Slip and Slide?"


"Outside. Slip and Slide."


"Slip and Slide"


"Forget it!"

     "Fine. I thought so."