Saturday, June 29, 2019

Morandi Bridge, Genoa, controlled explosion

Trump indulges reporters before leaving Japan

It goes on for quite awhile and covers everything in their pretty little heads.

Skip to the point where Trump enters.

Friday, June 28, 2019

As long as we are talking about sculpture

One of my favorite sculptors was Beniamino Bufano, an Italian who moved to California after a while: here is more about his life and work. He was one of a kind and tough to get a read on - he was an individualist, a collectivist, but most of all he was a hard worker who wanted his work to be seen out in the public.

Last time I was in San Jose I saw this piece across the street from the hotel I was staying in:

There are a number of editions of it all over the place. I really like the simplicity, the masses, the symmetry and smoothness of it.

Here are two of his pieces that showed up on a show:

I was reading a book about his life this evening and there was a picture of a dove he sculpted but of course I can't find it online. So it goes.

That is a cat that was in a public housing place in SF, the housing was torn down and the sculpture was moved to a safe place. I posted that because the first cat I got as an adult I named "Benianimo" which was a typo of Bufano's first name, but it kind of worked as I imagined that meant "good animal" in Italian. Imagination is important.

Here Beni is lurking, waiting to bite your face off.


Bufano cat with a mouse sleeping on its back. Ha!

Zack Pinsent, period clothing

Pinsent is featured on Daily Where comments are mostly good. Seen on Instapundit where comments are 100% good. So here is your chance to tear him apart.

Zack is twenty-five years old and he's been into period clothing since he was fourteen. The Daily Mail article says he owned one pair of blue jeans but burned them.

Probably because blue jeans are American. There are blue jeans in his period  that are 100% cotton. His focus is Europe not the United States, and puffery, not gold mining.

The Daily Mail article is good but it doesn't capture his personality. That's where you can see the most clothing. This video is good but he is presenting and again a bit stilted.

The following video shows his personality the best.

Nearly 40 kilos of cocaine found on military plane travelling along with President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil

It was a separate plane, part of a group that landed in Seville, Spain before heading to the G20 in Osaka, Japan.

Spanish police said cocaine was found in suitcases amounting to approximately thirty-nine kilograms. At the time President Jair Bolsonaro was aboard a different plane traveling ahead of the plane with the cocaine.

The officer suspected of carrying the drugs was expected to join the president's plane after the stopover in Spain. The suspect is being held without bail in Spain.

Story at Global News. ca. where commenters take issue with how the story is presented.

Bean sprouts

Finally. After the third planting. Our spring was cold all the way past summer solstice then boom hot as can be and that's when the seeds could finally germinate outside.

Before that they just pffft rotted away.

And that's such a bummer!

It makes everything late. So here we go. It's on.

The seeds were planted in every pot along the railing, except one, but just a single row in the back of each pot allowing the rest of each pot for some other things.

The other things that were planted were all misgiven and gangly if they survived. Most of them did not. Since they languished so long inside from peat pellets, little bundles of peat. They grew toward the light so their stems are all too long and misshapen. They all look like poo. Honestly if they survive it will be a miracle.

But now they're all in outstanding soil. Their light is half what is optimal. We'll see how well they survive. Most are gangly and elongated and misshapen for being inside under poor conditions.

Live and learn. No more of those peat pellets. It will be cups for now on and started later.

The long beans were separate. They were planted as little beans just now, just less than a week ago. Finally this last round started to pop up.

When they all show up they will form a wall crawling up the vertical railing. When they reach the top then it will be chaos intertwining with what is already up there, going over and past each other along the railing reaching outward, reaching inward, and making a huge mess.

I have bamboo sticks that I can attach to the upright railing but I doubt that I'll use them. I'm not sure yet. I think that I'll just let it be a huge mess. But maybe if they do grow well I might attach the sticks so they go higher than the baskets in front of them on the outside.

The beans themselves are dark red and can reach over eighteen inches but that's under ideal light. We'll see how this goes.


I'm looking for a shirt for a difficult friend. He spends more on shirts than I possibly could. So there's that. It must be something he wouldn't think of himself but something he'd wear if given him. He is extremely particular. I figure a summer shirt is sort of a throw away thing anyway. It's not so important as a dress shirt.

I do know one of his favorite ties was a Hermes that I've only seen once. It was standard dark blue with diagonal lines and with tiny repeated blue/red/white pattern of Napoleon just standing there. But instead of his hand shoved into his shirt as they did, his hand is shoved into his pants. And you have to look very closely to see it or else all that you see is a tiny repeated Napoleon. And he wore that to work quite a lot because the overall look was standard club tie.

And I do know a favorite shirt of his is dark with repeated paisley pattern. It's a very rich looking complex shirt although only short sleeve. I've seen him wear that same shirt a few times.

I see this person only once a year at most. He is aging and extremely isolated. He no longer does all things he once did. Second guessing him is nearly impossible. But I did manage to pull this off last year and I'd like to repeat it this year.

He is Scandinavian. Pale skin and light brown hair now mostly gray. He looks a bit like Edward Kennedy but paler.

I know, right?

With teeth that spread outward like a fan. Just a bit.

I noticed a bunch of men modeling on Zappos, I think, and they all looked bogus and absurd in light colored shirts. Except one wearing a dark shirt. He was the least model-like, the messiest guy, unshaven, a total mess, but his dark shirt stood out among all of the rest in a group. So I bought the dark shirt. And that worked. Later when I went over there he was all, "I'm wearing your shirt" and I was all, pfft, eh. But it worked. He pointed out the length worked and the pattern worked. He liked it. And he wore it.

But now I'm thinking a light shirt for summer. Maybe white. And I still want an unusual pattern. Not a regular pattern. I saw one that is excellent but there is only one size XXL and that's just too big. Too bad. It's a light colored shirt with print of skaters falling all over the place. But you have to look closely to see them.

That would have been perfect.

Too bad.

I looked at thousands of shirts at Nordstrom's Rack. They have ridiculously marked up shirts reduced to regular cost. And they are all very good shirts. You can narrow down the search to patterns, short sleeve, mens, etc. Their results are a bit repeat-y. You can buy shirts originally over $100.00 for much less. They're all over the board. But so far I haven't gone wrong even once.

More of this sort of thing.

Trump with Putin at G20 in Osaka

Our American press mock themselves.

It's difficult to make out amid all the chatter, blather, yelling, howling, screeching, bellowing and shrieking all at once, such is American press decorum, but one of them shrills, "Will you tell Putin not to meddle in 2020 elections?"

What a bunch of dopes. Odd they show so little concern for Google meddling, Twitter meddling, Instagram meddling, PayPal meddling, Vimeo meddling and many others. Far more dangerous, but Russia is a bug so far up their butts clawing away they can't help themselves.

Trump answers, "Of course I will." He turns to Putin and says, "Don't meddle in the election."

Putin is amused. His regard for the press is the same as Trump's regard for the press.

Watercolor rose

It's like writing. In that fer'ner way. Brushwork.


(Eng. sub if you want words)

Thursday, June 27, 2019

William Edmondson, (1874 - 1951), was given specific orders

He recounted how God spoke to him. "I was out in the driveway with some old pieces of stone when I heard a voice telling me to pick up my tools and start to work on a tombstone. I looked up in the sky and right there in the noon daylight He hung a tombstone out for me to make."

In another account of how he started carving he said "God told me to carve stone, and that it better be limestone."

There is quite a bit of information about his life and work online now, but I became familiar with his carvings while reading about folk art in old books. There are plenty of faux folk artists around these days, dilatants who do work that is purposely "folksy". I don't like their work nor what drives them. I don't know how to describe what makes a true folk artist, but there is no doubt that William Edmondson was the real deal. 

One of my favorite sculptures of his is Mary and Martha, but I can't find a picture of it. So I will include Aretha's version of a song about those two sisters.

WKLEM request line

Another view of last evening's sunset - this evening's sunset was rather bland by comparison.

And a bit of music to accompany the passage of another beautiful day.

How President Trump should treat the Press

"Wu feed him to the pigs."

Keep the faith Mr. President

I am very pleased to see that the God Emperor is keeping faith with his campaign promises and keeping out of more endless wars in the Middle East. Yes the Deep State and the freckless Fake News Media is banging the drum for war after the drone was shot down by the mullahs. They even loaded up for bear and were ready to bring the hammer down. But the President looked at it and said why kill 150 people for the sake of a drone. Yes it costs money. So he upped the sanctions on the personal accounts of the courrpt elite of Iran and didn't touch off a war the way they wanted him to do.

Now the situation has really changed. We don't care about the free flow of oil through the Straights of Hormuz. You see we don't need the oil anymore. We are a net supplier of oil. Anybody that needs it can buy it from us. Let the Japs or the Chinks go to war to protect those oil tankers. It ain't our problem anymore.

Bolton and the rest of the neocons in and out of the White House can bitch and moan all they want.

We are putting America First.

Whose your Dada!

So nice of you to visit me here in Scotland. I only wish my good friend Donald Trump could have stopped by when he was in the neighborhood. But the dirty English would not let him visit any of his golf courses so we didn't get a chance to say hello.

I wanted to ask him to do me a favor. I want him to check on my only son. My beloved boy. My David Ortiz. He seem to be in trouble all the time these days.

Trump increases Carpe Donktum's views by sixty-one million

At least. Trump has 61 million followers. His tweets get passed around like here. Carpe Donktum is a satirist on YouTube. Trump tweeted Carpe Donktum a couple of times.

Man, that would be fun. Most fun president of my lifetime.

Chow mein

Causes eye floaters.

London is a potty-hole

I changed the title a little bit. The video is along the lines of the San Francisco video and the Los Angeles video. Except worse.

Watson is a fer'ner person who speaks a language very similar to English.

Beth Chapman

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Non più andrai

Because we must follow musical themes to their logical conclusion. But first, this evening's sunset:

I have seen Marriage of Figaro twice - once in the San Francisco opera house and again at a local university. It is very entertaining. Because this aria is for a bass singer we get no babes in tonight's musical selection, well, one in a breeches role, but that's not the same somehow.

The meter of the verse is anapestic trimeter for the first two stanzas, trochaic tetrameter for the remainder. The intricate rhyme scheme is [ABAC] [DEEC] [FF GG HH II] [JJJJJK LK], where the long series of -oni rhymes ([J]) supports the patter song describing the soldier's miseries.


Well what do you know - Wolfie quoted that same theme in his opera Don Giovanni (which I saw at the Kennedy Center, braggart that I am) here:

Amadeus clip

The fat guy is a favorite because he likes Mozart but cannot show it because of the others. 

And the irony is Tom Hulce eventually grew as big. He just let himself go.

Peter Green stops a fight between two women

While a policeman is standing right there watching. Then Green chastises the policeman for not intervening.

Trump with Maria Bartiromo

He's all yakitty-yak-yak and she's all interrupt, interrupt, intrrupt.

He talks about"
* Mostly China and trade and tariffs and security
* Stock market
* The world, Japan, NATO, Europe, Germany
* Economy
* Federal Reserve
* Regulations

We  heard it all before because we're paying attention. But perhaps you didn't.

But perhaps you did.

In that case then here's the crossword I did while he was yakking and she was interrupting.

It's NYT Monday July 2006 by Randall Hartman. Monday means that it's easy.

It doesn't have a title so we don't have that as a clue.

The thematic questions are all two names of actors, and ew I hate Hollywood clues. Just hate 'em. Their answers all  lend themselves to cute-sy contrived phrases based on real phrases: 


It's another of the type puzzle where you can just fill in all the theme entries and win. Everything else is just mortar. 

But Trump was really yakking away so what the heck, fill it in. 

Care to hear something even more s-t-e-e-e-w pud? 

I'm expecting a call from a specialist so I'm keeping my phone near me. 

But my schedule is also upside down again and I was busy yesterday doing gardening for hours and boy are my muscles sore. I sat on the sofa and fell asleep. 

The phone rang. I must get this. The phone is near I can hear it muffled, it's under something, I'm lifting things all around me, blanket, pillow, papers, but I cannot find it. The ringing stops. I keep looking. I need to check messages.

Knock at the door.

I get up and feel the weight of the phone in my pocket. 

Now, that's just f'k'n stew-pud. 

It was the Amazon guy who called. He penetrated our impenetrable fortress without my help and left a package at the door because I take so long to get up and walk thirty feet. He was already back at the elevator when I got to the front door.

"THANK YOU." I yell because I don't care.

     "Have a nice day."

(He left a little phone charger)

Million-layer puff pastry

It's an experiment.

There is a fairly long ad in the middle you can skip past.

Lesson on Manners

There is another very similar 22 second video that's a bit less dynamic.



And what could be better than a mockingbird sitting on the top branch of a Leyland cypress tree that I planted, at sunrise. Why not much, that's what:

This clip, from The 3 Tenors, has some funny stage business. I like it:

Tuesday, June 25, 2019



Stephanie Grisham chosen to replace Sarah Sanders as White House Press Secretary

Grisham was Melania Trump's spokeswoman. She will also fill the White House communications director position vacated by Bill shine who moved to advise Trump's reelection campaign.

Cement vs concrete vs mortar.

Oh Man, this whole time I thought Portland cement was named after Portland Oregon because the first time I heard of it was in Vancouver. 

Not so. It was invented by a guy in Britain, Joseph Aspdin, in early 19th century and developed further by his son mid 19th century. Wikipedia.

Elsewhere in comments some guy said "... and they (China) even invented it (cement)!" He was talking about China needing the United States to build a cement factory for a large concrete project because at the time they didn't have one. That didn't sound right because I saw on t.v. a show about the Romans discovering a way of combining lava rock and sea water to produce a concrete that cured underwater. And that changed everything. They could build piers and docks in ports where that was previously impossible. 

I responded with a link to this page: The History of Concrete, and that link has received a number of "likes." That made me think you might like it too. The history goes back a lot longer than you might think. But that's concrete by expanded definition.

A l-o-o-o-n-g time ago I was watching Tom Baker era Dr Who with traveling companion Romana II. She was such a snappy wit. Dr Who asked Romana if she knows the difference between cement and concrete and without pause (because it was in her script) she answered something like "Cement: Tricalcium and dicalcium silicate, tricalcium aluminate, tetracalcium aluminoferrite, gypsum.  Concrete: cement, sand and aggregate." But I forget exactly. She listed the chemical compositions but left out water. Those Baker episodes are filled with little gems like this.

And I was sitting there watching and thinking, "Wow, there's a difference?"

Trump swipes back at Iran

Iran president called Trump retarded.

See, now that right there is a mistake. It's always the most seriously damaged who call our VSGPOTUS retarded.

Sympathetic explanation of socialism

Rescue viewed from inside the helicopter

How intimate.

These things are insane.

Clean your cooking oil with gelatin

It's simple. 1.5 minute video when you change the speed to X2 and hit mute. She's jabbering in some fer'ner talk.

Heron's fountain

This video is a mess. But I like it.

Okay, you see what's going on here. Water drains from the top and gravity takes it down to the bottom. The bottom is the air supply tank that's filling with water. 

He doesn't mention that the weight of the water inside the longest tube is part of the pressure that's forcing the air. The longer that hose then the more force of air. (Air is compressible but water is not.) This is important factor in siphoning. 

For example, I can start a siphon from the aquarium to the toilet more easily by filling a hose with water from the sink into the aquarium then stopping it, plugging the end with my thumb, and carrying the hose heavy with water to the toilet and letting the weight of the water in the tube along with gravity pressing down on the aquarium and the propensity of water to find its level to pull water from the aquarium into the toilet, than I can by placing an empty hose into the aquarium and sucking out air until water lifts over the edge of the aquarium and fill the hose sufficiently for its weight in the hose to keep pulling water and pushing out air into the toilet. That is, the weight of a filled hose is easier than sucking on an empty hose. Either way it's kind of fun.  

He doesn't mention this is not a perpetual machine. Eventually the air supply bottle runs out of air because the bottle is filled with water. And the water bottle supply is drained of water.

So this fountain runs a few minutes then ends. What fun is that? Come on! 

We need a perpetual Heron's fountain. An improved Heron's fountain. Why did Heron give up? Because everything that he tried failed. 

Now you're thinking, if the bottle supplying air runs out of air and fills up with water, and the bottle supplying water runs out of both, then why not connect them so that the air supply bottle filling up with water gives water to the depleting water supply bottle? 


Monday, June 24, 2019

Grain bins

There's a lot more going on than you might imagine.

Artist Daniel Rozin makes mechanical mirrors.

Rozin is a professor at NYU who makes mechanical mirrors out of uncommon objects that mimic the viewer's form and movements.

California: America's first 3rd-world state

This is a Tucker Carlson episode featuring Victor Hanson.

Beijing is not pleased with Trump

China has shown such a great gesture regarding North Korea but China is not seeing the reciprocation by Trump.

They actually thought their move would work.

And why not? Such moves always worked in the past. And they do read American media after all. They simply cannot understand Trump.

From Global Times (read globalists). When they say "Chinese observers" do they mean globalists observing Chinese or observers who are Chinese? I think the latter otherwise they would use the phrase "China observers."  Plus the names are Chinese. So this is Chinese writing.
G20 members should unite to oppose protectionism and unilateralism at the summit, and be realistic about the prospects that the two largest global economies will reach a deal in the near future, they said.
Yes, do that. Like it hasn't already happened. Do that again. Relying on others to gang up on Trump. That's showing a bit of desperation. That means Trump's plan for destroying the Chinese economy is working.

This is happening so fast it's quite unbelievable. Trump is doing to China the same thing that he's doing to Iran. Except bigger and faster. He is waging war by way of economics.
Li Haidong, a professor at the China Foreign Affairs University’s Institute of International Relations, told the Global Times on Sunday that “a meeting between the two leaders could ease the tension to some extent, but the international community should not be too optimistic, since the complicated disputes between the two sides can’t be solved by only one meeting.” 
Ease tensions? Really? Does Li Haidong honestly believe that is the goal? That would be easy by simply acquiescing. The goal is to have China behave fairly and that is not possible due to their economy being lead by communists and communists don't know what fairness means even when it is spelled out for them, as it has been. It's why the Chinese bureaucracy broke off the deal that was already arranged. Now the goal is to destroy the Chinese economy and quite possibly the entire governing system. Same as Iran.

Apart from all that, the longer Trump holds out the better deal he can get. China is hurting and this communication shows it. Trump appears to be in no hurry to ease tensions. Welcome to chaos, Trump style.

U.S. military launched a cyber attack against Iran's missile launcher computers

The story is in the title. Everything else at AP is filler.

* It was a contingency plan drawn up previously
* Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps computer system was targeted
* IRGC was designated a foreign terrorist group earlier.
* U.S. Cyber Command did it.
* U.S. is concentrating on doing more of this sort of thing
* Iran disconnected from the internet following Stuxnet virus
* Tensions increased since Trump withdrew from 2015 nuclear deal and began applying maximum pressure.
* Tensions spiked when Iran shot down a U.S. drone
* Iranian hackers targeted U.S. government agencies, finance, oil and gas by waves of spear-phishing emails.
* Then this bit of irrelevance from John Hulquist, director of intelligence at FireEye:
Both sides are desperate to know what the other side is thinking. You can absolutely expect the regime to be leveraging every tool they have available to reduce the uncertainty about what’s going to happen next, about what the U.S.’s next move will be.
Desperate. Duh.

The article gets weaker as it goes.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Senator Ben Sasse Making Sense

“The dehumanization of our friends and neighbors — whether they're in the opposite party, or in the womb — destroys our national life together and our national conversations.”

I've recently decided to be more vocal on pro-life issues via twitter. The other side is just getting too bold and too extreme on this issue. A future where live-birth abortions are common place is too depressing to contemplate. I feel I must speak up. And if you feel about it as I do, I hope you do the same. Thanks.

Prevent poison ivy rash

Public service innit.

lazy fish

Lately she likes to stay near the surface. She's taken to using a leaf for a cot.

Mom with reflexes

Kim Jong Un received personal letter from Trump with "excellent content"

Previously during a helicopter presser a journalist challenged Trump with a question antagonizing toward North Korea. Trump rejected the premise and said instead that he had received a "beautiful" letter from Kim that is contrary to the narrative the press is trying to push.

More recently Chairman Xi Jinping visited Kim on a rare visit to North Korea to reinforce the traditional friendship between China and North Korea.

In China's thinking Kim remains hostage and Xi is highlighting his captive capabilities in advance of G20 meeting in Osaka, Japan expanded to include a separate meeting with President Trump. Xi believes he has created leverage with Trump in exchange for economic and trade concessions.

But he hasn't.

We're treated with a front row seat to world history as it unfolds. Early on, Trump understood the U.S. will not eliminate the threat of North Korean nuclear weapons by confronting North Korea directly. This puts Trump ahead and above all of his predecessor presidents. Instead, he'll eliminate the North Korean threat by creating and winning an economic war with China. This was previously unthinkable.

It is not possible for Chinese to admit such a defeat. That is, they cannot appear to appease Trump in any way. As Trump prevails in the chaos Trump created, to save face China will give the concession to South Korea instead. This describes the great magnanimity of Chairman Xi. Trump doesn't care who gets the credit so long as the threat is eliminated of North Korea acting on orders of China.

China now owns all hostility. They can no longer use N. Korea that way. That punk trick doesn't work anymore. And it is Trump who brought this about by his way of thriving in chaos of his own making. Trump's tariffs will stay in place until China simply behaves fairly. Xi imagined that he created leverage but he has not.

And now Kim is signaling. This photograph is loaded with code. White jacket (white is significant in Koroea), holding the letter with two hands (significant in Asia), separate desk (his actual desk is under the portrait), multiple pens. Kim is seriously considering Trump's "excellent content."

Incidentally. In a previous video of the Asian woman demonstrating the self-heating hot pot, she could not read the Chinese ingredients or instructions. She whipped out her phone and used a translating app. The app that she used is excellent. The camera is focused on the text and it is instantly translated to English over the original text. The app is Google translator. It can be used to read this N.Korea newspaper.

Post Malone: Go Flex ASL interpretation by Clever Trevor

Trevor is an interesting study. His choices are interesting.

The lyrics.

Some of lyrics are naughty.

It's a bit hard to follow but impressively it's all there and quite smooth besides.

"Gold on my teeth and on my neck"

"Gold" is the same as "California." The ILY configuration pulled from the side of the head and shaken ending in Y. Trever puts "shine" on his teeth and his neck and pulls them outward.

"Flex" in this context means to show off your wealth in a non-humble way.

This is the sign for "show off"

Otis giving an ass whooping

This is another Martin Lawrence character.