Saturday, February 23, 2019

I am writing a book...

… about my front yard - it is entitled "A River Runs Through It". Because it's true:

One wag said that we have only gotten rain twice this year - once for 22 days, once for 25. Fortunately I live in a place that won't go underwater, it just gets swampy here. Below the fall line, however, is another story - stuff is gettin' real over there. Could be some major flooding by the time all of this water drains out of the watershed.

However, in deference to and out of respect for my northern friends and neighbors I will once again state, even though we are getting way too much rain here, at least I don't have to shovel it.

Urban Arson: Jussie Smollett hoaxed hate crime rehearsals

Their redneck accents are killing me.

Somewhat satisfying observing Feinstein handle her crackpots

The teacher is the worked up crackpot poisoning the minds and emotions of America's precious youth with her worked up crackpot anxiety. She's teaching them first to have anxiety and second how to turn neurotic anxiety into activism.

I'd like to say to the teacher, "And when the world fails to collapse in twelve years as you insist will you come crawling to me in profound remorse for being so wrong and for spreading your wrongness from a position of trust? As Gore's dire predictions that were shoved into the heads of schoolchildren nationwide and repeatedly all failed to materialize." Of course not. She'll double down.

"The cost of the government programs is nothing compared to the cost of avoiding them." Not so. She doesn't comprehend anything about the cost of the proposed programs nor does she know anything about the cost of ignoring them. She doesn't know what she is blabbing about.

"We are the generation who will have to live with the disasters of not addressing these issues." And what are we, chopped liver? Do you imagine us all dead in twelve years? We do and don't do for ourselves as well as for you. You're special, precious precocious cupcake. But not that special.

Wrong, Stupid. This is how you approached Senator Feinstein, with smugness and disrespect. It is not a fight for survival, rather it's a fight for political power. Your bizarre claims show your desperate need for psychological help, and our desperate need to keep you away from children so they can have a childhood, one free of your irrational neurosis. 

Trump meets with U.S. - China trade negotiation teams in the Oval Office

You know how communists are. Totalitarian. Secretive. Duplicitous.

You know how Chinese are. Yin Yang dynamic with no middle ground. Back and forth panda face, tiger face. War or peace coexisting with one pushing into the other and nothing between them. All or nothing. Win or lose.

So considering all that has come before this for decades, all to the contrary, all along predictable lines, this night is truly a marvel to behold. Nothing like this has happened before and nothing like this will happen again. Trump is unique among American presidents. Everyone else is lifted up and carried forward by Party. Trump is alone. It actually is Trump against the whole world. And it is a spectacle to behold in awe and wonder.

In the midst of extreme negotiations with trillions of dollars at stake Trump has the Vice Premier sat in front of him while Trump takes a question from media seemingly intended to embarrass about Chinese technology and cyber-security and with Liu He right there in front of him Trump answers that he wants open and fair tech competition but if China becomes a security threat then all bets are off.

Open and fair.

Both antithetic to Chinese style of governance.

At the same time talking up their tremendous friendship unknown until now. Trump matches their own panda/tiger masks. And everything that we hear and read about Trump fails to appreciate his singular grasp that is utterly unique in Washington among standard politicians.

Lighthzer says they are making great progress toward a six-step Memorandum of Understanding and Trump says he wants a contractual binding agreement. Nothing else. He is telling them to knock it off with endless talk about plans and to get a detailed binding deal that he can review. Amazing because the Chinese delegation has been working toward the duplicitous Memorandum of Understanding for months and Trump gutted it with a single sentence making them appear small and ineffective.

They also announced by Mnuchin that they're working toward a summit between Chairman Xi and President Trump in March, most likely at Mar-a-Lago.

They wouldn't do that without a certainty of success.

I love the way Trump introduces his principals saying how hard they are working and what great work they are doing but all that means nothing at all if they fail to get a result.

When have you heard a president put his people to the fire like that? Like a businessman does; demanding results from his subordinates as they are knocking their heads in trying to accomplish something against a team with contrary instructions.

Trump situated behind his desk as executive with Vice Premier Liu He sitting with Trump's subordinates arrayed in front of him subjected to the same treatment. Robert Lighthizer, Steven Mnuchin, Wilbur Ross, Sonny Perdue, Larry Kudlow, Terry Brandstad, Peter Navarro, all getting the subordinate treatment. All those powerful outstanding people unique in their own right treated as ordinary employees. I have not seen anything like this.

"This doesn't happen in China."

Friday, February 22, 2019

Like Clock Work

At 9:00 PM my dogs walk over and stare at me. They do it every night at the same time. Sure, they are dogs, they can't tell time, but like clock work they show up and cast their baleful gaze upon my person.

It is biscuit time. They know it. And it never fails - they stare, they are rewarded with biscuits. Works for me.

Did someone say dreams? I have 'em. Lately I have been visiting with my father. He seems a lot more personable now that he is 103. Sure, he's been gone for 31 years, but in my dreams he is still working and somehow much wiser than he was in life. I like that. We have good talks. Sort stuff out. Revisit the good times we had on the National Mall and the Manassas battlefield. Good times indeed.

Anyway, due to weeks of inclement weather my work schedule has not been what it should be so I have been watching television. Started rewatching Justified. Walton Goggins steals that series. Sure, he needs Raylan as a foil, but his character and how he portrays Boyd Crowder is what makes the show worth watching.

Once I get a bit further along with the bowl I worked on today I will post it. Until then, how about some Brad Paisley.

Edit - after listening to that song a couple more times I decided to post a picture of a sunset I took this week - it has been overcast for so long that sunrises and sunsets have all been drearily similar. This was a good one.

This is Dolphins Country!

"Patriots owner Robert Kraft solicited prostitute, police say"
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is being charged with misdemeanor solicitation of prostitution after he was twice videotaped paying for a sex act at an illicit massage parlor, police in Florida said Friday.

Jupiter police told reporters Friday that the 77-year-old Kraft hasn’t been arrested. A warrant will be issued and his attorneys will be notified. Kraft has denied wrongdoing.

Jupiter Police Chief Daniel Kerr said he was shocked to learn Kraft, who is worth $6 billion, was paying for sex inside a strip-mall massage parlor, the Orchids of Asia Day Spa.

“We are as equally stunned as everyone else,” Kerr said.
In Bob Kraft's defense, things started going hairy for him since he started eating salads with a comb.


Dear Psychiatrist Person, tell me what this means.

I'm in an upscale restaurant in New York. I'm not hungry. I'm there because the people are there and I want to be with them. I scan the menu and it's all weird crap. I order the red Japanese berries without knowing what I will get. Sweet, sour, tart, whatever.

It is a large party spanning all ages. We are all given the menus at the same time but we're served right side first. A long time elapses before my side is served. By that time the first side is already finishing.

The restaurant and the people first served are finished and ready to settle up and break up. But I'm only getting started on my berries.

Damn, these things are delicious. Why aren't they famous? I am really enjoying these berries. But the right side of our table is already standing, pushing in their chairs and putting on their jackets. The bill is paid and the staff is already clearing their side of the table.

For a high class place, this is really no class. I'm well within my rights to make this an issue. I want to spend more time with these people but I'm being rushed out.

I resent being rushed. I refuse to scarf my berries. They're too good to shove in my mouth. I go, "Look, just because that guy has three auditions and his schedule is packed doesn't mean I have to rush through my meal." I give them a hard time about pushing me out. 

The young man was the center of attention over there on that side of the table. He was rushed for other reasons, he packed this into his schedule, and he had to leave immediately. But not before talking to another group in the restaurant who were interested in him for some reason.

My dad was in the first group. He appeared at my side. He told me go along with the program, to not make a fuss. Like it or not the dinner is over. He said, "Here take these."

He had ordered the same berries. They were his dessert but he didn't want them.

His mass of berry branches doubled the amount of berries I must eat on the go.

"Dad, these berries are the best! Don't you want some?" 

"Nah. I'm full. I've had enough of these berries from before. I know what they are." 

Standing up as the wait staff cleared the table and our party took their long goodbyes, I popped the berries into my mouth amazed about how delicious they are and thinking, man, these Japanese people sure do have a lot of hidden treasures. They are worth whatever whoever paid for these things. I loved them.

My party is dispersed and I'm walking out with my Dad. On the way out I said to one of the staff, "Here's your sticks."

"What do I want those for?"

"You can probably use them in one of your ikebana arrangements." 

The guy shrugs and goes, "Thanks." 

They don't have any ikebana arrangements. They're not a Japanese restaurant. 

Six sharp raps like a marble dropped onto a concrete floor woke me up.

Poke bowl

But the place is called Poki.

Have you seen those little packages of individual servings of tuna and salmon at your grocery store?

I find those irresistible. Trader Joe's has packages of seven such tuna. Not sushi grade but they still look very good.

Regular King Soopers had packages of those and frozen salmon steaks that I couldn't walk by.

Both of those would be perfect for this.

The video shows you can do anything that you like. Any protein, any sauce, any additional vegetables or topping. It's a salad. There are no rules. This is where micro greens look beautiful.

She says, "pescado crudo."

The appalling plastic bowl and plastic fork and then going to the automobile emphasize the Hawaiian take on stiff traditional and codified Japanese cuisine is casual as hot dogs and hamburgers. Here is a video of two dudes running through twenty versions and going way out of bounds through the whole exercise. (They neglect mentioning the octopus is briefly cooked, like just showing the octopus boiling water.)

Thursday, February 21, 2019

U.S.-China trade talks, Washington, Feb 21, 2019

Trade delegations met again today for a nine-hour talk with one week remaining before the second phase of U.S. tariffs hits Chinese imports. The meeting today opened with a photo opportunity and the tension between the two sides is palpable.

WKRLEM: To Die for!

Here is the whole episode.

Famous last words

"I really enjoyed having you on the show Julie."
"Well you would enjoy having me in real life even more Peter."
"Why are you turning so red?"
"Eh I don't know Julie.. I just know one thing."
"What's that baby?"
"These tits are to die for."
"Well lets hope not for a long long time."

R.I.P. Peter Tork

The Monkees were, for a time, bigger than the Beatles. Now they are equal.

OK Go with friends

Peshwa warrior Trump

Nigeria's youngest professional artist

The guy said, "arguably the youngest" and I'm not up to arguing.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Winter is coming...

They built a wall in Westeros. It didn't work. The illegal immigrants got in none the less.

The final season will drop soon. This is the last scene of last season. The CGI is very impressive.


Yeah I know but it is a good show

I hate the French. I bet you do too. But the wife loves the idea of Paris and wants to go to see the Mona Lisa. The best thing I can do for her is to binge watch this show.

It is in French with English subtitles. It is about a group of movie agents who seem to represent most of the stars of French cinema. Of course they are mainly older actors since those are the ones that are recognizable to an international audience.

The tone is fun and soap operaish and it is quite enjoyable. The best part is the scenery and the decor. The hotels and clubs. The gardens and the streets of Paris. Now you don't see the yellow jacket protesters or the Muslim terrorists or the problems they have over there. Just the good parts. Its a love letter to France.

It is as close as I am ever going to get to visiting Paris. Still and all it is fun. Recommended.

disturbing sign threatens dogs defecating on neighborhood lawn

The original post disappeared.

The comments still exist in their own place. I can restore them when I get back. 

(My new doctor called and told me to come back in. They want to do some more tests. I love taking pop quizzes. I bet know all the answers.)

Fine soccer ball bouncing.

The president of the United States re-tweeted this with the single word: Amazing.

And I'm thinking, talent is evenly distributed?

No. Talent and opportunity are unevenly distributed. She is talented at bouncing a soccer ball and I am not. 

Then down thread other commenters insist on the macro level talent certainly is distributed evenly. There will be such talent across nations. 

Imagine. It's similar to the discussion about slavery and what the teacher put up on her door about stolen talent.

Some people can do similar things more practical than this to actually winning soccer games and earn the attention of clubs in cities and win contracts for a level of fortune and fame.

While others are awesome at balancing and catch the attention of their town and the president of the United States.

While still others do similar things and audition for Cirque du Soleil.

And others become buskers on city streets in the summer. 

Each with varying degrees of excellence. 

See, "evenly distributed" is debatable.

But if you must have the woman appear relatively downtrodden we can ask why that is so.

We can ask, look, what we know about evolution, your people appeared first on this earth. So explain what happened through history that put other cultures so ahead technologically, socially, and economically. And what are you going for yourselves to do to close the apparent gap?  

It's an honest question since you bring up uneven opportunity. 

Oil diffuser.

I'm following Larry's instructions to kill fruit flies. His idea of cider ale and soap bubbling by an aquarium air pump and air diffuser really works. Mine made so many bubbles they instantly poured out and filled the bowl so I switched to a larger bowl to catch the overflow, then switched again to my largest bowl, then stood there and scooped bubbles into the sink and filled the whole sink. And turned it off in 1 minute.

I have never used an oil diffuser. I've never even seen one. All I want to know is, if  I should add water to the bowl. This video is short but it drove me insane. So now I want you to be insane too.

I got my answer like this: skip, skip, skip, answer end. 3 seconds.


It really went like this: ANSWER THE QUESTION ! skip ANSWER THE QUESTION ! skip ANSWER THE QUESTION !  End. 3 seconds.

Inductive, deductive

V. D. Hanson writes for the Hoover Institution, The New Nihilism,
For about a half century, universities have eroded inductive and empirical education. Instead, deduction and advocacy took its place—and to such a degree that to question man-made global warming, the dogma of racial separatism and chauvinism, radical abortion, or gay marriage became taboo and proof of near criminality.
And there is that inductive vs deductive thing again. Let's see, one of them means you take a few things and formulate a generality about everything. And the other one means you take a few clues and pinpoint something specific. I think.

What in the world is he even talking about?

Now I have to look up these two things all over again. Just to understand what he means.

He's saying inductive reasoning was good college education in the past and now deductive thinking is not a good replacement.

I thought Sherlock Holmes did a lot of deduction, so why would that be bad?

Hanson is confusing sometimes.

Maybe the font of concurred, approved, curated wisdom can help, Wikipedia.
Inductive reasoning is a method of reasoning in which the premises are viewed as supplying some evidence for the truth of the conclusion. While the conclusion of a deductive argument is certain, the truth of the conclusion of an inductive argument may be probable, based upon the evidence given.
Unlike deductive arguments, inductive reasoning allows for the possibility that the conclusion is false, even if all of the premises are true. Instead of being valid or invalid, inductive arguments are either strong or weak, which describes how probable it is that the conclusion is true.
Another crucial difference is that deductive certainty is impossible in non-axiomatic systems, such as reality, leaving inductive reasoning as the primary route to (probabilistic) knowledge of such systems. 
Deductive certainty is impossible in reality?

Reality is non-axiomatic.

If I waved my hand and asked about this in class, the professor would say, Sherlock Holmes is fiction.

Then I'd go, "Oh, right."

I still don't see why being deductive is so bad.

Hanson says a lot more erudite stuff at the link, you should read it.

It's all about Democrats not having a good response to Trump. Presently they are without reasonable alternatives to Trump doctrine. So far, everything they come out with is insane.

Sandmann, Covington teen sues the Washington Post for $250 million

The complaint seems to have a lot of extra irrelevant stuff in it, like the Post inventing the term McCarthyism, Nicholas being white, Nicholas' weight and height, this country being dedicated to the protection of children, and so on throughout.

It's essence is in point #19.
In order to fully compensate Nicholas for his damages and to punish, deter, and teach the Post a lesson it will never forget, this action seeks money damages in excess of Two Hundred and Fifty Million Dollars ($250,000,000.00)–the amount Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest person, paid in cash for the Postwhen his company, Nash Holdings, purchased the newspaper in 2013.
Explain something to me; the shot / chaser thing they do on Instapundit.

As I understand it, a shot of alcohol is followed by something mild to wash it down. Like rinsing the throat. I've never done a shot. Not once. And I've never done a chaser. The whole idea seems a bit harsh and bizarre. The sort of thing people do to purposively get drunk. And that's ridiculous.

Because who knows what people will do to you if you pass out. They could take down your pants and draw a mustache on your penis and then take a picture of you being vulnerable.

Instapundit does this format all the time and I cannot make heads or tails of it.

How does "shot," and "chaser" fit the model of alcohol followed by something mild, with a link to Daily Beast about this followed by a second link to Slate about Clarence Thomas joining Trump in opening up libel laws?

Is the Covington law suit intense and harsh, and the Thomas joining Trump mild and palate cleansing?  Help a brother out, this has confused me for over a decade.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Trump at Florida International University

Scott Johnson at Powerline: The Twilight of Socialism.
Yesterday President Trump went to Florida International University in Miami to give a speech on Venezuela before a friendly and raucous audience  
It is a gloriously Reaganite speech; it is a great speech. In it Trump stands for freedom against the forces of socialism, tyranny and immiseration.
You had me at "raucous."

Before this Melania introduces him sweetly.

Once Upon a Time, Karl Lagerfeld.

Clack clack clack clack clack clack clack clack clack ding a ling a ling clack clack clack clack clack. Where all the women are models, and there is only one car on the street.

Read the comments on YouTube to see what people see in this.

I saw Lagerfeld in a white shirt and black tie. The tie is around his neck on the outside of the collar so you see the whole thing like they did in early 20th century and I thought, oh man, I want to do that. It's totally anachronistic.

Journalist queries Magic 8 Ball

Monday, February 18, 2019

On the Table: The Hidden Life of Trees

On Saturday afternoon Amazon delivered a box containing The Hidden Life of Trees, The Illustrated Edition by Peter Wohlleben.  I'd ordered it two days prior after reading of another's appreciation of it on another blog; and I opened the book to this passage after reading a comment made by another earlier that day on this blog regarding their appreciation of beeches:

One day I stumbled across a patch of strange looking mossy stones in a preserve of old beech trees.  Casting my mind back, I realized I had passed by them many times before without paying them any heed.  But that day, I stopped and bent down to take a good look.  The stones were an unusual shape:  they were gently curved with hollowed out areas.  Carefully, I lifted the moss on one of the stones.  What I found underneath was tree bark.  So these were not stones, after all, but old wood.  I was surprised by how hard the "stone" was, because it usually takes only a few years for the beechwood lying on damp ground to decompose.  But what surprised me most was that I couldn't lift the wood.  It was obviously attached to the ground in some way. 

I took out my pocketknife and carefully scraped away some of the bark until I got down to a greenish layer.  Green?  This color is found only in chlorophyll, which makes new leaves green; reserves of chlorophyll are also stored in the trunks of living trees.   This could mean only one thing:  this piece of wood was alive!

I suddenly noticed that the remaining "stones" formed a distinct pattern:  they were arranged in a circle with a diameter of about 5 feet.  What I had stumbled upon were the gnarled remains of an enormous ancient tree stump.  All that was left were the vestiges of the outermost edge.  The interior had completely rotted into humus long ago--a clear indication that the tree must have been felled at least four or five hundred years earlier.  But how could the remains have clung on to life for so long?  It was clear that something must have been going on.  This stump was getting assistance from neighboring trees that were helping keep it alive.  

If you look at roadside embankments, you might be able to see how trees connect with each other through their root systems.  On these slopes rain often washes away the soil, leaving the underground networks exposed.  Scientist in the Harz mountains of Germany have discovered that this really is a case of interdependence, and most individual trees of the same species growing in the same stand are connected to each other through their root systems.  It appears that exchanging nutrients and helping neighbors in times of need is the rule, and this leads to the conclusion that forests are superorganisms with interconnections much like ant colonies."

Below is a picture of one of the Ghost Apples that formed in West Michigan during the Ice Storm in early Feb.
ghost apple 3 Andrew Seitsema 020719

My ASL Report

My family, father hearing, mother hard of hearing.

My parents had 4 sons. Brother oldest had name same as father, grandfather. He third.

He married 4 times, had 4 daughters.

Next oldest brother. Married twice had 4 sons.

Me, married once, 2 sons. Oldest son not married, youngest son married with children.

Youngest brother married once, 3 children.

11 nieces and nephews have I. (Flicks up index finger with palm towards myself, wiggles "N" sign at forehead and chin)

Yay, I got through it. Cue jazz hands!

You can see the listing problem even from where you are - I jumped from listing my brothers and their families to listing my sons and their families. I should have finished with my brothers and come back to my sons. Live and learn, eh?

But the best part was after class we sat around and worked on signing. Our teacher has an hour between classes and she is willing to use some of that time to get us signing amongst ourselves. Using ASL she asked us what we did over the weekend and we responded, as best we were able, using sign. I walked my dog, I moved heavy rocks. Piece of cake (I did not sign that nor eat cake, just sayin', that was more of an editorial comment).

Our teacher has always talked about how tiring it can be to remain focused on ASL and I concur. it is very tiring to follow signs and fingerspelling. But I am glad we now have an opportunity to work on it with others. This will speed up my progress.

One a side note - both Gallaudet and Marcel Marceau were French. Coincidence? I think not.

Autopsy of a dead coup, Victor D. Hanson.

This is truly a fantastic essay. Most impressive. My favorite personal professor blows my mind again.

We all know the skeletal basics and a good deal of the miserable detail and nobody brings it together so well as Victor Hanson, but before beginning let's say as we read that we look for who will be tried and found guilty and shot by firing squad as required of a sensible nation.

And short of that, who will be imprisoned for life.

Short of that, who's name will live on in infamy.

Face it; nobody will. They'll write books excusing themselves, stray from known facts, mislead at least half the population and keep them malevolently mal-informed for the rest of their lives and onto following generations such as people still sympathetic for John Booth. Rolling Stones will write a song and perform it, "Sympathy for McCabe, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Ohr, Strzok and Page."

Hanson's essay is divided into sections:

Preparing the battlefield
Weaponizing the deep state
The Mueller Investigation
The palace coup

Hanson posits that a coup is not possible without the perception of popular anger at a president, and the deep state is naturally cowardly.

He asks and answers why a coup d'etat has only two doors. Because if it had four doors it'd be a sedan d'etat.

Psych! Hanson doesn't say that.

Augean stables

I want to say, "Your political opinions max out at 100% horse shit. Fixing them takes arguing down all of American media and all of your political party; an Herculean task of clearing out the Augean stables, and it's my birthday, f-wad, I'm not up to the task."

But I don't know how to pronounce "Augean."

So I cannot say that without sounding foolish.

What a bummer!

So I ask the internet. And I am answered. With fifteen different pronunciations.

And I'm back to square 1.

Look, hear, what I found. [pronounce augean stables].

How to pronounce gives three to rate. They all sound wrong. The winner puts the accent on the "gee"

A YouTube video says it 10 times like "O-jean"

Pronouincekiwi give the pronunciation in 50 languages and none of them sound good.

Oxfordlearnerscictionary gives both  "O-gee-an" and "Aw-gee-an"

Conclusion: Nobody knows how to say this word. Everybody is guessing.

Care to see something incredibly stupid?

Another site is running a contest to geek up well known art.

One particular member misses the point entirely by adding Gordon Ramsay pointing to the omelet chef in a photograph of the omelet cart at the clubhouse of Trump International Golf Club in Palm Beach.

See, the photograph is not art, and adding Gordon Ramsay is not geeking it up. So fail right there.

So nobody can understand why the mashup was submitted as a challenge entry, being so off the mark.

To dispel confusion the member linked to his source of the photograph, a Twitter thread of one J.D. Durkin, @jiveDurkey.

If ever there were a reason to drop Twitter like an incredibly stupid malevolent hot potato, this would be it. So typical of the entire site. Every single statement invites argument if not a punch in the mouth.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Reap as ye will sow

The Diocese of Brooklyn named more that 100 priests who were sex abusers. Most of them are dead or defrocked. Some still are in the priest hood. 100 priests. In an area as small as Brooklyn.

I personally knew ten of them. From them being in my parish or running into them at my high school or various weddings of my extended family where I was in the wedding party.

It is hard to talk about how I really feel about this.

Race Day

The weather has been overcast for days now, at times we have had heavy rain. No complaints about that, as rain does not need to be shoveled. After working on my ASL homework and between rain showers I took my youngest dog out for a walk. We walked around the nearby racetrack and I took this picture:

That is a picture of a picture that is posted at the entrance to the site - those classic stock cars have not run on that dirt track for more than 50 years. Now the track is a narrow path through tall trees and the loudest sound heard there now is the barking of dogs. And given today's dreary weather we had the whole place to ourselves.

When I got home I took a road trip over to Capital City - the music on WCPE was not so good so I mashed the AM button - what do you know - today was the day of the Daytona 500. How about that?

That reminded me of a ride I had around that track on May 12th, 2000. Here I am in the car driven by a professional driver. Fear and anxiety can be clearly seen on my face:

The car was a 4 speed powered by some generic version of what was once a Chevy small block, and when I asked the driver how fast we were going he said "175". I doubt we were going that fast, we probably didn't get a bit over 150, but the g-forces on that banked track were formidable. That is a ride I will never forget. Them fence posts 'round that track looked just like a picket fence. Wait, what?

What else?


This picture is a couple of years old, but that's what the track looks like these days - that is the back straight where cars would do over 100 mph. One went up over the banking and landed in the river. And keep in mind, all of those trees are less than 50 years old.

Richard Petty won the last race held on that track. He is a legend around here.

Shamima Begum who fled UK to join Isis (and now wants to come back) has given birth, says family

"Shamima Begum, 19, who left the UK with two school friends in 2015, spoke to the Times earlier this week from the al-Hawl refugee camp in north-eastern Syria."

Tasnime Akunjee (the family lawyer) said the family had been told Begum gave birth on Saturday to a boy and that mother and son were doing well.

He said the news of the birth had changed the dynamics of the situation and added pressure on the government to let Begum, and now her child, back.

Her family have called on the British government to allow her to return to the UK so her child can be cared for in “peace and security”. But the home secretary, Sajid Javid, said he would not hesitate to block her return.

“My message is clear: if you have supported terrorist organisations abroad I will not hesitate to prevent your return,” he said. “If you do manage to return you should be ready to be questioned, investigated and potentially prosecuted.”

Writing in the Sunday Times, Javid said: “As a father I feel compassion for anyone born or brought into a conflict zone. But in considering what actions need to be taken now, I have to think about the safety and security of children living in our country.”

In a statement issued on Friday, the family said her apparent lack of regret for joining Isis should be seen as the “words of a girl who was groomed at the age of 15”.
What do you think? Should the UK let her back in, now that she has a child?

Pest control: fruit flies

In a previous video Larry describes this without demonstration and I misunderstood the alcohol he uses. I thought it was something like apple cider moonshine. When I went to the bottle shop downstairs Lurch pointed me in the direction of the wall of cooled beer and ales. All the other liquors were apple flavored and I was looking for something made from apples. That's how I understood it. Surprising how many apple flavored alcohols I found. Reluctantly I bought a 4-pack of apple ale. It worked very well without soap and without an aquarium air pump making bubbles. A different brand than Larry shows in this video.

A few weeks ago I bought cuttings of dragon fruit plant, they are sort of like Christmas cactus segments except larger. I planted them in dirt that I bought from a nursery last summer to root them. Soon as I made the soil wet I saw a single fruit fly and I thought, "Oh crap." That means a thousand fruit flies in just a few days. Right as I'm preparing planting seeds for spring.

Plus all the fruit I bring into the apartment.

His method relies on the fruit flies flying into the bubbles.

Without an aerator the flies sit on the rim of a bowl without going in. So I learned how to put diatomaceous earth on the rim of the bowl similar to how I put flour around the inside of a bowl of proofed bread.

For bread I scoop a small amount of flour onto my hand and cupping my hand I tap my fingertips around the inside rim of the bowl so the dome of risen dough has a thin ring of flour around it. Then I jab a dinner knife downward along the edge rapidly, about 50 jabs, while turning the bowl with the other hand. Goes like this:


That delivers a thin layer of flour around the sides of the dough ball. The dough collapses a bit as it goes and slips out of the bowl without being torn up, to be stretched in all directions as a pizza crust.

Now, that right there is an advanced technique that you won't see anywhere other than here. There is no video, no book that will tell you this.

For the fruit flies, I scoop a small amount of diatomaceous earth into my hand and gently rub the outside of the bowl in a downward motion. That scrapes off a thin layer of powder and deposits it on top of the rim, right where the fruit flies sit. Turning the bowl in the same manner. Just touching that stuff will scratch the microscopically thin layer of wax that coats the insects bodies and dehydrate them within an hour.

And kills them dead, D-E-D, dead!

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