Monday, December 16, 2019

The Italianman

Since the fake Irishman can pretend he knows how to speak Italian in the Jimmy Hoffa snoozefest, how about a German hiring an Italian librettist to write the lyrics for his Figaro opera. Today as I was driving from point A to point B I heard this on the radio:

I had no idea that Beethoven (HBD, LvB) had written variations on that theme by Mozart. Having seen Le Nozze di Figaro a couple of times of course I was singing along "Something something mumble mumble Signor Contino" when that theme came around on the piano. I enjoyed it so much I did a search on the opera version of that tune. Here is one with a bit of context and a ton of stage business:

And since we are in a Figaro mode, how about the all time champeen version of that name in song:

Two of my works in walnut in situ way down east:

Sunrise this morning:

That's it - the weather has been warm but it is turning cold again. *signs 'winter'*


In response to BB&H's comment, here is a picture of a bowl I just finished. This is not a good picture - it is raining outside.

It's a happy smiley bowl!

But wait, there is more! Here are two pictures of the sweetgum bowl I was working on earlier:

Once again, not great pictures, but I think the amazing figure that was in that burl comes through just fine.


ricpic said...

"Jesus Christ....I could hear the popping of exploding ovaries."

Had to steal that gem from the comment section of the Thomas Hampson rendition.

Wow, does that guy OWN the stage.

Sixty Grit said...

He really does. That is not an easy aria to sing, and by not easy I mean it is darned near impossible. Dude sings it like a boss, to borrow a current slang phrase.

chickelit said...

May favorite Aria

I say Sixty, you churn out bowls at an astonishing rate. Do most find homes?

chickelit said...

My and may

chickelit said...

Le nozze in Italian comes from same Latin root as our "nuptials." Note how the Italian butcher the "pt," turning it into a blurry zz. If think Twain had something to say about that.

Sixty Grit said...

That opera is chock full of awesome music. I like these two as well: "Non piĆ¹ andrai, farfallone amoroso" Cherubino off to war, and "Duettino Sull'aria" - a little duet about nothing but beauty. And longing. There are several others that I will remember after I finish writing this comment.

Italian is a lovely language and when I am in Italy I speak it at least as well as Frank Sheeran did.

And in my line of work I have a saying - everything sells, eventually. So far that has proved to be true.

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

Nice bowls. You've got it down. You are king of the wooden bowl.

Sixty Grit said...

Thanks, BB&H - I appreciate that. I was just working on a red maple bowl from a tree that blew over in a windstorm back in 2010 - maybe I will edit this post and include a picture of it.

And I just started work on a sweetgum burl bowl - that wood is rare enough that I am tempted to keep that bowl for myself, and I hardly ever do that.

ndspinelli said...

Opera was always playing in my grandmas home. Except for when she watched her soaps and Perry Mason.