Saturday, December 14, 2019

Bits and pieces

Wrapped up another season today. That was good. 

This was what the sky looked like when I went outside after a day indoors:

I took my dog for a walk last weekend - it was an interesting day to be out - the woods were dead calm - all kind of grayish, so quiet, peaceful. I espied a tree with a lightning scar running down it. It was so tranquil out there it was hard to imagine weather intense enough to produce that kind of action. But there it was - proof that lightning strikes somewhere when you hear it nearby.

My dog also found a yellow softball:

But she denied any knowledge of it when asked.

This sunset occurred that day:

Two nights ago this sunset occurred:

After talking with a coworker who just got his shop insulated I hired some guys to insulate the attic of my shop. I had insulated the walls back when I bought the place but at that time I grew tired of working with fiberglass batting so I stopped short of finishing the job. On Tuesday I got the job completed.

Once that was done I worked in the shop on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings with a heater going. It was nice to be able to get some work done even though the weather has turned cold. Among others, I completed these two objects:

Speaking of dog, and I was, I have trained her to run with me - as I mentioned before, but now when I run laps in my backyard she has learned to take a treat out of my hand like a relay race - I don't even have to break stride - I turn my left hand palm up, fingers together, place the treat in my hand and she grabs it out of my hand as I run. That's a good dog right there. And I still have all my fingers. 


Joe Jackson said...

check it out...


Sixty Grit said...

Very cool, JJ.

Dad Bones said...

Nice bowls, Sixty. I'm guessing you never make the same one twice.

If I was forced to clean out a manure pit or work with fiberglass insulation it would be a tough choice.

ndspinelli said...

Great whittling my friend. Bought toys for my grandkids while here in Cozumel. Lots of nice handmade wooden toys made by Mayan whittlers.

ricpic said...

That striped bowl is a good way.

ricpic said...


The sky has all kinda colors in it.
Changin' most ever' minute.
Sometimes defininit, sometimes indetermininit.
Neat, init?....well INIT?!

XRay said...

Good looking bowls, SG. Though the expression on your dog's face may be more precious, if you know what I mean. Dad Bones I'd take the manure pit myself, after all I burned shit in a can in Vietnam. Anyway, when I was a young'un I helped my uncle insulate his house, in Florida, in the summer, early fifties, which by the way fiberglass was only 'discovered' in the 40's or so. It was a terrible experience, though it did perhaps impart lessons. I duck-duck goed it and found not an authoritative source for that beginning above but at least one with a sense of humor. Home insulation.

XRay said...

It is, ricpic... good job.