Saturday, July 20, 2019

Three days in July 1969 that changed the world

The 18th:

The 19th:

The 20th:

We all have our burdens to bear.


ampersand said...

I was born 50 years after 1902. Kitty Hawk was one year later.

Sixty Grit said...

I have a friend who was born 10 years to the day after Pearl Harbor. I would say that we go out and get bombed on her birthday but she doesn't drink.

chickelit said...

That kid in the middle looks about 19.

chickelit said...

The last one leaves an impression.

Sixty Grit said...

That PDB was in fact just 19. Ah youth...

ndspinelli said...

And, we have the 50th anniversary of Woodstock. I would love to see some photos of our whittler from there. However, photos are rare. No one I know who went has any photos, just flashbacks.

edutcher said...

Whatever good will Jack left, Teddy killed.

ricpic said...


Life begins at 80,
So if you were born before Pearl Harbor
You're coming into your own.
Eat my dust, punks!

chickelit said...

Meahfus has just the right amount of cowbell. I bought a cowbell for my drum set in the 70's just for that song.

chickelit said...

Sixty Grit said..."That PDB was in fact just 19. Ah youth.."

Well my pad is very messy, got whiskers on my chin
Never had no problems 'cause I've always paid the rent
I got no time for lovin'
'Cause my time is all used up
I stand outside creatin'
All the groovy kinds of love
I'm a man, yes I am and I can't help but love you so
I'm a man, yes I am and I can't help but love you so