Friday, March 15, 2019

Hesitation and acceleration

Got out for a walk just ahead of a thunderstorm. After events three years ago I really should know better, but my young dog and I needed to get out and walk. She kept stopping to smell the wonders of the budding spring earth and all the while I was urging her to keep moving. First I heard the wind in the tops of the tall pine trees. Then it started raining, so having learned my lesson about what can happen when one is caught out in the woods in a thunderstorm we cut across the infield of the track and took a half mile off our total distance. Then we started hearing thunder off to our north. Well, that'll put a spring in your step. We were still three quarters of a mile from home so we started steppin' and fetchin'. My dog thought it was great fun - we were moving at a good clip. Within sight of home it started raining, as they say in the vernacular, like a mofo. So we started running. I am not okay with running - that is an activity at which I did better many decades ago. But we made it home safely, no reenactment of our 2016 adventure, which is good.

This is what the rain looked like on February 24th, 2016:

This is what my dogs looked like when we found shelter at the concession stand that day:

This is what that storm felt like:

Today was mild in comparison.

Then a cold front moved through and blew away the storm clouds allowing us to see the nice sunset:

The whole time I was out there I kept thinking - there has to be a Strauss waltz that suits this adventure - Voices of Spring waltz would almost fit, but in the end I decided on this one:


ricpic said...

Stripes nice to look at
Fall down the sky. Hurry home.
Too late! Now get dry.

Sixty Grit said...

Top notch work right there, ricpic, as always.