Saturday, October 13, 2018

light show

Nice weather 60°+.  The light through the roof dome pillars was lit dramatically and the whole sky golden and I got up to photograph it and it changed, I missed it, so I sat down, looked up again and the sun had dropped such that the bottoms of clouds lit up. It's a natural light show up in here.

ABC News covers Melania

I saw a photograph of Melania and Trump being interviewed by Barbara Walters and I go, "What?"

Please explain to me why the Trumps would bother sitting for an interview with reporters that they already characterize as fake news, hostile to Trump administration and family.

I got 25 seconds into this video and realized it will be exactly as bad as I had imagined.

White House public relations should know better than this. Maybe they don't.

Right now Trump is stumping in Richmond Kentucky. He will point to the array of network cameras and say, "Look at all that. It's like the Academy Awards in here. Fake news. Fake news. That I can tell you." Then he'll give an example of how they will take something he says and distort it to something ridiculous that he doesn't say, that by pretending to misunderstand him they can ridicule, as they do.

Twenty seconds will tell you they dead set on doing the same thing with Melania.

Most Americans feel they don't know her. 

F.U. they know she's not this:

It's AF1 for Christ's sake, not Jet Blue economy. 

They know Melania was proud to be American before her husband was elected president. 

They know her senior thesis was not on racial division. 

And they know she hasn't taken over the nation's school lunches replacing with open face crap sandwiches, nor interfered with school vending machines. 

They know she hasn't inserted herself into all of their favorite television shows, the places they go to avoid politics, like the Food Network.

They know she doesn't roll her eyes at the Speaker of the House.

They know she doesn't glare at her husband for behaving poorly taking selfies at funerals of global VIPs. And they're confident Melania will not paw at the Queen of England. Nor will she use the East room for a potato sack race with comedians. 

And they know she'll never say anything like, "All this for a damned flag." 

Hurricane Michael path of destruction


Boston Dynamics

Pastor held by Turkey released and flown to Germany

Andrew Brunson is greeted by American Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell.

In order to secure the pastor’s release, the Trump administration had imposed sanctions on two Turkish officials who were linked to the arrest and detention and employed other various economic actions on the Turkish government.
They don't say what sanctions amounted to no what the other various economic actions were.

Hillary Clinton's security clearance withdrawn

Revoked, taken back, not renewed, denied, nullified, whatever. No security clearance for you!

Along with Cheryl Mills, and four others whose names are blacked out. So now people are wondering who the named but blacked out people are. Most likely Hillary Clinton's researchers. And blacked out because it will be too embarrassing for FBI and DOJ and upon learning them we're likely to deem the departments too corrupted to tolerate and demand they be dismantled.

Hillary requested her clearance be withdrawn.


Nobody believes that. She was aware her clearance was about to be withdrawn and she jumped ahead of it. Sundance tells his (their) readers by requesting the removal she "avoids multiple political and logistical issues of her security file being damaged by a forced revocation." Without saying what those political and logistical issues are. Then Sundance gets into a discussion about Susan Rice's unmasking where she insists most of those attributed to her are not hers. Sundance believes revealing the names that are blacked out will show who did all the illegal unmasking with the assistance of FBI and DOJ. Sundance reviews that whole situation and links it these names being blacked out.

Honest question: What took so long?

Lindsay Graham: "To the extent that it matters, I'm not gay."

"To the extent that it doesn't matter, I'm a flamer once I get a few drinks in me."


Washington Times says he quashed rumors after Chelsea Handler tweeted "merg diddle xtopate eninjig qlester herpdole frass tendlesnog carmtrop."

Did I get that right? My mind went blank there a little bit, like a ten ton shield slamming shut, after the words, "Chelsea Handler."

Handler faced backlash something something

Conservative gays something something

TMZ something something.

There. That's the essence of it.

Graham said more words. It's all over there at the link if you like.

Trump gives history lesson in his rally at Lebanon Ohio.

And liberal reporters think that's bizarre.

He also pointed to the very large group of reporters and the very large array of network cameras and referred to them all as "fake news" and relayed the type of distorted reporting they provide. Again. And here's Megan Sheets writing for Daily Mail proving his point. Again.

British Person, presumably, what's so bizarre about what Trump said about the American Civil War? That Robert E. Lee was a great general or that Grant was a drunk? Or is it that you simply don't like Trump nor the way that he talks to the crowds he attracts. They like him. A lot. And you not liking him is irrelevant.

Trump's Lebanon Ohio Speech. It's entertaining. In a huge hangar this time. Place was packed tight. Tremendous enthusiastic crowd. The acoustics is amazing. One of the best that I've seen and heard. People amassed outside the hangar. And if I was Democrat and I saw these crowds Trump is pulling in reliably and how they steadily grow, and what people put up with to see him,  I would S-H-plunger stick-T my pants.

I thought it was a little bit weird that his Lincoln anecdote about Grant differed from what I heard just the previous day. That's weird. Two days in a row.
And one day, it was looking really bad. And Lincoln just said: "You, hardly knew his name." And they said: "Don’t take him, he’s got a drinking problem." And Lincoln said: "I don’t care what problem he has. You guys aren’t winning."
The day before I read in comments that Lincoln said:
“you surprise me, gentlemen. But can you tell me where he gets his whiskey?” “We cannot, Mr. President. But why do you desire to know?” “Because, if I can only find out, I will send a barrel of this wonderful whiskey to every general in the army.”
A barrel! Wow, that's a lot. To share with the troops, no doubt. The story is probably apocryphal. But there is nothing bizarre about Trump telling it. He was fluffing up his Ohio audience. Reminding them of the great people that came from Ohio, he mentioned one of the two Harrisons but not the other that came from Ohio, and Grant and the Wright Brothers. I could be wrong, I was busy with something else, but I don't recall him mentioning Rutherford Hayes nor James Garfield, maybe they weren't great enough to be mentioned by Trump, but none of that is bizarre.

Had Obama given the same history lesson Megan Sheets would be creaming her iYYVV jeans.

Bill Cassidy Republican Senator for Louisiana

vs. worked up crackpot activist Alethea Torrellas (with history if you care to read some of it.)

Cassidy is an MD, originally a Democrat.

The future for their children is the original gripe that caused alarm within conservative citizenry that led to the original Tea Party organizations that sprung up seemingly overnight and took off like wildfire. Most of their speeches were about the national debt reaching unimaginable astronomic level. They each said that they feared leaving a country in debt to their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren is unacceptable. They felt very strongly that is not moral, they did not want to be remembered for that, and they came out of the woodwork to organize. These are the same people who did so much in so short a time and I imagine that concern hasn't gone anywhere. They delivered the House, the Senate, the Executive, and the Supreme court, while the work on their motivating concern has only just started.

They brought their children to organizing rallies, but they did not use their children to ambush and harass Senators.

There is a lot more to this video, screeching by Torrellas when Cassidy didn't fold, devolving to chanting, "You should be ashamed, you should be ashamed, you should be ashamed."

Now she has something to post on her Facebook page.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Galgano Guidotti's sword in a stone

It's like the King Author tale except it's Italian and it's real. The sword is preserved at the abbey of San Galgano in the town of Montesiepi 30km from Siena.

Wherever that is.

The sword was driven into the rock by a 12th-century Tuscan nobleman who saw a vision of the Archangel and renounced his life of violence and lust in exchange for pious hermitage and was later turned into a saint.

Boink. You're a saint. Just like that.

The story goes that the Galgano followed the Archangel to the hill of Montesiepi where he met the twelve Apostles and the Creator Himself.

That would be God.

Surprised he wasn't burned to a crisp.

After the vision his horse refused to obey his orders and instead led him back to the hill where his vision occurred. And that convinced Galgano to give up his warring ways and his arrogant life. Then a voice told him to get rid of all his material things and Galgano replied that would be as hard as splitting a rock. To emphasize his point Galgano pullled out his sword and stuck it into the rocky ground. Amazingly, the rock yielded and the blade went through. That freaked him out so bad that he took up residence right there on that spot and never left the hill, living there in poverty with the wild animals and a few visitors here and there.

There's another version of the story. Of course. He was looking for wood to make a cross but with no wood around he jabbed his sword into the ground because that's like a cross, and it set like cement.

I believe the real story is probably something a lot more prosaic. He was being hounded. By debt collectors, by a woman bugging him about marriage and telling him she's pregnant, by his family, by his king, by the town, and he said, screw this, and he went off to the hill and swore never to bathe again and that kept everyone at a sufficient distance and off his back. Permanently.

All along people thought the sword is a fake. Researches say the composition of the metal is the style of the era of the legend. Radar analysis shows a cavity beneath the sword 6' x 3' thought to be a burial recess.

Duckduckgo images [galgano guidotti sword stone]

You're going to hate this with the burning passion of a thousand suns. I can tell. And not just regular suns either, a thousand blue suns, the hottest of all the suns.

Shields up. ))) woosh (((



Tour of the moon as seen by Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

Tyndall AFB took direct hit from Hurricane Michaels

Areal footage.

From comments:
* That overturned fighter jet pictured on the front page is just a display model, it's a shell. All flyable jets were flown to a safe base.
One time I asked the internet what happens to birds during a hurricane and the answer is, "They die. By the tens of thousands."

The rest of the comments here take a sudden descent from the sublime to ridiculous party sniping. And stay there. Apparently the hardest hit was everyone's brain.

Drone footage of hurricane damage.


When are mobs not really mobs? When Democrats in media say so. Shut up. They're people simply expressing their opinions. When Democrats realize their various mobs, antifa, BLM, feminist mobs, anti 1% mobs, socialist mobs, communist mobs Marxist mobs, college mobs, anti Kavanaugh mobs, environmentalist mobs, Portland mobs, anti energy mobs, anti 2nd Amendment mobs, open border mobs, are harming Democrat chances in an upcoming midterm election. That's when.

9,000 Trump supporters spontaneously chanting "lock her up" at the mention of Hillary Clinton's name in controlled environment for self-controlled duration now there's a real mob for you. A scary one too. One that rose up to thwart Democrat ambitions. Be afraid.

Actually, the MAGA crowd at Council Bluffs Iowa chanted "lock her up" at the first mention of Dianne Feinstein. They chant it a few times then drop it to get on with Trump's speech, the reason they went there,  but they never fail to have this sentiment known, (as a political mob intent on denying Democrat ambitions) it's part of the entertainment, and that's observably different in type and quality and character from the brainless chanting we hear all the time on the streets that shuts down communication completely.

Disclosure: I didn't watch this video all the way through because my poor little tender sensitive childlike ears are not meant to tolerate any news media.



It's weird. And has been from the very beginning. At five years of age starting 1st grade I was all wow this is important. My important dad has his shoes off and he is listening carefully to an important newsreader. That Cronkite guy is really serious. I wonder what he's listening to. Let's give it a try. *listens* Wawa wa wa-wa-wa wawa wa wa wawawa wa-wa-wa- wa waaaaaa wa wa wa. Wa wa wa. Wawawa wawa wawa wa. Wa-wa wa wa wa. Wa wa wa wa wa w.

Well, that didn't work.

They're speaking another language.

"Hey Daddy, can I ... "

"Be quiet right now. I'm listening to the news."

What a bummer.

CNN: Kanye West is clearly not okay

Hip-hop star Kanye West visited Trump in the White House and CNN cannot handle a black celebrity wandering off the Democrat plantation.

The Drudge link goes to Breitbart with a transcript of CNN conversation.
S.E. CUPP: Yeah, what a time to be alive. May we live in interesting times. Look, all jokes aside, I think that was really sad. I think you had there a man who’s clearly not okay and a president who’s willing to exploit that. Worse, to exploit that under the auspicious of race relations and black communities, joblessness, mental health, all these things that ended up in this bucket of issues that were sort of addressed in this free for all. I don’t know if anyone of them was well served by this circus. In many ways, they are the same person, right?
Comment on Breitbart:
Hmmm democommies calling their political enemies mentally ill..

Where the hell have we seen that before?

Thursday, October 11, 2018

This hurricane didn't miss us

This morning we started getting some rain. Hurricane Michael, which I hadn't been paying any attention to, had come ashore on the Florida panhandle, crossed Georgia and in no time at all was in my neighborhood. I tried to get a picture of the rainfall but that's not easy to do:

So I tried again:

Better, but I had work to do. I went to work in my shop with the garage door open, and I was getting stuff done. Had to sweep out the water occasionally, but it wasn't bad. Back inside the house my cat was playing it safe in his paper bag:

That's his concerned expression.

Right around 5 this afternoon stuff started getting real. I was sanding a piece of wood and water kept spraying on it. What the hey? So I turned around and this is what I saw:

It was raining like a son of a gun and the wind had picked up significantly. I made some videos of the trees blowing around but as I was recording the action I started hearing trees snapping. That's never a sound one wants to hear. First - the Bradford pear in my front yard:

Then my neighbor's tree two doors down snapped with a large crack as I was making a video. Next, my neighbor across the street had a poplar tree start shedding limbs:

That limb punched a hole right through the hood of a car he had parked in his driveway. His storage shed out back was hammered by another falling tree. It was bad for a while, but luckily the hurricane  blew out as fast as it had blown in and left us to clean up the damage.

This is the sky after the rain stopped:

Thus ends the story of Hurricane Michael. Now the work begins. I will have to clear the Bradford pear limb before I can leave my house, then I will spend days dragging brush, again, build a massive burn pile, again, and then - FIRE!

Tonight, rest. Tomorrow, labor.

Fettuccine Alfredo

Carla with Bon Appétit demonstrates the simplest of all noodle dishes.

It goes:
French, "ha ha the cheese, *curtsey* Monsieur, thank you.

Do not use cream, never use cream, cream is unnecessary, pasta water and cheese makes the sauce, no cream, disregard cream, cream is unnecessary, cream is wrong, I never use cream, you should never use cream, just don't ever use cream, cream is stupid, only mongs use cream, cream is wrong, cream is wasteful, Italians never use cream for this, cream is un-Italian, you're a dope if you use cream, cream is for amateurs, cream is bad, you already have cheese and butter, stop using cream, put away the cream, stop cooking if you use cream, step away from the cream.

Ever notice how cooks tend to become a little bit dogmatic sometimes?

One day a long time ago when I was a young man the whole world opened up to new possibilities.  After work I stepped into an upscale restaurant on a side street off the 16th Street mall and ordered fettuccine Alfredo for the first time. I had no idea what I would be getting. It came with very good bread and I appreciate that and the thick wide noodles were swimming in cream sauce and had some type of green vegetable in it, steamed broccoli or asparagus or possibly peas that turned it into something near to pasta primavera. Legally speaking. It was not the authentic Bon Appétit conceit seen here but it was a revelation to me. It was the best noodle thing that I had ever eaten.

Wow. The simple things that can be done with pasta. I never knew. I hadn't grown up with this.

As it cooled the entire mass turned into a single bulk.

I drizzled some water on it and it became slippery again and I resumed marveling at this profound epiphany.

Note: Carla says "it's not going to become completely creamy because the ratio of water to fat is very high on the water side."

She's fastidious with butter. One little piece that would go on toast.

Her pasta water has starch in it that sloughed from the pasta. Had she scooped the water after the noodles were cooked further then the water would have more starch in it. When she adds the noodles to the sauce then boom there is a lot more starch that thickens the sauce immediately, and as the plate of noodles and sauce cool together then the sauce becomes glue binding the noodles and the two become one.

I simply heat heavy cream, and add butter and dry mustard because I love those things. All that comes from my first taste at the downtown restaurant that blew my mind so hard. But the real key to the whole thing is authentic Parmigiano-Reggiano. It is expensive when compared to other grocery store cheese but it is worth every cent. Good cheese is aged and tended carefully, it really is worth its cost.

If the pasta starts to cool and get thick on the plate at the table then I drizzle pasta water to loosen it.

You can toss a few vegetables in with the pasta as it cooks. What the heck. It's not going to kill you. And your plate is automatically more visually appealing.

You can fortify your noodles by cracking an egg onto them and stirring it in after the noodles are added to to sauce, off the heat, allowing the heat of the pasta and sauce to cook the egg.

Alfie, the odd-job boy of Clitheroe

The jobs are normal, the boy is odd.

English as a second language for speakers of American. Comments on YouTube are helpful when you see this printed out it makes more sense, for example:

* "i got diagnosed with ADHD but i dont think diagnosing is a very nice thing to do" 😂😂😂

* Like a hybrid of Karl Pilkington and Guy Martin. "The only thing I came out if school with was a hard on" 3:53 🤣🤣🤣! What a legend though, great work ethic.

* I can't sack myself hahahahahahaha

All of the commenters love this guy. They want a full documentary or for him to have his own show.


Train blown off its wheels

Hurricane Michael, Panama City, Florida.


I learned something today about dishwashers that might be useful to others.

The dishwasher is eleven years old. That's how long I've lived here. I got in the habit of running it without clearing the dishes first, basically you must wash them before loading the machine but I haven't been doing that.

I was not scrapping them off completely.

For some reason the machine does not rinse all that away, rather, the machine traps the debris. I do not understand why.

What a bummer!

The particles that are trapped recycle over and over super heating each time as they accumulate  and the trapped particles transform into another material until the trap cannot hold any more and the transformed material begins breaking apart and re-depositing on clean dishes.

The particles are black greasy dots like melted rubber stuck hard on the dishes that is nearly impossible to scrub off, and when scratched off with tremendous effort they leave a brown greasy streak. It takes a very long time of extremely hard scrubbing to clear all the dishes of these black dots and they still don't dissolve, they accumulate on the scrubbing sponges.

When you're done scrubbing and cannot see anymore black dots you can still feel them with your fingertips. So back to scrubbing each plate, saucer, glass, and fork.

I thought a rubber gasket was melting.

Regularly running the machine empty of dishes with a de-greaser usually works to keep the trap clear. Today the maintenance guy used an oven cleaner and it took him a long time to clean the trap.

The trap is in the back on the bottom held into place by two long screws. It's in two parts, a small trap like a cup and a larger trap over that like a plastic mesh tent. It's difficult to get to, an awkward position to kneel and reach back and hold while you unscrew.

The dude had a light on an electric screwdriver.

I sure learned my lesson.

So what's the point of the dishwasher if you have to wash the dishes before loading?

It sanitizes. It has a heating element and it gets a lot hotter than regular faucet and that thing gets really hot.

It's probably good for canning.

I don't like that machine anymore.

All that scraping and washing and loading and unloading. It's too much.

Using paper plates is starting to sound like a good idea. I'm over all these dishes all the time.

I bought at least ten times more dishes than I need just so I don't have to wash dishes all the time. And now this.

But then with paper plates I'd be taking out the trash all the time. There is no escaping this housework. I cannot keep up with myself. I'll have to hire a housekeeper again.

Hillary cannot be civil

I resisted posting this because if you want something to disappear then you must cease giving it energy. A hippy told me that forty years ago. I chose it because it's everywhere and it gets the most comments on Legal Insurrection where William Jacobson writes:
Hillary is doing everything you would expect her to do if she were preparing another presidential run in 2020. 
She and Bill just announced a national speaking tour, she attacked Kavanaugh, and she makes sure to keep herself in a news cycle just about every week.
Oh great. Just great. The Bill and Hillary incivility show.

The rest is quite good and so are comments.

But who needs the video? That would invite her voice into your lovely ears.

No one.

You eye is getting heavy.

Especially that one on the right.

Very ... very ... heavy.

Your other eye is getting heavy too.

But not as bad as your right eye.

Too heavy to keep open.

You want to close them and rest.

You feel that you want to let your eye close.

Both your eyes are heavy now.

You're having trouble keeping them open.

You're very tired.

You are falling asleep.

Blessed rest . 

Deep ... deep ... rest.


Deep sleep.

You're going deeper.

You're sinking deeper to total sleep.

The sleep of the angels. 

They're coming to greet you.

You can see them. 


The angels are beckoning you. 

They love you.

Come join them. Come join them. Your work is done here. You are completed. 

The woman is not going to stop until she is dead so I'll wish her a speedy departure. 

She has no power. None. She's not worth devoting words or attention. Nothing good can come from giving her the attention she needs to feed. Like a vampire.

And then I realize everyone in this movie used to illustrate the point is dead. 

Boy, life sure is short. Too short for Hillary's continuing crap that she cannot allow to stop. 

Die already, you rotten stinking hag. There's your civility returned. 


CNN sinks even lower

Disclosure: I don't watch CNN anymore so I didn't watch this clip even though I've seen it presented some half a dozen times today, and with severe commentary.

Apparently something disgusting happened where CNN transmits its belief that American citizens of negroid persuasion are not allowed to think for themselves, and when they do go wandering off the Democrat plantation, then they're sick. CNN panel flaunts their racism openly.

They're talking about the guy who said Bush didn't care about Katrina destruction and who snatched the microphone from Taylor Swift while she was receiving an award. His mother is a Phd, and his father a photographer, he dropped out of college to pursue music and did very well. He is not necessarily affiliated with either political party. This is what happens when you feel desperation. Care to see desperate people?

Here's an ABL rebuttal if you care to see that. (It's slow to develop and obvious.)

Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Trump said something in his speech last night in Council Bluffs Iowa that left viewers who are not farmers a little bit confused. He said, "This is a bit early, but E15 year round" and that got a strong response.

I'm not the only one who didn't know what that meant.

I looked up E15. It's about ethanol. This does not compute. Trump's appeal to me is he out-conservatives the political conservatives, but now plant-based fuel seems more a liberal thing. Why is Trump behaving so liberal toward farmers and why are conservative farmers liking it so much?

Because they grow the corn that's used for ethanol. I didn't know the regulations about ethanol were not a year round thing. I thought whatever laws that bear on ethanol were already a year round thing.

Trump's economic war against China is hurting American farmers. His remark last night was Trump telling farmers that he's acknowledging that and seeing to them.

This is where back and white turns to gradient gray.

Market Watch. Here's what Trump's ethanol plan means for farmers, refiners, and motorists. Corn farmers benefit, but some refiners and car engines won't. It's a whole bunch of words pro and con and being natural Trump skeptics, mostly con.

Something else about last night Council Bluffs rally was amusing.

Apparently Trump realized during his speech where he was geographically.

It happens, you know where you are, but not specifically on a map, nor how that place relates to nearby cities. "Pilot, fly me to Council Bluffs Iowa."

He was in Council Bluffs Iowa. I didn't know this until I looked at a map. Looked at three maps, actually, I had to ask specifically for the river. For some reason maps are against labeling rivers.

The Missouri River separates Omaha from Council Bluffs. Basically, Council Bluffs is a suburb of Omaha. I had been to Omaha before but didn't realize it's right next to Iowa. Trump knows he is in Iowa and he thinks he's speaking to mostly Iowans who came out in large numbers to see him. As if he is in the middle of Iowa. He said, "Iowan farmers" and got solid applause, then he said, "and Nebraskan farmers" and got huge applause. He suddenly realized there are far more Nebraskans than Iowans in his audience. He delighted in the hard uproarious response at the mention of Nebraska so he kept saying, "Nebraska" to evoke the applause. He repeated, "Iowa" clap clap clap, "Nebraska" CLAP CLAP CLAP. He had fun with his realization. They had fun.

I had fun.

Please allow a rude observation.

Go ahead and chide me, I won't argue.

The people I saw on television last night by scanning the crowd did not match the people I saw when I went to that area this time last year.

The whole time driving through Nebraska and Iowa I was dismayed by seeing so many fat people. Everybody is fat with few exceptions. I was surrounded by oversized overweight people the whole time, my family included, I had gained weight myself so I was conscious of that but everyone else outdid me by far. I kept playing the "who's hot?" game, as you do, when encountering new people in steady stream and nobody popped out. I kept thinking this is a real bummer because nobody is hot. And they're probably thinking the same thing about me.

Halloween costume

Here's an idea for a costume that wouldn't be much trouble.

Get a package of arts and crafts birds such as this one. Twelve birds for $8.00

There are plenty of other birds available in different sizes, and to varying degrees of excellence. The crows are good ones. You don't need very many.

 Buy a little bottle of artificial blood.

Attach the birds to a shirt you don't care about, rip it up, and drizzle the blood.

Mess up your hair and put a bird in it and drizzle blood over your ear.

Boom, Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds.

Students offered $100 to cite an instance of conservatives shutting down a liberal speaker

Spoiler: they can't.

There are not very many comments to this video but the ones posted are dismaying. 

Come on, they're kids, they're just starting to think about such things. It's hard to think critically when you have so little to go on by way of experience.

Think back to when you were seventeen and recall your own thoughts about politics.

I'm transported to my first college class. Something I didn't want but was required. Political science. The professor was young. She was trying to get us to understand why politics is important to us, how it affects every aspect of our lives. She engaged the class in a discussion about environmentalism. We were told to generate reasons why people would get engaged.

A student answered, "To get people to be aware about the garbage they put in the environment."

The teacher interpreted,"Quit treating the environment like a sink."

Then she wrote on the blackboard "Quit treating the environment like a sink."

She provided the answer, the vocabulary, then she put her own answer on the board.

And I'm sitting there thinking, okay, so this is how it's going to be. She told us to generate the list of reasons for something we don't care about then she tells us what to think and how to think it. I'm too old for this crap. She must think we are children. I was thinking critically at that age. Thinking critically about my teachers. Starting with the very first one. And all the way through I kept thinking, "Why are you even teaching, to exercise your fascist streak, to indoctrinate, or simply unemployable elsewhere?" The first eight classes the first chapter is about Marx, even writing, Spanish, psychology, and algebra, and I'm going, wtf with you commies? This persisted to the second year, macro economics and philosophy (of course) where they went much deeper. While my critical thinking was applied to the things I was being taught that never did cover critical thinking. 

The next video isn't conservatives shouting down a liberal speaker, but it is sort of like that. At least it's satisfying. The liberal counter to Joe diGenova on Fox's insufferable fair and balanced format is interrupting childishly, as they do, and diGenova yells at him to shut up. Basically.  

Pornhub comments that are better than the videos

Posted to the The Archive where you'll see things like this:

* Sometimes when I eat M&Ms I like to hold two M&Ms in between my fingers and squeeze until one M&M cracks. I eat the cracked one and the one that didn't crack becomes the champion. Then I grab another M&M and force it to compete with the champion in this deadly game of M&M gladiators. I do this until I run out of M&Ms and when there is only one M&M left standing I send a letter to M&Ms brand with the champion M&M in it with a note attached that reads: "please use this M&M.

* I'm sorry, but did I hear that a hotdog is $6 and fries are $5!? Forget this video, those prices are insane!

* The stethoscope isn't even in his ears.

* Isn't anyone else concerned that her cereal is getting stale?

Many more at the link.


Mozzarella's character is in its texture. For flavor add some other cheese. That Milton's Prairie Breeze cheddar has flavor to spare.

How did pepperoni become a thing put on pizzas? 

I like it by itself but it's not that great roasted.

One time I added pepperoni slices and they baked into little cups holding their own grease.

So next time I made a radial cut through each slice and they baked to little pepperoni Pac Men flooded in their own grease.  

Militia Company of District II under the Command of Captain Frans Banninck Cocq

The Night Watch. The video is titled Rembrandt's Masterpiece, seen on American Digest.

Paintings like this are discussed sensibly because what the artist did is concrete, what he did can be talked about and appreciated. His looseness is tangible, his attitude of not caring about the inflated self regard of his patrons is palpable combined with mastery of technique such that standing in front of the painting and looking at it you feel you can put your fingers right into the lace of collar, clearly lace, yet upon close inspection it's all flicks of a #1 paintbrush and graduations of white. It's also why he died poor. Patrons lost patience with Rembrandt not taking them seriously as they take themselves.

And that's why we love him so. He gave us who they really are. Not what they'd have him give us. 

Years ago, fine, decades ago, a new friend was graduating from D.U. art school. Upon graduating the school uses its resources and contacts to host a gallery showing for its students, so the whole place is loaded with student artwork and notables of the Denver art scene are invited with the idea of the students getting set to work. The school helps the students find work by introducing them. 

My friend's work was crap.

And I mean it.

Almost everything else was more interesting, but still, all of it student-level work. All of it was crap. Nothing stuck out. 

But, Good Lord, you should have heard the people talking about it; the airy-fairiest inconsequential conceptualizations of light and color and tone, volume, value, and mass and movement and contrast and peace and conflict and emotion that is not present in squares and dots and blobs and extreme ugliness and meaninglessness and insensibility. The frame is better art. Yet they went on an on and on ridiculously. They made a mockery of themselves.

And there was my new friend in the middle of it. 

"So what did you think of the art show?"


And that's the last time I ever struck up a conversation with anyone at the Eagle's Nest.  ← Joke. 

Joke ↓. 

"It's line and color is curiously counterpointed by the redundant vestiges of its function." Screech screech whomp ...  "X-kvisit. Absolutely x-kvisit."  It's a police call box. 

Now, that shit is funny. That's art! The television show doesn't take itself too seriously.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Sixty Grit, Adventure Man!

With my annual tax and tags payment coming up on my pickup truck I got a notion to sell it. So I listed it on a local sales site and what do you know, within a few hours I had a full price offer. Mind you I had listed it well above what I thought I would get in order to leave some bargaining room. No bargaining happened.

Today I met the buyer at a local bank in order to close the deal - I needed a notary to witness us signing the title and while I was there I had them run the pile of odd bills that dude paid me with through their money counter - much more efficient than having this old guy count it with his arthritic hands. Done and done - I pulled off the tag, we shook hands and parted ways.

Then I had to figure out a way home. I called a couple of cab companies but their cab was busy. Where did I think I was, NYC or something? So it dawned on me that I might as well walk home. I had the license plate and the screwdriver with me so I was well armed against any ne'er-do-wells who might be after my cash. That is correct - I just jammed the wad of bills in my pocket and started walkin'. That's the Sixty way.

I headed down a narrow street into town, under a very low one-lane train bridge, then over to a nearby store. It started raining, so I stood under an awning until the rain let up - it was just a passing shower.

I crossed the town's main street and cut across a field:

Click on any or all images to enlarge.

Then I picked up the trail that would lead me home. There was a big sycamore leaning over a small creek:

The trail then led to an open space that has been used for odd things over the years. This year's odd thing was this:

I have no idea what it is other than a waste of labor, resources and taxpayer money. It looks like a porous stockade made out of oversized asparagus stalks:

It must be "art". It needs shredded. 
On into the forest primeval I plunged. Forging ever onward:

Yep, that's my neighborhood. Along the way I saw many wondrous things, such as the house that was moved from across the street from my house to its new location in the historic district. Interesting story that, dude didn't get permission or permits, just had the house movers pick it up and haul it from where it was to where it is now. His plan would have worked, too, had the whole thing not gotten stuck on the only bridge across the river. Oops. But it all got sorted out in due time and here it is now:

You can barely see it, but its in there. Nice landscaping, eh? 

Excelsior! Someone had planted a garden out here on the frontier - I think their okra has bolted:

This place is rich in history and some traces of those who came before can still be seen. Even though this did not photograph well this is a trail that was used from about 1000 AD to about 1700 when this area was settled:

Just a kind of groove worn by many moccasins over hundreds of years. Then, more civilization - the trail curved around and what do you know - there is the bridge that was built across the mighty river just a couple of years ago:

View from the bridge down into the limpid waters of what becomes the raging Neuse!

Once across the bridge all I have to do is climb this steep grade and I am home:

On this killer grade I saw fungi:

Cherry burls:

Then bam, I popped out into suburbia and moseyed home, money still in my pocket, and my spirit uplifted by such a wonderful unplanned jaunt through the autumn woods. Two miles of walking have rarely been more enjoyable.

Note to Nick - now that I have no pickup truck you will have to adjust your mental image of me. Perhaps a gruff old dude in a minivan would work better.

Trump rally in Council Bluffs, Iowa

garlic cabbage and fish sauce

You should make this.

I make a similar thing using Napa cabbage and the other mysterious Asian ingredients that are magically transformative, everything by the teaspoon, and I like to doll it up with frozen shrimp, mushrooms, bean sprouts, tofu, whatever is on hand at the time. 

And it's not just me thinking it's great. I served it to someone who was all nom nom nom nom nom burp, nom nom nom wipe mouth nom nom nom slurp, nom, "did you say something?" Nom nom nom nom s-l-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-r-p. "Hey, this is pretty good." 

Americans and Russians against Somali pirates

Americans and Russians separately, not working together. The video shows different approaches. Over twenty-two million views, nearly twenty-three million with over fourteen thousand comments on YouTube. Commenters prefer the Russian approach.

This is video #2. Here is video #1 if you're interested. I think there are ten numbered videos plus others unnumbered.

Early Frost Bite

Columbus may have worked the wind
A new and better way to Ind
And also proved the world a ball,
But how about the wherewithal?
Not just for scientific news
Had the Queen backed him for a cruise.

Remember he had made the test
Finding the East by sailing West. 
But had he found it?
Here he was Without one trinket from Ormuz
To save the Queen from family censure
For her investment in his future.

There had been something strangely wrong
With every coast he tried along.
He could imagine nothing barrener.
The trouble was with him the mariner.
He wasn’t off a mere degree;
His reckoning was off a sea.

And to intensify the drama
Another mariner Da Gama

 ~ Robert Frost

Monday, October 8, 2018

Banksy's Girl With Balloon shredded at auction moments after sale for 1.4 million

And now it's worth even more. Apparently.

Top pranking. 


Jokes made by b3ta members. Nothing nicked. No isms allowed. So that will be jokes the kids made up themselves. Supposed to be anyway. They're known to cheat. It helps to accept the British locations and British prejudices and read them in British accent. There is a "pages" bar at the bottom, the page that you're on is not underlined.

*  Although a transvestite friend of mine lives in Greater Manchester ... he also has a Wigan address.

*  Psychologist: so, you often get the urge to stand onstage? me: yes, but I'd never act on it.

* * An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman walk into a bar
and the barman says "what'll it be gents"
Englishman - 'I'll have a pint of fisted goblin, 4.6 ABV, golden colour with citrus undertones"
Irishman - "I'll have a pint of Guinness and a Bushmills chaser"
Scotsman - "I'll have a er...erm...a lime and soda"
Toby and Patrick both turn to Hamish and say "you'll have what?"
Hamish - "Sorry, what were you expecting? Just because I am from Scotland you expect me to be some stereotype drunken scot? Are you expecting me to order Tenants super and a bottle of buckfast just to live up to an outdated and untrue image of the Scots as alcoholics? Shame on you. For your information I like lime and soda. Also I am skint at the moment as I spent all my dole money on smack."

* Why did John Lennon sing, "I am the Eggman"?
Because he married Yolko Ono.


*  My scouse uncle does greengrocery deliveries in Shoreditch
He doesn't have a van.
He does avocado.

* I was in a convent garden when I interrupted a lady talking about Jesus to ask about her large gardening scissors.
It was a nun-secateur.

[secateur: mainly British a small pair of shears for pruning]

* Contrary to popular belief, Stephen Hawking wasn't a theoretical physicist.
He was real.

* A horse wearing a disproportionately tall version of a red felt hat popularized during the Ottoman Empire walks into a bar.
The barman pauses for purposes of comedic timing, then asks;

"Why the long fez?"

* The police have just arrested some campers.
They were loitering within tent.

* What do you get when cheese explodes?
De Brie.

And very many more.

Kavanaugh swearing in ceremony

Trump participates.

I think you might have to slide the progress bar over to where it starts.

Jean-Baptiste Chandelier

Here is his YouTube channel.

Columbus Day

stay'n alive, ASL

The Lindsay Graham video compelled me to check for ASL cover of this song. It's one I used to practice decades ago and it's riddled with acutely non-signing phrasing, actually fairly weird phrasing for English.

Whether you're a brother or whether you're a mother, staying alive, staying alive.

It's a repeated phrase that's too weird, I just can't even.

How would you show that?

There is a sign for "whether." My choice is to use "maybe" instead, and use it once, not twice. The structure is for English phrasing to fit the beat, but I give up on that with this song because it's just too weird.

And the sign for "whether" is based on the sign for "maybe" they're similar; weighing two plates as a scale for maybe, turned to fists with thumbs up for "whether." Here.

I'd change it to "maybe you brother or mother, continue live, continue live."

"Continue" is an eminently useful sign; stay put, keep going, persist, survive, keep on trucking, endure, last. The concept cloud around this sign applies to "staying alive" even without the "live" part.

This song has gratuitous phrases that do not contribute to the theme a line that's anti-rheme.

"We can try to understand" is very clearly shown in ASL while the following line is ill considered.

"The New York Times' effect on man."

There is a sign for "effect."  The sign for "humanity" is "people." (cycling Ps) In a sentence this looks like "NYT blast people. "

"Everybody shaking" is shown "dancing" the two-leg "v" sign shaking as dancing. Incidentally, I meant to say this yesterday in comments, that dancing can be anything. It can be shown as country line-dancing, a saloon kick dance, a ballerina, a ballroom, a disco, a skater, a snow-boarder, a swimmer, dangling from a hang-glider, a man dropping down in a parachute, the legs can be put on the floor of the opposing hand, the whole arm can be a platform for the legs.The legs can be made into a  fashion model legs on a catwalk crossing over each other, they can walk, run, jump, diving board, kneel down, anything that legs can do, limited only by imagination. It's an example of how the class and the book show the word, but not to limit you to what's shown, rather to get you started on using the configuration for anything your heart desires, a start for your own needs and your imagination.

How would you show the sound, "ah ah ah ah"? How would you stretch out the word, "alive?"

That "ah, ah" occurs in other songs, like Kiesza's "Hideaway." In that song it's "ew, ah, ah, ew .... ew, ah, ah, ew ..."

I decided to show "ah" as hands out, my body backs away from something with a jerk, like "ah, I'm surprised and not really sure about that" and "ew" as fingertips to my  mouth. The back and forth shows the thing that I hear. And that same somewhat repulse motion type of "ah " works for Staying Alive too. You can do 3 in a row where the hands stay in the same plce in front of your body while your body backs away from your hands in stages.

Okay, which one of these guys is your favorite? They're both fun. The whole class is fun. Which one is most clear to you?

One is actually dancing the song impersonating the movie, the other is showing the song.

I love it when they say "kicked around." There is a sign for kick.

Cracking Maya Code

This is a National Geographic documentary posted to Smalldeadanimals that got a surprisingly lot of attention over there.

If you have 50 minutes, what the heck, you might find this interesting.

I used to be really interested in this. I went to Cancún Yucatan with a group of ten people, an outstanding experience for a lot of reasons, a lot of utterly unique memories cherished from that; the coconut that fell and sprouted a spear unfolding into a frond so perfectly I wanted to take it, snorkeling around the rock jetty immediately outside the rented house, the best Cuba Libre I've ever tasted and to this day still cannot duplicate, deep sea fishing, monkeys, the market, top restaurants, but most of all a side trip that I organized, that I insisted on, and pushed, and lobbied, and made a major pain in the butt out of myself to get us all to Chichén Itzá. My group was not interested. I tore  up one of my books for its pictures and pasted them onto a poster of a map showing what is there to be seen and how close we'd be to it. I pushed and pushed and pushed. I was the youngest person in my group and the rest were simply not interested.

The Mexican government built a road that cuts a straight line right through the jungle. This road become a major path for Mexican people to walk very long distances between settlements. We passed an assembly of people walking along the highway carrying a coffin who all glared at us as we passed. Apparently we broke some kind of rule that we didn't know about.

I climbed over every structure in the whole place from one end the other. I saw everything there is to see, everything in the photographs and more. I was not ready for all the carved stone laying around like junk to be picked up. Portraits of people in block stone that as you walk by it you go, "that would make an excellent coffee table base with a glass top." And, "I could use this for art." Literally thousands of such instances. And still, my friends were not that interested.

There is a famous wall there with a design of skulls that's Halloween as anything gets. The Temple of Warriors I climbed up, (but not we climbed up) with its adorable stone seated figure is actually an altar for human sacrifices.

You don't know this until you climb up and through it, their planetarium is actually not all that, with passageways and rooms fit for children.

This was fulfillment of a childhood dream. I was actually doing it; climbing on Maya pyramid built in their terminal period, the other buildings in various styles. "At the Mouth of the Well at Itza" is a cenotaph with gross slime-green water and whatever else the Maya threw into it, human corpses and such.

Later I learned of their blood-thirst, their constant warring, an economic plan based on conquer and pillage. I learned of unbelievably huge sacrifices in other places like Tenochtitlán (Mexico City) (Aztec, not Mayan) when the entire city had to be abandoned for the stench of decaying bodies sacrificed in a single incident estimated at 50,000.

And that put me off permanently, boom, just like that, no longer interested, dropped like a nuked potato.

I think this lead frame looks like the Nikko monkeys, see, hear, speak no evil, but spill water out your mouth. I did not notice this structure in the video.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Derrick Lewis post-fight interview

Sweary. Cover your children's ears

Trump mocks

Trump describes, and everyone goes nuts; his supporters go nuts and his opponents go really nuts.

Rachel Butera kicked off Twitter

Butera is the voice actor for Leia Organa on Disney Channel's Star Wars Resistance. I read  the Hollywood leftists made her understand that her career is on the line so she apologized for this video she made and put up on Twitter then later took down.

No wait, I saw that on another video with an annoying robot voice that takes a high-horse leftist view with haughty presumptuous assumptions that are wrong but comments to that robot voice video are contrary. Read the comments, the corrective is better than the video. All the commenters think this Butera's video is funny and correct. Bummer she took it down from Twitter.

What a bunch of fascists. They think they are keepers of the gate, the moderators of American humor. We have to disabuse them of that.

butter burger

Lo, the key to top burgers is found.

Decades have passed and my burgers were still dry. I became expert at bread but none of my breads worked with hamburgers. And now I've discovered two key burger secrets and it's a whole 'nuther ballgame.

All these lean ground beef packages you see are for the birds. Adding water to ground beef to fry for hamburgers doesn't cut it. The trick is to add butter.

Compound butter if you want to be fancy.

Put in the herbs/spice that you like then you can use it for anything. But all this is not necessary. Regular butter works as well.

I didn't know what I was doing. this much potato is not needed. Potato flakes works as well. 


Moist burger, soft bun. Win. Everything else how you like, grilled meat, toasted bun, pickles, whatever.  My new thing for hamburgers is jalapeño peppers, and I like them fresh and grilled with the burger to blistered. Just like Mexican cooks do. Va a volar tu mente.