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How to wrap cable

They're talking about data cable not electric cable. The kind with multiple wires inside them like coaxial cables.

The link at Instapundit goes to The Hard Times to a post that describes how to talk to people who try to help the roadies but do not wrap cable properly by using an unnecessary 4 step program. More interesting than the discussion about how to talk to people are the independent facts sprinkled through. Fact: Incorrect cable coiling is the leading cause of that weird humming noise. Fact: Studies show that over 7,500 sound guys a night suffer through an over-eager drummer or vocalist looking to help. (That sounds made up.)

But the article does not explain how to wrap cable. Instead it refers readers to YouTube videos.


*flounces off to YouTube.*

Oh God, do you have to explain all the wrong things first? Just show us how to do it. 8 minute video.

I did not know that.

This other guy does the same thing differently. 2 minute video.

You just can't make it up

As Chip has noted it is amazing to see the entire Deep State both in and out of government united in opposition to the God Emperor. They poo poo the summit. First they said that the God Emperor's intemperate tweets would lead to a nuclear war. Than they said there never would be a summit. Then they said it was a failure. That rocket man got a big win just be being on a level with the President. What does that prove? I mean he met with Justin Trudeau and he is still a hapless faggot. So how did this mook change his status. Plus we canceled some war games and saved a bunch of dough. Big deal. We can restart them in ten minutes if we need too so this doesn't mean jack shit. What a bunch of baloney.

As the great writer Kurt Schlichter "The Elites Never Take Your Side." They only want to denigrate you. They only want to flaunt their supposed expertise. Which is almost always wrong. Wrong about Castro. Wrong about Vietnam. Wrong about the Fall of Communism. Wrong about everything.

I think we need to close down the State Department. Fire everyone at the think tanks. Put our diplomacy in the hands of normal Americans. I would but our negotiations in the hands of people who know what they are doing.

Used car salesman.

Because we all know where the most prepared Candidate in the History of the World ended up.

At Last

Sung by Reginald Ballard (female), a receptionist at North Lincoln High School in North Carolina.

Vivek Saxena found this and posted it to Biz Pac Review.  Ballard sang it to students over the PA system on the last day of school.

There are two more such school announcement music videos at the link, announcing snow days set to rap music.

Elizabeth Warren lives everyday filled with terror at midterms going Trump's way

Good Lord, what a drama queen. She is not living everyday in terror. She's trying to get her fascist progressive supporters worked up. She likes nothing more than perverting government function to her own use, she doesn't give a rat's behind about adhering to Constitutional principles of government. She wants to be a mob boss and use coercive force of government to lord over movers and shakers more capable than herself. Her life drive can be described as envy. She embodies the absolute worst impulses behind America politics save for her pals and like-minded followers. She has nothing whatsoever to fear from Trump except for her perverse aims for government thwarted by people more sensible, more emotionally stable and with greater fidelity to the ideals of America than her poor shaking -- terrified, is it? -- self.

Story by Douglas Ernst writing for Washington Times. She was conversing with Rachel Maddow, and that means she was reaching out to her fellow cracked pots to do all that they can, legal or otherwise, to get out the vote for Democrats. "Fly my little monkeys, fly!"
I really really really really really really really really really really really want us to succeed. I'm going to work really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really hard to make that happen. 
I might have misquoted a little bit.

Why do liberals always say that? Work really really really really hard doing what exactly? If appearing on Maddow show and describing her emotional anxiousness is her idea of working really really really really super duper hard then Trump has nothing to worry about. Slave away silly woman.

There is a video at the link. But who watches Maddow interviews? You'd have to view it on mute or have your ears jabbed with an icepick. And there is a wonderful picture of immaculate Warren in primary red, half collar up, with the most distressed expression possible for a face to make.  The look of a woman in deep distress, a woman who's looked into the abyss and saw Trump staring back at her.

I've always said she would be excellent at ASL. She's a natural. She is. Her expressions and her ordinary expressive gesticulations are ace, very close to natural ASL.

I feel another Photoshop session coming on.

What's with the militant arm posturing anyway? And the pedagogic hand configurations that liberals cannot constrain themselves from making? That is so uncool. Have you noticed they've all suddenly stopped pointing? All at once as if they had been coached. All at once it suddenly stopped. I made a whole series of photoshops of politicians pointing, then for each one, some kind of animal, all kinds of animals, come flying into the frame and bite off their pointing finger, a parrot bites off  a finger leaving a streaming bloody stump, a dog, a mountain lion, a penguin, a seagull, any random animal, for Brezhnev, Castro, Mao, any Kennedy, B. Clinton, H. Clinton, Obama. Of Americans they were always Democrats. Republicans did not point. It was curious. Then boom. Suddenly stopped. And I notice at that time that Obama adopted a bent finger so his finger pointed back at himself. Still pointing emphatically and but missing acute power, his bent finger didn't look nearly as rude. What's Elizabeth Warren doing with this signing? Making a fine point emphatically. Something specific is pissing her off. She's holding an invisible baton and striking the air, an invisible spaghetti noodle. It's diacriticallly rhetorically effete. Know who else was coached for dramatic speaking and practiced gesticulation in front of a mirror? 



A horse is not just a horse of course

The are many deep dark secrets in Hollywood Babylon. Especially back in the sixties. There was Rock Hudson and Sal Mineo. Drug addicts like Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda. But our show had the biggest problem of all. Wilbur was having sexual relations with Mr. Ed. 

No one could understand why Wilbur would leave such fine young nubile flesh like his young wife to hang out in a barn. Little did they know that he was a pony boy. A horse lover. An equine excess dabbler. A stallion straddler. Wilbur really loved his pony. 

That is why he could only hang out with celebrities who had secrets of their own. Like Sandy. It was a time of shame and desperation. It was a love that could not neigh it's name. It made filming the show a horror. 
(Alan Lubin, Mr Ed, The E True Hollywood Story) 

Friday, June 15, 2018

Whose that author?

They put Foley and the Cuban together in the backseat of the van and took them from the Palm Beach County jail on Gun Club to Glades Correctional, the old redbrick prison at the south end of Lake Okeechobee. Neither one said a word during the Ride that took most of an hour, both of them handcuffed and shackled.
They were returning Jack Foley to do his thirty years after busting out for a week, Foley's mind on a woman who made intense love to him one night in Detroit, pulled a Sig Sauer .38 the next night, shot him and sent him back to Florida.
The Cuban, a little guy about fifty with dyed hair pulled back in a ponytail, was being transferred to Glades from the state prison at Starke, five years down, two and a half to go of a second-degree murder conviction. The Cuban was thinking about a woman he believed he loved, this woman who could read minds.
They were brought to the chow hall, their trays hit with macaroni and cheese and hot dogs from the steam table, three slices of white bread, rice pudding and piss-poor coffee and sat down next to each other at the same table, opposite three inmates who stopped eating.

Whose that girl?

This girl in blue is not one of those blue people even thought it is in her very name. She has been cruel and doesn't drive a Cadillac coup but she does count coup in a show that I have recommend to you. A skinny skank who is strangely Irish and not Scottish but still a thin piece of work.

Whose that girl?

WKRLEM: A cooking video in the manner of Chip...Uncle Junior likes sushi

The Sniffer

This is a Russian series shot in the Ukraine. The bad thing about it is that it must be read to be comprehended, the good thing about it is you can learn a lot about how Russian language is spoken naturally just by following along. You know, da means yes and nyet means no and dasvidaniya, don't get any on ya, means goodbye, but here you get to see how common words are used in natural speech, how the phone is answered, how people say "well..." to move conversation along. It is an excellent language course that works by osmosis, by natural interest. The show makes being Russian seem natural as being American. Scenes of Ukraine look like scenes shot in America. The Russian bureaucracy looks nothing at all like everything we've seen to this point. Russia is updated. Russia is depicted like America is depicted, with too many guns and way too many gunfights. Far too much hand-to-hand fighting to be anywhere near realistic. The show has a Marvel cartoon quality to it. There is quite a lot of stretching of possibility, for example the last episode of second season the main character researches his adopted father that leads to encountering his real father who is an outrageous super villain set up unrealistically in his own unrealistic lab who uses the hero's stem cells unrealistically to 3-D print a new heart unrealistically. The timing of various separate choreographed fights all conclude unrealistically at the crucial last second bring all to a comic book-like satisfying conclusion.

I watched poorly. You must pay attention and I did not. I missed more than I took in and I was still mesmerized by what I saw. Russians are great story tellers and now they're telling stories as Americans do, I must say, a bit better.

The settings and locations are breathtaking. Unrealistically so. Too clean. Too simple. As comic book drawings, every element in each scene is put there for purpose. The hero's apartment is unrealistically large and far too simple. His character possesses super smell sense, greater than bloodhounds and with exceptional analytical ability. He comprehends chemical compounds, their purpose in manufacturing and their locations and years of production. He wears a nose filter that he removes with a pinch so that he can analyze a scene. When he does a picture forms from residual odor particles of a previous event as if from smoke that appear then disappear and move to re-form in another area of the room, so that outside his personal experience, he is viewed by others as a nutter looking closely into something that isn't there.

The garage in his apartment basement is too large for one vehicle, to high a ceiling to be a garage in real life, his windows too expansive looking out onto a cityscape that is too glorious and too pure. It cannot be Moscow, it cannot be New York or London or Paris, nor Tokyo, no, the windows and the cityscape are a cartoon. His ability is superhero ability. His wife is super-bitch wife. There is no wife that sharp, that short, that demanding, that dismissive, that accusative, that obnoxious who lives. You despise her instantly then marvel at the actress who can pull it off. And you know her extremism is presented so the opposite can be shown, so you wait for the moment she becomes vulnerable. Sure enough, she gets hurt and needs help, but the viewer is inured by her abuse so gives her no sympathy. No matter how long she puts up an act of being vulnerable by being pregnant, the viewer is waiting for her to revert to form and she satisfies that expectation too. A bit predictable, but still very good acting, and the actress makes you despise her just for being the character she plays. I love this actress because her range is so fantastic.

All these characters appear harsh at first because they are Russian, the police officer friend of the hero, their boss in his own splendid and unrealistic office, an architectural thing of brutalist beauty, unlike depictions of Russia we've seen. Everywhere that they go, the airport, the docks, medical institutions, restaurants, are all splendidly worked out, each one down to the last detail. There is never anything extraneous in any single frame. The whole thing is put together that tightly.

The imagination is impressive. Like Dune, the writers take one thing, increased sense of smell, and allow their imaginations to run rampant around the ramifications stemming from that, how that affects a man's relationships, how that would interfere and prevent relationships from happening, what others would have to tolerate from him, how he would fashion his life around this ability, how it would help him and others, how it would hurt him and hurt others, what happens when it's shut off by injury, the unwanted intimate things it reveals, how that messes him up just getting along. How his simple statements of fact shock other people imagining they have privacy. What foods he can eat, which foods would repulse him. How that affects living with others. How his wife barging in on him and removing her shoes drives him nuts, and how he handles such things. How the simple presence of cats completely messes him up. It's fascinating just watching how the writers develop this one single change. They're brilliant by all the subtle touches they toss into the script. He makes a perfume for his girlfriend that is perfect for her, his ex-wife befriends her and leans in to smell it. "Nothing. I think he's just messing with you." His best perfume matched to a woman with perfection is so subtle that it doesn't even exist as scent for other people. Come on! That's hilarious.

Nearly every location has electronic surveillance, an array of monitors and guards watching. Quite a lot of reliance on electronics, technology and especially cell phones. There is a futuristic quality to locations, automobiles and costuming.

The opening scenes grab your attention and make you want to stick with it. Each episode is long. Nearly an hour.

Use settings to turn on subtitles.

Trump Negotiations Academy

Caroline Glick writing for Jewish World Review explains how to understand Trump's deal with Kim. She says this later in her analysis, but foremost, the agreement that's signed between Trump and Kim is a piece of paper with the word "agreement" on it.

That's all. And now the pressure is off to achieve a signed agreement and they have all the time that is needed to work on denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. And time is on Trump's side on not on Kim's side whose country suffers under Trump's continuing sanctions. It is Kim with the urgency to act quickly.

Trump does the opposite of what previous negotiators did, the opposite of what our experts expect. the opposite of what European observers need to see for things to make sense to them. They don't see what they know about negotiations so Trump does not make sense to any of them.

This is irrelevant to Glick's analysis but while reading her describing our experts I was reminded of an article I read thirty years ago about television comedy writers. The piece started out with a writer pointing out his vehicle, a beat up old Chevy, then the other comedy writers burst out laughing because his actual car is new Mercedes. No comedy writer has an old beat up automobile. That was their joke for themselves. Turns out all their résumés were lists of failed t.v. comedies. That's how you achieve success in that field, by building up a list of short-lived television programs and boom you're a successful comedy writer with portfolio. Their success is based upon experience with a string of failures. So too with our negotiation experts.
Dennis Ross, who mediated the negotiations between Israel and the PLO that led directly to the largest Palestinian terrorism campaign against Israel in history, and Wendy Sherman, who negotiated Bill Clinton’s horrible nuclear deal with North Korea in 1994 and Obama’s disastrous nuclear deal with Iran in 2015, as well as all their esteemed colleagues have taken up their pens and stood before the cameras and clucked about how Trump’s Singapore show is amateur hour.
*  “How could they agree to a presidential summit without first guaranteeing its end product?”
*  “Trump’s showmanship is dangerous and counterproductive.”
*  “At the end of the day, for this to work, Trump will have to copy Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran”

They're telling us what they know. And all that they know is failures. That's their experience, what makes them experts. Just as Hillary Clinton was the most qualified because she was both Senator of N.Y. and Secretary of State. Never mind about performance in those positions, it's her simply being there that makes her an expert.

After analysis of the dangers of negotiations Glick gets to what Trump actually did in Singapore. She understands what we saw in Trump's observable behavior with our own eyeballs and contrasted against our expert's vaunted experience with failures. There are three dangers.

1) You have no guarantee the other side will agree to a deal. Historic examples given.

2)  Democratically elected leaders have greater tendency than dictators to be convinced their political survival depends on delivering a deal. Historic examples given.

3) Because of #2, the likelihood that a Democratically elected leader will accept a terrible deal skyrockets. Historic example jumps out and punches you in the face.

With these risks in mind, we observe Trump.

1) Play up your counterpart's failings, do not make light of them. Don't praise Arafat as a man of courage. Don't praise Hassan Rouhani as a moderate. By praising their opponents, Israelis and Americans justified making concessions to their counterparts without reciprocity. This shifted the burden of proving good intentions onto themselves rather than their opponents who have no credibility at all.

2) Intimidate, don't woo your opponent's friends. Trump's three predecessors begged Chinese to rein in the North Koreans and that handed leverage to Beijing. To curb N. Korea even temporarily, the Chinese demanded US concessions and got them. Whereas Trump threatened China by linking US-China trade deals to Chinese assistance in curtailing N. Korean aggression and agreeing to US goal of denuclearizing China's client state. Trump proved his seriousness by lobbing 58 missiles at Syrian targets in retaliation for Assad's use of chemical weapons while he was having dinner with President Xi Jinping. Xi cut off N. Korean coal exports to China and limited fuel shipments from China to N. Korea. One month later Kim announced he wanted to meet with S. Korean counterpart.


3) Make it easy for your side to walk away from the table and hard for the other side to jump. Trump did this through a series of moves. He had James Mattis threaten to destroy N. Korea. Trump coupled the threats with the largest increase in defense spending in memory. Trump repeated continuously that he had no idea whether or not talks with Kim would be productive. Finally, Kim insulted John Bolton and Trump canceled the summit. Trump's polling did not suffer, rather, his numbers improved. Kim learned the price of failure and Kim learned Trump isn't afraid of walking away over something so small as an insult. And that is a new observed negotiating experience that our experts themselves do not comprehend, far less internalize.

4) Appoint hard-line negotiators. Bolton is the most outspoken critic of nuclear diplomacy with North Korea in Washington. Bolton opposed every diplomatic initiative and agreement that every administration adopted with Pyongyang. Literally no one in Washington is more skeptical of the chances that an agreement with N. Korea will succeed than Bolton.

And there was Bolton sitting at the negotiation table in Singapore.

In the past, American and Israeli leaders engaged in negotiations have given their opponents a say, even veto power over the members of their negotiating teams. These past leaders used their team roster as another tool to appease the other side, while ignoring the concerns of their domestic constituencies.

Trump did the opposite of what our experts expect. After setting up the talks in a manner that minimizes the cost of walking away, and maximizes the cost for Kim, Trump chose negotiators that would minimize the chance of reaching a bad deal while assuaging and encouraging his constituents that he can be trusted. Both Trump's supporters and his detractors know that so long as Bolton is at the table, the chance of the U.S. agreeing to a bad deal is near zero.

5) Control the urgency of time. Reporters in Singapore were shocked when Trump announced that he and Kim were about to sign an agreement. They were lead into a grand hall for a formal signing ceremony. A quick look shows the agreement is nothing but platitudes.

Trump's critics quickly pointed out there is nothing to the agreement. It doesn't make sense to them. It's fake. But they're missing the point. The entire point was to produce a piece of paper with the word "Agreement" on it.

By signing an empty agreement, Trump took all the time-pressure off of himself and his team. They have their deal. He signed it. In ceremony with fancy pens. Now they have all the time that they need to do what it takes to get Kim to give up his nuclear arms. While time works against Kim. Sanctions against N. Korea will remain in place until after N. Korea has denuclearized verifiably. Assuming Kim cares about his economy then Kim will want to reach a real deal quickly as possible.

Trump's critics increased their attacks against Trump's summit with Kim but everything they say discredits themselves. The only reason Trump is even here dealing with N. Korea is because his predecessors failed through feckless diplomacy. The things that make these critics experts are the things that do not work.  As these expert critics persist it becomes clear that their fear is not that Trump will fail, rather, their fear is that he will succeed where they failed, they, of expert experience and diplomatic renown, and he, the loudmouth real estate bullshit artist and reality show celebrity from Queens who couldn't care less what they think of him or his ways.


Here and now

Fourths, the musical interval, are called "The American Interval". Clearly they have been around since time immemorial, but we sure put them to good use.

You can see Edgar Meyer in the background thinking "Man, this I, I, I, IV, IV, etc. gets old - someone hand me my bow. Turn me loose, get out of my way!"

This morning's sunrise was a tiny compared to yesterday's, but still a happy occasion:

And there it is.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Mark Levin on the I.G. report

Mark Levin yells, and you think as you watch him, Dude, you're tripping, then the video ends psychedelically. It's fun! And he makes some very good points.


Did someone say "Japanese flag"?

This evening's sunset had a bit of that going on.

It's been a long day.

It's good for your men'al healf ta have a bit of a wee walk.

This was panned all around for not being funny.

But it is funny if you can overlook the speech impediment, but we cannot do that either.

It's the sounds that he makes and his facial contortions that put me in stitches because walking is good for your mental health.

Here's the thing, you don't have to challenge aggressively. People are generally naturally concerned for the environment, even during their episodes of carelessness, their anger or isolation or just not thinking. You have only to point it out. We all received the same indoctrination. 

A homeowner friend left his kitchen water running unnecessarily. He is aggressively political liberal. We've all been taught to shut off the water while brushing our teeth! I asked innocently, "Is it expensive being a water-waster?" He snapped it off reflexively. He hated being thought a water-waster His own liberal indoctrination did that, not me.

My brother was testing my 10 stage water filter that somebody gave me. I kind of resented having that tall bulky thing with a tube cluttering my sink area when Denver water tastes so good without it. My brother asked me how long the filters last. I said a very long time, a few years, but then I don't usually leave it running like you are. He snapped it right off. 

It's quiet around here on Sunday. Just me on the sidewalk and a tall young man circling on his bike in the middle of the street with no traffic. He dropped a container on the street and rode around it. I said gently, "The whole street is a garbage bin." He snapped back some smart-ass remark. My point was still made. On my return I noticed the same beverage container at the top of of nearby bin. That wasn't me that caused him to pick up his trash, it was his own conscientiousness from our same indoctrination, our same environmental concern. All three incidents play on the same thing we share. Your messing around affects me. I have only to say, "look at you." 

I.G. report into Democrat wrongdoing released.

It's horribly long. Let's put on our speed-reading glasses and read it. Like boosh.

Hmm. The review is also long. Sorry.

You know what? This did go awfully fast. The way you gobble a book then write a report about what you got from your gobble, then get an A. But maybe that doesn't work outside of Academialand.

Maybe we're better of waiting for people smarter than me and listen to them instead. I'm willing and eager to be contradicted. Whatever. Here is what I get out of the flash session. Written fast as the report was read.

* But our review did not find evidence to connect the political views expressed in these messages to the specific investigative decisions that we reviewed; rather, consistent with the analytic approach described above, we found that these specific decisions were the result of discretionary judgments made during the course of an investigation by the Midyear agents and prosecutors and that these judgment calls were not unreasonable.

[confidence beginning to slip]

* On June 27, 2016, Lynch met with former President Clinton on Lynch’s plane, which was parked on the tarmac at a Phoenix airport. This meeting was unplanned, and Lynch’s staff told the OIG they received no notice that former President Clinton planned to board Lynch’s plane.

[My ass wasn't planned. So now how can anything that follows be trusted when something that was obviously planned is described as unplanned? No, you don't just happen to be golfing in Arizona heat and you don't just happen to notice the head of DOJ's jet near your own at the airport. My confidence in this report just dropped to zero.]

* (Lynch) decided not to voluntarily recuse herself either. In making this decision, Lynch told the OIG that stepping aside would create a misimpression that she and former President Clinton had discussed inappropriate topics, or that her role in the Midyear investigation somehow was greater than it was

[She and Clinton DID discuss inappropriate topics, and her role in the midyear investigation WAS great as we know it to be. She and B. Clinton fucked up and by mere chance we all saw it. Confidence -10.]

* In assessing the decision to prioritize the Russia investigation over following up on the Midyear-related investigative lead discovered on the Weiner laptop, we were particularly concerned about text messages sent by Strzok and Page that potentially indicated or created the appearance that investigative decisions they made were impacted by bias or improper considerations

 (“we’ll stop” candidate Trump from being elected),

Under these circumstances, we did not have confidence that Strzok’s decision to prioritize the Russia investigation over following up on the Midyear-related investigative lead discovered on the Weiner laptop was free from bias. We searched for evidence that the Weiner laptop was deliberately placed on the back-burner by others in the FBI to protect Clinton, but found no evidence in emails, text messages, instant messages, or documents that suggested an improper purpose.

[Confidence -50]

* Kadzik also created an appearance of a conflict when he sent the Chairman of the Clinton Campaign and a longtime friend, John Podesta, the “Heads up” email that included the schedule for the release of former Secretary Clinton’s emails proposed to the court in a FOIA litigation without knowing whether the information had yet been filed and made public. His willingness to do so raised a reasonable question about his ability to act impartially on Clinton-related matters in connection with his official duties.

[It wasn't an "appearance" of confict of interest, it is an actual conflict of interest. Confidence -60]


* consider developing guidance ...
* consider making explicit ...
* adopting a policy ...
* provide guidance ...
* improve retention ...
* add warning banner ...
* training ...
* consider education ...
* include review ...

[Confidence -5,000,000]

A whole bunch of irrelevant horseshit. Hundreds of pages of make-busy work that avoids an actual audit of malfeasance. These people get paid for bloviating so much gas the reader gets dizzy and forgets the aim of uncovering crimes, not picayune deviations from procedural practices.

Summary of findings page 456

* McCabe's recusal

More about Kadzik and his behavior and recusal.

Records vault and FOIA requests.

Conclusions and recommendations.

Pablum about FBI reputation

[Confidence -5,500,000]

* Found that FBI employees with crucial roles sent political messages.

[Confidence -10,000,000]

That created the "appearance" of bias.

Confidence -20,000,000]

* (Comey) While we did not find that these decisions were the result of political bias
on Comey’s part, we nevertheless concluded that by departing so clearly and dramatically from FBI and Department norms, the decisions negatively "impacted the perception" of the FBI and the Department as fair administrators of justice.

[Confidence -50,000,000]

* To protect the institutions from allegations of abuse, political interference, and biased enforcement of the law, the Department and the FBI have developed policies and practices to guide their decisions.

We HAVE policies and guidelines that direct decisions. Comey ignored them due to his clearly stated political bias purposefully ignored by this report. Confidence -100,000,000]

Recommendations too mundane to even mention. No recommendation for prosecution, no recommendation for anyone's head on a pike, no recommendations for hanging, none for electrocution or drowning or burning, no recommendation to bring back the guillotine, all pablum to give the "appearance" of one's act being cleaned when the policies already in place were clearly ignored, and worthy of severe prosecution.

This shows WHY we have Trump. To rip Republican Party a brand new asshole and get conservative voters some representation that will lead to at lest partial draining of Washington swamp. Like this awful asinine report with its absurdly prosaic recommendations. That it disrupts Democrat objectives is mere gravy.

What a tremendous amazingly mundane letdown. You want more Trump? This report is exactly how you are going to get it. This report IS the swamp.

That is my take on this report. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I read it too fast. Could be. I'm open to correction.

Caladiums, first day

These popped up yesterday. And a couple today. They were planted three weeks ago. I think. Thereabout. And it means the rest are ready to pop up behind them. There are at least a hundred planted all around, possibly more. Some varieties came in bags of twenty-five. From three sources. I used all available room, so nearly each pot is stuffed to the maximum with them, side-by-side under a layer of dirt. There isn't any more room for one single plug. I gave away lunch bags full of bulbs, handfuls of bulbs and extra nursery plants and seeds, there just isn't any more room in the containers. Small containers were moved out so the whole terrace is lined with commercial size containers.

I get so excited I could just pee.

I'm glad they're coming up this late, though, because by the end of summer I'm burned out on being watering slave-boy. A few months of that and I'm all, "Die already!"

But knowing that doesn't detract from the joy and excitement of seeing them come up from the dirt.

This one is different. Maybe it's an elephant ear. Or maybe something else I don't know about.

It's not a joke, some people lose their lives because their children thought they played with a toy and it was a real gun.

Then why am I laughing at you? You tell the best jokes without even trying, just being you. Anyone who spends their time watching the British royal family like some kind of archivist down to the details of what some little-known duchess wore on some occasion that nobody else cares about is automatically daft.

This is a tweet by a woman with precious concerns, her whole twitter feed is hilariously light-headed, punctuated by negative re-tweets about Trump. How serious :-(

She's in love with all royal nonsense, dreaming of being there, but despises Trump. And guns, her gun-awareness all through liberal axioms. "Kids die because their parents thought they were playing with toys." Therefore no kid should have a toy gun.

She's kind of right, in her way. I didn't much care for my Kilgore Roy Rogers gun and holster set. [eBay] Apparently all boys my age had them. It was a thing at the time. Real (cheap) leather holster, embossed as tooling, highly decorated with metal conchos such that no real cowboy would ever wear such ridiculous flashy elaborate things, with a belt that didn't fit properly, over your regular belt that holds up your pants, and with straps to tie them to your short little legs so they don't flap all over the place, forcing you into an unnatural walk and impeding your ability to run.

And the red caps on paper rolls were disappointing. You had to load the roll into the gun just so, and set up just so, and the firing of the toy gun had to hit the cap and advance the roll just so, and the whole set up worked unreliably. They went:

Pow! Snap, snap, snap, Pow, snap, snap, snap, snap, Pow! Pow! Pow! Oh good it's working, snap, snap, snap, snapsnapsnapsnap, doggonit. Can't a kid get a good squib around here?

I did not like my guns.

If real guns worked like toy guns there'd be no point to them at all. Nobody would bother owning a real gun. Throwing a rock is better. A spear is better.

Worst toy ever. The indan headdress and bow with arrows that had suctions cups instead of points worked a lot better. I wanted to be an indian. Because of the gun vs bow and arrow. But even those arrows were unreliable. They hardly ever actually stuck. You had to lick them then shoot them at glass and even then they sometimes bounced off. But they were more fun. You actually saw the thing flying through the air. Bows and arrows taught you about physics. How the arrow drops after you shoot it so you must aim higher depending on how far away you are from your target.

But cap guns are better nowadays. The caps are loaded onto plastic rounds. They look more reliable.

The article at the Daily Wire is about watchers of the British royal family objecting to a four-year-old boy, some prince named George, playing with a toy gun. They don't like seeing that, and they presume they have something valuable to say about it. They're ridiculous people and they're rightfully mocked.

Is that adorable or what? He's learning how to aim.
Other photographs showed young George playing with a knife and handcuffs; all part of his fascination with police. Last November, George’s father William got a request list from George for Christmas that had only one item listed: a toy police car.
Other tweets are just as obnoxious. They're seeing news reports of children in the royal family playing with toys and they feel their valued opinions must not be held back. That's how vapid their lives, and how great their self-regard.


* He's 4. He probably thinks he's a dinosaur at any given moment. Probably wants to be the first dinosaur cop. Some people just don't understand or remember being kids.

[Ha ha ha ha ha ha]

* His dad and uncle were in the military. he and his younger sibling probably had guidance in this area in particular. they most likely got the toy gun from their role models. and so what?

* "No child in this day and age should look at any gun as a fun toy."

But it IS a toy. Learn the difference, libtards. Plus, no doubt he's going to do some time in the military when he gets older. It's called LIFE. Get one!

And so on. They're funny.

Another Sunrise

Some mornings one awakens before one might wish to be awake, but today there was a beautiful sunrise as a reward for being awake and walking around:

(Click to enlarge)

And now to work!

Wolf Blitzer: "We are not the enemy of the American People, we love the American people"

David Rutz at Free Beacon says Blitzer is responding to Trump's latest broadside against the press.

Broadside, frontal, rear, aerial, depth charge, torpedo, missiles, they're all same attacks, fake news, Trump does emphasize this at his rallies, in his tweets, during his pressers. And media started it. Trump just picked it up. Trump did the most lasting damage to media by pointing out their extreme bias even as he uses them go get out his messages. He knows they're going to mangle coverage of him so they can all very well talk about that.

Sure enough, they do.
So funny to watch the Fake News, especially NBC and CNN. They are fighting hard to downplay the deal with North Korea. 500 days ago they would have "begged" for this deal-looked like war would break out. Our Country’s biggest enemy is the Fake News so easily promulgated by fools! -- Donald Trump.
Tell 'em President Trump. We're tired of bearing with American TASS. Actually, we don't even watch anymore. The crap they say is brought to our attention. So even cutting cable doesn't get rid of them. Then there's the networks and late-night comedians (so called) to pick up where the cable cutters left them  off. So networks and comedians are all ignored too, until they too are brought to our attention.

Se we roll our eyes and think, okay Wolf Blitzer said what? There is a video at the link if you care to see these d-bags talking about being kicked in the only place they feel anything. Pow, right in thier ratings.

David Gregory punches back. Like a girl. "Trump is unoriginal. All politicians don't like the press.

Blitzer concurs.
"Everybody's always criticizing us and not happy with our coverage, whether it was President Clinton or President Bush or President—they're all criticized,"
He meant, Reagan, Bush I and Bush II and now worst of all Trump. He left out the extensively positive coverage of Obama no matter how bad things got, no matter how intrusive Obama's government became, no matter how much measurable damage Obama did to our country, nor how soured our racial relations became, or how obnoxiously government departments were used against his political rivals, nor how deeply distrust in government and media became. The contrast is so amazingly sharp it cannot be denied or excused. "Everybody" and "always" are two absolutes that are just a little bit too girlishly dismissive and that's the reason they're no longer trusted. Obama criticized media for his tongue-baths not being sufficiently extensive, for a few of his most disasterous maneuvers being notices, for his support not being beyond 100% complete, while the rest of us, not just Trump, complain about Trump coverage being measurably 95% hostile. Big difference. Narrative fail.

Yes, you are the enemy of the American people by doing your jobs in such measurably biased fashion. And no, you do not love the American people, in fact you despise them and it shows everyday. You tolerate only the people in your own party, again, your political contributions are measured.

I don't get Free Beacon when they don't have comments. What a bummer. I wanted to read what David Rutz's readers said.

Fine. I'll read the comments at Lucianne instead.

* Liar

* There is a difference with this president, if you want to be honest with yourself Wolf. He has came into the Washington swamp and is in the process of destroying the cushy, comfy nest politicians, lobbyists, bureaucrats and yes the media have built for themselves. This nation was designed by the founding fathers for the good of the individual and the Constitution was written to give all the freedom to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Nowhere does it say there will be a 2 tier system of elites and everyone else. Get back to doing what it takes to actually be a journalist or whatever you think you are and maybe you will be taken seriously by John Q. Public.

* "Everybody´s always criticizing us and not happy with our coverage, whether it was President Clinton or President Bush or President — they´re all criticized," Blitzer said.

Notice that Blitzer didn´t say Obama..he was never actually criticized by CNN and others.

* Dont listen or watch what I say and do 24 hours every day, believe this now. These people are delusional.

* If you have to say it, then it isn´t true

* You sure fooled me!!! If its AP, Reuters, Washington Post, or NY Times, it is almost always anti-Trump, anti-Republican, and anti-Conservative.

* “Wolf Blitzer: ‘We Are Not the Enemy
of the American People, We love the
American People’”

Just not as much as they love illegal immigrants. And people from other countries in general.

* Waving the B.S. flag here.

They hate Trump (and us deplorables) more than they love America. We don´t believe their lies because we have been lied to far too many times.

Stuff it Wolf!

* Ameriphobic liars.

* No Wolf you love those American people that agree with you. And, at best, you disregard all others. In truth you look down on all others and treat them with distain.

* What Blitzer and the rest of his pathetic puppetheads fail to recognize is that they have so damaged their fourth estate, that viewers now turn nightly to late show comedians and guest hacks to get their news. Imagine how demeaning it is to know that Saturday Night Live gets more attention by the very advertising demographic you´ve sold your soul to obtain, but lost. Now, you're reduced to espousing daily insults and foul language to be heard in what has already been said. No original thought, just group think.

* Except, of course, if you happen to live in Fly Over country and voted for Trump. Then Wolf and his ilk couldn´t give a crap about you.

* We´ll be the judge of that, Wolfie.

* So he "loves" the American people --- a claim that abusive husbands also make about their abused wives when they face charges in court.

* Yeah. The way a wolf loves sheep.

* “We love the American people.”
Yeah, Wolf. We get it. I love lobsters and cod. Boiled and fried, respectively.

* They can’t be honest on this issue any more than they can any other issue.

* Stop it, yer killin´ me.

* Almost everywhere you turn, google, bing, CNN, NYT, Wapo, MSNBC, all the alphabet news channels, all of it is a 24/7 din of bashing our fine President Trump. They can all GTH. Blitzer is internally and externally dishonest, and I will never, ever, again believe a word that snake says. The whole bunch of them have permanently lost their credibility.

* With friends like Wolfie, who needs enemies?

* Wolf has no idea WHO the American People ARE. That´s why it has been so easy and so necessary to dope slap the media so frequently. So far they haven´t learned a thing from it. They appear to be very dense and resistant to rational thought.

And many more along these same lines.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Dennis you're fired!

Firing a black guy because he can't spell? Seriously?

A picture perfect Merkel Jerk....Like a circle jerk... just with an ugly old broad

You must have seen this photo about the G-7 meeting. Boy that fell down the memory hole quick after Singapore. Anyway every pussy pontification tweeted it and said is showed the great Merkel reading the riot act to a cowering President Trump. What they refuse to see with their lying eyes is the contempt that the God Emperor had for this hectoring Nurse Rachted. She is lecturing. He is adding another point to the tariff on Volkswagon.

What is really significant is the reaction of Prime Minister Abe of Japan. He is just as contemptuous of this addled old whore who wants to import Muslim rapists to rape and murder young Jewish girls. You know the old canard that you need to import immigrants to do the work that Germans don't want to do anymore.

The God Emperor realizes that Europe is not important anymore. They are Anthony Bourdain and they have the belt of their bathrobe tied to the door nob as they import more Muslims who are destroying their countries. Look at England. They have a Muslim mayor and now they have roving gangs of thieves raping robbing and stabbing people while they get away on mopeds. What the fuck?

America has turned it's focus to Asia. China. Korea both North and South. Japan. Vietnam. Indonesia. India. This is where the action will be. Not Russia. Not "Old Europe."

The President is pivoting to Asia to concentrate his attention. He has made a good start with Little Kim. Look the guy wants drugs sex and rock and roll. The idea of building condos on the beaches of Korea is brilliant. That film was just like the one I saw when I was pricing time shares in Hawaii. He can turn around and make his dirt poor country rich by starting manufacturing plants where he can out price both China and Vietnam. His people can have a much better standard of living and Kim can be a hero. As that video is the time. Before some sanctimonious Jimmy Carter/Obama hypocrite fucks it up. Make the deal. Limited time offer. Shit or get off the pot.

Poor Miss Merkel. We aren't going to be involved in your Merkel Jerk anymore.

Dennis Rodman

Rodman gets emotional when talking about the abuse he experienced from Americans after his first trips to North Korea. He keeps insisting that he's about sports and knows nothing about North Korea, its history, politics, or international conflicts far less geopolitics.

Apart from his message-clothing, he's hilarious in his MAGA hat, the most interesting parts are Rodman saying he had information from Kim that Rodman considered important but Obama blew him off. Obama was just flatly not interested in anything that Rodman had to say, but then Trump thought, "hey, I can use Rodman to ease communication and tensions." Trump using available tools who are definitely not experts, recognizing what works and not necessarily with credentials. Ambassadors without portfolio. 

The next interesting thing is Rodman recognizing Kim is basically a big grown up boy. That all that we think that we know about him is most likely wrong. He's passive. Our view of him is that he's aggressive. But he was chosen by China to be leader of N. Korea over his two brothers, one of whom said that Kim is not leadership material. Most likely because Kim was seen as the easiest for China to manipulate. Trump sees this too. Most likely by Pompeo backing up what Rodman said. Trump led Kim through the negotiation. 

On YouTube, an idiotic commenter to this video said it was tacky for Trump to show Kim the beast, his protected automobile. But Trump did that not to brag, rather, most likely because he was promising Kim he'd have one. Protect Kim from whom? From his own China-directed military. Protected from China. 

I notice that detractors have absolutely nothing useful to say. But they say it anyway. Pathetic. One said, "Dumb and dumber." Another said, "Two narcissists talking to each other." Similarly, like clockwork PBS runs an old Frontline exposing the "hidden" NoKo and its human rights abuses. To emphasize that Trump is not concentrating on that. No, he's just getting Japanese kidnap victims released. That is, they have nothing useful to say, but they say it anyway.

You must bear with the intolerable Cuomo and the cable channel CNN to get at Rodman's contribution. It's actually a very good video altogether. It changed my attitude about Rodman and about Kim. I learned from it. And Cuomo actually does shut up and listen. For the most part. But he cannot control himself completely, he has anti-Trump gotchya angles to pursue. Asking about Kim speaking English is one of them. Rodman didn't give it to him, and Rodman just speaking extemporaneously is far more interesting than anything that Cuomo asks, he, of superior knowledge.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Another day's labor is complete

Let us be thankful and dance:

Whose that girl?

She was the one you were sure you could get because Starsky's brother had the good looking one. She was supposed to marry one guy from Star Trek in the half and half colored guy but instead she ended up marrying Mr. Spock's father.

She also starred in another one of my favorite movies starring the great Policewoman who I post photos of all the time. Plus a bunch of guest shots on such faves as Barney Miller, Here's Lucy, Love American Style and Quincey. She was always the harmless spinster who never got the guy. Or got the nerdy guy Always played the friend of the hot chick. They should have just credited her as "Cock Blocker" on any show she was on. Still she was an icon for the type of roles she played.

Whose that girl?

Whose that author?

HE WOULD BE REMEMBERED long after his death, one of those rare men recognized as great even by those who hated him. He was a king at twenty-one, wed to a woman as legendary as Helen of Troy, ruler of an empire that stretched from the Scots border to the Mediterranean Sea, King of England, Lord of Ireland and Wales, Duke of Normandy and Aquitaine, Count of Anjou, Touraine, and Maine, liege lord of Brittany. But in God's Year, 1171, Henry Fitz Empress, second of that name to rule England since the Conquest, was more concerned with the judgment of the Church than History's verdict. 

When the Archbishop of Canterbury was slain in his own cathedral by men who believed they were acting on the king's behalf, their bloodied swords might well have dealt Henry a mortal blow, too. All of Christendom was enraged by Thomas Becket's murder and few were willing to heed Henry's impassioned denials of blame. His continental lands were laid under Interdict and his multitude of enemies were emboldened, like wolves on the trail of wounded prey. The beleaguered king chose to make a strategic retreat, and in October, he sailed for Ireland. There he soon established his lordship over the feuding Irish kings and secured oaths of fealty from the Irish bishops. The winter was so stormy that Ireland truly seemed to be at the western edge of the world, the turbulent Irish Sea insulating Henry from the continuing outcry over the archbishop's death. 

But in the spring, the winds abated and contact was established once more with the outside world. Henry learned that papal legates had arrived in Normandy. And he was warned that his restless eldest son was once more chaffing at the bit. In accordance with continental custom, he had been crowned in his father's lifetime. But the young king was dissatisfied with his lot in life, having the trappings of shared kingship but none of the power, and Henry's agents were reporting that Hal was brooding about his plight, listening to the wrong men. Henry Fitz Empress decided it was time to go home. 

WKRLEM: Grab them by the Octapussy

Olukai Nohea Moku

It's a brand of shoe. I'm tired of looking, tired of reading reviews. I find one that I think I can live with, choose a color then size, and one after another my size is sold out.

I go straight for the bad reviews, and those people don't mess around. They provide photos of what they are complaining about and they are successful in driving me off to keep looking. But then, even the old reliable brands that cost double and triple have the same problems. And those complainers are angry because the brands they relied on for decades suddenly went to inferior materials and workmanship. The various lines of Speery top-siders, for example. People who actually wear them on their boats are not happy. They counted on quality and now they're not having it.

So I found one that is not actually cheap that should do for the summer. But first I read the negative reviews, and I was thinking, "fine, what are you guys complaining about this time?" Only 1% negative reviews.
Now check this out ! I am 71 years old and dress hip for my age. When I wear my Olukai shoes, I get a lot of compliments. I have 3 pairs and colors. It is the same whether I wear casual or dressy. Anyway, we know the young dudes look good, but I need to kick it up a notch. Slam Dunk!
Ha ha ha ha ha, you goofball. He meant to rate 5 stars.

He bought blues ones. I'm not sure, but I think they're made for people to fold in the heel so they can be worn slovenly as slippers. 

Just under 100 bucks. And I'm thinking, fine, I need something for summer. It's like a million degrees around here, possibly 90, and I'm tired of being overheated. I also bought short pants. 

Short pants!

For crying out loud. I look like a f'k'n dope in 'em. But who cares? Now I look like a dope, just like you.

So I go to checkout and the message says my cost could be 0.00 if I used my Discover points. So I got these shoes in blue for free. Cash back bonus points or something. I didn't even know those things were adding up. 

Good catch

I'm getting better at this. This is the fourth time within a week I caught something in mid-air. The first three were me knocking something off the counter, a work surface and stove but today the mailman nearly spilled a pile a mail and packages. Caught all the packages before they hit the floor. The whole reflex thing just works automatically.

Use comments to brag about your own catches and saves.

I have been keeping busy...

...working on my lawnmower, making things and selling them, plus I don't get any over-the-air television, but it seems that the Trump-Whoa Fat meeting has taken place. Other than liberals' heads exploding I have no idea what they have accomplished or what this will lead to, but I like living out of reach of the media.

The problems with the lawnmower were many but I overcame them, one by one, and for the nonce the machine is operating. 

I watched a number of Netflix shows about people in difficult circumstances overcoming human and mechanical problems and I guess I watch them to see that I really don't have it all that bad - I am not in the Yukon, my sluice pan is not freezing and I don't employ any stupid relatives. I have it made.

But back to the news!

Trump / Kim summit

List of books from Abe Books, weird books. Many more at the link.

I selected less than 1/3, dragged them to photoshop, and then used only half of those. I hated leaving weird books behind.

One of Abe Books' weird books is The Pop-Up Book of Phobias. What's weird about that? I own that one. It's a popular book even among non-collectors. Gawl.

Pop-ups by Matthew Reinhart, uncharacteristically uncomplicated. You should buy one.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Rhetoric compared, Trump VS Trudeau

Rhetoric, yes, I suppose.

While you'll hear actual logic from Trump, Trudeau is all about heart. And I cannot take my eyes off his slipping eyebrow now that I know about those things. Trump has goofy hair, but it's his hair. I wish Trump would shave his head. Or cut it extremely short. He'd be scary authentic.

Sharyl Attkisson wrote a piece about the FBI Mueller investigation using an analogy of a bank robbery. I saw on PJ media this morning her piece lauded for its excellent way of using the analogy to have people see the difficult issue through a different lens, a fantastic way to produce understanding of a complex issue. The PJ Media writer regarded her work excellent, the best, but I had a different reaction while reading it earlier. The analogy is flawed. She had to make up ways the FBI works to draw her picture. The whole time I was reading it I was automatically picking it apart line for line, the FBI doesn't work that way, they don't do that, banks don't get information that way, that's not how FBI communicates to banks, and banks don't behave that way, banks are solid buildings, money is a physical commodity, Mueller investigation doesn't match that, and that doesn't overlap this, and so on throughout. The analogy didn't work for me. Too full of holes. It suffers the fallacy of the false analogy. In fact, all analogies are false. You can take any analogy, no matter how excellent, and for every given similarity you can dig up at least two dissimilarities. Analogies are pure rhetoric, not logic. So the PJ Media writer really likes Attkisson's rhetoric. In his view she did a great job driving the points such that they lodge in the minds of her readers.

I guess so.

Trump will use analogy, "We're everyone's piggybank" but there are numbers behind his assertion were you to challenge him. Trudeau's rhetoric does not work on me. He's devoid of any cogent substantial numerical facts bearing on trade between us. Trump is looking at numbers, and Trudeau speaks about feelings. And his eyebrow is moving downward. I still can't get over that. If he didn't use so much botox in his forehead he'd feel his fake eyebrow creeping downward.

I wonder what he's going to do about that. Stop using fake eyebrows, or glue them on more securely? Brush his real eyebrows with a darkening agent, or tattoo them darker, or what?

So that's that.

On YouTube comments are closed. What a bummer!

But we're offered an array of new videos. Let's look at their titles.

* What Donald Trump doesn't understand about trade. by Vox

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. The kids at Vox are going to explain what Trump doesn't understand about trade. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Good one.

OMG, they're funny. You know what? I haven't read a single article on Vox. But I've read about Vox all over the internet.

* A Canadian goes into a Rage over Trump's trade war. By Team Coco

That could be good.

* Joe, President Donald Trump's attack on allies offers no Strategic ... By MSNBC

Yes it does. Balanced fair trade between us, ultimately dismantling protective subsidies and tariffs internationally.

* Trudeau: Canadians will not be pushed around. By CNN

Says the guy Trump is pushing around.

* Watch Trudeau try not to react while listening to Trump in the White ... By Maclean's

* Trump lies to Trudeau, fills his staff with loyalists: A close look. By Late Night with Seth Meyers

* Donald and Melania Trump's most cringworthy moments. By Nicki Swift

* Picking a fight with Canada doesn't strike me as very smart: Gingrich. By Fox Business

* Trump feuds with allies, sticks up for Russia. By CNN

All is well. The left is flouncing and splashing their bathwater. Just the way we prefer them. So much better than them being in power.

Art of the Fail

Would you like to have some fun?

Small Dead Animals, a contrarian Canadian site, posted the video Kudlow saying Trudeau (kind of) stabbed Trump in the back. This video. You've seen it everywhere. We must bear with CNN's Cuomo to get through it.

That's all there is to the post at Small Dead Animals but the video got 288 replies and those are lot of fun. The first one cracked me up:
Dear Canadian People,
Please forgive me for coming up there and slapping around your man-child of a PM until his eyebrows fell off. It was necessary to instill a sense of seriousness about the situation I believe he was missing. Although this tough-love I am raining down on Canada may seem harsh now, ultimately it will make your nation stronger, more prosperous and most importantly more competitive. The costs of your commie socialist overhead and lack of productivity can no longer be borne by the American taxpayer and you must learn to become independent and free so you can walk beside me, not behind me.
So I will soon see you on the world stage hopefully meeting with the new President of Canada Ezra Levant representing the new Republic of Canada!
I am Making Canada Great Again! 
President Donald J. Trump
The rest of the comments at Small Dead Animals discuss national subsidies that goof up international trade by counterbalancing tariffs. The commenters know what they're talking about. They make very good points all around. Much better discussion than anything on the news.

NYT: In Trump White House, science is unwelcome and so is advice

Is there anything more annoying than unscientific, pseudo-scientific, popular-science, and politicized-science people calling their ideologic opponents unscientific?

They remind me of myself at age four.

I was dazzled by science. An orange-flavored children's aspirin got me thinking how mind-blowing it is that scientist thought of this before I was born. I get a headache, they got a pill. I was born into a world where everything that could happen to me is already met and conquered by science. Science is awesome.

But then I learned science has more questions than it has answers. And even when it comes up with answers they are not iron-clad, they're still subject to challenge. Science is humble. Open to correction. Ever open to challenge. It requires experimentation and proof of replication. It is rigorous and open minded and never closed.

And politics is not any of that. The two do not go together. They are different spheres of human endeavor.

When Bush was president a friend found the online site, the one site that comported with his Fahrenheit 911 mentality. (You must see the movie, you must see the movie, you must see the movie, to be properly educated. No thank you. I'd much rather you read the page of 59 deceits in the film Fahrenheit 911, but that's not going to happen either.) And instantly, overnight, he became the most vulgar, determined, fierce, absolute impossible asshole that I know. His vocabulary changed overnight. He kept saying the same things repeatedly using words and phrases he hadn't used up to this point. Iraq is a quagmire just like Viet Nam, Iraq is a quagmire just like Viet Nam, Iraq is a quagmire just like Viet Nam, Iraq is a quagmire just like Viet Nam. Shut up! Who even uses the word "quagmire?" Iraq is desert. A quagmire is a swamp. You want it to be a quagmire. You want it to be failure just like Viet Nam, and you won't be satisfied until you can say, "See I told you so." It is you and people like you who will create this failure merely to satisfy your smugness. So then, don't expect your opposites to support any of your Party's government undertakings. They will have failure built right into them from the start, exactly like you're doing now.

And I am so smugly pleased to say about Obamacare, I told you so.

Regarding Bush's determination not to use pluripotent cells derived from abortions for use in stem cell research all I heard day in, day out, "Bush is politicizing science, Bush is politicizing science, Bush is politicizing science, Bush is politicizing science, Bush is politicizing science, another phrase he memorized from He drove me insane with his newfound political activism and his stupid repeated mantra.

And what does his Party do? Politicize climate, and politicize weather through politicized education showing Gore's film up to three times per student, their captive audience, and through their politicized media. With plans to actually tax the air that we breath and with Gore positioned at the confluence of new money streams. And my one-time friend incapable of making the connection with his earlier incorrect statement about Bush ending stem cell research even as Bush's position proved correct as advances in stem cells are made without the cells derived from abortions. He could never make the connection between a wild abortion industry that's grown to distressing size and ethically directed research. Not when he has his mantra. Never made the connection with his Party politicizing climate, never made the connection between his own faith displaced from his traditional religion onto his Democrat party, his new religion of faith, no matter what it is that they are preaching, he is their most fierce disciple. He fancies himself scientific. But it's all being enthrall to Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek vision of the future. He, and his type, are not scientific but he and they will go to their graves insisting they are more scientific than everyone else.

But Coral Davenport at NYT is right. NYT advice is not welcomed at the White House. Nor is their heavily politicized pseudoscience. What we have here is another example of the thoroughly politically indoctrinated risibly presuming to be more scientific than their political opponents.

Read her at Seattle Times. I dare you. She cannot comprehend a White House without its traditional scientific advisory leadership. Don't worry. Obama's chief advisor, John Holdren is keeping track of Trump's anti-science administration whether Tump appreciates his vain efforts or not. The arrogance, it is to laugh.

Trump and Kim

Oxalis triangularis

The whole container is loaded with these things. They're the size of a .22 bullet and there is a full layer of them with little to no space between them. Then covered in dirt. Yesterday the first poked out of the dirt. Forty little bullets, I think. It's the only container that's monoculture. Except, there are tiny morning glory plants intruding all over the place. All the other containers have them, even where I don't want them. So I pull them out every day. The container where I do want morning glories will be culled by 75% at least. They are even growing in the rocks at the bottom of the little fountain. The fountain bowl is a medium size container with Flex Seal sprayed on the inside. The fountain is a cheap-o deal I expected to break apart to pieces the first year, yet it starts right up the last ten seasons. It's a mere pump attached to copper tubing with two copper discs crimped from the center to the edge into the vague shape of tiny lily pads, slightly conical,  with holes punched through the centers for the copper tubing. Only one copper tubing carries water. Cheap as possible. And that shows you can make a fountain out of anything. Eh-nee-thing.

So, go to Home Depot and buy stuff to make a fountain.