Saturday, March 24, 2018

That day has passed....the band is no more....the few are none

The Neocons and the globalist are working overtime to promote a war with Russia. The pretext has already been set up with the nonsense about a spy being poisoned in England. Supposedly by the Russians. The British Prime Minister has expelled diplomats and rallied the child molesters of the EU to sanction Russia. She is trying to drag us into the conflict with the aid of the media and the opposition. Who dare the God Emperor to prove that he is not a Russian stooge. Despite everything he has already done. They will not be satisfied until there is a war.

If you are looking for a Movie this weekend....check out "Chuck"

I really enjoyed this flick. It is the live story of one of my favorite characters Chuck Wepner. The Bayonne Bleeder. Man he hated to be called that.

Chuck was the model for the movie "Rocky." He fought Ali back in  the day. I ran into him once in a disco in Manhattan in the 1970's. I was a punk kid and he was big shit at the time. Later I also ran across him at Jimmy Glenn's bar in Midtown which was a big boxing hangout.

Anyway this movie brought it all back. Boxing. The seventies The shit we used to do back then, The clothes. The cars. The discos. Going to the close circuit fights at the movie house on the Deuce. Man, Memories.

All of that is gone now. Dead as Murphy's dick. Now it is all hipsters and political correctness.

But check out how it used to be. Back in the Day.

Rorschach and awe

I finished this sweetgum bowl today - tell me what you see.


Anti-gun Parkland student David Hogg does not want his backpack rights infringed upon

New security protocols at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is putting into place will require students to use clear, transparent backpacks only.

John Nolte at Breitbart elaborates on the irony.

Just when you break out, just when you start making a name for yourself, just when you're getting national attention, they pull you back into their infuriating tiny power structure and force you to wear what they say.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

After all that campaigning he's still just a little boy.

Good Lord, these things are ugly. So far as fashion accessories, there's really nothing that can be done with them. Except plaster stickers all over them.

Trump's forum with millennials was a failure

Article at Daily Caller by Scott Greer is titled "epic" failure.

I left out "epic" because, come on, an epic is a long dragged out narrative poem in high style about heroic deeds of a legendary hero, not just a synonym for "big." But other than mischaracterizing in the title the article is very good. Here's a condensed synopsis.

Trump talked about:
* no millennial issues
* attack on Hillary Clinton
* advice to his 25-year-old self
* dismissed campus censorship as overblown
* his tax cuts and tariffs

Trump should have talked about
* campus censorship as serious
* student loan crisis with ideas better than Bernie Sanders
* political correctness

Greer writes that Ivanka Trump was just as bad telling the people that she too is a young person and told them to avoid taking drugs.

Greer criticizes Republican outreach to young people generally.
One of the reasons young people flocked to Bernie Sanders was his promise to tackle the student loan burden. Sanders’ ideas for doing so may have been naive and unfeasible, but that didn’t matter to his young supporters. They were happy somebody was finally addressing their concerns. 
It may be unlikely that Republicans can ever win over the Bernie Bros, even with a great plan to resolve the student loan debt crisis. But at least talking about this issue at a millennial forum, along with the difficulty in entering the professional work force, would have made for good outreach. 
Students created massive outrages on campus just by chalking Trump’s name. It’s a slap in the face to tell them they’re overreacting when they face harassment just for voting Trump. It’s also a betrayal of Trump’s campaign pledge to fight against political correctness.
A lot more really good insight at the link.  Greer is not just idly slamming Trump. He describes a talk completely out of touch.

Trade with China

The party known as Sundance outdid themselves today in two posts explaining Trump's position with China, the realities of trading with them, and the strengths of the U.S. economy compared with the weaknesses of China.

Sundance has a favorite word. "Backdrop." This is a backdrop, that's a backdrop, here a backdrop, there a backdrop, backdrops all over the place. They can't seem to say, "this is the setting," or "these are the underlying circumstances." One of the Sundance people must have majored in drama. If we ever meet them we could test that by saying, "kisses on your opening" and see if they go, "smooch."  

A few points they wanted readers to internalize. First, China's greatest weakness is its subservient culture does not encourage innovation. They're crap at thinking outside the box. Their social system does not reward that. They cannot do it. Their students do very well in American universities by adhering to formulas and systems, but anything beyond that and they not very good. They're copiers, not innovators.

The whole time I was reading that I was thinking, I bet Chinese are great at studying Egyptology and Egyptian hieroglyphics because the written language is all about systems and formulas. The symbols and the grammar are like programming. Programmers do very well with it.

One of my closest friends owned a sales company named Industrial Hardware. They represented firms that made things like specialized coils, piano hinges, sonar welders, valves, and switches and the like. He told me at conventions when they saw a pack of Chinese approaching, and always in packs, (Asians, actually) they snapped closed their cases and shut down their booth until they passed. I asked why. "Because they copy every little thing. They buy little bits then go back and copy them. Then undersell."


"It's true. And everyone knows it."

He's the most non-racist guy you're likely to meet. But the sales firms have been burned too many times not to notice.

He forgot he told me that. He drinks a lot too. A decade later after he sold his company, I fed the observation back to him,  his own observation, "They can copy like maniacs but they cannot think up things for themselves," and he cracked up laughing and looked at me puzzled, wondering how I managed to acquire this business-related universal truth, having never been in the business.

"Everyone knows that."

For Americans to open production in China a company must accept minority ownership there and they must turn over all their intellectual property. Trump denying them that arrangement cuts them off at the knees.

That's devastating when your whole culture cannot manage innovation.

Who will do their innovating for them?

Second, China is very good at one thing, manufacturing. They're not that good at developing their own natural resources, so, like Japan, they rely heavily on importing raw materials. They are very broad in manufacturing everything, things that other cultures think up, they're masters at copying, but they're thin in that manufacturing is their one main thing. They cannot even feed themselves. They must import a lot of their food.

Trump and his team know these weaknesses and they'll use them to get the realignments they want.

This bears on North Korea. Trump will prevail in this trade realignment with China, he will win the trade war,  and to save face China will shift blame and responsibility to North Korea resulting in policy change.

That's the plan, anyway.  

These two videos are pulled from The Last Refuge with url theconservativetreehouse here and here. You should read them because then you'd be like awesomely smart. The posts are interesting macro economic educations because it's real-life in real-time, and you're soaking in it, better than Econ 202 where they're always talking about widgets.

What's a widget?

"It's just a thing."

Professor, can't you think of an actual example?

"Sure I can. But it's just so, just so ... hard."

Friday, March 23, 2018

Relax. It will work out.

My last post made me think of a song and realize that things will work out. One way or the other.  So to de-stress, I'm having a drink and listening to Jimmy Webb.....ahhhhh relax.

Living in California really isn't all bad when you can look at views like this from a nearby bluff. I took this several years ago when we were just driving around our area for an afternoon out.  Our valley is to the left about 25 miles. 
Where the hills are winter green.
We just try to forget about the rest of this messed up State and concentrate on what we have.  That's all you can do without going crazy.

Adios GOP

Whep.....Trump signed the gigantic spending bill that gave everything to the Democrats and basically pissed all over his voters.

I would like to think that there is a "long game" somewhere in this move today.  Even if Trump manages to pull out of this, the GOP is doomed and we may as well get used to a Socialist/Democrat controlled country. 

You want to see the future of the United States?  Check out California for a preview.

We have been done done done with the GOP in general for some time now and do/did have hopes that a different approach would break the same old same old screw the voters attitude in the DC Swamp.  Now that it looks like Trump has rolled over like a whipped puppy and pissed his own belly as well as the voters,  in order to get a big increase in military spending Hell with the rest of the agenda, to Hell with Immigration Control, to Hell with the voters who put their faith in a change....well all I can say is RIP GOP. Adios.

This November will be the first time in 30 years that I have decided not to vote.   For anyone or anything. What is the point?

Actually, since I live in California, there IS no point in voting.

The Swamp has won.  I'm old. I can take it.  Sorry kids and grandkids.  You are on your own.

Pork green chili

She uses garlic and garlic powder. 

How come?

She says this is the basics, to make it your own. 

Like you're not going to do that anyway.

I notice she didn't use tomatillos. and it appears tinned chiles and tinned tomato.

I've done this differently each time I've done it and it comes out great every time.

It's never failed. No matter what. All tinned ingredients and it still came out great. 

Including the first time when I didn't know about other chiles. I thought green meant green and the only green chile I knew was jalapeño. So mine was loaded with jalapeño not roasted. It was so hot it burned my mouth off. And each bowl I refilled to another bowl mouth burning after mouth burning, I couldn't keep off of it until it was gone. All weekend long. And it was a huge pot.

Then I realized there are a whole bunch of other chiles. And they all have different flavors. And they can be mixed. 

And they can all be fresh and roasted. The tomatoes can be fresh, and so can the tomatillos. 

The last batch I made I used top ingredients, Hatch chiles and San Marzano tomatoes. Cumin and coriander. Garlic and onion. Bay leaf. Mexican oregano. Pork shoulder. 

And after all that it still tasted weak. That never happened before. If it were music it sang like an alto but with no base notes. It was high pitched and light. Something was missing. 

I've been so reliant on standard Asian flavors, I came out of national character and added them to my  chili by mere teaspoons for a huge pot, and that changed everything all at once. BOOM! Full flavor profile, the whole thing repaired instantly. 

I've never seen a green chili recipe call for anchovy, but it elevated my chili like you wouldn't believe.

Then, you must have totillas.

The trick to flour tortillas I learned is they must be started with hot water. And that activates the baking powder as you form the dough, and they activate more at higher heat in the pan. The hot water melts the lard. I used butter. And the dough is kept much more wet than usual bread dough. Probably 100% hydration. It's sticky and stays sticky. The gluten development and the high fat content makes the wet dough manageable. These two things lead to soft flexible tortillas. I only made seven, but mine stayed soft and pliable for three days.  

I feel like making some right now. Because I have green chili in the refrigerator, and more in the freezer. 

And it's not going to eat itself, you know.

Naked old man VS chair

A retiree between 60 and 70 years of age was sitting on a chair waiting for a planned shower but when he tried to get up his testicles had dropped through the slats and were stuck.

He was stuck.

Oh man, I hate it when that happens.

Two caregivers tried to assist him but they gave up, like after two whole seconds.

Who ya gonna call? BALL BUSTERS! With their axes, and other special equipment.

I'm thinking if his balls sank down between there then they can come out. It's a matter of aligning them with the slats and pushing one at a time, but who's got the patience for that when an old man's hairy ass is right there?

Just think of that filthy chair. Sit on a towel already. That was before showering. Bleach that thing down.

I think the guy just wanted attention.

More sick gory details at iotwreport, a post titled The Pain in Spain is Mainly in the Shame.

Jim Treacher explains Facebook falling out of favor with the left

Treacher first complains on PJ Media about Facebook being a massive pain in the butt. That causes him to focus more on Twitter, another site with problems of its own.

And the whole time I'm thinking, well, you bring this on yourself.

Then he gets to it.
That unflattering Aaron Sorkin movie didn't take Zuckerberg down, nor did the scandals about rapes and murders on Facebook Live, nor did the stories about Facebook's innumerable privacy violations. Time after time, Zuckerberg would just smile his creepy, robotic smile and wave it all away. But that might not work this time, because now he's being blamed for the greatest sin imaginable in 2018 America: Keeping Hillary Clinton out of the White House.
Zuckerberg apologized for allowing an app to gain access to personal information of 50 million users without their consent. He regrets not doing more after discovering Cambridge Analytica gained access to broad portions of Facebook users data in 2015.

He apologized for Facebook being Facebook. That's what they do, collect data and on its users and sell it.

Treacher provides a video of Zuckerberg CNN interview, but nobody want to watch that.

Zuckerberg provides a timeline of events but skips the years between 2007 and 2013. He doesn't mention Facebook helping Obama win.

Which was fine then to have their personal data mined and used when it helps their guy win but a straight up crime when the other side does it.

It's unclear if this will actually hurt Facebook. People make a big fuss then return to being complacent about how people profit from using their personal data. And next week media will present yet another reason why Hillary lost.

President Trump removes National Security Adviser HR McMaster

And replaces him with former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton. 

As usual, The Last Refuge has the best take that I've read with plenty of juicy details that aid comprehension. I cannot rightfully rip them off of their good work, but I can show you what they said. Basically. 

What you smell when it rains.

I opened Accuweather for Denver forecast and noticed this on the side. What are you actually smelling when it rains?


Fine. Can't tell you anything.

Did you know ozone gets its name from the Greek word ozein which means smell?

The Greeks knew about ozone?

No. The word comes from them.

Ozone is brought down by the downdrafts of storms.

But I did learn something. A new word. Petrichor.

Petrichor is the scent caused by oils from plants that accumulate on dirt and pavement and released by the disturbance of rainfall.

Researchers believe these petrichor oils inhibit germination and serve to reduce competition from other plants for scarce water supplies.

the soil-oils that produce petrichor compound with the smells of organisms. Bacteria produce spores during dry times. The spore production includes geosmin that is the distinctly earthy smell of dying off of microorganisms in the soil that's associated with rain. Strongest when it's been raining awhile.

Petrichor and geosmin occur as result of interaction with water and release of aerosolized compounds.

Ozone, petrichor and geosmin. That's what we're smelling.

A bit more at the link, but this is the gist.

Also, Denver's high today, Friday,  predicted 69℉, Saturday and Sunday 68℉, then Monday 49℉, then Tuesday down further to 40℉. Just so you know.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Pork pie hat

I always liked the work of Buster Keaton who was a great director, actor, writer and stunt man. There were stunts that he performed that still baffle people who understand movie making. I can't find the clip I am thinking of, but here is a link to a chase scene - who hasn't been there, amirite?

I have no idea what the setup is, but it must have been a dilly.

Chile rellenos

Tracking shot for 1927 film "Wings."

Wings was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant"

Our enemies are dying with laughter

Oh? About what? Did someone tell them a good joke?  I liked the one about the nun.

I must read this to see if there are any good jokes.

Ray Starman at doesn't like our armed forces being feminized.

He sounds a bit cranky right from the start. He lists a crossdresser, an AWOL soldier, and a communist cadet. Then he gets on a roll.
Our enemies know that the US military in 2018 is a feminized, PC weakling. Our enemies know that as every day passes and new politically correct orders are generated, the US military is one step closer to total annihilation in the next war, against foes that will coming to the field with navies, armies and air forces. 
As our enemies train for war, we train for social justice. 
This is not a military of Pappy Boyingtons, Chesty Pullers and Pattons. This is a military of Chelsea Mannings, Bowe Bergdahls and Spencer Rapones.
This is a military that is more concerned about micro-aggressions than maximum fire power. 
This is a military with Mommy Rangers. 
This is a military ordered to balance lactation support with readiness. 
Have no doubt, the North Koreans, the Chinese, the Russians, the Iranians and every other thug in the world who wants to take a punch at the United States has observed with absolute delight, Operation Kamikaze, the deliberate weakening of our military by leftist social engineers, actions made possible by gutless generals more concerned about their pensions than about the nation they serve.
Okay, stop right there for a minute. I want to look at something.

North Korea, military women.

Ray Starmann continues.
After reading this list, wouldn’t you be laughing too, if you were a Russian Army general, a Chinese Navy admiral, a North Korean Politburo member?
No. I don't think so. I wouldn't be laughing if I were them, and neither are they laughing being themselves.

The United States militaries together are largest employers in the world. It doesn't makes sense to insist that be shut out to women. Just deal with it. I stopped listening to your complaints.

Little Hitler dog

England is weird.

David Blount at MoonBattery said, 
In the authoritarian dystopia that has displaced Britain, you can now be thrown in prison if bureaucrats disapprove of the sense of humor you display in a YouTube video:
He wanted to annoy his girlfriend and his YouTube video ended up in a long dragged out hate crime trial that resulted in his conviction of being grossly offensive. So now offensive humor is against the law.

He reminds me of someone.

Trump speaks

I never imagined a president this transparent. We've certainly had presidents that spoke this much blabbidy blab blab every single day and not say anything interesting or useful, nothing that wasn't combed over and groomed by committee, nothing that wasn't protected, but never a president who said so much with so little. It's close to how drunk people speak without filters. And I like it a lot. It's as if he speaking directly to me. He isn't, of course, he's speaking to the world. And the world doesn't like it at all.

Why would they want him to stop?

Get a load of this.

Austin Bomber left confession on his cell phone.

But you're not having it.

Austin police say the bomber, Mark Conditt, describes his bombs but not the reason he did this except he does describe personal problems for 25 minutes.

They're not telling us what he said. So, let's guess.

* My job doesn't pay very much
* My roommates are bugging me for rent
* I can't get a date.
* I'm still making payments on a car I don't like
* My insurance went up.
* People make fun of me
* My parents reacted poorly when I told them I'm gay.
* My prospects do no look very good
* I shop at Walmart, Target and Kmart, JCPenny.
* I eat at McDonalds, Taco Bell and Jack in the Box, Wendy's.
* Shirts don't come in neck size 13.
* It's impossible to find size 5 EEE in men's shoes.
* My education peaked at ballistics.
* The jobs available playing video games are limited to the best players, and I'm not that good.
* I get carded at every bar I go into.
* I'm sick of fighting this acne.
* I coulda had class. I coulda been a contenda. I coulda bin somebody instead of a bum, which is what I am. Let's face it, it was you, Austin.

…officers approached him early Wednesday morning, banging on his car window. 
Within seconds, the suspect had detonated a bomb in his car, blasting the officers backward. 
Chief Hanley said one officer then fired his weapon at the suspect. He said the county medical examiner has not finalized the cause of death, but that the bomb caused “significant” injuries. 
Manley said “harrowing” video showed a “tremendous explosion” took place.
What? There was a tremendous explosion, a harrowing video we're not shown, signifiant injuries but the cell phone is recoverable, and the officer shot him after all that.

))) KABOOM (((

Oh you ain't going nowhere. Your ass is mine, pew pew.

Did I read that right?

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Cat's Meow

"Hello darling it has been a while. How have you been. I have just been here fingering my pussy. I love to finger my pussy in the early evening. Or in the morning. Most anytime during the day. There is never a bad time to finger your pussy." 
"Yes at church might be a bad time tis true. Although the preacher seems not to mind all that much. Do you like to watch me fingering my pussy....Trey...Trey...why are you turning blue?" "Oh well I guess I will have to call the nurse again. This is getting tiresome. If you don't watch out I might turn cat-tankerous!"

Was Mr. Lucky the worst show ever to have a theme song written by Henry Mancini?

I say yes, yes it was. Mr. Lucky himself could not be more wooden were he played by Kaw-liga. Ross Martin, who in real life spoke more languages than Chicklit put together, could not maintain a fake accent for the duration of a single episode, sometimes, not even for a single scene. The fights all had the same schematic - Lucky and Andamo get the drop on the cardboard cutout bad guys, then they lose their advantage, then after valiant fisticuffs, triumph in the end. Rocky movies made millions with that shtick. All Mr. Lucky needed were some Batmanesque "Biff" and "Pow" graphics to reach true camp.

Lucky had a boat which he anchored 3 miles off the coast, in international waters. Somehow that was a viable location for gambling. But the local sheriff still wanted to arrest him for running a casino. Then he switched to being a restaurateur, which, in reality was caused by show sponsors not wanting to be seen as supporting gambling, and somehow, his boat remained 3 miles off shore and yet he was able to keep the joint packed. Curious. Not a restaurant for those prone to sea-sickness, I suppose.

Frank Gorshin showed up in one episode, did his bit, it was entertaining, and that was a bright spot. The mention of eating marlin and truffled grouse was, well, I don't know -- I had no idea that bill fish were good eating. Or did they say "ruffled grouse"? My hearing isn't what it once was, plus I was cooking lunch.

But as fascinating as a nearly 60 year old failed tv show is, that's not what I am here to talk about. We are currently experiencing a snowstorm. First day of spring and it is snowing. I saw a bluebird working on nest building, so that is a positive sign. She must know something I don't. It is warm enough that the snow isn't sticking, but come on -- it's nearly April, enough with the snow already!

*Click to embiggen picture*

My catalpa tree this morning.

What a Mess, pop-up book by Keith Allen

This book is a story about a kid's bedroom being messy. It's exaggerated extremely. The artwork is all the things you can expect to find in a kid's bedroom, toys, clothes, things exploding out of the room, out of toy boxes and closets, a mountain of junk is created that rivals actual mountains, clothes are lost in bushes, they disappear into a whirlpool, a bed is lifted up to become a dresser and the kids are lost to hypnotic trance then the room becomes neat and tidy.

Reviewers love this book. They think it's awesome.

We could make this. 

The art is simple, it's just junk. Think of every toy imaginable. Everything that makes a kid's room messy and completely overdo it. You don't even have to draw very well. The kids are drawn simplistically. Anything we do would be good as this.

The mechanisms are all fundamental. They are the basics used everywhere with little individual attachments that elaborate them and make the basics unique, they are the arms attached to the basic trunks and they're the elbows and knee, the wrists and ankles attached to the arms and legs attached to the trunks, all providing more surface area and more planes to attach content. 

For the purpose of producing a book, all that content, the art of junk in a kid's room, that's attached to surface planes is all printed as one thing. The artwork and the structure are blended. For our purpose, we make the mechanisms then attach the art. Because we're not doing this for production somewhere in South America.

We've done all this already but with different elaboration and different content.  Here, I'll show you.

The blue tabs are hinges.

Page 1, Kid filled with glee in an explosively messy room.
Page 2. Mountain of junk.

Page 3. Toy chest in trees and bushes.

Page 4. Wooshing whirlpool.

Page 5. Stuffed closet pouring out.

Page 6. Psychotic episode. Cannot see it.I don't know what he's done. 

Page 7. Neat bedroom

Does that make sense? It's like a top view of the skeleton as the card opens and closes, so a lot is left out. The V shapes are actually walls in the shape of a V. 


Al Gore: The ‘Climate Crisis’ Is So Bad, It’s Creating ‘Flying Rivers’ And ‘Rain Bombs’

Okay, you fabulist, world's first carbon billionaire, nothing else you predicted happened, I'll give you five seconds. Make it good.
Flying or atmospheric rivers are long streams of rain-bearing clouds that carry huge amounts of water vapour over long distances, ending as heavy rain bombs over a small, concentrated area. Gore said a city in California was recently hit by such weather, with the “river” in the air having flown thousands of kilometres from an area in the Pacific Ocean.
Well. I'll admit, that was pretty good.

More Al Gore words at SHTF plan.

Ralph Peters quits Fox

Flouncing is gay.

And boy, does he lay it on thick. I don't even want to type what the dope said.

Have a look. It's everywhere. Here is the Washington Times.

He thinks serving our country makes him right and people who haven't served their country don't have valid perspective of facts.

He thinks loyalty to country means its institutions cannot be corrupted by party loyalty. People like Ralph Peters are easily played by the unassailable love for the country they imagine. Their sanctimonious loyalty blinds them to abject corruption. No mention of FBI cabal protecting Hillary Clinton and no mention of that same cabal using their high office to eavesdrop on Trump illegally and then lie about it,  and continue their illegal attacks after he's elected, and lie about it. And put on a completely bogus investigation to bog down and discredit. Apparently a coup d'état is just fine with Ralph Peters.

We're experiencing the result of interdepartmental corruption a magnitude of order greater than Watergate that's just beginning to be exposed Ralph Peters is right there at the confluence of information streams and he's too dense to know what is happening and what's coming up.

He's in for a very long series of discouraging revelations assailing his thick skull.

Border Patrol is turning the tactic of California refusing to turn over felon illegal aliens

How so?

Daily Caller reports.

Border Patrol agents are refusing to hand over to California illegal immigrants with felony warrants because they cannot be sure local authorities will return them to federal custody.

Oh. That makes sense.

Much more detail about who said what and when at Daily Caller but this is the gist of it.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

If I could only cook one dish for the rest of my life, Brothers Green Eats

Josh Greenfield shows his favorite thing to eat in answer to a question he gets, what is your favorite thing to cook. He lives to cook and cooks to eat.

I became a bit annoyed by the extra steps. He makes this look a lot more difficult than it needs to be. We cooks like to simply things, not use more bowls than needed nor pots and pans that must be cleaned. In all cases we simplify that so much as we can.

For example, the jiggly cake yesterday, used way too many bowls unnecessarily. The yolks could go directly into the pot of cooled mixture and the whites directly into the electric mixer's bowl. All those extra bowls are unnecessary.

This really is a mind-blowing good meal. It needn't have so many extra steps. Frustrating to watch Josh go to such extraordinary extra trouble.

Notice his broth flavor enhancements are mere teaspoons of 
* soy
* mirin
* sesame seed oil
* Siracha
* shitaki mushrooms (ton of umami flavor)

Umami is the body, the heft, the heartiness that gives weight satisfaction, the signal you're having a real meal. 1/2 teaspoon of fish sauce does that same thing. Miraculously, I must say.

You want a meal you can toss together in a few minutes. The elements are at hand for you to grab and dump in. You don't make the chicken stock every time. You don't cook the noodles and the bok choy  separately. Rather, you add them the last. 

You don't buy half a chicken for stock, cook it to death then pick off the meat. Rather, you save up the bones from all your chicken meals. Even take out Kentucky fried. The meat is already consumed. The only thing left is bones and odd bits, and all that is frozen.

I keep a pair of pliers in the kitchen drawer specifically to break open chicken bones. When the frozen bones are brought together and re-roasted to increase their flavor, then boiled, the bone marrow is more easily accessed and drained from them into the broth. 

A pressure pot does this same thing in minutes that Josh does in hours. Boom, you've got a gallon of chicken stock right there at hand, frozen in useable amounts and  available at moment's notice.

And it's very good by itself. While adding Asian flavor enhancements expands its profile tremendously. And I mean, tremendously! For a bowlful:

* 1/2 teaspoon fish stock
* 2 teaspoons soy sauce
* 1 teaspoon mirin
* 1 teaspoon sake
* 1/2 teaspoon toasted sesame seed oil

These hit every spot on your tongue uncompromisingly.

Those things added in scant amount to commercial chicken stock will blow. your. mind.

Western flavor enhancements will be aromatics like the French mirepoix, onion, celery, carrot, and then garlic, with things like bay leaf, peppercorns, dry mustard powder, herbs such as tarragon, oregano, sage, and spices such as allspice, Nutmeg with things that have cream.

Indian flavor enhancements will be more extreme, clove, cardamon, cassia bark (cinnamon), cumin, coriander, mustard seeds, nutmeg and mace, turmeric, saffron, fenugreek, hing (asafetida).  

Asian vegetable flavor profile kickerouters are garlic and ginger combined and small bird's-eye type red chiles. 

So then, the broth is pre-made, and quickly, by pressure pot and using saved broken bones usually discarded. The frozen stock is reheated and all the flavor additions right there at hand. Then the vegetables are added one at a time as if stir frying, the noodles and bok choy last, and there's your meal in just a few minutes with no extra pots or bowls involved. 

And it really is satisfying as Josh says. And you really could live on this if you had to because each time the elements change. I've never managed the same thing twice.  One time it's chicken bits, another time bacon, or tofu, or fish, or even pork. Another time beef broth with thinly sliced steak barely cooked. Josh left out bean sprouts, white or yellow onion, carrots, celery. daikon radish, spinach, wakame seaweed or kelp, corn, snow peas or sting beans, broccoli or cauliflower. That is, whatever you have on hand.

Buzzfeed video, bacon at three price points.

"This is bacon Carpaccio." 


My younger brother and his one-time Navy diver friend, a tall muscular all-American Promise Keeper type fellow, and our real estate agent and I were having dinner at Avenue Grill, a settled upscale white tablecloth restaurant on 17th Avenue just outside of downtown. The real estate agent is female and she got up to go to the bathroom, my brother and his friend leaned in toward me and whispered, worry covering both their faces, they looked confused. "The agent offered to pay."

I said, "Great!" Because this is going to be expensive. 

They both burst out laughing. 

"What's so funny?" 

"We didn't know what to do but you answered instantly before we could ask you what you thought. You being untroubled by a woman paying for all of dinners is funny." 

"She just made a mint off us and we did all of the work. We deserve it." 

They go, "Yeah. You have a point." 

There. Settled. They were put at ease about that but the men were still uncharacteristically tense. What was wrong with these two guys tonight? Why weren't they lighthearted as usual? Come on. Let's have fun. Something about the whole setup was bugging them. I think they might have felt out of place. They are both electricians. They both work construction. Neither of them drink, and this is a fine dinner and wine type of place and where cocktails flow like a river.

One of them was reading the menu and asked aloud, "What is Carpaccio?" 

The agent told him it's slices of raw steak. 

The table fell to silence as they continued reading the menu.

Strained silence again. 

I mentioned, "Carpaccio is named after the artist Vittore Carpaccio because he was known for his oil paintings with a lot of red and white pigments that resembles the raw meat." 

Still total silence at the table. Come on!

I put on a high-pitched ventriloquist voice and said without moving my lips, "That's very interesting, Chip. Do you have any other food and art-related anecdotes to share with us at this time?" 

They all three stopped reading and looked at me. I assumed a confused expression and looked back and forth, then looked behind my chair to the left then to the right as if I didn't know who said that, and all three of them burst out laughing. Loudly. And raucously. It wasn't that funny. But they took a very long time to recover. They kept chuckling for several minutes. Their reaction was contrasted with their tension, their tension released. I think their oversized reaction was  because they saw in that, you can behave like an dope in a fancy place and in front of a professional woman and not be diminished. Your masculinity isn't aways being challenged. They were treating this like teenagers uncomfortable on a date and not the conclusion, the reward, for a very great deal of hard work. 

Jim Carrey art class

Like it? We used the teacher as subject. I got an A. He's all, Dude, you totally captured my spirit.

If by small chance you're wondering what this is about. 

Hillary Clinton: We don't want any more inexperienced Trumps in the White House."

In reference to Ivanka Trump when asked by Eva Jinek on Dutch T.V. about a line in Michael Wolff's book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House. Reported at Newsweek.

I know, right? Newsweek, Michael Wolff, European T.V., what could go wrong? 

Why do I keep feeling that I'm watching people masturbating? Ew, gross me out. 

Nevertheless, this is what they talk about.

Eva countered, "... I've learned after these elections that sometimes things that we don't expect to happen, sometimes do happen." H. Clinton continued.
“Well, that’s true but you know, fool me once shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. And I think the American people have seen for themselves what happens when a reality-TV candidate wins. I really believe there’s an enormous amount of pent-up energy to take the country back from the Trump administration.” 
You didn't fool us at all. And the energy isn't pent up. And they haven't seen anything yet. And you don't speak for all people. And people are also appalled with idea of another inexperienced Clinton, such as yourself and your daughter, no matter how much you insist you actually are experienced. Trump has world experience that you can't even dream of, Coattail Rider, and he proves that to all who are watching. Your arrogance is truly impressive and unearned. Trump earned his arrogance.
“I believe we have a very good chance of winning the House of Representatives,” Clinton said referring to the Democratic Party. “[That] would begin the process of righting the ship of state.”
Trump is already righting the ship of state from your party's corruption.  We'll see how things shake out after I.G. Michael Horowitz's million-page report is delivered within the next month, and how many people will still interested in voting for any Democrat after the shock of your corruption starts sinking in, your ineptitude, and the protection you received is exposed.

More onanistic liberal nonsense at Newsweek.

Why The Stormy Daniels Story Is a Sign of the Apocalypse

So reads the title of Robert Tracinski's opinion piece posted to the Federalist.
The reason, [the story is sidelined and not a consuming scandal] obviously, is that none of this is a surprise. It is totally consistent with what we already know about Trump’s character and personal history after 40 years in the public eye. It doesn’t change anyone’s opinion of him, because we already knew what kind of man he is. In itself, that’s a pretty stunning admission about the state of our political culture. How did we get here?
Then why did you say it's the sign of apocalypse? You trolling us, Bud?
...religious conservatives are convinced that they have already lost the culture, so they’re just looking for a strongman to protect their tribe. As Perkins puts it, evangelicals “were tired of being kicked around by Barack Obama and his leftists. And I think they are finally glad that there’s somebody on the playground that is willing to punch the bully.”
Eh. If you say so. But you left out the part about this being punishment for Republican party's failure to represent their base, first and foremost. For presuming to be so pure and morally upright while blending with the forces they were elected to battle all the while satisfied with losing. To force a major change in representation and party definition along the lines of the Whigs. That Democrats are going insane about every little things is side effect.
In twisting themselves to embrace the leadership of such a grotesque lecher, and setting fire to their own credibility as moral leaders, they are inducing precisely the apocalypse of moral values they’ve been warning us against for so many years.
Spare us your characterization. You're boring us now. You're talking about Christian so-called moral majority and that's so last century. It's a mistake to presume Christians as you define them are all alike, far less all conservative voters.

No. Stormy Daniels is not the sign of the apocalypse. It's the sign of an adult film actor seizing her five seconds of international fame. Also, she's hot.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Variation on a theme by Gil Evans? Miles Davis? Does anyone know?

The first cut on Miles Davis' album "Kind of Blue" was a tune called "So What". Did Gil Evans write it or just the intro? Did Mile Davis write it? Here is one take on that.

Miles Davis.

Then along came James Brown, and he recorded this: Cold Sweat.

Pee Wee Ellis wrote it and gave credit to his source material. Words about the music.

You can open two windows at once and play them simultaneously. Just for fun, you know.

Weather conditions have not been optimal for dramatic sunrises lately so this is one from last month. Nevertheless I am thankful to be here regardless of how picturesque the sunrise is.

The Dossier Gang That Didn't Know Anything

Daniel Greenfield uses Hogan's Heroes Sergeant Schultz, "I know nothing," to explain the activities of the key people and groups involved in the purchasing and passing of information among the assemblers and the promulgation of the dossier used by FBI for their search warrant on Trump. I didn't realize until now Daniel Greenfield is this funny. He outdoes himself.
Steele didn’t know where the Clinton opposition research he was passing along was coming from. The Clinton campaign didn’t know anything about the opposition research it was paying for. And the State Department officials who were routing Clinton opposition research to Steele and Steele’s Clinton dossier to the FBI had no idea which campaign might be involved in all. They all knew nothing. 
It's intensely sarcastic like that all the way through. A fun read.

Maria Bartiromo interviews Former Assistant FBI Director, James Kallstrom

It's interesting to hear the same things from different people. This video is seen at the top of Noisy Room, an article by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton. The article is basically a transcript of the video along with more insights, and reading it I kept thinking, gosh, this all sounds familiar. Are you guys reading the Last Refuge, or what?

If not, that would be even better.
“The animus and the malice against Trump is prima facie exposure of how he felt about Trump before the election,” Kallstrom said. “My sources tell me [Brennan] was leaking almost weekly or daily, and he was taking that bunch of phony crap supposedly from Russia, and peddling that through the Congress and the media, he was one of the active people. I’ve known him a long time and I think he’s involved, and quite frankly, I think it goes right to the top, quite frankly.” Oh, and I hope and pray they nail Brennan in all this.

Deep State issues threats to Trump

Toni Williams writing for Victory Girls lists three threats delivered by government officials.

* Samantha Powers, onetime ambassador to United Nations under former President Barack Obama warned President Trump that it was "not a good idea to piss off John Brennan" after CIA director told him that America would "triumph over you."

* Brennan who served as CIA director under Obama warned Trump that when his "venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption becomes known, you will take your rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history."

* Senator Chuck Schumer representing government and not the interests of the United States said Trump was really dumb for picking a fight with intelligence officials, "Let me tell you: You take on the intelligence community -- they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you," and then, "So, even for a practical supposedly hard-nosed businessman, he's being really dumb to do this."

Toni Williams concludes:
The Deep State/Swamp is letting us all know that the entrenched power base will not be touched. The status quo shall remain. The American people have no say. We must listen to our betters. I used to be agnostic on Trump. Now, in order to remain free people, I know that he must beat the living daylights out of the Deep State.
Bring it.

If it's sexual, it comes automatically dismissed. That doesn't work anymore. He'd have to have strangled a prostitute for it to count. Bring it X10 and it's dismissed X20. Meanwhile DOJ has their own 150 ways from Sunday to nail the lot of you legally. It's why Sessions has appeared to be dead. They've been had, but their arrogance hasn't allowed them to recognize the swamp is being drained as they write, and they are the swamp.

As always, you know you're on target when you start receiving heavy flak. It's taken a year for DOJ to get these ducks in a row. Trump and his team have been extraordinarily precise in doing this legally while they've been leaking to media, also illegally, having media talk about how chaotic Trump's White House is even as he hones his team more acutely.

Jiggly cake

I concluded this is a female thing. Women like spongy food. For the longest time I didn't like soufflés because there is too much air. Too spongy. And I never saw the point of sponge cake.

I also didn't care for cheesecake. Never ordered it because the portions are too small. Then one evening a chef brought two cheesecakes he made to a formal sit-down dinner party served in courses, but by then everyone was too full to eat them. We all groaned, "are you out of your mind?" He insisted we try. He wasn't taking them home. He cut large portions and by the time I was through it felt like I was eating a stick of butter and I realized why they're always served in super thin slices.

So then, this cake has two serious strikes against it. But look, if you want to be around women then you must go along with the things women like. You must be supportive. Imagine the points you can earn by showing women how to do this. Even if you don't care for it yourself.

Come on. Be a sport.

Wow. That's a big cake. Notice it cracked, but that doesn't matter. Also, it's browned evenly. The portion protected by the pan and top portion exposed to dry heat both browned the same.

I believe I'm in love. 

Emmy is adorable. I love the way she casually puts on voices. This silliness is irresistible. I like it because in real life just being around me brings this out in certain other people. They're serious-minded until they're around me. It's automatic. I'll answer in a silly voice then they answer back adopting the same voice. Then it's on. The rest of the evening is taken up with some silly accent. Then all of us are putting on accents, and we stick with them as if our personalities changed. We'll pick a speech impediment and keep talking like that until we have everyone speaking with the same speech disability. We'll slobber our sibilants, for example, give serious responses to genuine stimuli but expressed with slobbered Ss as if that is normal to the extent that new people will think we actually talk that way. That's why I like Emmy. She's delightfully playful this way all by herself. 

And in the end, she masters her jiggly cake.

Amusing Planet: Photos of Children Around the World With Their Favorite Toys

Italian photographer's latest project entitled Toy Stories. He concludes at their age they're pretty much all the same. They just want to play. But how they play differs. He concludes children from richer countries are more selfish with their toys. He needed more time for them to warm up to sharing. In poorer countries it was easier. He has other insights to how children regard the function of their toys, for example, a child in both Texas and Malawi said their toy dinosaurs protected them from dangers of the night.

Amusing Planet provides a broken link to Gabriele Galimberti's project so I looked for it elsewhere. His own page is rather boring while other sites covering him have even more interesting photographs. Not all the kids are in their bedrooms.

Amusing Planet writes that Galimberti learned as much about the parents as he did of the children. Parents in the Middle East and Asia would push their children to be photographed even if they were nervous or upset while parents in South America were relaxed and told him he can do whatever he wants so long as the children don't mind.

South America for the win.

I noticed that around here and mentioned it to my brother one day when he was complaining about all the little Mexican kids brought along shopping. I told him, you rarely see them acting up. The parents really do include their children in everything. Shopping is a family project. You see them gathering in neighborhoods and the children are running around all over. But they are behaving. They're actually more socialized than we were. Our parents wanted us elsewhere when they were shopping and socializing. Not so with Mexican parents. It's charming. I think they have a better approach.

I notice these kids have collections of things. My younger brother had a collection of Tonka trucks and later matchbox cars with tons of racing track, and I had aquariums, but other than those we didn't have collections of things. We moved too much for that. The most enduring toy was my Etch-a-Sketch. That lasted for four moves until I wore it out. The gray powder inside didn't stick anymore. You could see right through it to the mechanism. It still worked back and forth but it couldn't draw anything.  I got really good at drawing curved lines, and writing messages with it.

Here are my favorite toys.

I must have looked like a little perv riding my firetruck, scooting around, turning the little crank that made the ladder go up and down. Up and down, up and down, scoot, scoot, scoot, "Hey, Lady, I'll save ya."

Summary of the big picture.

In my opinion, this is Sundance at his (their) best. He's calling this a prequel, a recapitulation of salient events that brought us this far to Andrew McCabe being fired, promising much more to come. Reading this earlier I thought, Jeeze, this is excellent. The threads are so numerous and so intertwined and they shift over time that it's nearly impossible to keep them all straight. Yet Sundance restates all that was previously discussed in a way that makes sense. Then I noticed that Instapundit linked to the same post saying, "Here's the essential program to track the FBI scandal If you aren't reading The Last Refuge, spend 10 minutes with this and you will be henceforth and forever more." He links to this.

Evidence of this laundry process is found in a significant “search query” result that was actually a mistake. The faulty intelligence mistake was the travel history of Michael Cohen, a long-time Trump lawyer. The FISA search turned up a Michael Cohen traveling to Prague. It was the wrong Michael Cohen. However, that mistaken result was passed on to Chris Steele and it made its way into the dossier. Absent of a FISA search, there’s no other way Christopher Steele could identify a random “Michael Cohen” traveling to Prague.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Food robots

I love these videos. I find them soothing.

At the time I was pre-teen, Wonder Bread ran advertisements bragging that no human hands touched their bread in production. That caused us to act like gorillas making bread for we were literalists and everything was funny.

I like making bread. It's like arts and crafts. Then you eat it. Yesterday I made pita bread and I ate one just now and it's so excellent I cannot even believe it. Good as it is store-bought, my homemade is better although mine are not perfect. Each one is not uniform. Each one has a different amount of dough, rolled out imperfectly to different size circle with different thickness, each one fried a different length of time at varying heat as the pan gets hotter, and after all that the taste and texture is qualitatively better than store-bought

I love seeing the live dough grow right before my eyes. I love the feel of the dough in my hands. I like feeling it change, feeling the gluten molecules form at hand. I like shaping it.  I like how it stretches and sticks to itself to from a skin that becomes a balloon. And watching them puff up like balloons is fun. Flour tortillas do the same thing, although one is yeast and the other is chemical leavening. I have my own video of this if you care to see it. Pita bread puffing.

YouTube [robots making food]
* Robot Kitchen -- Behold the Future. (they're arms)
* Robotic pizza restaurant opens in California
* Burger Making Robot (an arm)
* Could this Robot Chef change the Future of Cooking? (Well, could it?)
* These robotic arms put a five-star chef in your kitchen
* Salad Making Robot Proves Food-Handling Tech
* Robotic Chef-RoboKiosk Cooking an Egg Sandwich
* This Robotic Chef Does All the Cooking For You (All of it? An arm.)
* Restaurant in China hires robots as waiters (human form mobile robots)
* Self-driving robots making food deliveries (looks like floor-cleaning robot)
* I made a robot that serves me soup
* Flippy the Burger Flipping Robot at CalibBurger Pasadena (an arm)
* Robot that makes 400 hamburgers at the time could take (hamburger on conveyor)
* Robotic chef can cook Michelin star food in your kitchen by
* ABB Robotics -- Picking pancakes
* We Tried to Steal Food From a Delivery Robot (Small Vehicle)
* Burger Robot (arm)
* How Food-Bots Are Changing How We Eat (arm)
* Fast Food Company Develops Robots.
* Robots Cook Food and Shake Cocktails. What's Next? (robot with arms and fingers)
* Zume delivers made-to-order pizza with robots

Fine. As mentioned we've had mechanized mass food production for over 55 years that I know about. These robots are less impressive than that.

Here's 15 minutes of mechanized food production. There's always some human filling the bins. Some human delivering the ingredients. Some human to pick out the oddballs, to straighten the misaligned bit, to clean the machines, keep them oiled and serviced, some human as part of the packaging. Always some human supervising the other humans. Some ape making my bread.

Crap. Not playable here. Plus, it's best muted.

Some food items really are the provenance of the industrialized world. Like cornflakes.

A few days ago I made cornflakes. How hard can it be? Turns out, you really do need industrial equipment to form those particular flakes in that particular thickness and uniform size. It's not extravagant equipment, just something with high pressure rollers with steam and dry heat. Other cereals need high pressure extruders with heat. The rest is measuring and packaging.

But even there, my cornflakes tasted better, cornier, because my corn kernels were milled right here at home so the cornmeal was not exposed to air longer than just a few minutes, then frozen.  Mass produced uses cornmeal by 100LB sackfuls transported from some other warehouse. Their machines can use a lot less water than my available methods. Theirs is better than mine and mine take too much time and energy to make. Mine taste better than theirs. But they win. They wouldn't exist with industrialization first. They exist because some industrialist thought, what can we make these machines do? They are glorious. But there is always something significant sacrificed.

Flat Earther

I didn't know these people actually existed. But they do.

Yesterday I bookmarked a news aggregating site called Censored News that consolidates stories from a variety of other sites, most I already read, but one of them is named The Daily Sheeple that has this video of a Flat Earther explaining himself. It's just something weird that I found interesting, and that's all. The way the guy is so sure of himself and so entirely wrong that there will be no correcting him. I thought it was satire at first until I read comments to it at Sheeple and on YouTube where other people put forward the most insanely demented arguments.

I know a few people who do this just to be argumentative. One in particular. I think he likes to see people exhaust themselves trying to put him straight. And when he's sincerely trying to internalize new good information, he's even worse, because each statement is contradictory line for line as he tries to force fit it with his existing beliefs. "So that's like this, (no it is not) and that's like this, (no it's not) and that's just like this, (no, it is not. I said what I said, not what you just said that I said. It has nothing to do with what you already have muddling my discussion.) So just keep trucking without acknowledging his nonsense.

Where would you even start?

You don't. 

But if you did, where would you start? 

I'd say don't even contradict. Don't argue. Just speak another language altogether. Start at the beginning with the ancients, the ones  with good eyesight who noticed ships disappearing on the horizon hull first then sail, and conversely reappearing on their seaways sail first, as mountains do as you approach them had you ever traveled. They marveled as they observed stars moving overhead in concert meaning we rotated around them for stars are fixed from our perspective in time, and traveling again, they saw different stars in northern and southern hemispheres. 

This guy talks funny. 

If you can hang in there and listen he clears up something that had me confused for a very long time. How did Eratosthenes measure the shadow of two vertical sticks between two places separated by great distance without instant communication? From Greece he couldn't call a guy by telephone in Egypt and ask how long is the shadow. Instead, he already knew that in Egypt there was no shadow on the stick, or on the obelisk or whatever is sticking straight up, when the sun is at zenith on the day of equinox. So he didn't need that measurement, he didn't need two clocks to tell both observers it's noon, he had only to measure the shadow of his own stick calculated with the height of the stick on that same day, this year, next year, any year. And he had to know the distance between locations. But he didn't need to measure that either, he could simply ask professional travelers, caravan drivers, the truckers of his day. That solved a mystery that bugged me for decades. Just by listening to a guy who talks a bit funny.