Saturday, February 10, 2018

Kim's sister steals the show

That's the search that produces these results.

It's a CNN thing that people are riffing on.

CNN Kim Jong Un's sister is stealing the show at the Winter Olympics

Photo shows a lemon-sucking yard troll of an old military man with his ridiculous oversized hat and a very ugly stringy-haird woman with an oversized forehead with facial features altered by Photoshop's pinch feature. Didn't bother reading anything. I'm certain this woman didn't steal any show. The show is the opening ceremony and the athletes, it is definitely not this group of people no matter what media tells.

Are they really this shallow and stupid?

Yes. They are.

Fox News. Kim Jong Un's sister steals show at Olympic ceremony

A video that Safari protects me from seeing and I can't be arsed to adjust settings or open another browser.

The Daily Beast. Kim Jong Un’s Little Sister Steals Pence’s Thunder and Trumps Trump, at Least in Seoul

Good grief. Now Pence is supposed to have thunder and N.K. stole it. They do know that  N.K. wouldn't even be attending these olympics were it not for Trump putting the fear of God into them in his unique way heretofore unheard of among delicate rarified high-level diplomatic discourse. But that's okay, Kim's little sister is now stealing the show.

And so on.

Yahoo. Kim Jong Un's sister steals show at Olympic ceremony [Video]

Kim Jung-Un's sister is stealing the show

News Busters. CNN Glorifies Kim Jong Un's Sister for 'Stealing the Show' at ...

Daily Motion. Kendall Jenner Steals The Show From Sister Kim [2014 ...

Click2Houston. Kim Jong Un's sister stealing show at Olympics

Dog doesn't like new shoes.

Gorgeous dog.

Very funny. Har de har har. 

What are the shoes for? To protect from the cold probably. 

Seeing the dog react in massive confusion, I'd try one shoe at first, then two, and see how it goes. 

))) Anecdote alert (((

My dog didn't like the electric nail trimmer, a Dremel sandpaper wheel. Too noisy. Too scary. Eventually I got a slower battery powered one, but this one was powerful and had an electric cord. So I brought out the kit and extension cord, turned it on. Let her check out new obnoxious noise. Then turned it off and put away the kit.

Then played. 

Next day same thing.

And played.

Next day brought out the kit again, turned it on, sat on the ground, she comes up to me, took her paw in my hand and touched one paw toenail to the wheel. She resisted. Did not trim the whole nail. She pulls away. I let her go. Put the kit away.

Then played.

Next day, brought out the kit again, now ritualized, touched the nail to the wheel and trimmed it all the way down almost to the quick. She resisted. Pulled away. I let her go. Put away the kit.

Then played. 

And so on, day by day, building up to to doing a whole paw worth in one go. My dog is lopsided with one trimmed paw and three paws with long nails. And within a week we do all the nails on all paws in one go. 

Then played. 

Until eventually she'd come running up to the kit and offer her paw as if visiting with a manicurist. She was the most adorable cooperative thing. She liked being center of my attention.

Then play. 

Eventually she became fun to groom in all ways, brushing and trimming away dead hair, and never any fuss. 

The thing is, she was beautiful. They all were. I couldn't take my eyes off them. I'm not exaggerating. They had my attention. They'd just sit in the yard exactly like sphinxes and I'd be inside standing there just staring at them admiring their beauty. It wasn't just paw toenails, it was hair around their paws, dead hair around their ears and tail and tuffs of hair on the legs near the tail. So although they were never shown, I never bothered with point toward their championships, they had to be kept groomed. And those grooming sessions had to be fun. Or none of this having a dog business would be worth it. All three in their time would jump on the grooming table and allow me to groom them because it was fun and good interaction, and nothing at all what you see all the time at confirmation shows where there is only obedience to the handler and submission to rough grooming, and tight scheduling, and no fun. This shoe thing is funny but no fun. 

I can see those shoes protecting from heat as well as from ice. I can see the dog bringing the owners their dog shoes because they know it means comfort on hot or cold surfaces and it means they get to go outside for more fun. 

Tucker Carlson with WSJ journaist Kimberley Strassel

She delivers an astute synopsis.


Do you want to see something funny?

I do not understand this. And I don't care. I've stopped trying to understand.

Apparently sometimes our regular commenters have nothing to say. And that's fine. That doesn't mean the post isn't interesting. So, no hard feelings taken. 

This same thing happened throughout childhood. One thing that held our family tightly knitted was regular dinners at the dinner table. It's a big family. So a lot of discussion. That was a given throughout and it never broke down. No television, no reading, no nothing. Just us. And I'd say something perfectly ordinary and my whole family would just completely stop talking. That's where I picked up the high-pitched ventriloquist voice to pick up the conversation that they all dropped at once and end the discomforting silence. 

It cracks people up. Talking to myself then looking around for the voice that I made.

Yesterday I posted about Ethan Van Sciver and by statistics that post was viewed more than the others. Yet nobody said anything about it. Perhaps I sent them all off to see his other videos on YouTube. I did say you can get lost in them. Perhaps everyone got lost in them. 

See? It sticks out statistically. 

A similar thing happens on another of my sites. I simply do not comprehend this so I quit trying to understand. 

I hear repeatedly musicians say a similar thing. They crank out an ordinary song, one that means nothing to them, filler for an album, and it becomes a best seller topping the things that they worked on and poured their heart into. 

The post is about a woman I know who works at Burger Fi. When I told her about these statistics she became very happy. She liked the idea of being described. Another woman overheard our conversation and she became excited as well. They both liked the idea of a little story about them being favorited above the others surrounding it. But here again, nobody said a word in response.

If you'd like to see the simple story where I describe the woman who gave me a milkshake I copy/pasted it below. It's short.

I'm standing there waiting for my two single cheeseburgers with jalapeño onion and tomato and side of fries while chatting it up with the girl with shaved hair except for the patch gathered into dreadlocks that hang down to her butt when she suddenly realized she prepared the same order twice for strawberry and chocolate milkshake. I'd buy one! But before I could offer to buy one she offered me one of the shakes for free. It's all timing.

But she did say to me, "Always a pleasure to see you come in here." 

She thinks I'm deaf. 

And she didn't say that to anyone else.

Trey Gowdy

One. Trey Gowdy stepped down from the House Ethics Committee after five years of serving on the panel citing workload.

Two. Trey Gowdy will not seek reelection when his term ends.

Three. Trey Gowdy intends on returning to his career in justice system.

Four. He receives mixed reviews from observers who note his fierce interrogations while also noting and resenting his lack of results regarding him as controlled opposition. The people I read call him Rooster. I do not understand this. Not for a rooster's head. Not a rooster's comb. It must be for a rooster's tail. A rooster's tail for Trey Gowdy's head. Like Carrot Top. A carrot top is bushy green not red and not orange. A carrot root is orange. So then, a carrot's bottom for Carrot Top's hair. Same thing with the rooster. I guess.

How rude. I take it personally. Trey Gowdy's hair is like my own. I wake up and I'm never quite sure what I'm going to get. I don't know what the hairdresser is going to do with me. And neither does Trey Gowdy. And there is so little to work with. We say, "make it short" and they do. They make it short this way, voomp, make it short that way, womp. This way voomp that way womp, voomp wamp all over the place. And there is hardly anything up there.

I made it wet and and pulled it all forward with my fingers. I don't even own a comb such as I kept in my pocket all through boyhood. A woman in the elevator took hold of my elbow and looking up past my eyes said slowly, "Lookit yer her." 

She talks funny.

I usually push them the other way so they line up best how it grows. Whatever it takes to look normal. To not stick out in crowd. 

Friday, February 9, 2018

What did you do in the War Grandma....Black History Month Editon

So many of the major contributions of the African American population has been unjustly ignored in our history. They have not be celebrated for their immense contribution to the war effort. This is of course because of the racist history of the United States that lingers to this very day.

But the election of President Barack Obama has changed all of that. He has with the stroke of a pen declassified the true story of the contributions of black men and especially black woman during the darkest days of World World 2.

The racist nature of most of the high command led them to place black troops in service occupations as truck drivers, stevedores and labor battalions. The female contingent were actually used as domestic servants and laundresses because of the racial attitudes of that time.

However there were some enlightened members of General Eisenhower's staff especially in the OSS the Office of Strategic Services which served as the espionage and intelligence for the American war effort. Under the direction of future celebrity chef Julia Child and OSS agent William Colby a group of brave African American women was gathered together to collect intelligence. Under the guise of being domestic servants and cooks in various venues throughout England before the invasion these brave woman made pancakes and washed skivvies while secretly copying papers and eavesdropping on conversations. But since they had to hide this from bigoted officers in our own army they had to pass on this information in code. Thus they were forced to use the queefing method of transmitting data now known as twatter.

This brave band of sisters came to be known as the Tuskegee Twatters.

(Vages for Victory, The Invention of Twatter By Doris Kearns Goodwin, Simon & Schuster 2009

What did you do in the War Grandma

During the war there was a great premium on secure communications. The British had broken the Germans Code and of course the United States had been reading the Japanese secure communications since before the war. So the Army tried to find a secure manner of communicating.

Most people know of the work of the Navajos in the Pacific as portrayed in the movie "Windtalker's" which depicted their heroic exploits. But very few people know of the secret work of the Woman's Army Corp (WAC's) who were involved in their own top secret operation.

The Army was of course a very misogynistic place during World War Two so when women began to wear the uniform they were ignored and patronized by most of the officer corps. Except for one man. Brigadier General Theodore Roosevelt Jr. knew of the strange ability that some woman had to force air through their vagina's. When he was involved in the planning for D-Day he brought it to the attention of General Eisenhower. Together with OSS spymaster Allen Dulles they trained a series of young woman who could communicate a series of signals in code by forcing air through their naughty bits. This was particularly useful in large meetings that were attended by dubious characters such as the Free French under Giruad and the Soviet Union's representative General Potemkin. The WAC's often served as secretaries or drivers and when they saw a particular note or aside they would communicate by queefing in code. Then General Eisenhower's driver Kay Summersby would write down the message and pass it to her boss so he was in the know without anyone else suspecting.

This system of communications came to be know as twatter.

(Vages for Victory, The Invention of Twatter By Doris Kearns Goodwin, Simon & Schuster 2009)

Love letters from the Front

My dearest Evelyn,
I write to you from my new post as ambassador to Russia. Or to the Soviet Union as it is now called by the communists like Harry Hopkins and that bumpkin Wallace. The President has sent me to try to talk some sense into Stalin but I don’t see how that is possible.
It seems that Stalin has decided to throw in his hat with this Hitler fellow. Why I don’t know. He must know that the Nazi’s are the deadly enemies of the communists. But still he persists in his folly. I cannot even get a meeting with him. The diplomatic niceties prevent it.
How I wish I was on the bridge of one of our dreadnoughts once again. I would blow a hole through convention with a 12 inch gun and find a way to get through to them.
I hope that all is well with you. I cannot tell you how much I miss you and long for you to come with me. The communists are not much for balls and parties even though they have many beautiful palaces from the time of the Czar.  I know you would enjoy the art and architecture of this ancient land. I cannot wait until we are united my love.
I had a strange visit from a young American. A Fredrick Trumpf from New York City. He seems to want to do some business with the Russian government and wanted my help. A strange young man. He smelled of urine and cheap perfume and a few feathers stuck to his clothing. But he is a member of our brotherhood and is vouched for by Justice Black. So I introduced him to Molotov. His wife is a Jew and I think this Trumpf is as well and you know how they stick together. Perhaps it will help him.
Please write to me. President Roosevelt assures me that I can return home soon. I cannot wait until I am in your arms again.
With all my love,


WKRLEM: Dinner at Rob Porters house

Ethan Van Sciver, illustrator for Rules of Life: An Antidote to Chaos by Jordan Peterson

Ethan is a well-known illustrator of comic books. He has a lot of videos up on YouTube about drawing comics and tons of videos about SJWs hounding him off Twitter and vandalizing a pizza place after they hosted him and about SJWs basically stalking him. You could get lost in his drawing lessons on how to draw comics.

He takes nearly seven minutes to get to the illustrations. Longest intro ever, I went, skip, skip, skippidy do dah, skippy skip, until I saw pictures of the book, so if I missed anything important let me know. Okay?

Well. I like his interpretations very much.

But not quite enough to buy the book.

This boy interviews Ethan Van Sciver at a comic book convention presumably and he's only eight-years-old. He looks down to his notes for questions. And here's what kills like two supergiant suns colliding. He can actually read. 

That just blows me away that people alive only a few years on earth can already read, already have interest such as this, already bug their parents to take them to these things to meet people they know about through reading. It just kills me seeing children read. Seeing children's tiny hands finger spell in sign language. As I get older and interested in gardening I tend to view humans as plants. I view human life cycle as plant life cycles. By that mode of comparison this is like a tiny seedling just popped up out of the dirt who can already read. Compare with the character Roy in Netflix Godless learning to read in his mid-twenties, or Miss Daisy teaching the character Hoke Colburn to read in his, what, his seventies, or whatever, and his surprise that he can sound out his friend's name by the letters and find his gravestone. What great scenes these are. Then this little boy just automatically reads like it's no big thing.

It IS a big thing.

I wouldn't have done as well at this age. I don't think. I wouldn't be able to listen and synthesize Ethan's answers. I'd be thinking about the next question. I'd be thinking about all the other things going on. This, I believe is adorable. 

Fox News: Senator Mark Warner, top Democrat on Senate Intelligence Committee, texted Russian oligarch lobbyist to contact Christopher Steele.

Par for the course. Sundance dismisses the entire Senate Intelligence Committee, describing Mark Warner as rabidly partisan Democrat, the Committee's Minority Chairman, with Richard Burr, the Majority Chairman as equally corrupt if not more. Sundance relates the corruption within the Senate Committee is so pervasive it is the reason why the House Committee on the Judiciary, Devin Nunes, Bob Goodlatte, and Chuck Grassley, do not share information with them. They, and all their corrupt staff members are cut off from contact with the people exposing corruption. Everyone on the Senate Committee is compromised by participating with and being in ideological agreement with the Uniparty conspiracy to take down President Trump and that includes Marco Rubio, James Lankford and Tom Cotton. Sundance continues, if any of those last ones quit within the next 72 hours then trust in them can be re-evaluated.

More details on this, here.

The Fox video is loaded. They're excited and somewhat difficult to follow through all the details and names that they stuff into just a few minutes.

The next Fox video with Jim Jordan on the same subject is a bit more clear.

Six months after Warner conspired with Christopher Steel the Inspector General Michael Horowitz questioned Senator Warner's staff and Warner discovered he was busted. He admitted his communication with Russian intermediary and his initial attempts to meet with Steele off the record and with no leaking, to the other members of his Senate Committee. That's where Rubio pipes up and avers, "Senator Warner fully disclosed this to the committee four months ago. It has zero impact on our work."

Rubio is saying the committee was fully informed of Warner contacting a Russian intermediary to get a meeting with Christopher Steele, author of the discredited dossier used to attain a FISA warrant to spy on Trump, without leaving fingerprints, yet no one on the Senate Committee demanded Vice-Chariman Warner make an immediate and full public disclosure of the serious conflict he engaged in. Warner is contacting a Russian agent within an investigation about collaboration with Russian agents.

Every member on that committee compromised their own integrity.

Both Burr and Warner are members of the Gang-of-Eight intelligence oversight.

Sundance is very good covering this. I like how they show their pictures over and over so readers can see what the good guys look like and who the bad guys are. Post after post he does this so their faces are drilled into reader's minds. So when they are shown on t.v. offering their sides of the story, their version of truth, and their obfuscations, we know what they look like, we know how to take what they're saying, we can better make sense of things, who is telling the real truth and who is lying, and why.

Someone in comments said they just came back from the dentist and seeing Warner makes him glad that he does that unpleasant task. Another added Warner looks like what happens when you floss with barbed wire. And another jumped in saying, "Mr. Ed."  Now, that's just rude, and does not advance the conversation. What do you think?

That swooshing noise that you're hearing is the sound of the Washington D.C. swamp being drained.

Oh wait. That's a guest flushing my toilet. Never mind.

Michael Kortan quits the FBI. He is the longtime head of Pubic Affairs Office and confidant of former director James Comey. He announced his retirement.

David Laufman resigned DOJ effective February 7th 2018. Laufman was deputy Assistant Attorney General of National Security Division in charge of counterintelligence, cyber security, counterespionage and export controls. Laufman would have been involved with FISA Title-1 surveillance program initiated to target Carter Page and incidentally all of Trump campaign officials. He would also have close contact with former Assistant Deputy Attorney Bruce Ohr the husband of of Fusion GPS employee Nellie Ohr. Laufman also participated in the interview of Hillary Clinton. He would also have been involved in any FARA investigations of Genera Mike Flynn and Paul Manafort and had access to FISA-702 database use for surveillance and subsequent unmasking. He's up to his gills in current events involving corruption of office and can no longer take the stress of it being exposed.

FBI director of counterintelligence Bill Priestap holds an important position and is one of the few people authorized to sign-off on FISA applications to the FISA court. Amazingly, everyone around Bill Priestap has been removed or resigned or retired from their position while Bill Priestap remains.

* James Comey, FBI director was fired
* Andrew McCabe, Asst. FBI Director was removed
* Josh Campbell, Special Assistant to Comey flounces off to CNN via op-ed published in NYT
* James Baker, FBI Chief Legal Counsel was removed
* Lisa Page, FBI Attorney (also DOJ attorney) was removed
* Peter Strzok, FBI Agent was demoted
* James Rybicki, FBI Special Agent, Chief of Staff, resigned

That Bill Priestap is positioned centrally and is mentioned throughout the documents being exposed and yet remains unscathed and silent behind all of this causes people to think that he has flipped.

This speculation of a FBI official flipping results in a good deal of silliness. Someone starts singing the words to the 60's television program Flipper. Suddenly everyone is laughing. They can hear it. And the incongruence is absurd. Now that they're silly people visualize an old man actually flipping.

I'm done now.

So that's where I'll end, as I do, with lighthearted silliness. The youngsters are thinking, "This is what will happen to me?"

Yes! This is what will happen to you.

Man, that is rude! Showing off his superior youth-based athletic abilities and simultaneously making fun of old people like me who cannot do such wonderful things. Come back here so I can beat you with my stick.

The frustrating thing is, I don't have the balance to swing and beat anyone properly.

And then that got me looking at videos of old men fighting and that's even worse.

Thursday, February 8, 2018


I saw this robin in my yard this afternoon. I had to sit still for a half hour in order to get this picture, but it was good to be outside, still, and just watch the birds being birds.

Justin Trudeau

Justin, the whole world is laughing at your feminist remark about peoplekind 
when you were asked about uneven application of government funding. 


I detest Trump, but a redneck fixed my Prius with zip ties.

It's characterized on conservative sites as unintentional liberal self parody. The story is about a woman seething with hatred for Trump who characterizes her emotional disability due to Trump and her deep animosity towards all who elected him, and her sixteen-year-old daughter who cried on election night, driving home from a resist Donald Trump protest and experiencing car trouble on the way home.

Elitists driving and not flying is not explained.

A man followed her onto the highway ramp and began fixing her vehicle without even being asked. He just got right to it and assured her she'll be okay all the way home. He self-identified as a redneck. It's what he called himself, not what she called him. But because of that she assumed that he also voted for Trump.

Her story is funny, loaded with details of her describing herself, her daughter, her friends and acquaintances, her activities, her stickers on the side of her car. Everything that she does puts her above others in her own mind.

She cannot reconcile her hatred for Trump and for his supporters with this new insight to helpful human nature. She must make mental adjustments to account for this experience so she allows that some rednecks can still be nice people. But she still blames Trump for her hatred. That's the part readers find hilarious. She cannot bring herself to reevaluate the real source of her hatred. It must be outside herself. Her hatred cannot be her responsibility. With nobody else to blame that she can see, she blames Trump. So after all that self-evaluation and reflection she gets nowhere. Real emotional progress is not possible. Although forced, she cannot check her premises completely. That is impossible for her to do. After claiming intellectual superiority to all who voted for Trump, she's too dumb to look at herself to solve her own sef-inflicted emotional problem.

The full story originates with Tampa Bay Times.

The comments there run 50/50 pro/anti Trump. Tampa Bay Times readers are dummkopfs.

I read the story at Legal Insurrection.

Comments there are wise, worldly, and knowing. Legal Insurrection readers are more intellectual.

There is a world of difference between groups of readers. The only thing they have in common is they all have internet connection and they all can type.

My brother's a goofball

But what you gonna do?


He's not my brother and my brother isn't a goofball. Boy, I can't get anything right.

For the longest time this little memory card has been a real champion. In and out of the camera, in and out of the laptop every day for years. It never filled up. It never failed. Then last night it just split in two. I glued it back and it still works. But I broke off its tiny switch and now it cannot be reformatted. Eventually it will fill up. So I put in the spare. Turns out I've been using the spare this whole time. Like five years. I'm guessing. Maybe longer. It was only 8 gig and now I put in the 32 gig. And that will never fill up. Even though the photos are gigantic. I bought another card on eBay to have a new spare and I cannot believe how cheap these things are. 

The 32 gig had photos on it from a long time ago. Just walking down to Palettes restaurant inside the art museum, the original building next to the library, I took a boatload of photos. I'm leaving out quite a lot. 

I read about the truffle egg ravioli before I ever tried it and I expected it to be the most expensive thing on their menu. The opposite is true. It's the cheapest thing on their menu. And although not heavily truffled up, it is perfectly balanced, and I mean perfectly. I marveled. It gave me something to aim for but I could not match it at home. I even made my own bread. But theirs is still better in every way to compare them.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

What a waste!

"I don't understand. Why is everything so blurry?"
"Yes Mr Mason. We invited you here to our house for your advice. I would like to point out a couple of things to you."
"Yes I can see that my dear. But it is not going to help."
"Why not?"
"Because I am a faggot. I only like cock. So stop pointing those things at me and have Blondie close her legs. I only get excited by hairless Japanese boys. In fact I am going to move to Tokyo."
"Why are you going to live with the Japs?"
"Because I want to let the monster loose."
"Thats silly. We would all like to see the famous Perry Mason's lizard."
"Sorry babe it is not going to happen. Why not wait for that Ben Casey guy. I hear he is a real greasy Eyetalian. He will  slide right in. Gotta go. Della is waiting for me."

WKRLEM: The acceptance of Hillary as the candidate of the Democratic party!

They missed a bet on the slogan. Instead of "I'm with Her" they should have used "One of Us."

Whose that girl that Bill Clinton is kissing!

Wait a minute! If that is Bill Clinton why does he have John McCain's nickname?

She was frequent guest star on many of my favorite old timey shows. When I watch MeTV she shows up all over the place. A client on Perry Mason. A homesteader on Wagon Train. Hawaiian Eye. A bunch of places along on the Sunset Strip.

But it was for this role as a nubile young thing who answered the question "Whose your Pappy?"

You just need to answer the question: Whose that Girl?

The Killer Angels

Joshua Chamberlain walked into the suite at the Willard Hotel. He was in his brigadier general dress uniform. His brother Tom who was the commander of the 20th Maine after him was by his side. Just as he had been in the hospital where he forced him to live. The terrible wound he had obtained at Petersburg. The only reason that he had survived is that his brothers will to force him to live and the skill of his regimental surgeon Shaw who had saved his life.

There was a short square man sitting in chair in a mussed private’s uniform smoking a cigar. It was Grant. General of the Army. The man who had finally defeated old Bobby Lee and won the war. In fact there were several Generals.

More stars than to be found in the summer’s night.

General Sherman sat on a settee sipping a cup of tea. “Step in Chamberlain” he said.

Suddenly a balding lanky figure came up to him. Some called him a google eyed snapping turtle. He was his old commander at Gettysburg. General George Gordon Meade. Despite his reputation as a sour and cantankerous man he was very solicitous of his old subordinate.  “Come in Joshua and sit for a moment. How is your wound? I hope it does not pain you still.” He was in fact a kind man. To people he valued.

“It is tolerable General. I can make do.” He turned to General Grant.  “I am at your disposal General.”

“Sit down General you are among friends here. Admirers as well. Right Cump?” 

General Sherman grunted. “Yes you are right Grant. General Chamberlain we have a task for you. President Johnson has directed that he have a Grand Review of the Armies that won the war. We want you to lead off with the First Division. What is the status of your men?”

“We are rough but ready General. When will this parade occur?”

“On the 23rd son. We just wanted to know the status of your wound” replied General Meade. “I want you to be there with me. I am leading off with the Army of the Potomac. The plan is to ride to the reviewing stand and then join the rest of the staff. You will lead our boys past the President and the rest of the dignitaries back to camp. Can I rely on you son?”

“It would be my honor General Meade.”

“I knew we could count on you General” replied General Grant. “I am not an admirer of parades but President Johnson wants to change the mood in the country. I hope it works. There has been a sense of dread ever since poor Lincoln was shot. We are riven apart even more than during the war. The South fears retribution and the North craves revenge. We need to unite the country. I don’t think anything could be better to make a start than a big patriotic parade.”

“I will do all I can to help General. Just say the word. I will have our boys ready to go.”

“I reckon that is fair enough. You are dismissed General. You have two weeks to get ready. We will be in touch.”

Joshua and Tom walked out of the room and down the stairs. They passed a freedman lighting a gas light. At least they thought he was a freedman. Most all of them are these days. It was for them that they had bled.

“I wish old Buster were here to see this Joshua. He would have been proud of you.”

“I wish he was here too Tom. Too many of them are gone. Buster. Ellis Spear. All the rest. Gone but not forgotten. I remember every face. They will be marching with us. We have to do them proud.”

“We will Joshua. We will.”

They had reached the mud of the street and walked to the stable to get their horses. 

They had too much to do before the Grand Review of the Armies of the Union.

Dana Carvey impersonates Trump arguing in favor of fighting global warming

The link was from Drudge to a WSJ article about comedy not being pretty and not even funny. The accompanying photograph is Bill Maher onstage so I skipped the whole thing and went straight to comments. Comments are dreadful, pinched and partisan. They're worthless. The whole thing is worthless. Then this:
If you want a master class in what political comedy is, watch Dana Carvey's impression of Donald Trump arguing in favor of doing something about global warming.  It is genius.
Fine then. Let's see. I picked the longer version.

Chipotle rolls out new benefits including one-time $1,000 bonus due to tax cut

I thought Chipotle died. Three times.

I was in there only once. It was all the eh. What do you do, make your own burrito. And it turns out with a lot of rice and beans. Correct me where I'm wrong. I understand people love that place.

The thing is we have so many wonderful Mexican restaurants that a hipster chain doesn't make sense. Even as Torchy's, another chain, Tex Mex draws admirable crowds in the spot where Arby's failed. (Those curly fries were the worst. While their French dip was not all that bad.) Mere half block in tangental cardinal directions are two authentic Mexican family-owned restaurants both with their own style. Who needs a gigantic puffy dry @ss ersatz burrito? That is my hasty opinion.

I'm old. I can be a crank if I want to.

Chipotle restaurant is granting expanded benefits including stock grants and paid parental leave. And all that is due to one man unrelated to restaurants. Trump.

Crumbs to some, windfall to others.

Imagine yourself a restaurant worker. It might take some real imagination to put yourself there. I merely have to remember a first job still in High School.  BOOM! A thousand bucks, back then, would have been an amazing amount. I can imagine that easily.

Speaking of chipotle. Do you ever see this at the grocery?

I go through this like water. I buy multiple tins or jars at a time. It goes into everything. Including cheese breadsticks. Over eggs in place of pepper. In cream soups. In and on tempered chocolate. In polenta or cheese grits. On rice and potatoes of all types, French fries, baked potato, mashed potatoes, potato chips. On popcorn. Over vegetables. Over beef, pork, chicken and fish. Puff pastry with bacon and cheese and chipotle. Man, those things were a hit at a party. I was handing them out on my way up there before I even got into the room. It's my all-time favorite chile.

It is jalapeño peppers allowed to turn red and then roasted for a smoke flavor. You can buy them whole peppers dried and ugly and wrinkled that you reconstitute with water, and you can buy them in red adobo sauce. It's all very good. 

You can do a quick puff pastry easily enough. Even using a processor. Chill the butter and process with shredding blade then toss loosely into the flour then, drizzle ice cold water until it comes together as dough and  roll out multiple times folding layers as lamination. On the final roll out, spread the chopped chile in adobo or sprinkle the powder, sprinkle the cheese, and sprinkle the bacon bits, roll it up and cut slices then bake. Puff pastry in a snap. And everyone will regard you as some kind of legitimate chef. And impose upon you to do this again.

Trump branding

Credit where it is due, you have to admit that Democrats are very good at branding. They have a knack for labeling things, mislabeling things, so their determined labels form the discussion. They draw the lines in which the discussion is colored. They're language coloring book artists and the whole country, the world, colors within the lines or risks charges of racism, sexism, xenophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, whathaveyouphobia.  Trudeau's neologism peoplekind worked very well in his town hall although mocked elsewhere else, it still had everyone changing man to people in every word they could peopleage in all peoplener possible.

Just open a dictionary to the words beginning with man and change every instance of man to people. And the list is only the words that begin with man. Another list for words containing man offers more possibilities for ridicule. It's a very long list. Still, even through ridicule Trudeau compelled his ridiculers to accept the task of changing their language, and nothing pleases liberals more than controlling the language of everyone else, because it controls the way that they think.

Trump is also a master at branding. Liberals branded Trump misogynist, racist, xenophobe to completion. It's all that we ever hear from them about him and by extension about his supporters. But that's horribly elitist intellectual branding. They're terrible brands. So overused they've lost their energy. Were they actual brands you couldn't cast them in iron and burn them into the hides of cattle. You cannot fashion an easy logo from those. Liberals branded the offspring of illegal residents "Dreamers" and Trump stole the brand and applied it to every American. Everyone has American aspirations and everyone literally dreams. Simultaneously Trump is branding gang MS13 as "Nightmare."  He diminishes the brand Dreamer while building the brand Nightmare from the set of illegal immigrants. You can no longer discuss one without including the other.

He's working on branding Democrats "unAmerican." His new idea to drive this is for a military parade. They must discuss that. Their own impulses demand it. By the same impulses that demand they stay quiet during SOTU. But here he encounters resistance from his supporters. A military parade inspired by France's Bastille Day celebration bring with it the visuals of USSR May Day parades and Nazi shows of force. It abandons the walk softly part Theodor Roosevelt's construction and changes it to prance around proudly and mouth off loudly and obnoxiously about your big sticks. All of liberals and half of conservatives don't like that. I'm judging by reaction in comments at the Treehouse. Who Doesn't Love a Parade? Trump know all Democrats will automatically hate this and he can then brand them unAmerican. A lot of conservatives side with liberals on this.

Contrary to that is another observation. I grew up around very large military airplanes. As a kid I walked through hangars for B-52s. Our CAP meeting were inside such a hangar. We marched right past the bombers to get to our class (always about studying weather.) Military hangars form the backdrop of my early life. And I was quite surprised at age fourteen when Barksdale AFB in Shreveport Louisiana opened its doors to the pubic. For the first time in my life I saw the public's reaction to this military equipment. I forget the day, it was hot, so most likely 4th of July rather than Memorial Day or Veteran's Day. Civilians were crawling all over the equipment brought out for display and for inspection. It was a huge thrill for them to see all the equipment up close and to actually climb around and into some of the cockpits. The whole city was there, it seemed. Huge crowds excited with the opportunity. Long lines up to the ladders to just to peek into the cockpits of jets. Before that open house there were the usual marching bands and marching displays with flags, the ritualized choreographic thing that they do with rifles, everyones boots shined to high polish, and jets doing touch and goes in the near distance. The whole thing set up right there on the tarmac. Long rows of bleachers stretched out completely filled with civilians. I was shocked how interesting all that was to everyone who hadn't grown up with it, and usually excluded from the base. They were extremely curious to see things upfront. So Trump might be onto something here that his more delicately sensible supporters are not appreciating. A lot of people love this stuff. More people than you might think. He is a master at showmanship, after all, and at branding. I think I'll just sit back and enjoy observing what he does, watch him wreak havoc among his detractors, watch him brand their butts to a crisp.

Single Girl, Married Girl

A song about how women dress related to their marriage status that tells us something insightful about something. Maybe someone can explain it to me.

I'm on my 3rd time watching 1/5 of this show so a couple more times and I might see the whole thing, and each time this song sticks in mind pleasantly. Only this version is this sincere. The other versions online are hillbilly compared.

Spoiler alert, because pfffft, nobody cares.

This is liberal indoctrination in the most pleasing way. It depicts young love unperturbed by mixing of race even so early as cowboy days. Overlapped is the character developed of the young deputy too skinny to be effective and with Barney Fife traits and with a scene lifted from Taxi of him practicing fancy gunslinging in front of a mirror. But when it comes down to it the lesbian wife of the dead mayor outdraws him easily. The ease of the show contrasted with its drama has both those characters recognize that simple fact without animosity. The deputy has outrageous body odor mentioned by a few characters previously. Just talking about it has the viewers imagining smelling him themselves.

The colored girl and the deputy court. She pushes him into the river to get the stink out of his clothes. The father interrupts their near sexual water playing. Back home, the father whips the crap out of the girl for being so risqué with the deputy and for entering the trouble of ignoring race. The deputy sees this, and we see what he sees from afar on a hill by his horse,  her beautiful bum being whipped brutally, the deputy aims his rifle to shoot the girl's father but gets interrupted at the critical moment. The interrupters get the deputy to understand that killing the father would be worse for the women. And all this is setup for tragic ending for all of them. All that character development and intertwining so that we feel remorse when the small segregated community is wiped out and in his own town the deputy steps out into a streetfight and gets shot in the chest before he can make his first move. He walks right into a bullet and we feel sorrow for a character we've come to appreciate, his non-existant home life, his absence of basic level of anything resembling a home, a single spoon on the dirt floor, for example, his desire to learn to play violin, a young man trying to make something of himself with nothing to start with, nothing to go on, no one to guide him except the critiques from the whole town. Excellent drama right there. And another lesson in drama watching. Whenever you see young people depicted lovingly that means they're going to die. The writer is going for contrast. The writer makes you love the character, what they do well, how they grow, and with their faults, then kills them. And if it's a very young child depicted angelically that means they'll die very quickly to set up the rest of the story. 

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

A house divided...

But first, this morning's sunrise:

 Then, not a half an hour later someone had scribbled all over it:

But that's not what I am here to talk about.

Trudeau, corrects woman's English

Canadians didn't realize they elected a Prime Minister of Language, but that's what they got. A woman in a Canadian town hall asks Trudeau a challenging question about not her non-profit organization not getting enough government funding due to its pro-life position, and Trudeau does what people do when they don't like the question, he attacked the form of the question for its inclusivity deficiency. She said, "mankind" instead of Trudeau's preferred "peoplekind."

You don't control my language. She didn't say.

As you read yourselves, the conservative sites that I read refer to Trudeau as Prime Minister Zoolander, Shiny Pony, and Twinkle Socks, and plain Socks. They also call Canada America's hat. And all that is disrespectful. Without mentioning his excellent shoes, they're obsessed with media's obsession with Trudeau's obsession with unconventional socks. Aren't we all? And doesn't that make unconventional socks conventional? So just for that, I'm going back to basic black just to be unconventional.

Comey's former Special Assistant lands job at CNN after resigning from FBI and trashing Trump

Josh Campbell wrote an op-ed published in the NYT. 

It's hard to read. Honestly. There's only so much false introspection a guy can be expected to take. Intended to be heartfelt, the dig at Trump is the tell. In fact it appears coordinated. The op-ed and the move to CNN appears to be coordinated.  A lateral move from KGB to Tass, I meant to say from FBI to Party news outlet but those other words came out automatically. 

No mention of straight up corruption being exposed. Now, that would be a good reason to quit an organization for a righteous person. Not a move from undercover to the open at CNN where corruption can be defended publicly, by what, more corruption. 

In a way it's impressive. The light is flicked on and it's blinding with a lot more light to come. The cockroaches scramble but instead of hiding they take up defensive positions in corners and begin shooting immediately whil planning and coordinating their further counterattacks projecting a war into the future. That is, their counter-counter attacks. They started this after all. Not Trump. Trump is the victim here, not FBI, not DOJ.  

The reckoning is upon us. 

Possibly the wreckening. 

Nobody sensible is buying it so that excludes NYT readers and all loyal Democrats and CNN viewers. And that amounts to a lot of people. Nobody sensible believed Pravda either yet it persisted because it had to, in fact, it's still in business, in different versions under different ownership in print and online.

And that tells us there will always be Party public relations and news services with pervasive influence, their audience will always be there because America needs its Party basin to gather up all of America's voters who feel they need government as their weapon, their tool, to do their bidding, to stand up for them and fight, fight fight, for them. It's emphasized in all of their speeches. "We will fight for you." Whatever your identity is so long as its not regular middle class aspirations or a particular love for your country that you consider unique among nations. 

I made a gif for you last week but never posted it. It's not labeled, but it means the DNC is catch basin for for all American voters with some kind of political bug up their butt, be it sexist, racist, classist, environmentalist, what have you. People who view government as their tool.

Don't get me wrong. Apart from the activists who put themselves to the front of all bandwagons, and apart from political discussions, the regular Democrats are lovely people in all other ways. I know this because I live surrounded by them and we get along fine, kept to a minimum. They are surprisingly conservative in their habits and sensible in their everyday ways.

Buy groceries online

The older I get the lazier I get.

I hate myself sometimes.

I have nothing against shopping and I always have a good time with people. I meet people who become friends for a few minutes. I have interesting food-related conversations. I strike up conversations and have fun with strangers I meet. It's fun. I meet women and I ask them pertinent questions then suddenly a man appears and in seconds I wedge into their relationship by pointing out where the woman laughs, (at the high cost of food) or her thinking about how to best work the system (put the pineapple in the basket and trade it for a riper one up front if there is one) I get into quite a few smart conversations by simply asking, "what is that thing you're reaching for?" Then, "What are you going to do with it?" Or, "Get this. Powdered peanut butter."

So I don't know why I put it off so long all the time.

I don't understand myself sometimes. I'm lazy, but I'm not that lazy.

I mentioned this to the clerk at the corner store where I bought milk to delay real grocery shopping and he said, "I do the exact same thing."

Yes, I have to fill up the truck's tank with gasoline, and it is cold outside, but that is not it. I do this delay thing for days up to a week even when I have a full tank and it's warm outside.

I have to drive. Find a spot to park. Push a cart through the store. Load the cart. Wait in line. Help the bagger and load up the cart again. Unload the cart into the truck. Unload the truck into another smaller cart. Bring it all upstairs. Twice. Unload the smaller cart twice. Put everything away. It's not too much work, I just cannot get off my butt and do it. Once I do it, then I have a good time with people.

And I prefer making my own selections with vegetables. I like to see all the choices.

But sometimes I keep putting it off ridiculously.

So to punish myself for not going, I ordered online. What the heck. But that's not really punishment. And the thought of all that being brought up directly to my door fills me with glee. While the drag of getting the guy inside has me in dread. They think I can open the door without them using the callbox. At checkout online $11.00 tip is recommended. Pffft. All that loading and unloading and driving back and forth is worth at least $30.00 to me.

I did this before when I was too sick to shop and it has always worked out very well no matter the service.  And now I'm doing it when I'm feeling fine. Except it is flu season and that is a place where people cough and sneeze all over the place and put their sticky germ ridden mitts all over everything.

What a great time to be alive. Where people do your shopping for you. I might keep doing this until I reach the point of needing to pick out things for myself again.

Trump in Cincinnati, "we caught them."

My favorite part is using the phrasing of "bad energy." That resonates with my inner suppressed  hippie. I find it an endearing way for president to speak. "I didn't even want to look over there because it was all bad energy." And it was. I wonder about viewers not stuck in their ways thinking the same thing. He could go firing off rhetorically instead I find him surprisingly measured. More an observer of events than catalyst. "My, look how these people hung themselves" rather than "These people need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law." While he was their target. And we who put him in office.

Other videos are interested in the first 25 seconds, but I like the longer recordings.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Detroit Denim


If you adhere to the views of Milton Friedman as expounded in his books and his television show Free to Choose then you would welcome international trade even where a country subsidizes its industry and sells more cheaply to you. Friedman's attitude is if the policy of those country's is to extract wealth from their population to put it into a sector and that results in cheaper prices for you then you should take advantage of that to its maximum and buy up to your hearts contentment. Take advantage of their lopsided ways. Likewise with labor. When labor is cheaper elsewhere then take advantage of that. Friedman analyzes the flow of capital and labor as numbers. As always Friedman sides with freedom no matter how disruptive initially.

What Friedman doesn't account for is massive social disruption on a national scale. It doesn't matter to Friedman if a controlled command economy has a policy that destroy's a nation's critical industry such as steel and automobile manufacturing and textiles. If other countries do it more cheaply then fine. Friedman doesn't account for an entire middle class siphoned to Asia and other 3rd world countries with no genuine reciprocity in trade. International trade agreements that create imbalances that over time drain the wealth of a nation to the advantage of other nations, draining our middle class while building theirs, were lower costs for the world and greater overall efficiencies lead to the destruction of socioeconomic tiers while creating greater extremes between rich and poor. To Friedman, people are aggregate numbers and it is those numbers that are important and not American middle class, the acknowledged strength of the nation.

Presently America is the world's golden market. Everyone wants to sell here. We attempt to be leader in free market principles. And countries do take advantage of this. And that is good. While protecting their own markets. And that is bad. Items produced in America face outrageous tariffs in other countries even our allies. So the cost of American goods is increased in foreign markets while the production of their economies are open in ours.

Friedman would say to stick with the areas that you excel. Growing corn and wheat for the rest of the world for example. And buy all you like from countries that sell to you cheaply. Those cheap products are an advantage to American consumers. To the point that Americans no longer have jobs to afford them.

China is not part of NAFTA. NAFTA has allowed China to skirt trade restrictions with the United States designed to correct imbalance of trade due to China's restrictions. With NAFTA China can access American market while continuing to restrict American imports. The imbalance of trade tells the story. It's not because America has nothing worthwhile to trade.  Instead of dealing with U.S. directly and trade with U.S. fairly with equal import / export rules, China can go through Canada and Mexico instead, by direct sales and by manufacturing.  China builds manufacturing plants in our neighboring countries, trades its raw material with them instead of with us, and has instant access to the American market. This is how third party nations exploit loopholes in NAFTA.

Mexico would prefer no border with U.S. so its labor can move freely to the disadvantage of American lowest economic tier. In essence, our middle class gets exported to Mexico by their workers coming here and sending earning home, while manufacturing opens there to the expense of our labor. Mexican middle class grows while ours shrinks, China's middle class grows at the exense of our middle class. Our lower tier grows and becomes even more economically stuck. Canada wants to tack on a whole list of 1st nation progressive agenda items that have nothing to do with legitimate trade and add costs to American products. Canada takes manufacturing jobs with raw materials from 3rd party countries like China with instant access to U.S. market.

Open trade with free flow of goods and labor is still the ideal. And NAFTA is a great idea in theory. A great start and a welcome development. But it has to result in genuine free trade and not hobbled stilted one-sided free trade. Not politicized trade such as Canada insists on inserting. And it's not just China in the east. Over decades Japan too has been incredibly unfair to U.S trade. Tariffs on American-made automobiles are outrageous as with American beef and commodities such as rice, corn, and wheat. The things that we're good at producing are made more expensive in other countries so less of our production is sold there. Trade is not what it could be. All that has to change for genuine free trade. And that is why NAFTA must change or be gone. That is what Trump is addressing presently.

Ed Grimley

On YouTube one video leads to another and there goes the whole night. Across several videos I'm thinking what a remarkable comic creation. Martin Short created this himself, the character's look, his dress, his mannerism, and his own walk. Acting nutty is one thing, like Jerry Lewis, and this creation is another whole order of magnitude.

You'll notice Ed Grimley isn't always so manic. In some he is sadly misfit and others skits the writing is just dumb.

One with a toned down Ed Grimley has tight writing for John Mellencamp. The way that he finds his name and his transition onstage. Mellencamp does very well. I didn't realize until now that he is so small. It's loaded on the page behind this, if it doesn't play automatically like videos queue up on YouTube. The whole SCTV troupe is impressive.

Wakame salad

I think he's funny.

His is the only video I've seen that uses agar and wood ear mushrooms. His is the only video that soaks dry ingredients then rinses again. 

Seems a waste to toss the soaking liquids. Those could go into a dashi and used as base for miso. Maybe he knows something I don't like how these things are processed. One time I told a young woman that I steamed green beans and broccoli and the steaming water was slightly green so I drizzled salt and drank it and she went, "e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-w." But it was actually pretty good. Like vegetable tea.

Most other videos include thinly sliced cucumber. 

I saw this prepared on Milk Street and it's become one of my favorite things. Imagine, you can make a darn good salad without any fresh vegetables. 

I just now bought 20 small packages of wood ear mushroom through eBay. Each little package makes a small bowlful. A little over a dollar per packet. Where are you going to find mushrooms that inexpensive? EBay has everything that I queried. Even agar in strips. 

Agar seems weird. It must be like gelatin. Except a little bit weirder. I don't know how true this is but I understand that acids mess up their setting properly. But how much, I don't know. I gather you cannot include such things as pineapple. 

An amusing review on Amazon to these agar strips follows. 

Sunday, February 4, 2018

WKRLEM - Forget about that stupid Memo......Take A Letter Maria


"This is Us" is a very popular TV show. I get to see it because it is also broadcast on Hulu a streaming service. Hulu seems to only show NBC shows so I get to see all the Chicago shows a week later after it airs on cable.

The premise of the show is that it shows a lot of flashbacks about this family that originally had triplets and one of the kids died at birth. So they adopt a foundling that was left at a firehouse the same day. That kid is black. Of course. Just consider yourself luck that he wasn't transgender.

Anyway most of the show is flashbacks and they are different then most shows. Why? Because it shows the father who is a straight white male in a positive light. I mean he has issues. He is alcoholic and has a temper but he is still seen as a good provider and a loving and generous father. He dies when the triplets are seniors in high school and they danced around how he died all last season. The big reveal is tonight after the game on a special episode designed to get monster ratings.

Last week they sort of let the cat out of the bag. You see they had a crockpot that someone gave them seventeen years earlier and the wife used it to make chili for the game. Of course she left it plugged in and it starts a fire. It is a horrible fire and the Dad rushes around getting everyone out. They don't make it explicit but I think he goes back in the house to get the daughter's dog and dies. Which leads to her life long guilt and other issues.

The funny part is the crockpot people lost their shit. They are obviously sensitive to the fact that their product is used in a scene that kills a beloved TV character. Most people are wary of having them anyway. Who wants something plugged in and cooking overnight? Most of us are paranoid about something like that working overnight thinking of course it can cause a fire and we will burn to death in our sleep. Shit my grandmother used to unplug everything when we left the house. The TV. The lamps. Even the freaking refrigerator. So this scene plays into those fears.

The show and the Crockpot people found a cute way to address that. This promotion and the hash tag campaign is promoting the Crockpot and letting people know it is safe. I know it is. I don't know if Chip uses one but I am not a fan. It just never seems to cook things properly. I have made things in it. Chile, soups and stews. But it never seems to cook right. I often cook stuff half way and then put it in the pot. I would brown the stew meat and braise it in red wine. Maybe caramelize the onions. Then put it in the pot with raw potatoes, carrots, celery and mushrooms. Add some broth and spices. The veggies can cook over time but it never seems to work right with meat. I guess I just prefer my old fashioned banged up stew pot. I am old school when it comes to cooking.

We are not watching the moolies on the game today. The National Felons League is dead to me. Except as a subject of japes and mockery. So we are going to watch a movie. The wife wants to watch "Wonder Woman." I am holding out for Thor. Maybe we will watch both. But we will catch the Crockpot episode tomorrow on Hulu.

But know one thing.

The Crockpot is never innocent.

Benjamin Zander, Orchestra of Americas

I really like his uptempo Beethoven's 5th, and Beethoven's 7th always gets me pow right in the left ventricle. It stirring. Vigorously like a Nestle's chocolate milk.

Jason comments on Youtube: "I haven't understood classical music until this man taught me through these videos." 

This is TEDx Talks.

FISA Memo Charge and Response

If you watch legacy media and their progeny local news then you hear a lot of back and forth discussions with claims intended to cloud the issue and confound discussions away from the television. Your best move is avoid the news and avoid the discussions but often that is not possible.

The U.S. House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence has kindly and patiently collected the charges and claims and patiently responded to each in logical reasoned fashion. Here is a good page to bookmark on your phones should you find yourself unhappily engaged in such a discussion. It is a perfect six-page "talk to the hand."

The charge is printed in a gray box and beneath it the response attached in its own box.


Here is the link. Very good reading, I must say.

To all other charges you can put on your tinny mechanical robot voice and say, "I-r-r-r-relevant."