Saturday, December 9, 2017

IRS leaked James O'Keefe's big-money donors

Daily Beast reviews James O'Keefe's activities over the years for their readers as if they don't already know, and reveals the arc of his funding amounts along with a few of his larger donors.

They include an infographic of donors in colored blocks, such as you see in desktop publishing magazines Time and Newsweek.

Left out of their discussion is this reveal by IRS is illegal and precisely the sort of thing that got Trump elected.

They also omitted the DOJ has a high-level leak investigation presently and anyone caught leaking has all their communication collected, work and personal, by DOJ and NSA. This is what Sessions has been doing. This is how Mueller and his team's emails were gathered. This IRS leaker and untold number of journalists will now have all their communication collected to prosecute as DOJ decides. Whatever comes of it is yet to be seen while the process is never comfortable. Daily Beast will receive as good as it gives. They're getting sloppy. And that is a good thing.

War canoe of acacia koa, or maybe Quercus virginiana, depending upon one's constitution...

As a yute I fell in with a bad crowd, surfers. I rode the wild waves of the Atlantic on an inflatable raft I bought at a seaside resort, but I read the magazines about real waves and real surfboards. History was presented on those pages along with exotic names and places, such as Duke Kahanamoku who rode a 16' board made of koa wood in the perfect curls forming off of Waikiki beach on Oahu. Exotic, far away, but fascinating to someone who loved being in the ocean.

Years later I traveled to Hawaii, the big island. I snorkeled in Makaiwa bay, body surfed dangerous waves on a black sand beach near Hawi, at the end of the Akoni Pule highway, not far from the King Kamehameha statue that was lost, but now is found.

I drove as many of the roads as I could on the Big Island, on a quest to buy some koa. Tried every shop I saw in every town I drove through, but the answer was always the same - no koa (for haoles), although that last part was unstated.

That was in 1990, however, back in 1974 I obtained employment at a mainframe computer manufacturer in Sunnyvale. I worked with a great bunch of people, many of whom I have kept in touch with over the decades. One bought a bowl from me last July, we talked,  and I asked about another guy who now lives on the Big Island (that story is awesome, but only so many words fit here). I told him I wanted some koa, and he knew a guy who might be able to obtain some. More communications, months pass, then yesterday the koa showed up.

MamaM asked about what prompted my purchase of that koa and this post is some of the back story. Those of you who have been paying attention know that I am cheap. Real cheap. I am willing to gas up my saw and drive a county or two away to saw some free wood, but the thought of paying for a chunk large enough to make a bowl hurts me. All the while I was negotiating with my koa benefactor he never once mentioned price. Well, even a cursory search for curly koa wood brings up prices that are painful. Fifty dollars a board foot is not unknown. But what do you know - dude sent me eight board feet free, gratis, didn't even ask to be reimbursed for shipping from Kurtistown. Is this a great country or what? Here is a picture of the kind of work my koa guy does:

So that is the story of how some beautiful koa arrived here in my snowy realm. It truly is a wonderful world.

The best ukuleles are made of koa.

Creatures of the Deep: The Pop-up Book by Ernst Haeckel and Maike Biederstaedt and

Brace yourself because this gets a bit scientific.

It is foremost an art book based on art forms in nature in the sea. Here is Ernst Haeckel's Amazon page that shows his regular books along this same line. He is an artist and his prints and posters are sold all over the place. Here is Duckduckgo image page search result of his name that shows his artwork just like this book. If you click the "web" tab at top then you'll see where to guy them.

Apparently someone said, "Hey! You should make a pop-up book and have these as your backgrounds."

Then he goes, "But I don't know how to make pop-ups."

Then the first guy goes, "So what. We can find someone to do that."

The pop-up guy, Maike Biederstaedt, I think, has only this book on his Amazon page. And the pop-up mechanism are all rather simple. Most are a single mechanism placed directly on the central fold, with others cleanly displaced off the central fold by basic pop-up means, for example, the mollusk page uses a strap across the central fold in the shape of V, the shortest possible strap or bridge, providing two new angled side gullies to attach mechanisms. The whole book is elegant this way. The background art is important as the single specimen that is popped up.

This video shows the first page where presumably these species are identified but I cannot read it so I'll tell you what they are, a few are weird, and one is microscopic.

1) cephalopods, octopus and squid
2) asteroidea echinoderms starfish
3) acantharea Venturiaceae sea squirts
4) Jellyfish
5) ammonoids sea mollusks
6) anemones

The book is $21.50 on Amazon, reduced from $30.00, a savings of $8.50. With 6 pages that comes out to $3.50 a page.

That's not so bad. It's very artistic. Each poster or print would cost more than that. You could tear out the pages and mount them on mat board and frame them as pages popped up. That would actually be rather cool. There are several places online to buy metal frames of all types. You pick the style of frame that you want. You tell them the size of the sides and they cut them to fit your specifications. You must know in advance what you want or else you'll quickly become bewildered by all the choices. For a pop up page spread out and mounted, the frame will have to be thicker than normal for a sort of window box art display frame. Right there, one choice is made for you. You decide black, gold, bronze, silver, whatever. You decide the size of the mat that you glue the art to. One time I bought four segments for a poster. It's exactly like Frame I Yourself used to be. As a kit, they include the corner inserts too. And cable with insert loops to hang them. They're little pieces of metal that you screw into the track in the back of the frame that have holes in them for the cable to poke through. Like this.  Here's a 2-minute video of how to assemble a frame.

This book would be so easy to tear apart.

I'm trying to help you class up your place, alright?

Okay. Let's see on Amazon what people gripe about this book.

1-star review:

* Two mechanisms torn. Had to repair.

[Good for you. Try not to be so rough next time.]

2-star review:

* No words. 

3-star review:

* No words. Wants words or side stories in the margins.

[Words would ruin your art. These people have no appreciation for possibilities.]

5-star reviews

* Mother loved it and didn't care about it not having words. Thinks words would detract from the beauty

* Beautiful and informative

* For nephew. Instant hit with whole family. On permanent display on coffee table. Likes not having words. Instead they made inquiries into different organisms and made up storylines the whole evening.

* Grandson loved it so much she bought another.

* Beautiful pictures. 

Trump, full speech Pensacola

Overheard subway conversation

Harvey at IMAO says that he hates the artwork and that made this 10x funnier. It forces you to examine the artwork critically. The woman's outline stays the same while her expression changes dramatically and while the imaginary cartoon-camera goes closer and closer into the guy's face until the frame is just his lips and her face is contorted in Hell. Come on! That's fantastic. I love the artwork that Harvey hates. I saw it before and it wasn't this funny. He needs to stop hating it right now.

DOJ opens investigation of Planned Parenthood

They'll be looking into the sales of baby parts.
If an organization takes taxpayer dollars, then they have to adhere to every regulation and every law. Trafficking in the harvesting and sale of fetal tissue is not something that should involve government funding. They like to claim they only receive about $530 million from the federal government. 
The report found the Planned Parenthood abortion corporation and its affiliates received $344.5 million in federal funds and another $1.2 billion in funding from Medicaid (which includes a combination of federal and state funds) for a total of $1.5 billion over three years from federal programs. The abortion giant receives $1.2 billion from Medicaid, $201 million from the Title X family planning program $40.6 million from Title XX Social Services block grants and $25.9 million from the Title V Maternal and Child health Services block grant.

More at Victory Girls. 

Civil war

"Does that gramophone work?"

"Of course! I will play it for you. But first I have to light my pipe. I never listen to music without it."
His pipe was broken too, with a piece of tape holding it together. He lit it, cranked up the gramophone and out came the voice of an Arab singer from the 1940s, the same one that my grandfather used to listen to in Lebanon. For a moment I was no longer a photographer shooting ruined Aleppo. I was a boy in my mountain village, my grandfather sitting on the sofa in the afternoon listening to the “belle epoque” songs of Arab music.
Anis had recently returned to Aleppo, with plans to rebuild not only his home, but also his large collection of vintage American cars, despite everything being reduced to rubble.

The music over the ruins of Aleppo.

More words, photos and video of the cars at the link.

Friday, December 8, 2017

WKRLEM: #metoo

The woman is lying again

Beverly Nelson accusing Moore gave a news conference admitting she added the D.A. and the date to Roy Moore's signature in her yearbook. As if his signing her yearbook proves that he knew her back then and that proves he made aggressive unwanted advances upon her young innocent vulnerable sexually budding self way back then before she became an angry vindictive lying cow.

But she actually forged his last name. And this is clear in larger color photographs. Here's one. The original message is signed Roy. The new color ink begins with Moore, not with D.A. as she says.

If allowed, forensics will tell us the blue ink was added now and not way back then. But Gloria Celebritylawyer does not allow it.

While handwriting analysis is unreliable, and with ink color aside, let's do analysis anyway. For fun.

The upward notch on capital R in Roy differs from the downstroke loop serif for capital M in Moore. They would either be both upward notches or both little serifs, but not mixed impulses for first and last name.

Here, let me forge one for you.

The ending of one letter influences the beginning of the next letter, but the ending of lower case y in Roy does not influence the next upper case M. It can lead more easily to an upward notch than it would to a downstroke serif. Further, if the loop of the R and the large final looped stroke of the M were plant leaves, they'd be two separate species. But too bad. Signatures are disallowed in handwriting analysis because they're wildly different from all other samples. And poof there goes our fun.

I have no idea if the coast is clear...

...but it is snowing here.

I don't much care for snow, or winter, for that matter. I have work to do and this kind of weather makes me want to stay inside. It will be precipitating for the next 24 hours - not good, I have somewhere to be on Sunday, and from what I have seen in previous winters, the snow plow is broken.

However, I did get a nice surprise this afternoon - two boxes showed up on my front porch - inside were two big blocks of koa wood from Kurtistown on the Big Island of Hawaii. Talk about a wonderful slice of the tropics right here in the snowy Southeast. 

The wood is highly figured and the ends are treated to prevent cracks from forming, which is good as it might be a while until I can rough turn it. In the past I have used wood from local trees almost exclusively, including such local exotics as dogwood, crape myrtle, deodar cedar, golden rain tree, apple, Bradford pear, persimmon, southern sugar maple, Atlantic white cypress, plum, red mulberry and so on, but this will be the first koa I have ever worked with. So look for a koa bowl or two on this page sometime in the future - they will be stunning.

This evening's musical selection seemed  appropriate both for the season and the weather: for all you snowflakes out there...

Young people like to teach old people things

So let them. Ask them stuff. The validation far exceeds the input.

anecdote alert:

I told the hairdresser, "If you don't mind, I brought in my razor for you to show me how to oil it. The other woman already showed me but my razor doesn't match hers. I'm not sure where to put drops." She cut my hair and when she was done she said, "I'll get your backpack for you to pull out your razor." She took out her two types of oil, drip and spray, she plugged in my razor and carefully demonstrated. She was detailed in all aspects, explained different oils, what not to do, as if teaching a class. She too time, unrushed, and she really did help me understand. The thing is so noisy and obnoxious I almost threw it away. I had no idea I'm supposed to oil the thing each time. Now it hums quietly and it's a lot smoother. No tugging. But interestingly, I think, she felt as good about the exchange as I did. Then it occurred to me, she appreciated her specialization acknowledged. Beyond the ordinary, "great haircut."

I'm going to ask young people a lot more knowledge-based questions and give them the chance to shine as instructors.

Kielbasa, cabbage, potatoes

In a pressure cooker. Let's watch Debbie and see where she goes wrong.

Boy, this is frustrating. I looked through scores of videos, possibly a hundred,  and none do the way that I do it. Most use a very fast method. All that is needed is time to cook the vegetables. Women use two heads of cabbage, which seems like a lot, and a boatload of potatoes. Some omit onion.

Debbie made a video without having done this before.

A long time ago a young man half my own age told me he was braising sausages. I asked him what braising means. He told me slow baking in covered pot with scant water so moisture fogs in the pot, steams the protein and rains over the thing that you are cooking. "Like a crock pot?" He said, "Sort of. Yeah."

I cut kielbasa shaped like a U into large sandwich-size chunks but that was only so they could be turned and singed all around. First step in building additional flavor. Then added water to steam them, not boil them. A rather large pile in my largest pot. And let them cook slowly on low stovetop for hours until softened. Testing along the way. So the pile diminishes as I go because I'm eating portions of the chunks. When they're done, then the vegetables are added. On the bottom. Cooked and softened kielbasa on top. So all that fog and drizzling rain inside the pot drips through the sausage to cover the vegetables.

Without any additional flavoring, no salt, no pepper, no cayenne, nothing, the spices inside the sausages permeate everything and flavoring the water, plenty of spices inside the sausages to spread all around resulting in the most delicious liquid ever that can be sipped straight like exceedingly flavorful broth. And all the vegetables contributing their own flavors and accepting the spices rained up them.

All the fast ways work fine and everyone is happy. The video uploaders say it's their family's favorite thing. Their sausages are cut into bite-size pieces and when they chew them there will be some resistance. But braised for hours then the casings melt producing a sort of sticky surface and the meat is so tender it veritably melts in your mouth with near zero resistance. They no longer have the familiar texture of sausage or hotdogs. Nothing at all like sausage that's grilled.  Braising changes them into something else entirely. While the vegetables cooked much shorter period maintain their individual textures.

Some cooks us sauerkraut that adds vinegar. Some finish with wine. If a touch of vinegar is added to finish then I'd consider a touch of something sweet to go with it, braised onion, for one, or a touch of sugar for sweet/sour balance. Then, after all that long slow cooking, something fresh like tomato or cucumber and crispy lettuce on the same plate to go back and forth.

I bought one of these new style pressure cookers. We'll see how it goes. I use the regular pressure cooker quite a lot for things that you might not expect, and it's brilliant. It is the largest pot that I own and at first I thought it might be better if I have a smaller one too. Then I realized its size is no setback. The large pot can be used for small batches. So, for the new version that you see advertised all over the place, I upscaled to the large size. Debbie is cooking for her family of five and I am cooking for myself. Still, the large size is better because those leftovers are fantastic. The regular pressure pot makes a huge batch of chicken broth from collected bones in nothing flat. An amazing improvement and an impressive savings. I'd like the new one to do the same thing. Plus, the very small version are cheap, say, for an individual batch of beans or rice or frozen chicken breast or couple of chicken thighs.

I notice that cooks dump salt and pepper all the time in one spot. It'll dissolve and distribute. But wouldn't it be better to sprinkle evenly throughout? It just seems like it would. With bread dough I keep visualizing salt killing the yeast that it lands on.

All the pressure pot actually does is increase the temperature of boiling water. Like boiling food below sea-level. Like cooking in a bathysphere thousands of feet under the sea. The water has to get really hot before it boils and turns into steam. Then the steam is trapped and steam and water are the same temperature. At 15 lbs pressure the water and steam are 250℉. As a general rule, increasing temperature by 10°C (to 230℉) doubles the rate of reaction, halving the time of completion, increasing to  20°C (to 248℉) quarters the time it would take to cook something at 212℉. How in the world did they figure this out? Science!

Man, these scientists sure are smart.

Trey Goudy, Jim Jordan

Trey Goudy does great interrogations and great interviews, he makes great t.v., but so far I haven't seen him produce any results from his findings. I'll happily accept correction.

In other videos Wray is extremely difficult to listen to. Impossible, actually. And his Democrat questioners are likewise. (What can FBI do to protect future elections from Russian interference?) All bromides, platitudes, blather and banalities as if everyone listening is dull. The men and women of the FBI that he sees are all honorable and unbiased, fair and honest. All Lancelot knights. While we see fairly glaringly their leadership is motivated by partisan values and treats their investigations completely differently, polar opposites, depending on which party requires their bureaucratic assistance and which party needs unlimited investigation. He refuses to address any hot question, just slides by with the age-worn "I'm not going to discuss anything about the (FISA) court." He restricts his pablum to honor and the great  reputation and hard work of the FBI even as it disintegrates from distrust as if mumbling constant pieties can restore the partisan damage. 

Al Franken resigned from Senate

Sort of. Maybe. Perhaps in a few weeks. If he gets around to it. He gave a speech. Care to read it? Of course not. My eyeballs brushed over the speech paragraphs in italics and glimpsed, "... irony in the fact that  I'm leaving office while a man who has bragged ..." Nope! You don't get to do that. Just leave. Your leaving speech is invalid like your term was invalid like your election was invalid with a trunk load of votes all for Al Franken suddenly appearing as needed and that was just fine with your state that reelected you.

The older I get the more I block and the faster I block it. At this point the reflex is instant.

Same thing with the Olympic skier who said she will not be representing Trump when nobody asked her to represent Trump. Then she adds that she would like to represent the people of the United States, but by then I had already decided to skip the whole thing. I lost interest immediately. No, she will will not be representing this American who rejects blending politics with sports. And that's not a matter of principle either it's just patience used up entirely.

Liberty standing tall in rough weather

Thursday, December 7, 2017

WKRLEM: How did sexual harassment ever become prevalent in Hollywood?

I just don't understand.

Good thing all of those famous actresses are such strong and independent feminists.

Stalled Middle East negotiations

Republican representatives outdoor press conference

Matt Gaetz, Florida
Jim Jordan, Ohio
Scott Perry, Pennsylvania
Jody Hice, Georgia
Andy Biggs, Arizona
Mark Meadows, North Carolina

WKRLEM: #metoo

What? Too soon?

Whose that girl?

Best know for her role on a variety show she was married for a while to  a big time sex symbol before she drifted off into drugs and obscurity.

While she was in Hollywood she was on many of my favorite shows including Bonanza, Gunsmoke, 12 O'Clock High, Alias Smith and Jones, The Big Valley and I Dream of Jeanie. She was best know for asking people for their hose. It would get her wet.

Later she got addicted to smack and muff diving and died long before her time.

Whose that nun?

Doug Jones really does not want to win in Alabama.

Doug Jones sent out this flyer in the Alabama Senate election. He seemed to think it would be a good idea to imply that people would be upset at black guys dating high school girls. Nice.

Read all about it at Powerline.

Pass the popcorn.

President Trump sends ICE agents to Westminster Kennel Club Show.

Hilarity ensued.

He scared the piss out of them.

Tales of the FBI

Transcript June 14. 1934
Hotel Room Waldorf Astoria
Registered to Mr. Charles Ross
Present: Charles "Lucky" Luciano alias Charles Ross. Meyer Lansky. Frank Costello. Joseph "Socks" Lanza.

"So Charlie what are we going to do about Chicago?"
"I don't know Meyer. What are you talking about?"
"You know. The wire. We have to do something about Annenberg. Nitti is putting out a hit on him because he won't let the Outfit have a taste of the race wire."
"I heard that it is a done deal. The word is out. That jewboy is keeping all the cabbage for himself. That ain't right Meyer. He is your lansman. You need to set him straight."

"The Hero"......a complete fail.

When I heard that there was a new movie with Sam Elliott who is one of my favorite actors I was pretty excited. He was in many of my favorite Westerns from the last few decades. Tombstone. The Hi Lo Country. The Sacketts. Conhager. The Rough Riders. Gettysburg. You Know My Name. Other cool movies like The Big Lebowski. Once an Eagle. Roadhouse. So when there was a new movie starring him I was pretty enthused.

What a let down. It is a dreary sad piece of work. Full of elispes and scenes of him staring into the ocean. Boring stupid shit. A total waste of time. I waited until it was on Hulu since I wouldn't spend any money on it. Not worth the effort.

I think I will just download The Sacketts again. Co-starring Tom Selleck, Ben Johnson and Glenn Ford. Based on two Louie Lamour novels. A classic.

That's the ticket.

Victor D. Hanson explains the corruption of the Obama Administration

Fourteen minutes of erudite mansplaining. You've talked about all this before but Hanson has a breathtaking way of selecting and synthesizing facts.

Oral arguments heard in religious liberty case before the Supreme Court

The title at Caffeinated Thoughts has "vital religious liberty case"

Phillips was willing to serve the (activist out-of-state) customers other ways, with pre-made cake, for example. His unwillingness was not "who" the customers are, rather, the "what" they wanted him to write on the cake.

Noel Francisco, solicitor general for U.S. Department of Justice argued:
And I would submit.. that if you were to disagree with our basic principle, putting aside the line about whether a cake falls on speech or non-speech side of the line, you really are envisioning a situation in which you could force, for example, a gay opera singer to perform at the Westboro Baptist Church just because that opera singer would be willing to perform at the National Cathedral.
More really good stuff at the link as Shane Vander Hart goes through the transcript of oral arguments and picks out the best parts.

Colorado wasn't required to do what they expected of Jack Phillips. Alito pointed out that in 2012 Colorado did not allow same-sex marriage. Colorado would not have had to provide a marriage license to the same people that Jack Phillips did not want to make a custom wedding cake for.
So if Craig and Mullins had gone to a state office and said we want a marriage license, they would not have been accommodated.
If they said: Well, we want you to recognize our Massachusetts marriage, the state would say: No we won’t accommodate that. Well, we want a civil union. Well, we won’t accommodate that either.
And yet when he goes to this bake shop and he says I want a wedding cake, and the baker says, no, I won’t do it, in part because same-sex marriage was not allowed in Colorado at that time, he’s created a grave wrong. How does all that fit together?
Good stuff.

While other law professors online taught me to distrust Supreme Court oral arguments for clues to Supreme Court decisions. Sometimes they're rhetorical or counter polemic and they sometimes misdirect. There's an arcane psych! quality to them. Still, it's interesting reading. Things I didn't think about and concerns that were not reported.

If you choose to go over there to Caffeinated Thoughts, brace yourself for the page displayed in light gray. You might want to change that. It's like they're whispering. Youngsters flaunting their superior eyesight. Or maybe coffee improves vision.

Walden Grove High School, Sahuarita, Arizona

The title for this at Inspire More has "praised as greatest pep rally ever" but doesn't say by who. I hesitated posting this. I'm still unsure it's your cup of tea. Then I thought, were any of your High Schools this talented? Plus I keep hearing and reading what layabouts kids are, how they're all playing video games and get no exercise and just yesterday that most American kids will be overweight by 35. Do these kids, and the audience look fat to you?

All the pep rallies I recall were boring as hell. Except one. A small High School in Louisiana. The heavy red curtains on the stage opened to a grand piano and Gary Hennigan strode across the stage in his unique walk, his unbent arms swaying back and forth around his exceedingly corpulent body, with his gliding stride his hands wave as flags. The kids didn't know him. They called him Haystack. He told us he'll play a few songs that he wrote. We're thinking, this fat freak? Then he energetically pounded out a couple songs so thick and rich and heavy with notes that his big fat fingers hit extra keys but none of us could tell the difference. He blew our minds all at once. We were stunned. Here we were making fun of him and he had more talent than any of us. After that he got some respect.

Apparently, the audience knows how the dance vignettes match with key scenes in the film. The year before Dr. Fred died he mentioned that he never saw the movie Wizard of Oz. All this would be lost on him. Yet these children know a very old movie.

Border apprehensions plunge, interior arrests surge

file name: ICE deports sex offender 10/11/17 El Paso

Border Patrol arrests decline 30% to 310,531

Interior arrests increase 25% to 143,470

In one year.
"We have clearly seen the successful results of the president's commitment to supporting the frontline officers and agents of (the Department of Homeland Security) as they enforce the law and secure our borders," said DHS Acting Secretary Elaine Duke.
Conservatives 4 Palin, originally on Daily Caller. 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Deputy in Mueller probe praised DOJ official who defied Trump -- "I am so proud"

Andrew Weissman, on Mueller's team, wrote to Sally Yates after she was fired for refusing to defend his travel ban. He's not only so proud, he's also in awe.

American Lookout calls this a bombshell

Really? Break it down for me. I thought everyone knows the whole thing is a legal version of coup d'état.

Commentary says "The race is on to make Mueller toxic. At least, that’s what we’re being told with ever-increasing agitation by those with an investment in the probe’s conclusions."

What the FBI has planned for Donald and Melania. Melvin Purvis call your office.

The FBI has always been a very courrpt institution. Ever since William Burns was doing the bidding of the Harding Adminstration through J Edgar Hoover going easy on the Mob because Lucky Lucaino had a picture of him in a dress giving Clyde Tolsen a blow job they have broken the law more than they have enforced. Illegal wiretaps. Having mobster Greg Scarpa run free and murder people while he went down south to do their dirty work to clear up the missing civil rights worker case. Making crooked deals with Whitey Bulger in Boston. Year after year crime after crime.

Now they got caught. The same bagman who rigged the game so Hillary got off was the guy who started the Russian collusion bullshit with the Fusion GPS dossier and the illegal FISA wiretaps. Now he was the lead investigator that caught Mike Flynn in a perjury trap. Their hands are dirty. They are the essence of the deep state and should be disbanded. Politized beyond repair. We need to tear it up and start over.

That by the way is a photo of Bonnie and Clyde after they were murdered. A rare photo of them was released today.

Here's the story in the New York Post.

Whose that girl

Born in the Bronx this blond beauty started out as a child actress and had several prestigous roles on Broadway in big time productions.

Eventually she moved to LA and really got into cool stuff like Cannon, The Barbary Coast, Love American Style,  Dirty Sally and of course Gunsmoke. A veteran character actress she did everything from cheesecake cheerleaders to Arthur Miller. A forgotten starlet and a pretty hot babe.

No matter the role she always fit the bill and was never buffaloed.

Whose that girl?

Prince Charles, "Let's remember Muhammad on Christmas"


"Tis the season of jihad." Answers Pamela Geller.

Sun halo

More words @Daily Mail UK

Meet the Flintstones

The original Flintstones broke at about the same time as the Beatles. The stars of the show were blow to the four winds.

Wilma got a bit part on the Mary Tyler Moore show as Rhoda’s mother and a dish washing liquid commercial. Betty moved to Rock Vegas to open a brothel. Barney died in a motorcycle crash while high on Meth. And Fred became a professional bowler. The one cast member who had the strangest path was Dino. 

He was working as a technical advisor on the movie Caveman with Ringo Starr and made friends with Ringo’s wife Barbara Bach who always had a soft spot for gay dinosaurs. She introduced him to a cutting edge group of gay and bi-sexual rockers like David Bowie and Freddie Mecury. They were all very impressed by two things. Dino’s musical talent and his enormous dinosaur cock. But why should that be a surprise. After Bedrock is where Rock lives.

(John Deacon, Behind the Music: the Dino Flintstone story)

Conyers resigned

Conyers quit. He recommended his son. His brother's grandson already said he'd like to run.

John Conyers III in red , Ian Conyers in gray.

I.O.C. banned Russia from 2018 Winter Olympics

Why don't we have drug Olympics and drug regular sports where all the doping you want is allowed so we can behold maximum enhanced achievement?

Then we can observe the full benefits and the full harms; breathtaking achievements along with debilitating injuries, early deaths and shriveled testicles. 

Care to hear something strange? 

Goes like this. I knew a guy for a short while, a small regular fellow, except he worked out a lot. We were working together outside during summer building a backyard pond, working up a sweat. He pulled off his shirt, and although short in stature he was built like a brick sh ... like a brutalist pit-latrine. Placing large rocks put us in close proximity to each other and I could actually smell a bitter steroid aura around him. The weird part is, like marijuana and like death, you can have no idea what it smells like yet identify it immediately. 

U.S. to move its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem


Pelosi: Republican tax plan Armageddon

End of the world. Like death. Armageddon (smile). 

Do you smile when you talk about death? Do you bob your head for affirmative acceptance describing legislation as the end of the world?

Yes. Some people do. Smiles have been studied extensively. Psychology Today, skip the first five introductory paragraphs. It's almost interesting.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Vocabulary pop quiz

Psych! It's not a pop quiz. You're not expected to know these words. And if you do know them then that could mean that you might be a little bit weird. These words were used by someone writing online who talks funny. And if you use them in everyday speech then you'll certainly alienate yourself.

One word cannot even be looked up. "Mamet principle." And I still have no idea what the author meant, probably Ed Driscoll at Instapundit. It sounds like his kind of word. I think he wrote "you cannot even apply the Mamet principle," but I could be wrong. And how in the world is anyone supposed to even know what the guy means?  I got so angry, ew, I got so angry I threw that card in the trash.

* anomie: a state of individuals or society characterized by a breakdown or absence of social norms and values, as in the case of uprooted people.

* autonepiophilia: A very useful word that describes America’s political left. A sexual fetish in which the participant role-plays regression to an infant-like state by drinking from a baby bottle, sleeping in an oversized crib, playing in a playpen and wearing diapers. The activities have overtones that range from gentle and nurturing experiences—those who engage in banal infantilistic play are known as adult babies—to those with dark, sadomasochistic content. Not all adult babies are diaper fetishists, whose sexuoeroticism hinges on wearing diapers (covered in urine and feces). Those who do are termed adult baby/diaper lovers (AB/DL)

* Bletchley Park: The central site for British codebreakers during World War II. It housed the Government Code and Cypher School (GC&CS), which regularly penetrated the secret communications of the Axis Powers – most importantly the German Enigma and Lorenz ciphers.

* Brandolini’s Bullshit Asymmetry Principle. The amount of energy necessary to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it.

* bricked: an electronic device such as a smartphone, game console, router, or tablet computer that, due to a serious misconfiguration, corrupted firmware, or a hardware problem, can no longer function, hence, is as technologically useful as a brick.

* Cab Sauv: Cabernet Sauvignon.

Some walls are meant to keep people in. Some walls are meant to keep people out. Some walls can be broken down with solid therapy and two glasses of Cab Sauv.

* colophon:  A brief statement containing information about the publication of a book such as the place of publication, the publisher, and the date of publication.

* crepitation: A dry, crackling sound or sensation; see crepitant rale.
A sound like that produced by the grating of the ends of a fractured bone.

* crossfade: get drunk and high at the same time.

* cumulo-granite: pilot jargon, clouds with rocks in it, like a mountain. The land obscured by clouds.

* Hebephilia: The strong, persistent sexual interest by adults in pubescent children, typically ages 11–14.

Those who say they “just didn’t know what was going on in the realm of illegal and immoral sexual shenanigans” in Hollywood or New York are…. How can  put this politely? ….. are lying out of both sides of their pedophiliac / hebephiliac asses.

* infarcted: Tissue death due to inadequate blood supply to the affected area.

The show American Horror Story will use election night 2016 as the horror, dread, and existential panic in every liberal's and NeverTrumper's permanently-infarcted hearts.

* kismet: fate

* kiviak: A traditional wintertime Inuit food from Greenland that is made of auks fermented in a seal skin.

This is gonna be sweet. Its like waiting for christmas. For Christmas, you get a large serving of kiviak. Enjoy!

* lavalier: An item of jewelry consisting of a pendant, sometimes with one stone, suspended from a necklace.

In journalism, a microphone.

* longueurs: A dull and tedious portion (as of a book) —usually used in plural.

* Malleus Malificarum: (whatever it is, it sounds badly bad) Hammer of witches. The best known and the most important treatise on witchcraft.

* manubrium: The uppermost portion of the sternum; called also manubrium sterni.

Also: The largest process of the malleus, giving attachment to the tendon of the tensor muscle of the tympanum; called also manubrium mallei. (bone in the ear)

* metathesis: The transposition of sounds or letters in a word. 2. a readtion in which two compounds exchange ions, typically with precipitation of an insoluble product.

* Misorussic: Miss Russia

* modified limited hangout: Spy jargon. When secrecy is blown and the cover story can no longer be relied upon then offer partial truth as distraction. The public is usually so intrigued with the new information that it doesn’t think to pursue the matter further.

As if.


PRESIDENT: You think, you think we want to, want to go this route now? And the — let it hang out, so to speak?
DEAN: Well, it's, it isn't really that —
HALDEMAN: It's a limited hang out.
DEAN: It's a limited hang out.
EHRLICHMAN: It's a modified limited hang out.
PRESIDENT: Well, it's only the questions of the thing hanging out publicly or privately.

* momzer: "contemptible person, moocher," 1560s, from Hebrew, literally "bastard" (used in Vulgate), but modern usage is a recent borrowing from Yiddish.

Fat bastard should be suspended from a meat hook for taking the opera and Philharmonic to North Korea as a show of good will. Stooge. Perv. Momzer.

* nisbe: (grammar) A derived adjective, formed from a noun, principally used when describing the Egyptian and Arabic languages.

* orthography: The conventional spelling system of a language.

* Pelagianism:  The belief that original sin did not taint human nature and that mortal will is still capable of choosing good or evil without special divine aid. This theological theory is named after the British monk Pelagius (354–420 or 440), although he denied, at least at some point in his life, many of the doctrines associated with his name. Pelagius was identified as an Irishman by Saint Jerome.[1] Pelagius taught that the human will, as created with its abilities by God, was sufficient to live a sinless life, although he believed that God's grace assisted every good work. Pelagianism has come to be identified with the view (whether taught by Pelagius or not) that human beings can earn salvation by their own efforts.

* Phonology: A branch of linguistics concerned with the systematic organization of sounds in languages. It has traditionally focused largely on the study of the systems of phonemes in particular languages (and therefore used to be also called phonemics, or phonematics), but it may also cover any linguistic analysis either at a level beneath the word (including syllable, onset and rime, articulatory gestures, articulatory features, mora, etc.) or at all levels of language where sound is considered to be structured for conveying linguistic meaning.

* PIAPS: pig in a pantsuit.

* plenary: Complete in every respect :  absolute, unqualified plenary power. Fully attended or constituted by all entitled to be present a plenary session.

* praxis: The process by which a theory, lesson, or skill is enacted, embodied, or realized.

They are more likely to have a functional understanding of American praxis, than the masses of ill-educated, adult juveniles, now being mass produced by U.S. education facilities.

* protean: Able to change shape

* relict: Ecology, an organism or species of an earlier time surviving in an environment that has undergone considerable change. Something that has survived; a remnant. A widow.

* spergs: Asperger. Even spergs like Cowen want to believe in the prevailing orthodoxy.

* Suplex: A wrestling hold in which a wrestler grasps his opponent around the waist from behind and carries him backward. A wrestling move in which the wrestler picks up his or her opponent off the ground (or mat) and then, using a large portion of his or her own body weight, drives the opponent down on the mat by throwing them over their center of gravity, usually arching their back.

* toponym: A place name. A name derived from the name of a place.

* vocative: The vocative case (abbreviated voc) is the case used for a noun that identifies a person (animal, object etc.) being addressed or occasionally the determiners of that noun. A vocative expression is an expression of direct address by which the identity of the party spoken to is set forth expressly within a sentence. For example, in the sentence "I don't know, John," John is a vocative expression that indicates the party being addressed, as opposed to the sentence "I don't know John" in which "John" is the direct object of the verb "know."

Allen gives a vocative example for Gods and kings and one for regular nouns but does not explain the differences in the syntax. Also, he does not indicate if the interjection hA is required or optional in either example.

* walk back the cat: spy slang for retracing the train of evidence and assumptions until the double agent, the false source or the analytic error is identified.

* zugzwang: German for "compulsion to move,” a situation found in chess and other games wherein one player is put at a disadvantage because they must make a move when they would prefer to pass and not move. The fact that the player is compelled to move means that their position will become significantly weaker. A player is said to be "in zugzwang" when any possible move will worsen their position

* Zwieback: A form of rusk eaten in Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece. It is a type of crisp, sweetened bread, made with eggs and baked twice.

Reaction against Ovitz was swift and terrible with threats of never eating even a Swieback in Hollywood again, as well as having valet parking privileges suspended for life.

4th generation

Who doesn't like a bit of levity, amirite?

My dogs had a similar response:

Tough crowd!

Thanksgiving with a space alien

Last Thursday a flying saucer landed in my backyard. A friendly, if slightly disoriented alien pilot told me he needed a drink. I had just what he wanted, since this was Thanksgiving and all. I was glad to have company so I wouldn't have to eat my famous fat-free vegetarian imitation turkey all alone. 
His name was Ollie and he came to Earth looking for an honest, self-reliant, optimistic, and technically inclined nation that could benefit from a contact with his more advanced civilization.  
"Whoa, whoa!" I raised my finger. "To call yourself advanced you must take at least three diversity training classes. What planet are you from, really?"
Story continues at The People's Cube. 

Trump pulls U.S. out of U.N. Compact on Migration

Citing American Sovereignty, Ambassador Nikki Haley, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations said,
"No country has done more than the United States, and our generosity will continue. But our decisions on immigration policies must always be made by Americans and Americans alone. We will decide how best to control our borders and who will be allowed to enter our country. The global approach in the New York Declaration is simply not compatible with U.S. sovereignty."
Then, if you follow the link, more people and organizations say more things.

Eric Holder claims there is more integrity at FBI than at the White House

American Outlook. Communicating through Twitter, first, Trump says that after years of Comey and dishonest Clinton investigation, and more, running the FBI, its reputation is in tatters. The worst in history. But don't worry we'll bring it back to greatness. Then Eric Holder responds that he's not letting that go. The FBI's reputation is not in tatters. It's composed of the same dedicated men and women who've always worked there and who do a great apolitical job. There's more integrity and honesty at FBI headquarters and not at 1600 Penn Ave. right now.

American outlook says, "whatever, Mr. Holder. Enjoy your retirement."

Rosie O'Donnell's Twitter account

Her account is a work of macabre art.

Ace of Spades has a post up titled "Tears of a bitter deranged clown: Rosie O'Donnell melts down over tax reform passage in serial-killerish way." While her entire feed is like that over everything.

The woman is disturbed. By her twitter timeline clearly manic/depressive. See for yourself a disturbed mind.

Ace neglected her art. When I saw these before I was impressed with how she managed to draw Trump's essence through distortion and by computer.

The tweet said Alan Dersh

Trump returns portions of Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments to Utah control

Very large swaths of land classified by Obama for protection as national monuments were returned to state control. Deseret News.

President Trump's speech, if you care to hear it.  He is introduced by Warren Hatch in the Utah State Capitol where Trump lauds Hatch as a true fighter while deriding others that he thought were fighters but are not. And tax cuts (and reform), a giant present for Christmas (that he's bringing back). The body of his speech is about state's rights and control.

Photographs of these areas are stunning

Grand Staircase-Escalante
Bears Ears National Monument

Check out comments at Deseret News if you're in the mood for exceedingly bitter disagreement there to spoil the joy.

Looking for an unbiased link required going down fairly low in search results. Most the news coverage characterizes this as Trump shrinking .... -- Trump slashes ...
Time -- Trump targets ...
Travel and Leisure -- Trump to cut ...
LA Times -- Trump dramatically shrinks ...
CNN -- Trump shrinks ...

Tribes sue.
Environmentalists sue.
Liberals complain, nag, insist they have more education
Conservatives cheer
Comments are all about Trump VS Obama

Supreme Court upholds Trump's 'extreme vetting' travel ban

The Daily Signal

“By a 7-2 vote, the Supreme Court has decided—at least temporarily, pending a final determination of the merits—that decisions affecting our national security should be made by Congress and the president, not by a single federal judge sitting in a courthouse in Hawaii,” said John Malcolm, head of the Institute for Constitutional Government at The Heritage Foundation. “Presidents are given primary responsibility for protecting our homeland. Federal judges are not.” 
“Moreover, the president receives daily classified intelligence briefings about the many threats we face, and congressional leaders also receive such briefings regularly,” Malcolm continued in a public statement. “Federal judges do not. By entering its order, the Supreme Court has sent a message that the important constitutional issues involved in this case will be resolved in an orderly fashion and in due course, and that our nation’s security will not be needlessly imperiled by one overreaching lower federal court judge. 

Minnesota mayor suffers meltdown in white privilege rant

Gateway Pundit has "unhinged mayor and embarrassing meltdown and crazed rant" as their wont. Gateway is the only place that I've seen this video. This is right up their alley. Almost didn't watch but I'm glad that I did because it's such fun. The mayor does only half the talking another woman takes issue and the mayor cannot handle anyone disagreeing.

She expects everyone present to accept her blather and self-condemnation but one woman is not having it. The thing is, the mayor accepted the outlines she heard of sex/race/class studies in college but she hasn't taken the courses so she's not equipped to defend her postulates, she simply insists in their verity. And soon as someone objects her impulse is smear them with the epithet of racism. The mayor is focused on race as most important, by definition that makes her racist. At the very least racially-minded. While the rest give it no thought and to the mayor that means they're racist. You rarely see such a perfect inversion of truth and facts.

And you can't talk to it either. You either accept it or f.u.

This is the sacrifice that's paid to college diversity quotas. I had an argument with a crackpot liberal friend about lowering academic standards to force colleges to accept more minorities by quotas. I asked him if standards are lowered such that doctors are then graduated with less academic accomplishment than we'd have otherwise, say, instead of reaching down to High Schools and work to prepare younger students before reaching college age, to achieve the same goals as quotas, would he be willing to see those doctors instead of med students properly prepared for the rigors? He said, "Yes." He's so full of S to the T.

And here we are. Minorities incapable of meeting the academic challenge so classes are developed in areas they can excel such as feminism and race.  That is, studying yourself. While traditional and more difficult grading and education are torn down.

Their answer is, "Why not?" That's what white people have done forever. All Western History, the maths and the sciences are all caucasian endeavors. They've burst into your white world, now accommodate them, not they accommodate you.

I thought about intersectionality before all this developed. I had one friend in particular who is deaf and black and gay and I thought, Jesus Christ, that's like three social setbacks overlapped. And they were serious setbacks in his case. He has a uniquely difficult life. His sign was second most unusual I've seen consisting of jive and elisions black patois. The other deaf told me that they don't understand a thing he says. Isaac is his name, and he told me that I'm the only one who gets him.

If this mayor wants to keep pressing her point she's going to have to read a few books or take a few college level courses in critical race theory and there she'll meet people so fierce they can keep an argument going for hours without getting frustrated and shutting it down in tears.

Care to see what your white privilege gets  you?  Just ask the internet. It's happy to tell you. I'll pick one.

An invisible package of unearned assets.

1) Positive relationship with police
2) Favored by school authorities
3) Attending segregated schools of affluence
4) Learning about my race in schools.
5) Finding children's books that overwhelmingly represent my race
6) I have the privilege of soaking in media biased toward my race
7) I have the privilege of escaping violent stereotyping associated with my race
8) I have the privilege of playing the colorblind card wiping the slate clean of centuries of racism
9) I have the privilege of being insulated from the daily toll of racism
10) I have the privilege of living ignorant of the dire state of racism today

There are advantages to be counted in being minority that have nothing to do with government and easier access to academia. But they're not included in white privilege lists.

And so much of this list is debatable.

After reading the list I'm forced to wonder, how is it the blacks and Mexicans around me manage integration so well. I see them around everyday apparently perfectly well adjusted living life as white people do, the same homes, the same cars, the same jobs, the same clothes. Were I not told by academics and their very many studies, I'd never know they harbor such deep resentments.

It's very bad of the mayor to call her co-administrators racists. What did she expect to gain from that? And the men around the table are either zombies or else they know by experience when best to just sit there and shut up. Notice they all take a passive posture.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Twinz T.V., Keep an eye on the bag

An observation on sensible shoes. 

This totally violates the Lord's prayer. 

Did Britain plant the Hillary bomb?

British politics discussed at American Thinker. It's an interesting article. I enjoyed reading it. The title is theirs and I don't know why James Lewis asks the question if Britain planted the Hillary bomb when it's already well understood that Steele wrote the dossier that included Trump paying Russian prostitutes to pee on a bed that Obama slept in. Apart from that, Lewis makes an opportunity to convey some interesting aspects about British and European politics.

His premise is that Steele is described as an ex-spy while in Britain there is no such thing. Once a spy always a spy, and a retired spy will still have worked with his contacts and whatever work he did would be submitted through their offices and Teresa May will certainly have known about it.

Lewis describes a British t.v. show, titled Yes Minister, in which a running gag was the Prime Minister constantly thinking of things to do to break through the bureaucracy, all appointed, and being told repeatedly by the top bureaucrat that unfortunately that couldn't be done. So the dossier was was their swamp acting in support of our swamp.

The Brussels swamp also wanted Hillary and not Trump. So by allowing the dossier to be created Teresa May is pleasing Washington swamp and Brussels swamp simultaneously.

There is a lot more detailed information Lewis passes his readers including tidbits on Russia and James Bond. Well worth the time of reading even as entertainment.

And he demonstrates why any political discussion with a British citizen, having received their BBC swamp education from childhood, is like talking to a whole class of retarded people who all know so very much and all of it wrong.

Then, the very first commenter uses the acronym PIAPS in such a way that you don't have to look it up. (The article has 68 comments, all rather astute.)

Guess what PIAPS means. If you don't already know it.

Come on, be a sport. Guess!

Politico writer thinks Chelsea Clinton should run for Arkansas Senator

This kills me. The pathos is notable. It describes acutely the Democrat mind that welcomes the idea of political dynasties. No matter the goofball heir. It's sad. That a smart man would be thinking this way is just sad. Bill Scher writing for Politico honestly thinks this is a good idea. He applies his intelligence to analyzing the difficulties of getting a Clinton to run for Tom Cotton's seat. He settles on Chelsea. It doesn't matter to Scher that Chelsea Clinton is utterly vapid. What is it about Democrats and their bizarre affection for ersatz royalty? I'm still shaking my head. I just can't see a grown man even thinking along these lines.

In the time that I wrote this Politico pulled the link from their front page. They must have heard everyone laughing.

Republican Lawmakers prepare contempt of Congress resolution against top deep state operatives

That's how it's stated at Gateway pundit. Seen again on the News Commenter, their whole post links back to Gateway.

The guy on the right is Rod Rosenstein, the guy on the left is Christopher Wray.

We talked about the content of the post already in relation to Peter Strzok and his FBI attorney mistress.

Sessions recused himself from Russia collusion investigation and then Rod Rosenstein was confirmed as Sessions Deputy Attorney General. Then Rosenstein appointed a special counsel and appointed his friend from the FBI Robert Mueller to investigate President Trump.

Gateway asserts the investigation is not based on the law. That it is a fraud meant to take down President Trump. Further it was Rosenstein and Mueller who approved the Uranium One deal allowing the Clintons to make millions from Russians and now they're trying to cover their tracks. The FBI has been stonewalling from Congress material related to Russia-Trump probe.

The item has the alarm that characterizes Gateway Pundit. They include a Tweet by Paul Sperry, former D.C.bureau chief for Investor's Business Daily, and Hoover Institution media fellow, saying that Wray needs to clean house. That the politicization is worse than McCabe's ties to McAuliffe/Clinton. Gateway also cites an article by Bloomberg restating all this and the Devin Nunes  statement, and President Trump's tweet about things beginning to make sense, and noting that Peter Strzok traded anti-Trump emails with his mistress that we talked about earlier.

Honestly. It's just that this photo has appeared a couple of places and I think the same thing each time. Nice hair. And that's all.

It's only 325 kb. I could have done a lot more hair mussing. 

Police officer adopts opioid-addicted newborn from homeless woman.

The police officer already has four children.  He's being called a "guardian angel" after responding to a robbery resulted with him agreeing to adopt a pregnant homeless woman's baby.

Ryan Holets of Albuquerque police was investigating a convenience store robbery. He walked behind the building and found a woman getting ready to inject heroin.
I just felt God telling me to tell the woman I'll adopt her baby because I can.
The woman lives in a tent by the highway and she knows what a mess she is. She desperately wanted someone to adopt her baby.

He said that he runs into a lot of situations where he wishes he could do something to help and this time he felt that he could.

He got into his squad car and drove straight to his wife to inform her of his life-chaning decision.

She says, he already knows her heart on the issue. He knew she would be totally onboard with it.
The couple had no time to spare, though. Three weeks later, Champ gave birth to a baby girl, Hope. However, because of Champ’s drug use, Hope was born addicted to opioids, called neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS). The syndrome can cause a lot of problems for growing infants like increased irritability, autonomic overreactivity and gastrointestinal tract dysfunction, as well as developmental disorders later in life.
Weasel Zippers.

Senior Anglican minister wants Christians to pray for Prince George to be homosexual

Do what you like. Your church is already largely irrelevant.

I've nothing to say. I don't recall anything in the red letter teaching of Jesus that addresses this directly. Theologians and preachers rely on his indirect teaching and they make a very strong case. But Jesus did not address it directly. Here for example.

Separated from the internal arguments of protestant churches, the best thing that I've read on what has happened to the teachings of Jesus are the last two chapters of Urantia where the history and the survival of the church that bears Jesus' name are discussed. Whatever the Anglican church does, the Christian churches will survive even as the Anglican church sinks to insignificance. Here, if you care to see it. Control F "church" will take you to near bottom of the page.

The article I read on Moonbattery for a link is harsh. And its commenters even harsher.

* Defrock this POS now!"

And then what, f him?

I don't care about British royalty or their clergy but it's an obviously wrong thing to pray for. Quite stupid. Nature, deity, whatever you choose to call it, cannot react to such a prayer. It doesn't have any spiritual energy so it cannot make any spiritual connection.

potato chips

One Russet potato makes a whole bag-worth of potato chips.  I have a bag of potato chip from Trader Joe's and they're very good but I wanted to see I can come close to matching them.

These are good. But theirs are better.

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Joyner Lucas - I'm Not Racist

Via Reddit

I watched this over a week ago. I first thought Google would take it down, but it is up.

A BET writer defends the inevitable criticisms saying Joyner Lucas ‘I’m Not Racist’ Doesn’t Need Your Approval .

What happened?

Brian Ross, ABC newsreader, blows it. Again.

But this time his haste caused the stock market to tank 350 points before partially recovering.

Ross reported form an unnamed source that Flynn was prepared to testify that Trump himself told Flynn to contact the Russians during the campaign. This bombshell dominated the news cycle more and longer than the Flynn guilty plea itself.

Markets dove instantly.

Several hours later ABC News issued a clarification, not a correction.

Later they issued a correction.

Ross previously reported the Aurora theater shooter was a Tea Party member.

"It is vital we get the story right and retain the trust we have built with our audience -- these are our core principles. We fell short of that yesterday. Effective immediately, Brian Ross will be suspended for four weeks without pay,"
Interpretation: ABC hides Brian Ross for awhile until pubic anger over ABC propaganda dissipates. Meanwhile he's being regaled with free drinks and dinners.

All this makes Ross perfect for American media.

Finally, knowing all this is information that you can use. Knowing the competition in media, and knowing journalist's unprofessional biases, and knowing they rely heavily on unnamed sources allows for savvy and agile investors with ability to check information quickly, to play the fast dives and fast recoveries.

The downside is that for this to work you have to actually watch things like ABC News.

Trailing stops are triggered but they don't tell you what triggered them. You can notice frenetic market activity but you have to discover what triggered it. In the time it takes for you to research it and realize it's Brian Ross again or something similar, so too have the other investors and the numbers have already crawled back.

Devin Nunes threatens contempt for FBI stonewalling House on investigator's bias in two political cases.

*Pepé LePew voice*  Ah Messier Nunes, your eyes are like two round pools and your smile is like a guy who's uncomfortable making a smile for a camera. It's the little boy in you, no?

Sorry. Couldn't help it.

The thing that's got Deven Nune's ire up is Peter Strzok, FBI Deputy Head of Counterintelligence, had a key role in the original FBI investigation into the Trump-Russia matter and then a key role in Mueller's investigation, and he was also lead FBI agent in charge of the Clinton email investigation. He was the agent who interviewed her (not under oath). He is also FBI contact for Christopher Steele, author of the bogus Russian Dossier.

A reasonable response will be he was top FBI guy so of course he'd have a top role in top investigations. He's tops.

All that going light here and going heavy there and all the foot dragging in handing over information.

And now he's been demoted for exchanging emails with anti-Trump content with Lisa Page, another top FBI lawyer, with whom he was having an extramarital affair.


That's just not done. That was a costly slip. You don't give it all away so carelessly like that. It ruins the whole plan.

Internet has photos of everyone else except this dangerous career-damaging whore of Washington, Lisa Page.

Fine. I'll draw one.

Lisa Page

Because she's got to be hot for Strzok to risk such an illustrious career.

Details @ Washington Examiner, so ripe and juicy the details have fallen to the ground and already rotted, germinated and sprouted. 

Then there's the leaks to Washington Post and to NYT. It must be really cool working there, all these creepy dudes calling you all the time sharing their crud with kindred spirits, working together as unofficial team, government, journalism, and political party.

Trump is watching all this. It's his government doing this. He's keeping Sessions onboard. Why? Why let this play out? Mueller wants more than anything to get Trump. And Trump knows that. If Mueller cannot have Trump then Mueller will take a Trump relative as consolation prize. Or someone else close as possible. Mueller must have something to show for all his tremendous effort. 

It's Trump's Justice Department. What is Trump doing about it? 

Trump is a lot smarter than I am so I cannot penetrate his devious ways and it's ridiculous to try. I can only observe. Plus he has a million times more experience. Especially navigating the dark alleys of concealed motivations and darker personalities of power-craving people in top positions in commerce, and industry and government and labor organizations and plain bureaucrats hellbent on having their piece of the action and having their ideologies manifest. He has experience with legal type criminals and he's surrounded by lawyers.  

How do you clear out entrenched government? How do you rid embedded corrupted careerist except by understanding their minds and their motivations and having already dealt many times with their underhanded ways? He cannot control what they do, but he can understand how they do things, how they behave, the types of errors they make, their blindspots. Assuming he's smart and not just the clown that he shows, and not just regular smart, very smart and with intuition that's honed very sharply, it appears he lets out enough rope and allows enough time for them to miscalculate, to misjudge, and hang themselves with it. It doesn't do to just fire people as we wish that he would. Instead, he aggravates the living piss out of people wholesale, needles them continuously, and allows them the space,  until they slip as Strzok has done here. And now Strzok took himself by his own careless actions from top FBI investigator to Human Resources and that's very much like being fired. *ding* One down. Ten thousand to go. And to rational minds the FBI is shown very clearly to be corrupted as hell and in need of deep cleaning.