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WKRLEM: Mimi and the Giants and what I am really thinking in my head...Not Safe for Work....or Kids....Just sayn'

This is what I sound like in real life. Only with a thicker Brooklyn Accent and more hand gestures.

WKRLEM: Annual Snow Advisory!

Georgia tech climatologist resigns over the "craziness" in the field of climate science.

Via Twitter: Climatologist and former chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology Judith Curry has announced her resignation effective immediately on her blog, Climate, Etc. I have long found Curry to be an honest researcher and a fair-minded disputant in the ongoing debates over man-made climate change. She excelled at pointing out the uncertainties and deficiencies of climate modeling. Given the thoroughly politicized nature of climate science her efforts to clarify what is known and unknown by climate science caused her to be pilloried as "anti-science" by other researchers who are convinced that man-made global warming is leading toward catastrophe. In her blog annoucement Curry explains her resignation:

A deciding factor was that I no longer know what to say to students and postdocs regarding how to navigate the CRAZINESS in the field of climate science. Research and other professional activities are professionally rewarded only if they are channeled in certain directions approved by a politicized academic establishment — funding, ease of getting your papers published, getting hired in prestigious positions, appointments to prestigious committees and boards, professional recognition, etc.

How young scientists are to navigate all this is beyond me, and it often becomes a battle of scientific integrity versus career suicide (I have worked through these issues with a number of skeptical young scientists).

Let me relate an interaction that I had with a postdoc about a month ago. She wanted to meet me, as an avid reader of my blog. She works in a field that is certainly relevant to climate science, but she doesn't identify as a climate scientist. She says she gets questioned all the time about global warming issues, and doesn't know what to say, since topics like attribution, etc. are not topics that she explores as a scientist. WOW, a scientist that knows the difference! I advised her to keep her head down and keep doing the research that she thinks interesting and important, and to stay out of the climate debate UNLESS she decides to dig in and pursue it intellectually. Personal opinions about the science and political uopinions about policies that are sort of related to your research expertise are just that – personal and political opinions. Selling such opinions as contributing to a scientific consensus is very much worse than a joke.

Curry adds that with her resignation her "fall from the ivory tower that started in 2005 is now complete." Curry continues, "At this point, the private sector seems like a more 'honest' place for a scientist working in a politicized field than universities or government labs — at least when you are your own boss."

Go here for more.


Aside from the chance to post yet another Pixies video, I chose this one because seeing photos of the Ft. Lauderdale killer reminded me of someone. Then I put it together. Look carefully at the man in green in that video. Even the name. Uncanny.

David Bowie explains what he saw in the Pixies:

"There was such a lot of sludge in America at the time..."

"Arizona Man Arrested for Possession Surprised to Find State Didn't Legalize Marijuana"

After allegedly resisting arrest, Lon Victor Post, 54, told deputies early Wednesday morning that he thought the state had legalized marijuana, according to the Mohave County Sheriff's Office. Deputies took him to jail anyway.

Possession of any amount of marijuana remains a felony in Arizona after voters rejected Prop 205 in November by a ratio of about 52 percent to 48 percent. Perhaps Post was confused by the fact that roughly 100 miles to the west and north of him, thanks to successful legalization elections in California and Nevada, adults 21 and older now have the freedom to use marijuana without legal penalty. Maine and Massachusetts also legalized weed for all adults, making Arizona the only one of five states that turned down the opportunity.

The law-enforcement agency in northwestern Arizona reported receiving a call at about 1:36 a.m. on Wednesday that an "intoxicated subject" was in a vehicle in his neighbor's front yard, playing loud music. Officers found Post kicking back near his vehicle and listening to music amid the aroma of marijuana smoke, according to the sheriff's office bulletin written by spokeswoman Trish Carter.

Via Reddit: Link

Need A Sex Change Operation But Can't Afford It?...

...Just commit an unpardonable crime in California. The hitch is you need to be caught without being killed. Details

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The French 75

Peter Marshall: A friend offers to give you a French 75. What is that?
Paul Lynde : Just a minute, that's 25 more than it was last time.
It's awards season again with the Golden Globes almost upon us. This year promises to be a doozy as far as political grandstanding. The Grammys will probably draw the most Trump-ire. In order to judge and umpire the speech-making, here's a suggestion: Get thee ye to a liquor store before Sunday and pick up the ingredients for the best awards-watching drink of all, the French 75:

The drink is merely a souped-up glass of bubbly. There are many variants. The version we use is:

1/2 oz Cointreau (or triple sec if you're on a budget)
1/2 oz fresh-squeezed lemon juice
1 oz of gin (or cognac)
Champagne to top

Mix and add to a champagne or wine glass. Top with champagne, prosecco, or any white sparkling wine. Briefly stir. Enjoy.

The drink's history dates back to the Lafayette Escadrille in WW I. The drink was named after the famous French 75mm artillery piece:

Whose that author?

And you couldn't explain that to your mother and father, who were creatures of the light. No more than you could explain to them how, at the age of three, the spare blanket at the foot of the crib turned into a collection of snakes that lay staring at you with flat and lidless eyes. No child ever conquers those fears, he thought. If a fear cannot be articulated, it can't be conquered. And the fears locked in small brains are much too large to pass through the orifice of the mouth. Sooner or later you found someone to walk past all the deserted meeting houses you had to pass between grinning babyhood and grunting senility. Until tonight. Until tonight when you found out that none of the old fears had been staked— only tucked away in their tiny, child-sized coffins with a wild rose on top.

Whose that girl?

She was far ahead of her time. In fact if she were around today she would be social justice warrior's wet dream.

In the 1920's she was caught monkeying around with a big black guy who was killed by the police. Black Lives did not matter back then. She later took up with a Mexican and changed her look to fit in down in Taco Town. Famous as a blond she went into a Latin Look that she sports in this old timey photo.

So whose that girl?

"Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport gunman in custody"

Via Drudge : Mark Lea, a 53-year-old financian adviser from Minneapolis, says he was in baggage claim when the shooting started.
'I was dodging bullets and trying to help people get out of the way,' Lea said.

'At first we thought it was firecrackers,' he said. 'Everyone started screaming and running. The shooter made his way down through baggage claim. He had what looked like a 9mm and emptied his entire clip. People were trying to run.'

Video from the airport Friday afternoon showed hundreds of passengers corralled together on the tarmac with emergency vehicles parked outside the terminal with lights flashing.

Around 1:45pm, law enforcemeent started the crowds off the tarmac, by bus and on foot.

Former White House press secretary to President George W. Bush, Ari Fleischer, was at the airport at the time of the shooting and tweeted about the chaos.
Just after 1pm, he wrote that 'shots have been fired. Everyone is running'.

WKRLEM: Better Call Uncle Saul......because it ain't just for libtards anymore!

I remember hearing Mickey Mantle talk about how he would love to go to the workplace of the people who booed him and just do the same thing. You and yell "You suck" while the guy is working at the insurance company or whatever.

Here Watters is working from Uncle Saul's rule book and taking the fight right to the enemy. Just the way Trump does when he doesn't back down to political correctness or Social Justice Warriors.

His show is pretty funny if one note. Worth a listen.

"Charlie Hebdo has gone soft on extremists"

Zineb El Rhazoui accused the weekly of bowing to Islamist extremists and no longer daring to draw the Prophet Mohammed.
Her parting shot comes on the eve of the second anniversary of the jihadist massacre that almost wiped out the controversial magazine's staff.
"Charlie Hebdo died on January 7", the day the gunmen attacked the magazine killing 12 people, El Rhazoui said in a damning interview with AFP.
She said she felt Charlie Hebdo now follows the editorial line the extremists had demanded "before the attack -- that Mohammed is no longer depicted".
El Rhazoui, 35, who is followed everywhere by police bodyguards and is known as the most protected woman in France, also questioned the magazine's "capacity to carry the torch of irreverence and absolute liberty".
"Freedom at any cost is what I loved about Charlie Hebdo, where I worked through great adversity," she added.

"The Philosophy of Bob Ross & The Joy of Painting"

So I've been watching Bob Ross a lot since I've graduated. I've found myself on a few occasions attaching a lot of what he says to ancient philosophical traditions, specifically Stoicism and East Asian (the syncretic position of the Huainanzi being the one I'm most familiar with).

From the Stoics I'm attaching most to the 'happy accidents'. That in painting, as in life, there are things that happen that are (more or less) out of our control, and that we ought to accept and work with them. Trying to fight them in the painting will lead to a muddle of color, to frustration and ultimately to a less successful life (in the eudaimonia/flourishing sense). He doesn't go quite as far as to say to be unattached to the world or your painting, but just to accept what might happen.

In the Asian realm, one thing that Bob talks about quite a bit is the power a painter does have in 'their world' from simple actions. The whole technique is intended to make paintings that look like they take a great deal of effort but in truth can be done in a half-hour. One specific reference to power that stands out is when he is making mountains and uses a single stroke of highlight color to move a mountain from the foreground to the background. In addition to thinking it's the coolest thing since the invention of oil paints, he often mentions that we have the power to "move mountains". I'm reminded of rhetoric in the Huainanzi that roughly says that incredibly simple actions can often have a huge effect, much more so than forced, major ones.

I know I'm glossing over a lot and summarizing quite a bit with these. For those familiar with these (or other) traditions, am I totally off base here? Do you have more to add? I don't think he was doing it on purpose, not that he was unintelligent just that he wasn't concerned with being philosophical.

via Reddit: Link

Father fired for attending child's birth inundated with job offers

A New Hampshire man lost his job when he chose between work and welcoming his newborn son into the world. But once word of his sacking spread, he received an outpouring of support – including a flood of new job offers.

Lamar Austin worked for Salerno Protective Services, a private security group for college campuses and retail stores. He was in the middle of his 90-day trial period and was expected to be on call night and day.

But Mr Austin could not attend his weekend shift once his wife, Lindsay, went into labour – which lasted from Friday evening through Sunday morning, when Mr Austin received a text informing him he was “terminated”.

Via Reddit: Link

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Mimi needs Tommy.......bless her heart.

Tommy Mottola says ex-wife Mariah Carey needs help

New York Post By Carlos Greer and Emily Smith January 4, 2017

Mariah Carey’s ex-husband Tommy Mottola urges the singer to seek “more seasoned and respected professionals” to guide her career after her disastrous New Year’s Eve performance. He also blasts the singer’s decision to do a reality show in a letter exclusively given to Page Six.
“MC is arguably the greatest pop voice to come along in the last three decades. She has had more number one hits than any pop artist in history!!! She is a global icon and a treasure with incredible talent not only as a singer but as a great songwriter. What happened on NYE could’ve happened to anyone! Yes, her technical people should’ve helped pay more attention to all of it so that there was no chance of that happening.”

"People are raising money for the Chicago man tortured in Facebook Live video"

Late last night, Chicago police detained four individuals relating to the torture of a mentally disabled man, an act of violence that was broadcast across the internet.

Today, the internet is responding with kindness.

A GoFundMe campaign started by redditor razorsheldon on the r/UpliftingNews community aims to raise $5,000 for the victim, an 18-year-old from a suburb of Chicago.

"For those of you who have seen the recent horrific [Facebook] live video of the young special needs victim tied up,"razorsheldon wrote, "your immediate reaction is complete disgust and your second reaction is to want to help this young man."

Help the community has. Six hours into the GoFundMe, over 130 people have donated nearly $2,200.

"It feels good to know there are that many people out there willing to make the effort and financial sacrifice to support this young man in his time of need," razorsheldon told the Daily DotT.

Via Reddit: Link

This happens every day.....they just happened to be stupid enough to post it to Facebook

You must have seen this video as it is all over the INTERNET and cable news. Four youtes lured a mentally disabled white guy to torture, burn, scalp and beat while stupidly filming it on Facebook and shouting such pearls as "Fuck White People" and "Fuck Donald Trump". There was some debate as to whether or not it would be charged as a hate crime. Various geniuses like Don Lemon of CNN said it was not and that it was not "evil" just poorly educated youtes. All of whom are over 18 and one who was twenty something.

WKRLEM TV: The Ceremony they should have had with Obama

If there were any justice in this world this would be part of the Inauguration festivities.

What is your go to tip for losing a few pounds?

Reddit top voted comments...

learn that it's ok to feel hungry.  we don't need to immediately satisfy every desire.  in fact, if you're eating when you're NOT truly hungry, well that may be part of the problem.

Start drinking exclusively water, avoid sugary drinks wholly. You'll notice a huge difference in a fortnight

Get really sick. I lost 4kg in 3 days!

Don't always finish your plate; stop eating when you're no longer hungry!

Vote yes to Brexit.

"President Obama Awards Himself Distinguished Public Service Medal"

"Secretary Carter awarded his boss with the medal on January 4 during the Armed Forces Full Honor Farewell Review for the President held at Conmy Hall, Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall in Virginia.

Carter insisted that the medal was a token of appreciation for Obama’s service as commander in chief, the Associated Press reported."

Cooking cheat codes

This is YouTube video from the Brothers Green Eats channel. One of the brothers is missing and their sister appears instead. They are not really cheat codes and they are not hacks, rather, they are simple cooking techniques. Turns out, I use all of these so-called cheat codes and so do the commenters to this video on YouTube. I think this video is for kids, not you. I'm showing the video to convey how much young people don't know. This is new to them, but not to you.

The cheats listed are:
soy sauce
curry powder
curry paste
coconut milk
olive oil and lemon
fried egg
frying bread

I'd say a shorter description is copy the idea behind Thai cooking, to hit every taste bud sensation at once, salt, sugar, sourness, bitterness, umami, along with olfactory sensations of herbs and spices and the heat in chiles. While being mindful of texture and color. This is what they are doing and all that is standard cooking technique. Sriracha is basically chile. It also has vinegar, garlic, sugar and salt. See? They rounded it out to hit other spots on the tongue.

The Green kids didn't mention vinegar. Vinegar mixed with sugar, boom, sweet and sour right there, and that added to nearly anything makes it better.

They didn't mention a great cheat code, fish sauce, or anchovy, another additive that transforms nearly anything.

And they didn't mention alcohol; nearly any wine or beer makes everything better. Wine and butter is an especially great combination.

All those items as little additives transform ordinary things into something much better. They talked about rice but did not talk about beans. Add vinegar and something sweet to beans, boom, they're instantly a lot more interesting.

The other videos on the Brothers Green Eats are similar. They're all two young cooks describing what they've learned so far and care to share with their generation.

It cheers me that millennial types make these discoveries of long established traditions and take them for brand new ideas worth sharing. And it bums me out that comments to them are so negative and arrogant as if they should have already known. The thing that caused me to dwell on this is the response in comments to the essay posted by a young person who traveled to Cuba with friends and discovered immediately how messed up the country is. Right off the bat their expectations are shattered. What they imagined or thought that they knew about the world was shattered by harsh reality. The essay is hilarious and a bright description of a hasty and inexpensive adventure to an unknown place, just throwing themselves into it and facing circumstances that they had no preparation for. It's a cheerful facing of difficulties in series, not a litany of complaints, while comments to the discoveries reveal hostility that these kids weren't born with the knowledge that Boomers learned through their decades of living through it. The same thing is showing with this video and the same response is shown in the comments. For Pete's sake, give them a break. You have 3X the life experience, 3X the amount of living under your belt.

Cuba is Actually a Terrible Place to Go, by Bengali Miles Guru, on Travel Codex, via Instapundit. Recommended. The story is fun. Read down through comments, they're obnoxious. I'm ashamed to admit, my generation really is obnoxious especially towards millennials for some reason that I cannot fathom.

My favorite part: "Between one of my friends having the smallest bladder in the universe and my other friend trying to find non-existent wifi, I thought it was time to make an executive decision ..."

And, upon leaving, this:

"... I will never forget the look on their faces. [of the newly arriving tourists] Excitement, curiosity and bewilderment were some ways to describe it. Meanwhile, I caught a glimpse of the three of us in the glass. Defeated, exhausted and battered, one of us still wearing the same clothes as the day before."

Is that hilarious or what?

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Forbidden Thoughts

Forbidden Thoughts

I'm not sure what to expect with this. But science fiction is supposed to be transgressive and this promises to ride that line.  I know several of the world class authors (in an imaginary internet friend sort of way.)  I bought it through Lem's link.  Check it out!


Overheard at Lem's:
That is one of the more disturbing stories ever posted at Lem's. I need a palliative cleanser -- one I shall forever associate with caviar:

They Might Be Giants...

...but they sure like their ursine talisman.

The New York Giants' offensive line are taking their good-luck teddy bear to Lambeau Field for the NFC wild card playoff game against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. link

The bear projects an image of rugged masculinity for several players, including Elisha Manning. First given to the team in 2007, the bear is credited with the Giants' victories over Green Bay in 2007 and 2011 at Lambeau Field.

Mimi takes a soak

Mariah Carey is still golden — in a hot tub, at least
New York Post By Jessica Sager January 4, 2017 

Mariah Carey is washing away her troubles in Aspen.
The 46-year-old singer took a solo dip in a hot tub in a dazzling gold number, full makeup, and diamonds, including a bracelet and a massive rock that looks very similar to the $10 million engagement ring from ex-fiancé James Packer.
It’s the second snap Carey’s posted in the Colorado city since her disastrous New Year’s Eve performance. On Monday, she posted another photo playing in the snow, calling Aspen a “winter wonderland.”
Carey has kept a low profile since her lip-syncing debacle, which she said left her “mortified” — but sources insist was her own fault.

Bright Lights: Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds documentary


WashPost is Richly Rewarded for False News about Russia Threat While Public is Deceived

Glenn Greenwald: In the past six weeks, the Washington Post published two blockbuster stories about the Russian threat that went viral: one on how Russia is behind a massive explosion of “fake news,” the other on how it invaded the U.S. electric grid. Both articles were fundamentally false. Each now bears a humiliating Editor’s Note grudgingly acknowledging that the core claims of the story were fiction: the first Note of which was posted a full two weeks later to the top of the original article, the other of which was buried the following day at the bottom.

The second story on the electric grid turned out to be far worse than I realized when I wrote about it on Saturday, when it became clear that there was no “penetration of the U.S. electricity grid” as the Post had claimed. In addition to the Editor’s Note, the Russia-hacked-our-electric-grid story now has a full-scale retraction in the form of a separate article admitting that “the incident is not linked to any Russian government effort to target or hack the utility” and that there may not have even been malware at all on this laptop.

But while these debacles are embarrassing for the paper, they are also richly rewarding. That’s because journalists – including those at the Post – aggressively hype and promote the original, sensationalistic false stories, ensuring that they go viral, generating massive traffic for the Post (the paper’s Executive Editor, Marty Baron, recently boasted about how profitable the paper has become).

After spreading the falsehoods far and wide, raising fear levels and manipulating U.S. political discourse in the process (both Russia stories were widely hyped on cable news), journalists who spread the false claims subsequently note the retraction or corrections only in the most muted way possible, and often not at all. As a result, only a tiny fraction of people who were exposed to the original false story end up learning of the retractions.

Via Drudge: for more go here


I’ve gone all over the world to find the best food. Six continents, thousands of regions, countless dishes; all in search of the perfect meal. For a while, I thought it may never happen. There was always something a little off; salt, freshness, temperature – tiny, niggling complaints that, to anyone else, would be meaningless. To me, though, they were the difference between perfection and mundanity. My quest went on.

During my travels, I’d learned about an “underground supper club” in Moscow which met once a year. While “underground supper club” sounds mysterious and illicit, it’s just a place that operates casually, aka: without a food license. Chefs all over do it all the time for their friends. I’ve been to many.

This one was supposed to be different. They had the best caviar.

Caviar is a luxury item, but even in luxury-obsessed Russia, it’s started to fall out of favor because of sustainability issues. It’s still widely available, but the good stuff is getting harder and harder to find. The “best stuff” is nearly impossible to get a hold of. It’s locked down by the oligarchs and heads of state; if you’re not one of them or in close company, you’re out of luck. So when I heard that supper club would be serving the best of the best, I knew I had to get in there.

It wasn’t easy.

It took four years to ingratiate myself with influential Moscow foodies. I spent thousands upon thousands of dollars at their restaurants, building a reputation, blogging about their food, and cultivating relationships. Vasily Protchenko, a restaurateur and minor celebrity in Moscow, noticed me. Over time, we became friends. I didn’t know if he was privy to the supper club, but if anyone was, he had to be one of them. I didn’t say anything, though. I waited.

One afternoon, Vasily and I were talking about caviar, specifically the best sources. He mentioned the waters off Japan, which I found strange, since the Fukushima disaster had scared people away from certain types of fish in that area. He agreed that it was moderately disconcerting, but insisted the caviar from the fish in those waters was sublime. Then it happened.

“You know,” he told me, “there’s something even better. Something practically nobody knows about. Can you keep a secret?”

I did my best to contain my excitement. This had to be what I’d been waiting for.

“Of course,” I told him, and leaned in to listen.

Vasily told me about the supper club. There were 20 chefs and a few of their close friends from all around the world. They met in a restaurant right down the street from Vasily’s, and if I was willing to pitch in the $5,000 and keep my mouth shut, I’d be allowed to attend. One hour and a trip to the bank later, I had the $5,000. All I had to do was wait.

On the evening of the supper, I met with Vasily at his restaurant and had a drink. Then we walked down to the meeting place, which had a sign in front saying it was closed for the weekend. We walked around back to the kitchen and opened the door. The kitchen was full of chefs. Some of the chefs I recognized from my travels, some were strangers. All were busy preparing dishes for the evening.

We sat in the main dining room and I admired the decor. The room was softly candlelit and the windows had been covered in black paper. It was obvious this was a private event and no prying eyes were allowed.

“How does this work?,” I asked Vasily.

“They just start bringing out courses. They’re small, obviously, so you can sample all of them. The caviar will be at the end, I think. It’s the rarest and most special of all the dishes.”

True to his word, the food began to arrive. We were treated to sumptuous courses prepared by the meticulous and downright-genius minds of the master chefs. I ate and drank until my head spun.

Vasily excused himself and went to the kitchen. I chatted with some of the other diners and learned many were like me – rich foodies looking to experience the best of the best.

BMW found six months after driver lost it in parking garage

In June, a man borrowed a friend’s BMW in Scotland and drove south to Manchester to catch a Stone Roses concert at Etihad Stadium, reports the Manchester Evening News.

He parked the vehicle in one of the area’s parking garages and promptly forgot which one. After the concert, he searched and searched, and ultimately spent five days trying to find his friend’s wheels before giving up.

In August, the owner, who’d emailed local companies and government to see if it had been found, reported the vehicle lost or stolen. Now officers say they happened upon an abandoned car in one of the area lots just before midnight Friday and, after seeing it had been reported lost or stolen, tweeted that they’d found the car that had been lost since June.

“We can’t imagine what the ticket machine is going to say when they finally put the ticket in,” Manchester City Centre officers posted in a follow-up tweet.

The officers’ best guess? Around $6,150. The story reminds AOL Travel UK of an even wilder one: that of a German man who parked his car December 2010 and wasn’t able to locate it until September 2012.

Via Reddit: link

Twins climb an unsecured dresser and topple it onto themselves.

This video is trending all all over the place.

Video restricted. Watch on YouTube.
(Monetizing their kid's near catastrophe. Ain't America great?)

It's a heart-stopping video. And who doesn't want that? Strange though, the two-year old looks larger than one that he gets pinned. And he's the boy who caused the dresser to topple.

Overheard on Lem's

Dad Bones said on Lem's earlier post about the bogus poll being pushed in an obvious attempt to discredit Trump before he takes office. (Aren't all political polls bogus? Haven't journalists leaned their polls are disregarded? No, they have not.
ISIS doesn't stand a chance if we have enough troops like this guy.
Man, what a great video. Love LOVE LOVE it. These two brothers are fantastic together.

One commenter on YouTube with the avatar of Putin says, "If classic rock dies, I will nuke the earth." 

Another commenter responds to Putin, "not Britain rock never dies also the Who and the Rolling Stones should be on here."

A third commenter responds to the second,"Paint it Black was on there."

The third guy answered for me. I thought the same thing. The remark stuck out as the song stuck out because I practiced the song so much. Then I thought this song really is perfect for practicing. I bet the kids used it.

Observe, if you like, how "paint" is like a wide paintbrush slapping paint on a wall. And "car" or any form of locomotion even an airplane falls into a system, a "3" sign using two fingers and the thumb. So a line of cars will show how the signers visualize the cars are parked. Are the cars parallel parked or perpendicularly parked or are they angle parked? Are the cars painted with broad floppy brush as a wall or are the cars all spray painted at once? 

Note that "black" is an index finger drawing across the brow like a thick black unibrow. While "summer" is the exact same movement at the forehead except with the finger bent as if wiping sweat off the brow. "summer" is linked to "dressed" open hand flicking motions at the chest and "clothes" is the same thing as "dressed" so the boys put more emphasis on "clothes",  "dressed in their summer clothes."  

Look for "new born baby" and "girls passing by" 

There are several uploads of this song. Mostly bouncy gobbledegook, missed beats, elisions and gloss, but these two boys are the best. They stay true to canon and to the lyrics and the beat. They only pantomime "turn away."  Both of them have this song nailed. It's perfect. Well done!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


This post was inspired by reading all the "me too" comments over at Althouse talking about flying and driving to see the total eclipse of the sun next August. I know that half of you want to forget that site exists so you can skip that.

Back to the video. I think I've just scratched the surface with my "rock bottoms for Rodham" series. I seriously wasn't looking for this one, it just spoke to me from my YouTube sidebar. There must be dozens of others.

Here's a tall order for MamaM if she's reading this. I recall reading her rather brilliant take on the difference between a narcissist and egoist and how Trump was one but not the other. I wish someone could find or link to that.
[added] While the Carly Simon video dates from October, 2016, recall my prediction:

The Left have conceived their anti-Trump babies. Now we're in gestation phase. Watch out for future little monstrosities.

Meh again, a Lem supplemental

Just for fun. That's all. 

"Megyn Kelly Is Leaving Fox News for NBC"

Megyn Kelly, who arrived at Fox News 12 years ago as a television news neophyte but rose to become one of its two biggest stars, has decided to leave the network to take on a broad new role at NBC News for an undisclosed salary, NBC announced Tuesday afternoon.

The NBC News chairman, Andrew Lack, wooed Ms. Kelly away from Fox News by offering her a triple role in which she will host her own daytime news and discussion program, anchor an in-depth Sunday night news show and take regular part in the network’s special political programming and other big-event coverage.

The move will herald a seismic shift in the cable news landscape, where Ms. Kelly had become the second-most watched host — after Bill O’Reilly of Fox News — and often helped define the national political debate, especially over the last year as Donald J. Trump regularly attacked her, at times in viciously personal terms.

Ms. Kelly’s exit will upend Fox News’s vaunted prime-time lineup and inject a new dose of tumult just a few months after the departure of the network’s powerful founding chairman, Roger Ailes, who was ousted after several women made allegations that he sexually harassed them.

Via Drudge: Link to the rest of the story 

"Physicians of Reddit: What's the worst injury you've seen at a routine check-up?"

Top voted comments: Link

Not physician, but x-ray tech. Had a patient walk into the urgent care for hip x-rays. Her order said it was for hip pain, which is pretty routine. Turns out she had walked in on not one, but two fractured hips!

My brother once jumped on the front of my white car, grabbing the front pillars with his hands. I closed the door and caught his finger, which he pulled out quickly (as you do) but there was a tiny chip of paint that had come off the car and got lodged under the skin somehow. He must have spent a week or so chewing on it to try to get the paint out, but it just wasn't working so he went to the doctor to see if he could help. After checking it out, the doctor tells him, "The reason you can't get that out is because it's your bone."
Apparently when I shut the door on his finger, I'd broken the tip of his pinkie enough so he could see the bone through the skin and he'd spent the next few days trying to pull his own finger bone out with his teeth.

ED doc so hardly a routine visit but a guy comes up to the triage window with his arms over his head, palms of his hands pressed against his ears. "Eh ... I'm in tremendous pain" he says when asked what's wrong. X-ray'd him and found he'd broken his neck. He'd been walking around with it for 3 days

First year nursing student in LA and I was at clinicals when a guy who I had to do a physical assessment on (all we could do since we dont know much) tells me he's been hearing strange cracklings and noises in his ear. I check his ear and it is filled with so much wax and what not. Call my RN advisor and she proceeds to clean out the guys ear. What does she find? Fucking fruit fly nest. Yea, the medical field can get pretty rad.

Junior doctor from Australia here.
I had a young lady come in for a Pap smear. She was chatty and relaxed, not nervous at all. She lay on the bed and I got the speculum ready. I opened it up and instead of seeing her cervix I saw a kiwi-fruit sized blob of bloody tissue just hanging out in her vaginal canal.
It was one of my first Pap smears I ever did, and I had a sudden bizarre thought that I had broken her vagina. I hadn't though, it was just a big uterine polyp that had emerged and was in her vagina hanging by a thread of tissue. She was mortified although I tried to reassure her.
This was in a small town and later that day I went to the bakery to get some lunch and she was behind the counter.
The most common "surprise" I see is patients in long term marriages etc who come up positive for chlamydia.

Poll: Most Americans believe Donald Trump incapable of dealing with an international crisis

A majority of Americans lack confidence in Donald Trump's ability to handle an international crisis, according to a newpoll.

It also found 47 per cent doubted his ability to use military force wisely.

Ahead of the President-elect’s inauguration on 20 January, 44 per cent believed him to be incapable of averting major scandals during his time in office.

Via Reddit:


For some reason unknown to me the strawberry photo has over 11,000 views on Flicker, the blueberry photo next to it in the photo stream has only 121 views. Maybe one day this will make sense, but I doubt it. Somebody favorited the strawberry photo and that brought it to my attention and then I thought, that does look good. And now I wonder why I don't eat more berries all the time. 

WKLREM-TV: YOU ARE TERMINATED ..........Get to the Chopper!

First night of the new Celebrity Apprentice tonight.

I didn't get to see it but I DVRed it so I will catch it later.

Hey pay attention. We might be seeing the next President of the United States.

Monday, January 2, 2017


Overheard at Lem's:

Sixty Grit said...
Usury - commonplace, normally, generally.

We usury see a rise in interest rates this time of year.

Now, the first thing I heard behind the words was an "Asian" accent. Other artists besides Sixty have riffed off this -- think Roman Polanski in Chinatown: "...salt water, bad for glass..."

My mind also goes back to the The Kingston Trio and their 1958 hit "Coplas" (Couplets). Give it a quick listen:

"You are surprised I speak your see, I was educated in your country at U.C.R.A."
It's all in good fun!  And isn't that self-deprecating mockery -- the way he says OK, la guitara, ¡andele! with a very American accent at the very beginning?

One last word about The Kingston Trio. Bob Shane is the last surviving original member. I see the following in his Wiki bio:
For the Kingston Trio's success took acoustic folk-based music out of the niche market it had occupied prior to the Trio's arrival and moved it into the mainstream of American popular music, opening the door for major record labels to record and market both more traditional folk musicians and singer-songwriters as well. link
In a sense, The Kingston Trio opened the door for artists like Bob Dylan. Remember that around 1960, Capitol Records had The Kingston Trio; another label had Joan Baez. Columbia Records had Pete Seeger, but they needed someone younger who could speak to a new generation. That's when Dylan stepped forth from the shadows.

Thieves steal 6M in jewels while the ball drops on New Year's Eve.

A trio of Midtown burglars waited for the stroke of midnight to pull off a $6 million New Year’s Eve heist, law-enforcement sources said Monday.

“They laid in wait until the ball dropped,” said a law-enforcement source.

The three hooded and masked men broke into a West 36th Street jewelry wholesaler at 12:01 a.m. Sunday in what appears to be an inside job — while 7,000 cops were distracted protecting Times Square revelers just a few blocks away.

The source said the thieves “100 percent” planned the heist to coincide with the ball drop.

They made off with around $6 million in gems and are still at large, police sources said.

The burglars were caught on video inside Gregg Ruth, a commercial jewelry store known for its rare yellow and pink diamonds. One of the robbers, a bearded white male in a hood without a mask, looks straight into the camera during the heist, surveillance footage shows.

They came in through a freight entrance to the sixth floor business and then used a hammer and crow bar to break a lock, gaining access to a room containing four safes, sources said. The gloved suspects removed diamond-encrusted and 18 karat gold bracelets, earrings and necklaces from two of the safes. The safes were either already open or the burglars knew the combination, stuffing the pricey merchandise into several backpacks, sources said.

Via Twitter: link to the rest of the story 

The liberals and the mainstream media never fail to amaze me.

If you followed two stories this weekend you will be like me and be amazed at the hypocrisy and stupidity of the Democrats, liberals and the main stream media. Of course they are all the same people in all three categories and they are very consistent in their blatant stupidity.

First there is the nonsense about the so called Russian Hacks that they are lying about and saying the Russians "hacked" the election. That implies that they voting machines and the count was somehow hacked by the Russians. Which not even the politicized intelligence community will try to claim to delegitimize Trump. As Trump so correctly stated these are the same chumps who said there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and let the Bushes use it as a pretext to start a war to protect the Saudi oil interests. Or at least that is what every Democrat has screamed about for the last twenty years. Of course who led the parade? McCain and Lady Graham who are right there now trying to start a war with Russia. They are over in the Ukraine right now telling them that America is behind them and will fight with them against Russia. What the fuck? Where are these Democrats who were against the war in Iraq. You know. Biden. Kerry. Sanders. The whole crew. Why are they beating the drum against Russia and ratcheting up the conflict to the point that they might start a war? Because they can't accept that the American People rejected a shrieking feminist harpy and repudiated the legacy of an affirmative action President.They can't stand it. The can't believe it. So they will put the United States into mortal danger in service of their party.

Comedians talking funny

Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Ricky Jervais and Louis CK

WKRLEM TV: 2016 gets final victim......Mimi bites it in Times Square.

Mariah’s team says NYE performance was ‘sabotaged’ for ratings

Mariah Carey sang a furious tune on Sunday — with the pop diva’s camp blaming her disastrous New Year’s Eve performance on “sabotage” by the TV show’s producers.
Carey’s manager sent a letter on New Year’s Day to Dick Clark Productions, saying they set the “Emotions” singer up for failure by letting her take the stage before more than a million people in Times Square — and millions more watching at home — with malfunctioning sound gear.

“You know her inner ears were NOT working and your entire production team did not set her up to win,” the manager, Stella Bulochnikov, wrote to Mark Shimmel, whose company produced Carey’s TV nightmare, which was broadcast live on ABC.
“AND MARIAH KEPT TELLING THEM [something was wrong] ON STAGE IN REAL TIME,” Bulochnikov typed in all caps in the letter, a copy of which was obtained by The Post.
She ended the letter by demanding a “formal apology” and saying the singer may pursue legal action if no mea culpa is forthcoming.

"Harvard discovers a few of its library books are bound in human flesh"

A few years ago, three separate books were discovered in Harvard University's library that had particularly strange-looking leather covers. Upon further inspection, it was discovered that the smooth binding was actually human flesh... in one case, skin allegedly harvested from a man who was flayed alive. Yep, definitely the creepiest library ever.

As it turns out, the practice of using human skin to bind books was actually pretty popular during the 17th century. It's referred to as Anthropodermic bibliopegy and proved pretty common when it came to anatomical textbooks. Medical professionals would often use the flesh of cadavers they'd dissected during their research. Waste not, want not, I suppose.

Harvard's creepy books deal with Roman poetry, French philosophy, and a treatise on medieval Spanish law for which the previously mentioned flayed skin was supposedly used. The book, Practicarum quaestionum circa leges regias… has a very interesting inscription inside, as The Harvard Crimson reports.

Via Drudge: For more go here

Will Obama hack a Supreme appointment, days before leaving office?

President Obama will have one last chance to force Judge Merrick Garland onto the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday — but it’s a legal gamble and one that has so many pitfalls that even those who say he could get away with it believe it isn’t worth the fight.

Mr. Obama’s moment will come just before noon, in the five minutes that the Senategavels the 114th Congress out of session and the time the 115th Congress begins.

In those few moments the Senate will go into what’s known as an “intersession recess,” creating one golden moment when the president could test his recess-appointment powers by sending Judge Garland to the high court.

A smattering of activists has asked him to give it a try, but Mr. Obama has given no indication that he’s thinking about it. The White House didn’t respond to a request for comment for this story.

The move would be a legal gamble under the high court’s last ruling in 2014 on recess appointments. That 9-0 decision overturned a handful of Mr. Obama’s early 2012 picks, saying the Senate was actually in session when the president acted, so he couldn’t use his powers.

Via Drudge: for more click here 

U vocabulary

Words beginning with the letter "U" encountered online. The list is short with only 5 entries.

* Ultima Ratio Regum: The last resort. Short form for the metaphor "The Last Resort of Kings and Common Men" referring to the act of declaring war; used in the names the French sniper rifle PGM Ultima Ratio and the fictional Reason weapon system. Louis XIV of France had Ultima Ratio Regum ("last argument of kings") cast on the cannons of his armies; motto of the 1st Battalion 11th Marines; motto of the Artilleriregementet.

* ultra vires:  "beyond powers," in the law of corporations, referring to acts of a corporation and/or its officers outside the powers and/or authority allowed a corporation by law. Example: Directors of Highfliers, Inc. operate a small bank for its employees and friends, which corporate law does not permit without a bank charter, or sells shares of stock to the public before a permit is issued.

* untermensch: Term from Nazi racial ideology used to describe "inferior people", especially "the masses from the East," that is Jews, Gypsies, Poles along with other Slavic people like the Russians, Serbs, Ukrainians and anyone else who was not an "Aryan" according to the contemporary Nazi race terminology. The German word Mensch literally means human.

* Uranian: A 19th century term that referred to a person of a third sex — originally, someone with "a female psyche in a male body" who is sexually attracted to men, and later extended to cover homosexual gender variant females, and a number of other sexual types. The term was adopted by English-language advocates of homosexual emancipation in the Victorian era, such as Edward Carpenter and John Addington Symonds, who used it to describe a comradely love that would bring about true democracy, uniting the "estranged ranks of society" and breaking down class and gender barriers. Oscar Wilde wrote to Robert Ross in an undated letter (?18 February 1898): "To have altered my life would have been to have admitted that Uranian love is ignoble. I hold it to be noble - more noble than other forms."

* uxorious: foolishly fond of or submissive to your wife. in a loving and uxorious manner; "he kept deferring uxoriously to Mary" 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

moon and star

I looked up tonight and thought, "Islam took over my sky."

Thursday Boots

I really like these boots from Thursday Boots. I like their whole line. I like every color and I like every type leather, and every style and I especially like their prices.

This is the style that I chose.

But I like them in this color too.

I love them so. But they're too tight on the instep. Everything fits except that. Way too tight. It hurts. And I don't want to return them, and I don't want a larger size. I want these to fit. Feeling inside with my fingertips I can feel a seam sewn in the leather right at the bottom lace on the inside and that's where it pinches. The seam does not run all the way across, just a the top. I don't know if a seam can stretch as well as flat leather can stretch but the seam does not run all the way across. 

See the seam underneath the bottom lace? I swabbed the entire area, sides and all and shoved two baseballs into the area. 

I had no idea that my foot is no wider than a baseball that seems rather small in my hand. The baseballs are shoved in tightly too. It's going to take a few strong whacks to knock them out of there. 

This is going to work.  I can tell by the bulge that shows in the photo. 

And that makes it possible to get more pairs. 

You'd think by looking that softballs would fit, but no, it's the baseballs that work. 

Proof of concept...

WKRLEM TV Transgender confusion.....your mummy was a daddy

Waffle House fires mother of two for using her gun to defend coworkers and patrons from thieves

On Thursday three robbers walked into The Waffle House in Newnan, Georgia and sat for a meal before they threatened to kill everyone in the restaurant.

When they left with their loot, employee Heather Burkinshaw-Stanley went to her car, pulled out her weapon, fired it into the air, and chased the would-be thieves, WSB-TV reported.

So did she get a raise? A bonus? Employee of the Month award? Or even a pat on the back?
No. She got a boot out the door as the restaurant chain fired the hero on Saturday.

“I didn’t know if they had guns. I didn’t know if they were going to their vehicle to get another one and could come back and try to get to the safe, so my instinct was to go to my car and get the gun,” she told WSB-TV.

For trying to protect their Waffle House and trying to protect their money and to get their money back, they let me go,” she said.

Via Twitter:


I happen to really like "Shiny Happy People" -- especially because it features the B-52's Kate Pierson.

Questions For You Wise Guys

This struck me as weird:
In Istanbul, 17,000 police officers were put on duty, some disguised as Santa Claus and others as street vendors, Turkey's Anadolu news agency reported.
Is Santa Claus popular in Turkey because the real St. Nick lived and died there in the 5th century? It's well after Christmas now. Does Christmas come later over there or does he coincide with Epiphany as in the story of La Befana?

Fire And Ice

"A huge fire ripped through Titanic before it struck iceberg, fresh evidence suggests"

The burning bunker news was published in 1912. I wrote about that here: Fire And Ice.
I've read other theories about how that fire contributed to the sinking: the fire weakened a crucial bulkhead and failed dramatically on contact with cold seawater, compromising the elaborate bulkhead system designed to keep her afloat.

But there is always comforting authority:
The Court, having carefully inquired into the circumstances of the above mentioned shipping casualty, finds, for the reasons appearing in the annex hereto, that the loss of the said ship was due to collision with an iceberg, brought about by the excessive speed at which the ship was being navigated. 
That was the conclusion of the British Admiralty at the time of the sinking. (h/t EBL).

A ship sank. People died. Who cares?

Some say the world will end in fire, 
Some say in ice. 
From what I’ve tasted of desire 
I hold with those who favor fire. 
But if it had to perish twice, 
I think I know enough of hate 
To say that for destruction ice 
Is also great 
And would suffice.

~Robert Frost (1920)

WKRLEM: Nothing Changes on New Year's Day

I saw U2 the first time they came to the states. At the time I was bouncing around with a bunch of Irish Waitresses from Belfast. They lived out in Sunnyside in Queens and would hang out at Sidetracks which was the big bar for the illegal Irish immigrants who came over in the 1980's to get away from the troubles.

There was a big group that hung out together. We would bounce to various Irish pubs in the Five Boroughs where they always knew someone who was working there that would give us crazy buy backs. Crap. We barely ever  paid for a drink at all.

The other thing was that we all loved music. We would hit some of the jazz joints in the Village . The clubs on the Lower East Side. The Kat Club. And of course whenever an Irish group came in it was mandatory. Later in the 1990's we would meet up to see Black 47 an Irish American band at Paddy Reilly's where it would often seem like old time week where you would catch up with people you haven't seen in years.

I have followed U2 since then. I have to divorce myself from Bono's politics which is unusual for me but I guess it is nostalgia for days gone by. We all of us have enthusiasms that we abandon as we grow older. It might be a drink or a food or a band or an actor or TV show or just about anything. We might not think about it for years and then unexpectedly we revisit it and think of back in the day when we enjoyed it. You have a little twine of nostalgia for your former self but go back to the realities of your everyday life.

You see nothing changes on New Year's Day. You are the same person that you were in the continuum of your existence. Everything that has gone before shapes you. You might make some New Years Resolutions. But bye and bye you sort of  remain the same. You can always try to do better. To be better. So making and keeping resolutions are not a bad thing.

Happy New Year to all the Lemmings!!!!